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get out of the house and be off. This is mor- egg shell and dirt dauber tea, to help along ally wrong and should never be done.


the pains; but all to no purpose. This is a patient has intrusted herself into our care and standard remedy with the negroes, and when I we have no right to subject her to any incon- am present I never object, for reasons obvious venience for the sake of having a little more of to all. I gave ergot at the close of labor, as is said convenience to ourselves, in finishing up my wont, and saw the child properly attended the case more quickly. It should only be to, and then came the trouble. I found on exdone when the demand is imperative. But it amination, the os closed around the placenta is sheer nonsense to say, that “its necessity and the uterus itself firmly contracted; I made can scarcely ever exist;" that the introduction several efforts at extraction, sufficient to prove of the hand into the uterus in search of the to me that it could not be done by the ordinary placenta “smacks very much of brutality;' methods, and then sent for consultation with and “never go after the placenta; " and that Dr. B. I had, in the meantime, placed the “if we can trust nature," etc. As well might patient upon quinine and ergot. you call a surgeon who excises a tumor or ampu- After several hours' delay Dr. B. arrived. On tates a limb, to save life, brutal. Arguing upon talking the case over we decided to give chlothe logic of the last quotation, nature is fully roform, and see what could be done towards its competent to complete the work she began extraction. Dr. B. gave chloroform, I introwith-conception; hence, there is no need of duced my hand cautiously in the womb, obstetricians! This, however, is not true, for stripped the after-birth loose from its attachwe all know that it sometimes becomes neces. ment in part, worked my way up towards the sary to perform version, to apply the forceps, fundus gradually and very slowly, only to find etc.

the womb and after-birth firmly adherent and I have removed a placenta from a woman any effort to extract the after-birth would surewho had been confined by a midwife more ly bring the uterus with it. We then desisted than seven hours before. Here nature cer- from further effort and placed the patient on tainly had a fair showing to assert her ability, ergot, quinine, and stimulants, cautiously, and but failed.

made the patient comfortable. I had succeedOrdinary means were here tried first, but ed in bringing a portion of the after-birth they, too, failed; then it was done by manual down in the vagina. The next day the huseffort and the patient was at once relieved and band of the woman sent for Dr. H., an old made a quick recovery.

practitioner in this county, who made further Freebury, 111. H. HERTEL, M. D. efforts at extraction without success, only so

far as to sever that portion of the placenta Retained and Adherent Placenta. which I had succeeded in detaching and bringEditor MEDICAL WORLD:

ing down in the vagina. Patient was then made About January 5th, I was called to a case comfortable, after being syringed out thoroughhere within the furnace location. Found the ly with carbolized hot water. patient a mulatto woman, aged 24, the mother This was the subsequent treatment: Specuof two children, with labor well advanced. I lum introduced each day and portion of afterremarked to her that her trouble would soon be birth teased away from the os uteri with uterine over; that a few more pains would bring the forceps, then syringed out, three times daily, child into the light of day, as presentation and with carbolic solution, hot; three grains of every other indication justified such a conclu-quin. sulph. every four hours; small doses of sion. After making this wise prognosis, the whiskey as needed, nourishing diet. The first pains gradually became more and more feeble three days there was slight elevation of temperaand came at longer intervals, and the head was ture; third day some uterine pain and expulsion born several hours afterwards with the help of of small pieces of membrane, very offensive. very decidedly voluntary bearing down efforts The rest was taken away in the mannner spoken on the part of the mother. After the birth of of, and it was fully eight days before it had all the head the uterus declined to take any fur- put in an appearance. Patient now appears to ther action in the matter, and the “subsequent be all right; milk secretion established and proceedings interested it no more." The baby doing well. " All's well that ends well.” child, which was a small one, being delivered,

Wm. T. HAMILTON, M.D. the uterus contracted firmly upon the within Jenifer, Ala. contained placenta and remained in that con

