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above the position it occupied in the bladder. tural treatment of prolapsed funis in THE MEDIThe bladder became so largely distended that CAL WORLD, so I will give you a little experiwe were becoming alarmed, for fear of itsence of my own on the subject. being ruptured, and symptoms of septic ab- On Nov. 22d, 1885, I was called to Mrs. S., sorption began to manifest themselves. Upon

Upon about five miles distance. As I entered the the whole the case was so alarming in its cabin one of the women present said, “ Doctor, character that we had concluded to aspirate. you are badly needed here. The navel cord is Now for my discovery. As a last resort, I sug- down, and we do not know what to do with it." gested to my preceptor that we give him twenty (I immediately proceeded to make an examinagrains of chloral. The doctor was not inclined tion and found the cord prolapsed about five or to have any confidence in the chloral, but on six inches, the vertex, first position, presenting, my second visit yielded to my request, and, of and not far enough advanced to cause any comcourse, the young man soon after taking the pression of the cord, which was pulsating strongmedicine went soundly asleep, and was aroused ly. Liquor amnii had discharged just a few by the discovery that the urine was just pouring minutes before they sent for me, which undoubtfrom him. He passed a very large quantity, edly floated the cord with it. Now, in all my saturating his entire bed. The doctor, though, former practice I had never met with a case of was still disposed to think that the relaxation prolapsis funis, so I went to work to get the was due to the chloroform; but he had been cord back over the head, and keep it there thoroughly anesthetized by the chloroform until the contraction would force the head down several times, and no such result followed; into the pelvis, leaving no room for the cord consequently the effect was clearly attributable to come back down. But all my efforts failed. to the relaxing effect of the chloral. I had Neither had I time to study very long what been made aware of the specific effect of chlo- might be best to do, as labor was proceeding ral on the urinary organs by its use on my own rapidly. Suddenly it came to my mind, that person.

if we could hold that woman with her hips up, To-day a negro man presented himself to me standing on her head as it were, surely that for treatment, suffering from retention of cord could be reduced without any trouble. urine, brought on by a contraction of the But I thought, who ever heard of such a proceurethra, produced by a strong injection in the dure. But this gave me the idea at once. I treatment of a recent attack of gonorrhea. I went to my patient and made her get on her tried for two or three hours to introduce even knees in the centre of the bed, facing the head a capillary catheter, but to no purpose. After of the bed. I took the bolster and threw it several hours' hard work with all the different over across the bed and put the two pillows on sized gum-elastic catheters, I was just about to top. I made her kneel down, and then throwing despair and give it up, when I happened to her body forward and downard resting herself think of the chloral. I ordered my clerk to on the mattress below. You will at once see give him fifteen grains, and in about twenty that this position will give a good elevation to minutes the chloral was beginning to stupefy the hips. I then introduced the cord and him. I took a No. 12 silver catheter, and, to pushed it back, or rather, down, and the cord my complete surprise, it entered the bladder slipped away from me and that was the last I without the leat resistance, and, of course, felt of that cord until the child was born, which evacuated his bladder completely. I forgot to took place in less than three-quarters of an state that I had made repeated attempts to in- hour. troduce the same catheter before using the My second case happened January, 1887. chloral, but did not succeed. Now, Mr. Editor, Mrs. H., aged 40, mother of ten children. When this effect of chloral is entirely new to me, but I arrived the midwife told me the cord was whether it is to other members of the profes-down. I examined and found the cord prolapsed sion or not I do not pretend to say. But if it about two inches, and a good vertex presentaproves as efficacious in all other hands as it has tion. Having so much confidence in the been in mine, it will certainly do away with treatment of my first case, I immediately placed much of the dangerous and expensive cutting the woman in the appropriate position and reand dilating instruments used for that purpose. duced the cord without any trouble. But had Pineville, N. C. JOSEPH A. ARDREY, M. D. to keep my patient in this position until the

contractions had forced the head solidly down Postural Treatment for Prolapsis Funis-Umbi

into the inferior strait; then I placed my palical Cord Around the Neck.

