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lung;” and, later on, speaking of “ An en

pillows and elevated his feet, and he became gorged condition of lung?" Without an excess

conscious at once, and said he felt greatly reof blood in the lung we cannot have pneumonia,

lieved. I then applied a large blister (6 x 8 and yet I acknowledge that such excess is not inches) over right lung, and gave him calomel the primal cause of pneumonia; it is a result.

grs. 15, and jalap grs. 10, and prescribed the I bleed to avoid the result, and thus hold the

following: inflammation in abeyance; for when we bleed we remove—not the cause, not the effect—but

R Antimonii et potassä tart...

Potassii citratis. that which feeds the inflammation. Again: Morphia sulph.

grs, ij “Pneumonia is a self-limited disease; and no Acid. sulph. aromat. treatment with which the medical profession is Extract verat. virid., fl. acquainted has ever been known to shorten or

Aquæ, q. S...... .ad........ oz. viij cure the disease." Is it possible that after all

M et sig.–A tablespoonful every three hours, or our boasted modern skill in the treatment and

until he would become nauseated, cure of disease, we are like the augurs of Nov. 29th. I called to see him at 9 A. M., ancient Rome, and it has become a matter of and found him comfortable; had slight nausea surprise that one physician can look another in after taking a tablespoanful of his medicine the face without laughing? My article was just prior to my arrival; pulse 88, temperature intended to recall to the minds of the physicians 100/2°, very slight loose cough, sputa still disof to-day the “lost art” of blood-letting in colored by dark coffee colored streaks—not acute inflammatory diseases, and was bright red fresh blood, as shown by his sputa particularly called forth by an editorial on page the previous evening, perspiring freely. He 398, November WORLD, entitled “Pneumo- asked to be allowed to eat a roast potato. I nia.' Venesection, it is true, did much mis- granted his request and added toast and a soft chief in the years agone, when it was the sheet- boiled egg to his bill of fare. Continued the anchor of many of the doctors of the old medicine by reducing the dose to a teaspoonrégime, when they bled promiscuously for all ful, and to be taken every two hours. diseases. Yet I still hold fast to my motto: Nov. 30th. Cough very slight, more expec“Keep blood from your skirts by judicious toration, no discoloration of sputa, temperablood-letting,” in all acute inflammatory dis- ture 99°, pulse 78, skin moist, wants to eat eases.

more, asks to be allowed to sit up in bed. I Since writing my December article I have grant his requests and withdraw the medicine treated four serious cases of pneumonia, all of and give him quinia sulph. grs. iij every five whom were out of bed and well inside of eight hours, as a tonic. days from the date of the chill. I will give Dec. ist. Temperature and pulse normal, exact notes as taken down daily in the worst free expectoration, with not much cough, case :

tongue clean.

Asks to be allowed to get out Joseph S., aged 29, married, a carpenter, is a of bed, and sit in an easy chair; begins to member of a brass band; blows a brass born. think he is well. The band played for an out-door ox-roast on Dec. 2d. Find my patient sitting at a table the night of November 27, 1888; walked home and eating, seems to enjoy it, and says: five miles after midnight; had a severe chill “Doctor, there is nothing the matter with next morning. I was called to see him in the

After advising his remaining within evening of the 28th; found him suffering with doors a week longer, I dismissed the case, and a dull heavy pain, and a feeling of pressure in just one week later I met him a mile from right side, with an annoying, unsatisfactory home, looking somewhat bleached, but in percough, that would scarce allow him to speak, fect health. expectorating a glary, tenacious mucus, that was Pneumonia is a self-limiting disease, as are streaked with blood; at times it was very most other diseases, if left to their own sweet bloody. The sense of oppression was so great will; but the great trouble is that under the that he thought he could not live an hour. sustaining or expectant treatment of to-day, Temperature, 10572°; pulse,

pulse, 120, hard, death fixes the limit much too often in pneusharp and full. Auscultation showed marked monia, and when the patient, after lying in crepitant râle, and percussion a dullness over bed from three to four weeks, proves that his entire right lung. I at once called for a basin constitution is stronger than the disease, and and bandages, and abstracted twenty ounces of fin is the limit of the disease, he finds himself blood from the arm. I bled not for quantity, an invalid for as many weeks, almost, as my but for effect, with the patient in a recumbent above case was days. The history of the position, with head slightly elevated. He above case is that of most cases of pneumonia, dropped back win a faint.” I removed the treated by the rational method, and yet I do


.oz, I .gr. to



not pretend to say that I treat all cases as he- Sulphate of strychnia...

.gr. 3

Arsenic, roically as this one. I give it as an outline of

.gr. 4

Grind thoroughly together and put into sixty capsules, my general practice in cases of pneumonia and

of two grains each. pleuritis. It was a bad case, and, as the boys

Sig.-Give one capsule after each meal until all are would say, I “went for it.” I incline to the taken. opinion that “milk and water" would not If, during the time of taking, an aching have cured a case like mine. I do hope I will

paroxysm comes on at evening for two or three Dot be constrained to ask space in your columns days, you had better poise the patient over again on this subject. I have said more than

these spells by thoroughly quinining him for I intended to say ; but would advise Dr. Mid- two or three days; but at the same time go on dleton to note carefully the article on page 32, with the capsules. In a very stubborn case, January number, by Dr. Brunner of Eshbach,

you may have to renew your prescription once, Pa.