Extraction of Teeth followed by Trismus. Several negro midwives and nurses present Editor MEDICAL WORLD: had given the patient at different times, some On December 29 I extracted four roots of of their powerful uterine stimulants, such as lower molars from a man 25 years old, broken off twelve years ago. On the removal of one of day I wet the parts with same solution I used the roots pus flowed quite freely. On the 30th at first. At 5 a. m., 19th, patient complained patient was in and out of the house overseeing of her jaws being stiff. I saw her by 8 a. m., their butchering. On January ist he attended and found I had a case of tetanus on my hands. a dance, and soon after he complained of his Called in Dr. P., but amputation was not jaw feeling sore; it was swelled and became thought advisable at this late day, nor would locked so that the incisors were about a quarter patient allow it. Opisthotonus was followed inch apart. Patient was very nervous; could by spasm of the muscles of respiration until pasleep but a few minutes at a time. At one tient would become cyanosed; when the sp ism time muscles of right side contracted and, would relax and she would gasp. A spasm in living close to where an old lady had within a one part would be succeeded in a few minutes year died from tetanus, he was naturally by one in some other part until 8 30 a.m. of the alarmed. Pot. bromide was thoroughly tried; 20th, when the respiratory muscles became fixed, antifebrin to allay fever, which was 1011, and and she died in 39 hours from the time of the quiet patient. Secretions were attended to first symptoms. with no improvements until the 6th, when I At no time did the temperature exceed 101720 gave 20 grains of quinine at 5 and 7 with 20 F., and during the last day it did not exceed grains pot. bromide, and 15 grains of chloral 100°. at 6, 8, 10 and 12, unless he was asleep. Amputation on the first evening would likely Breath was very offensive; no appetite. Dur- have saved the woman's life. ing the night he sweat very freely for hours, Randolph, O.


G. O. FRASER. and slept more than he had for days together. Jaws began to move a little, and by the 8th

Administration of Calomel; Jaborandi in Ery. he was discharged feeling quite comfortable.

sipelas. Saw in some journal that 60 grains of quinine would cure trismus.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : I thought this a good chance to try it, but the patient not being

In reply to Dr. Singleton's request in January robust I only gave 40 grains. I do not know number of World, page 37, I will state that I what gave relief, but some one may get where

have been gratified with my success in the adI did, ready to try any thing reasonable. ministration of calomel in either of the followRandolph, O.

G. O. FRASER. ing ways:

R Hydrarg. chlor. mit.....

Pulv. rhei..
Res. podophylli.

· gr. Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

M. ot ft. capsulam No. i. Sig. Give at bed time, I was called June 13th, 8 p. m., to see Mrs. and see to it that the bowels have a free movement B., aged 62, very fleshy. On my arrival I found next morning, if castor oil or epsom salts have to be compound comminuted fracture of inferior ex- taken. If a free movement is had by the dose given tremity of radius and ulua.

at night nothing else is required. She had been thrown from a buggy and her Or the following: wrist was caught between the lower edge of the R Hydrarg. chlor. mit.... dash and bottom of the buggy, cutting or

Sodii bicarb.... crushing both bones at the epiphesis, and all M. Sig. Take at bed time. the soft parts of the front and ulnar side of Or the same may be divided into six powders wrist, cutting it more than half off, including and taken in syrup, one every two hours, until both arteries. Both bones protruded about one the bowels move. If all should be taken and inch, about on a line with the little finger. no movement secured, use same precautions as Hemorrhage had been profuse. Amputation with first prescription. I seldom have a case was proposed, but would not be entertained at of salivation when these precautions are carried all. . The parts were washed in a 1-2000 solu: out. tion of hydrarg. bichlor., bones were replaced, For cases of salivation I use one of the foland the wound sewed up. For three days lowing: warmth had to be applied. After that she

B Creosoti...

gtt. xx complained of the hand feeling too hot, and

Aquæ puræ.

.f. oz. viij cold applications were grateful.

M. Sig. Use as a mouth wash every two hours. I dressed the wound every day. There was a moderate discharge of healthy pus, and pa. B Pot. chloratis, tient felt quite comfortable. Water was kept

Aquæ puræ

.f. oz. viij dropping from the nozzle of a fountain syringe M. Sig. As above. on the wound at whatever temperature felt If Dr. S. will try these prescriptions I am best. There was no unpleasant odor. Each sure he will be pleased with the result.