tient on her back, and deiivery was accomplished

in a short time. I had delivered this same Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

woman twice before without any accident. I have several times seen articles on the pos- Mrs. H., aged 40, mother of six children, is

a cripple, having had her left hip crushed and

RETAINED PLACENTA. thigh bone broken (using her own language), I cannot see how the question regarding rewhen about nine or ten years old. Her first

moving placenta within a reasonable time can babe was born dead. The physician that was

admit of any argument. We all know that of called delivered by version. The second was delivered by forceps. I delivered her of the tained placenta would naturally be the princi

all sources of post-partum hemorrhage, a relast four, and two of them had the cord wrap- pal cause, and as to puerperal septicemia, the reped around the neck twice, and the other two

tained particles of placenta of large or small but once. With two of them I had consider- size is the prime cause of all causes. Then able trouble before they were resuscitated. The

what should be done by the accoucheur? Always cords are generally long, and the heads of the

follow the uterus down with his own hand, or children large, making labor slow. The cause that of an assistant, as the child is expelled, is, I think, a peculiar swinging gait the woman and never leave the uterus without a hand genhas in walking, and stooping down to cook at

tly kneading the same until child, placenta, sean old fashioned fire-place. All six of her

cundines and clots are all expelled, and the children had the cord.around the neck.

uterus is contracted as hard as a cricket ball. I Can the readers of The WORLD give through have anticipated a little by persistence in this its columns a formula of a genuine, good heal kneading after the child is born. The uterus ing salve or ointment? The people in my com

is stimulated to contract on the placenta and by munity are greatly attached to good healing a continuance of this slightly modified, you salves for all kinds of sores.

have Crede's method, and as a rule the placenTHE WORLD is still the best medical journal

ta is expelled by this method with a little assist I can get hold of. H. S. HAID, M.D.

ance by the introduction of two fingers to roll St. Clara, W.V.

up placenta to overcome the vacuum that is often present.

Now no hurry is necessary as a Replies.

rule about removing in the above manner, but Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

if, after 15 or 20 minutes, application of Crede's Why don't prostitutes conceive ? One reason

method, the placenta is still not delivered, I

would certainly allow the patient a few drops is that many prostitutes are in the habit of intro

of chloroform and introduce the hand carefully, ducing just before intercourse a small velvet sponge as far as they can introduce it.

properly, and remove placenta. If this procedure

under every emission

to term it, what would allowing the placenta in

to remain, perhaps to induce exsanguination, or jection of ice cold water, or hot water strongly impregnated with carbolic acid; the efficacy in puerperal fever, and perhaps in either case both injections being due to the washing away

death, be termed? The above has always been of semen; injections taken in sitting posture

my method as taught by my teacher, the late

lamented Prof. E. S Dunster, of Ann Arbor, thus favoring exit of semen by gravitation,

Mich., and I have never lost a mother yet, or Again, many prostitutes insist upon their para

had a severe case of post-partum hemorrhage; mours practicing onanism, thus furnishing another reason. On the other hand a percentage

neither do I expect to have hemorrhage,

or lose a mother from this cause. If I left the of prostitutes do conceive, and render aid thereby in filling up the foundling asylums and

placenta I should be in hot water all the time. baby “ farms” that stand ready with open arms

North Berwick, Me. F. B. MORRILL, M.D. to receive them.

(We regard this letter as a model one in form ERGOT.

-the author has given it the title, sub-titles to

the different subjects as they occur, and signaI use ergot as follows:

ture and post-office address at the proper place. B Ext. ergotæ fl......

We wish it were the custom for correspondBrains...

..9.s. M. Sig.–Use as suggested by latter ingredient of

ents to do this.-ED. above prescription. I have used as above for ten years with no

Linimentum Stillingiæ. trouble yet, and, oh! what splendid results at Editor MEDICAL WORLD : times. By the way, that was the way Michael You ask what I mean by “Linimentum Stil. Angelo mixed his paints, you know, with lingiæ.” If you will turn to page 1054 of

I believe if ergot is used properly, King's American Dispensatory, you will find the same as everything else we have to use should its original formula, viz. : be used, not abused, no bad results would ever

Oil stillingia .....

3j accrue.

Oil cajeput..

9. s.

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.gr. iv .gr. vj

Oil lobelia.