Wm. B. BIGLER, M. D. but never more than one time. Try this with Springvale, Pa.

the chlorotic girl who has no enjoyments in

life for want of health, and in doing so you Confirmation of Coal Oil in Intussusception. make to yourself a name that will be envied by Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

your brother doctors: I have had two cases of intussusception of

R Cosmoline ointment,

Oxide of zinc.... bowels since Dr. Whitney's communication in

Sub. nit, of bismuth,.

.dr. I the September World. The first, an old lady,

Carbolic acid.....

..gtt, 10 aged eighty years, suffered for two days with, what she supposed, colic, before sending for

Mix these ingredients well together.
I diagnosed obstruction and tried the this combination you have an ointment that I

don't think can usual remedies—large enemas of warm water,

beat for chapped hands. the shoulders dependent; injection of air

Clean them thoroughly with a toilet soap, then until the abdomen was tympanitic—all to no

apply the ointment by gentle friction three purpose. Finally, when stercoraceous vomit- times a day. I have used it for years with ing set in, I determined to try the coal oil as

gratifying results in that painful, and distressdescribed by Dr. W. In six hours a large ing trouble of the matron, sore nipples, either fecal stool, followed by many others. The pa

in the form of ulcers, fissures or abrasions. tient being so old and very feeble she suc

Dyer, Tenn. A. W. STEPHENSON, M.D. cumbed to the shock and died the third day afterwards.

Replies. The second case was that of a boy four years Editor MEDICAL WORLD : old. Had been having acute colicky pains In reading my medical journals, I have long for several days; his father told me his “stom- been impressed with the fact that there is a ach" was much swollen. No stools for several lack of conservatism, on the part of many condays, when he had given him some “Stewart's tributors, in advocating too freely new treatworm mixture,” which, his parents said, ment without sufficiently testing the same. I brought seventy-five worms. After that the have noticed in some instances, physicians re-, pain and constipation began. I used no other porting the therapeutic virtues of drugs in cerremedy but the coal oil (4 oz.), which in a few tain maladies, after but a single trial. The rehours gave copious feculent stools. No further

sult is a large number prescribe them in similar trouble, but a slight diarrhea.

cases, only to find them deficient of the proFriendship, Md. GEO. W. P., M.D. perties ascribed, and the patients suffer the

consequences. Again, there are others who A General Tonic and a Healing Salve. intuitively, or otherwise, believe from a limited Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

experience that certain treatment is effective, In looking through your valuable journal, I and recommend it to the fraternity with a view find may valuable suggestions as to formulas for of them giving it a trial, whereupon numbers specific diseases, and as I have had something of patients become the victims of a mass of over forty years hard earned experience in the experimentors. To obviate such an objectionactive practice of physic, I thought I would able course, we should thoroughly test our prosend you a formula for a pill that I have been posed remedies, that we may be certain of their using over thirty years in neurasthenic forms reliability, before publishing. I am not one to of disease with the most gratifying results im- discountenance the use of a new remedy, when I aginable:

have reason to believe it to be of service; but B Sulphate of quinine..

.dr, 1

I don't think it advisable to discard the time Sulphate of iron, (dried)..... .dr. I

honored remedies, and go into raptures of engrs. xxxij grs. iv

thusiasm over some whose therapeutic powers each bath use the following injection with a are still sub judice.

conical pointed syringe: I would say to Dr. Younger, page 82, that I R Plumbi acetatis. have had considerable experience in such cases Morphinæ sulph. as he describes, and found no remedy so effec- Aquæ....

.....soz. xvj tive, in relieving pain and making a cure, as This treatment relieves the burning sensation the hypodermic injection of morphine and atro- in urinating, and, if taken early, will soon pine into the seat of pain. Not a single case

effect a cure. Cases of long standing may has developed the morphine habit, and it has possibly require balsam copaiba or cubebs, and been exhibted in this way three times during a stronger injection, but they have not given the night in one-fourth grain doses. Since the me satisfaction; besides they are very disagreeattacks are periodical, I have found it some


J. G. KNOX, M. D. times advantageous to give it about the time the Toomsuba, Miss. pain is expected to begin, when it will be aborted. I wish you would try this treatment in a

For Gall Stones. systematic manner for a month or more, doc

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : tors, and then report. The best remedy I use for constipation (Dr.