.gr. x
.gr. v

.gr. xij .gr. XXX



...Oz. SS

He says,

I have recently given jaborandi a trial in Cases treated by every other means have run erysipelas.

their course of nine or ten days, with all the Case. Infant six weeks old. Disease had unpleasant accompaniments. I would respectspread almost over the entire body before I fully urge a trial of this mode of treatment. was called. I at once prescribed the following: Brodnax, La. Dr. Ben. H. BRODNAX.

& Fl. ext. jaborandi.. ...gtt. ij
.f. dr. )

Principle of Small Doses.
M. Sig. Every half hour until six doses are taken,
beginning at 7 A, M., and at 3 P. M.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: Using at the same time the following wash: I am much interested in an article taken R Plumbi acetatis ..

from the Indiana Medical Journal, published Aquæ.....


by you in October, No. 10, page 366, on the M. S. Use as a wash every two hours.

Therapeutics of small doses. Dr. Swart's I kept this infant on these prescriptions for

ideas and experience in their general trend two days, when the rash had so faded that I

very nearly accord with my own, but when he prescribed tr. ferri chloridi, two drops, three

says " The theories of Hahnamann were all times a day, continuing the wash as above.

false, and are now abandoned by his pretended After two more days I substituted for the wash

followers," I take issue with him. It is true the following ointment:

that some of Hahnamann's transcendentalisms B Boracic acid .... xxx

are abandoned by a majority of his followers, Lanoline.

oz, iss M. et ft. ung. Sig. Use, rubbing in thoroughly,

but many still believe and inculcate them to twice daily.

the fullest extent. See Medical Advance and In six days I discharged this, one of the

some other homeopathic journals. worst cases of erysipelas, it has ever been my

In the four propositions he announces to lot to see.

demolish “ Hahnamann's theories'' he comes I have been quite successful in former cases

so near to Scylla I wonder he did not know he where I used citrate of potash with tincture of

was in danger of Charybdis, for in his summary chloride of iron in place of the jaborandi.

of the action of the minimum dose he as clearly I like THE MEDICAL WORLD.

May it live

demonstrates the doctrine of "simillia" as any long and prosper.

professed homeopath could wish. J. B. H. KNIGHT, M. D.

ho We have sufficient evidence to believe that Eagle Rock, N. C

at least a few drugs are capable of developing

conditions so nearly resembling those produced Successful Treatment of Erysipelas.

by certain diseases, as to be in a similar manner Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

and for the same reason prophylactic,” and as In the January number, page 37, I notice

a matter of fact curative. that the editor and Dr. Cook “differ some

Forty years ago, while testing the minimum what” in regard to treatment of erysipelas.

dose with the view of proving them useless, I Here is a treatment that I have tried on myself,

became convinced that there was sufficient as well as on fifteen other cases, which I found

evidence to believe them curative, and since in the Mississippi Valley Medical Monthly, of

then have followed the “ Therapeutic maxim" 1885. January number, page 18:

of your editorial on ist page, October, No. 10,

and have used “ anything on earth or within

-5 to 10 grains.. Saltpeter...

..5 to lo

the earth, or anything in the vast resources of Ipecac.

nature that will cure the patient with the least According to age.

harm." A sensible man, even though he This dose to be given every hour until three announces himself a “Homeopath" because he doses are given. If the bowels do not move has thoroughly tested the dogma and is confreely give-Glauber's salts in teaspoonful doses, vinced of its truth, will not forget that he is a until the stools are copious and free. Give the physician, (and continuing your maxim), calomel and ipecac together, and alternate with this allows him to choose from the vast the salt peter every half hour. Afterwards, half domain of therapeutics, unbiased by any excluto one ounce of whiskey every three or four sive theory, any successful remedy by whomhours. Repeat if the complaint shows ten- soever discovered or recommended.” Dr. dency to return. I can speak from experience Swarts might have quoted Ringer's Therapeuin regard to this treatment, as I have known tics in support of his fourth proposition, that the fever and swelling to stop in twenty-four of grain of pilocarpin will check perspiration hours, and the skin to commence desquamating when yor 34 gr. will produce it, or that one in twenty four hours more; all appearance of drop dose of wine of ipecac will relieve vomitthe disease disappearing within three days. ing, or to gr. of bichloride of mercury will