3 ij would suggest the persistent use of pill aloin,

3 ij belladonna and strychnia (aloin gr. , ext. Mix.

bell. gr. ), strychnia gr. ), one to three pills But I prefer Dr. Rush's improved formula, daily as may be necessary, gradually diminishfound in Eclectic Medical Journal, page 100, ing the number as the intestinal muscles gain volume 83:

tone. Oil lobelia.


I have been through the list of remedies for
Oil stillingia,
Oil cajeput.

constipation in my own case, and that of many

3 iij Glycerine.

others, and this beats them all. I use thousands Alcohol.


of these pills every year. If these fail, howHeat the glycerine, and add the oils, stirring ever, I would further suggest : constantly until thoroughly mixed; pour in B Fl. ext. cascara sagrada. bottle, add the alcohol and shake well. This

Tint gentian comp.


Syrup simp is one of the best preparations that I have ever

M. S.-Teaspoonful doses three times a day at meals. used for croup of any kind, coughs, colds, sore throat, etc. When we hear the characteristic

Newark Valley, N. Y. C.R. ROGERS, M.D. hoarse, piping cough of a child, we put one or two drops of the liniment on a little sugar

Constipation; Sodium Sulphite in Diphtheria. and give the patient, to be dissolved in the

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : mouth and swallowed slowly. This may be If Dr. C. C. Gentry, February WORLD, page repeated from every half hour to every two or 82, will give the following prescription a fair three hours, according to the urgency of the trial I think he will be benefitted : case. No danger in it, as if he gets too much R Extract cascaræ sagradæ, i.

.f3j of it he will throw it up. We would also mix a

Extract belladonnä alc. teaspoonful of it with a tablespoonful of lard,

Extract nucis vomicæ.. and apply it freely to the larynx and upper part


.3j of the thorax.

Spts. gaultheriæ...

.git. xx My wife could not sleep well

Misce. Signa.-Half teaspoonful before food, mornwithout this liniment in the house, for she ing and night. Dose to be increased or diminished, as knows full well by experience that it is opposed required. to croup. It will be found useful in most all Of course, the matter of diet needs attenkinds of coughs, added to simple syrup. There tion, as any medication can be materially asis an irritable condition of the stomach shown sisted or ietarded by it. by reddened tip and edges of tongue, where it I quite agree with Dr. C. G. Slagle, February would not be best to give it internally, as it WORLD, page 66, in regard to sodium sulphite would increase the stomach trouble and would in diphtheria. For the past ten years or more not be retained. In that case I would mix it I have hardly used anything else locally in with lard, and apply to the thorax, and expect diphtheria, and also in follicular tonsillitis. it to relieve the cough. Brothers, those of For application with brush I use: you who have not used this liniment would do R Sodii sulphitis.... well to try it. J. G. ELLIS, M. D.

Glycerinæ... Cerro Gordo, Ill.

Aquæ rosæ.

3 ij

Aquæ dest., q. s. ft. Delirium Tremens-Opium Poisoning.

Misce. Signa.-Apply with brush every hour or two. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

For gargle or atomizer, to a cup of water add For delirium tremens give the following:

a teaspoonful of glycerine and two teaspoonfuls B Tinct. digitalis ..

of sulphite of sodium. The glycerine aids in

.f oz. j Comp. spirits lavender.

.f oz. j

making a clear solution. I think there is Camphor water..

....foz. viij

nothing better than this applied with an atomM. Dose one ounce every three hours until the pa- izer when the membrane has invaded the tient sleeps, and repeat when he. awakes if not cured; trachea. I find the above formula, applied sure cure.

with brush, is disinfectant, and rapidly disFor opium poisoning apply scalding water to solves the false membrane without irritation. the top of the patient's feet, first on the one Somerville, Mass. E. A. SANBORN, M.D. and then on the other, and keep them kicking until they are well. A. L. FOLSOM.

Camphor Poisoning.
Portsmouth, N. H.

For Chronic Constipation.