12 to

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cure diarrhea with bloody mucous stools, fully always prescribe according to cause and sympdemonstrating the fact that “like cures like.” toms, employing the drug which I consider But leaving out of the account the idea of governs those symptons. On page 94, MEDIhomeopathy I fully agree with his idea of CAL WORLD, Dr. John Aulde, of Philadelphia, "small doses."

gives us his valuable experience, which I fully In my early experience, fifty years ago, endorse. Now, in the face of the above facts bleeding, blistering, calomel, jalap, antimoni- can I conscientiously act differently to his als, and all sorts of antiphlogistics were in theory? If small doses will perform what is revogue.

quired of them, why give large ones? I rememNow these are mostly abandoned, and instead ber a case of one James Fowler, of Gentile Valof bleeding we use aconite, veratrum or gel-ley, Idaho, who came to me on the 19th day of semium in small repeated doses. Gastric and January, 1883 (he was brought, in fact, in a catarrhal fevers in children will yield to small covered wagon), suffering from caries of bone of doses of gelsemium, one drop in water every left foot, caused by a slight injury sustained half hour or hour.

some fifteen months before. He had tried the A great deal is said in the journals of late most eminent medical men he could find, but against the use of ergot in obstetrics, but if gradually grew worse. His last medical attengiven in small doses, five drops or less of the dant ere I took the case informed him that amfluid extract in a case of tired uterus every putation of the limb was the only means to save twenty or thirty minutes, alone or combined his life. Purgatives had been freely adminiswith cimicifuga, it will act like a charm and tered, causing almost a dysentery. Poor fellow, no bad results will follow. So with many other he looked an object of suffering and misery. I remedies which my diary, since 1850, fully examined him and found caries fully established; attests in almost innumerable instances. told him I would take his case and that I would what I have said I do not wish to be understood try and save his limb. I gave him the privias fully indorsing homeopathy, but mainly to lege of staying at my residence till done, and refute Dr. Swart's uncharitable denunciations on the 26th day of September I discharged him of Hahnamann's theories and his pretended cured sound and well, after extracting some followers, and to show at the same time how forty pieces of decayed bone from his foot, and he unwittingly proves the dogma true in his when leaving for his home he danced for joy a examples of “small doses,” and like curing hornpipe upon the platform of Spanish Fork like.


depot. No doubt your thousands of readers Lathrop, Cal.

will anxiously want to know what my prescrip

tions were, and I will also tell them. Liberality.

him Aint and mercury, one in 1000 at first, and Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

towards the end one in 10,000. Almost incrediYour foot note to Dr. Mark's letter, page 471, ble, but it cured the man, and he is at the presMEDICAL WORLD, is really sublime. I admire ent time in possession of his limb, and followyour style. We want truth from every source, ing his daily avocation as a miner, earning and this is just what we do want. I don't care some four dollars per diem. There was one orfor a name; what I have been in search of all

gan of his not remedied by me, and that was my life has been a simple method of cures; his memory, as he had never paid me yet. The you may call them allopathy or homeopathy; I latter hint may prove a benefit to some of the don't prescribe for a name, but to cure.

brethren of Idaho.

DR. JOHN COOK On page 69, MEDICAL WORLD, Dr. Pons Lake Shore Villa, Spanish Fork, Utah. seems surprised by what I would term drug symptoms (what else were they), and calls upon

Conservative Surgery, Sulpho-Carbolate of Zinc. your thousands of scientific readers for further information. I will give him the information

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: required. Let him take a glance at Dr. T. F. I see in the January number of your inestiAllen's Encyclopedia of pure Materia Medica, mable journal, an article on “ Conservative and he will find almost the exact words he has Surgery,” by Dr. Taylor, of Lynchburg, Tenn., quoted under the drug, bromide of potassium. which recalls to my mind two cases somewhat Again, what is the principal ingredient in Fow- similar, that may be interesting to some of your ler's solution but arsenic? Take a look at that, readers. doctor, while so engaged, after which I think The first case was that of a colored boy of you will agree with me when I say that there is mine about 8 years old, which occurred in the nothing peculiar about your discovery. They spring of 1845. He and an older brother were are no more nor less than drug symptoms, which playing with an axe, and chopping alternately, I always accept as guides in any given case. I at each other's foot. This boy put his right

I gave foot upon a board and, not jerking it away

The Felon and its Cure. quick enough, the edge of the axe came down Editor MEDICAL WORLD: across the metatarsal bones, half way between

I find many inquiries in THE MEDICAL · the instep and the toes, cutting entirely through WORLD for the treatment and cure of this painthe foot to the thick skin underneath. I saw ful affection. Of all the methods of treatment him in a few minutes, found the severed por- so far, from the lightning cure by electricity to tion hanging only by the skin. Having pres- the most simple, I find none better than to sure made upon the femoral artery, I brought thickly wrap the finger in fine cut chewing tothe parts in apposition, covered the wound with

bacco, and keep this saturated for two or three spider's web and held them together, and kept days with tincture of lobelia. Do this previous a stream of cold water falling upon the foot to the formation of pus, and you may rest asfor sometime, until the hemorrhage ceased. sured the felon is cured. I never knew it to Then, getting an assistant to hold the foot care- fail.

P. S. WEIDMAN, M.D. fully, I removed the cobweb, and put an adhe- Marine, Ill. sive plaster, sufficient to hold the parts together; then with a piece of board the length of the

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: foot placed under it, and a roll of cloth be

My MEDICAL WORLD came to hand earlier than tween the ball of the foot and the board, I usual, and you don't know how I cherish its well writmade all firm with the roller bandage; twelve ten pages. In my study it takes the place of books, or fifteen years after, when he died, the cica-journals, papers, company, in fact everything, until Í trix could barely be seen.

have read it thoroughly. DR. WILL. E, HARRIS.

Portland, Oregon. The other case occurring in 1853 was a little girl three or four year old. She and her little brother were playing, like the two first ; only Relaxing Effects of Chloral upon the Urinary

Organs. a hatchet and block of wood were used this time, when the boy chopped off the ring finger

Editor MEDICAL WORLD: of the right hand entirely, and the middle and I think it a duty that we owe to each other fourth finger were held to the hand by only a as members of the medical profession to report piece of skin. I saw her an hour and a half every interesting case that we are called upon after the accident: found the finger lying on to treat, and especially if the treatment is such the mantel-piece and perfectly cold; I placed as to be of interest to the general medical the parts together, taking a stitch or two on the public, and also to report any discoveries that second finger, then with adhesive plasters and we should chance to make in our practice. I small splints, made all secure. She was made to want to report a discovery, to me, whether it carry her hand in a sling for two or three weeks; be such to other members of our profession or she is now a grown young lady, a fine perfor- not. mer on the piano, for which she says she can- I was called recently to see a son of my prenot thank me enough. I forgot to say that the ceptor, who was convalescing from a long atwound was between the middle joint of the ring tack of typhoid fever. The young man went finger and the metacarpal bone.

along about the ordinary course of typhoid Now to change the subject, I can say that I fever until he passed the crisis. Then he began have given the sulpho-carbolate of zinc a fair to experience very great difficulty in voiding trial in seven cases of typho-malarial fever, and his urine. The bladder was greatly distended it certainly is a "sheet anchor " in that disease. by the over-accumulation of urine, and by I lost only one, to which I was called only two some means (I suppose by lying on his back so days before she died. If the bowels are in- long during the fever), the viscus became clined to be too lax, I combine bismuth with wedged deep down in the pelvic cavity, so it; if not, lacto-peptine. I give it in 3, 4 and much so as to displace the rectum very greatly. 5. gr. doses, according to the age of the pa. One could introduce a catheter into the bladtient, every 5 or 6 hours. I have discarded der, after chloroforming the patient; but we quinine entirely in this fever. Of course to

were never able to get more than about four reduce the fever I use generally antifebrin. ounces of urine at a time. That fact puzzled

I have used jaborandi in two cases of erysipe- us very much, because we knew that the bladlas, both facial, one a bad case, with entire der was full of urine, and we were positive that success. Twenty minutes after taking the first the catheter entered the cavity of the bladder; dose she felt better.

yet we could get only about four ounces of I have used the zinc in gonorrhea and oph- urinc at a time. But we finally concluded thalmia, and it did all that I expected or that the bladder, being so deeply impacted wished for, namely, cured my patients.

into the pelvic cavity, accounted for the catheCamden, Ala. E. GAILLARD, M.D. ter only bringing away that amount of water

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