Noticing an article under the above title in a

a recent number of the THE WORLD, brings to Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

mind a case that came under my observation In answer to Dr. C. C. Gentry, page 82, I ) several years ago. I was summoned in haste to

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attend a boy, a child of about three years of the profession. Long live THE MEDICAL age. Upon my arrival I found the little fellow WORLD. in a complete stupor, from which he could not Bromfield, Neb. *C. E. BROWNE, M. D. be aroused. His head was rigidly drawn over the left shoulder, and the eyes as rigidly fixed Why Do Not Prostitutes Conceive ? in the same direction, so much so that I could

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: not see the pupils. A mild convulsive tremor shook his little frame at regular intervals. The

This is variously accounted for by the laity parents, who had been out at a neighbor's, could and the profession. First, it is said that few not give me a particle of information.

women serve long apprenticeships to the trade In examining the mouth I thought I detected

without having gonorrhea one or more times. the odor of camphor. I at once forced the

Second, it is averred that frequent and often

violent connection with different men produces child's mouth open and brought my nose close

a low form of inflammation, which proves into it, and found each expiration loaded with the

imical to conception, either through exciting peculiar odor of camphor. I at once concluded that the little patient had swallowed a quantity spermatoza, or the mucous membrane of the

uterine discharge, which is destructive to the of that drug Mustard and tepid water was immediately

uterus offers no lodgment to the impregnated given copiously, and I had the satisfaction in a

ovum. The same explanation applies to the

cases in which gonorrhea is held responsible few moments of seeing about a dozen pieces of

for the condition of barrenness. camphor gum vomited up, about the size of an ordinary pea. In the course of half an hour Another theory of conception—for it cannot the little chap was out of danger.

be regarded in a higher light as yet—is, that

the male element reaches the uterine cavity by Then, upon making inquiries, a little brother who had been left alone with the patient, and

a sort of suction process, excited by the sexual

orgasm. This theory would fail to account for who was a couple of years older, confessed to having played doctor," and forced the little many pregnancies in the view that Dr. Waugh fellow to swallow “ pills," as he expressed it.

takes of at least fifty per cent. of women not

having or experiencing the orgasm at all. Just The parents had been using a mixture of

what prostitutes lack in this theory I can only whiskey and camphor until the liquid had been all drained off, leaving a large quantity of un

guess at; but it is probable that either the

uterus fails to respond to the repeated demands dissolved gum, and this had been carelessly left

or the chronically inflamed mucous membrane, in reach of the youngsters with the above result.

fails to furnish suitable soil for the attachment What forcibly struck me was the peculiar of the egg. position of the eyes and head, with the mild

The theory to which many attach their beconvulsions.

lief, is that the uterine cavity being in nearly And a most common peculiarity about it is, its entire extent lined with ciliated epithelium, that I never received a cent for saving the little this hair-like surface waves or sweeps the male fellow's life.

element into the uterus by the undulating Gravenhurst, Ont. A. P. CORNELL, M.D. motion peculiar to that variety of mucous cov

ering. Anything that would injure temporaWhy Don't Prostitutes Conceive?-Quick Cure rily or permanently that lining would interrupt for Black Eye.

for a time or forever the union of the two eleEditor MEDICAL WORLD :

ments of the sexes and their attachment, which In answer to the question : “Why don't There is a popular notion, which is also satprostitutes conceive ?” page 53, February isfactory to many medical men, that the semen WORLD, I would say, they do conceive, and reaches the uterine cavity by the male organ so often go to full term. After sexual intercourse

meeting the os uteri as to form a continuous they almost invarably wash out the vagina, by canal, and the force of ejaculation acts as the the aid of a syringe, which would account in a propulsive power. This theory is bosh. The great measure for those who do not conceive.

almost countless means employed to prevent In answer to the query of Dr. Douglas, I conception show conclusively that there is a would say that raw beef applied to the black very great diversity of opinion as to how it eye is the quickest method of curing it I have really is accomplished. ever tried.

The explanation of barrenness in prostitutes I think “The Chart of Skin Diseases," and would, on the suction theory, be that there “The Urine in Disease" are excellent, and being no orgasm there would be no suction. To Drs. Lewis and Taylor deserve the thanks of my way of thinking the best explanation we

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have is this: Inability to conceive results from it took of the fauces; also that an objection to any abuse of the sexual organs, whereby a spe- its flavor was no sign of an idiosyncrasy or cific or chronic inflammation is set up, which fastidiousness of taste. I also suggested to try changes the nature, secretions and functions and mask the taste if possible, but he said he of the mucous lining of the uterine cavity. could take anything in the line of medicine;

I have in mind now a woman who for a num- so I left some of the cascara, with directions to ber of years was a muscular prostitute, and who take ten drops every 6 hours; also, “ if he had painted the town red at irregular intervals for tears to shed to prepare to shed them.” The years. By and by she settled down, reformed person that gave him the medicine said he and married, and bore her husband several took it bravely, smacked his lips like an children after the lapse of a few years. Clearly epicure, but very suddenly turned his face to in this case the causes that produced barren- the wall. Next day he was reported a great ness had ceased to operate and the parts re- deal better. Have heard nothing from him sumed the normal condition, and then concep- since. tion was possible. Old soldiers in the wars of

My next trial was on a Mr. A., troubled love after a time lose all power of regaining with myalgic rheumatism and constipation. I sexual vigor; hence the great majority of pros- prescribed : titutes fail to conceive even after reformation.

R F. E. cascara sagrada ...... It seems passing strange that the theories of

Elix. simplis..

zi conception have so multiplied and the true

S.—Teaspoonsul just before meals. If too much solution be so slow in making its appearance. catharsis, reduce.

J. A. DE ARMOND, M. D. Le Claire, Iowa.

He reported better; catharsis considerable,

had to reduce one-half. [Other interesting letters on this subject next month.-ED.)

My next case was a slight rheumatism with

disuria and a heavy sediment in the urine. Cascara Sagrada.

The sediment under the microscope showed to Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

be lithic acid crystals and amorphous urates. I notice an article in the Medical Summary I thought I would try cascara, and watch the of November, 1888, from the pen of James effect upon the urine, if any. The rheumaM. Hale, Salem, Ohio, with regard to the effect of tism subsided in one day, and the deposit discascara sagrada in rheumatism. The glowing ac

appeared in two. Whether this was cause and count of its virtues as reported by the doctor,

effect or a mere coincidence I cannot say, the and the unusual age of the patients upon whom

test not being sufficient. Not having patients he tried it with such unvaried success, almost enough of this kind to make a fair test of caschallenges credulity. The cases as reported by cara, I thought I would report this in The the doctor were : « First, a Mr. Bonsell, aged WORLD, with request that other physicians 68, with rheumatism so bad he could not rest,

having similar cases would test, and report or walk without a cane or crutch. After taking through THE WORLD their success. ten drops every 6 hours for 48 hours was much Being troubled with rheumatism, I thought relieved. His bowels being too active, re- I would try the success of cascara upon myself. duced to 5 drops. He says he is entirely well. I therefore commenced with ten drops (which Second case, Mr. Tilson, aged 72, troubled so I put in capsules, a very good way to get round much with ankles and feet could not stand. the farewell taste of it) every 6 hours. Shortly Gave him oz. to take in doses as above. In after taking the third dose, I felt its effects a week came to my office, said he was better very forcibly. While it did not rejuvenate, it than for two years, and began to dance. The made me quite lively; and instead of proother two were old ladies, 62 and 70 years, ducing a wish to dance, like the case reported who were worse than the other two. Gave by the doctor, it brought up an irresistible them 6 drops, three times a day, with same desire to run. This is a condition that is not results.” He says he has treated ten cases in wanted, for the remedy is not supposed to act all, and with greater success than he ever did in rheumatism through its catharsis. To avoid ague with quinine.

its purging I think the better plan would be Having some cases of rheumatism on hand, to commence with small doses and increase I thought I would try and discover whether them till they regulate the condition of the this report was a Munchhausenism, or the rem- bowels, and hold it at that. As the time of edy a fountain of youth. The first case, I tried the year has come that will give us more it on Mr. K., aged about 45 years. I gave trouble with rheumatism and urinary derangehim due warning about the abominable taste of ments, the physicians will have better opporthe stuff, and the longing, lingering farewell tunities to test the medical virtue of cascara

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