In your journal for February, 1889, page 56,

Dr. R. D. Ramey asks for a good prescription Gentry, page 82) is cascara sagrada in sufficient doses, three times a day, to move the

for dissolving gall stones. I will send him, bowels once. Sometims I combine it with

through your columns, a treatment I have used nux vomica and belladonna. It is also very

for more than two years with good results : servicible in hemorrhoids, which are often com

& Sodii phosphatis ..., ..grs. xx to xxx

Sig.–At one dose, in a cup of hot water, one-half plicating cases of constipation.

hour before each meal. The dose can be reduced I like The World very much, and think the if it should cause too free catharsis. index, by Dr. House, its crowning effort.

In connection with the above give: Kingman, Me. R. J. LOVE, M. D.

B Extracti wahoo fluidi...

.fdr. iv Extracti hydrangeæ fluidi.

f dr. iv For Sexual Apathy.

Extracti nucis vomicæ fluidi.

.fdr. ij Chloroformi.....

.fdr. iss Editor MEDICAL WORLD :

Syrupi simplicis, q. s. ad.

..f oz. iv In reply to the inquiry of “An Old Sub

M. Sig. -A teaspoonful, well diluted with water, scriber” on the anomalous case on page 42,

three times a day, after meals. January number, please permit me to give the If this dose is not tolerated, give half the best treatment that my experience has taught amount, and then increase to the full dose if

possible. I usually begin with the full dose. R Specific tincture staphysagria............ dr. ij Both prescriptions should be continued from Aq. dest., q. s...

.ad..... f. oz. iv

one to three months, or until the patient is M. Sig.–Teaspoonful four times a day. I consider The MEDICAL WORLD the best

cured. I have just recently cured a case after

three months' treatment. A. M, ZEBOLD. medical journal in existence.

Kansas State Insane Asylum. Evansville, Ind. Jos. JACOBSOHN, M. D.

Osawatomie, Kan. Gonorrhea.

An Interesting New Drug. Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : J. M. Luff, page 274, 1888, wants a satisfactory treatment for gonorrhea. Rather a diffi

Thinking that a few lines to your many cult task; but after a practice of over thirty and widely diffused readers, concerning an inyears, during which I have tried many treat- teresting drug, might be acceptable, I pen this ments, the following plan has given me better communication. results and more satisfaction than any other:

The drug in question grows in southern Keep the bowels open with daily small doses

Arizona, northern Mexico, and other places. of magnesia sulph., and give the following:

It is recognized as the Jatropha Macrorhiza R Pot. brom.....

..oz. j

(Benth.) and is known amongst the Mexicans Fl. extract gelsemi.

by the name of Jicomia. It is related to the Aquæ

oz. xvj, Jatropha Purgans of South America and M. S.-One tablespoonful t. i. d.

other tropical countries. The root of the I furnish the patient with a wide mouthed Jatropha Macrorhiza, from which a fluid exbottle, and direct him to fill it with water, as tract may be prepared, is the part used. It is hot as he can bear, and hold his penis in it ten highly purgative, also emetic in too free doses. minutes at a time, three times a day; and after The root closely resembles another of an edi


gtts. 160

ble character, known in Spanish as the Sahalla, tals and institutions. Gentlemen, I will still and it is an occasional trick practised by Mex- continue to send to physicians who will take icans, acquainted with both roots, to have a the trouble to write, a sample of the ointment, piece of the Jatropha and a piece of Sahalla and the formula from which it is made, toroot in the hand at the same time, and whilst gether with price list, etc. Through the efforts eating the Sahalla root, to ask some unsuspect- of Dr. Wilder I am convinced that its use and ing companion to partake, substituting, how- benefits should be limited to physicians, and ever, a piece of the Jatropha root—a practical through them to their_patients; hence the joke with quite a serious side to it when the above offer.

Fred. W. STEWART. victim happens to eat too much.

Oswego, N. Y. The Jatropha Macrorhiza, unlike most vegetable purgatives, is pleasant or rather compara- Preparations for Railroad Disasters. tively tasteless. In its effects, so far as it has

Editor MEDICAL WORLD : yet been tested, it resembles in action the act

Would it not be well to begin with prophyive vegetable substitutes for mercury, such as

lactics in preparing for disaster; such, for ex

, purgative, and in over doses causes a diarrhea, ample, as creating a public sentiment that shall which, however, readily yields to mild treat

insist upon such conditions as will make an

accident a rarity, if not an impossibility? The ment, amongst the Mexicans, such as flour gruel, etc.

necessity for immediate relief of the suffering It is deemed alterative, cholagogue, and

in cases resulting from railroad accidents leads hydro-cathartic. It is convenient on account

me to agree with Dr. Shimwell's conclusions: of the smallness of the necessary dose, and its

That the cases are acute, and that pain is the

predominant symptom, and but one thing is tastelessness, which renders it also a desirable

indicated, and that is comfort." addition to all non-cathartic mixtures, where a cathartic tendency is desired.

Some things which to me seem all-important It doubtless

I desire to add to the doctor's list. I agree, also possesses other special properties not yet however, with the latest approved medical dicfully known, like the Cascara Sagrada, which, first recognized as a most valuable tonic, non

tum, that the setting aside of pain by the use astringing.cathartic, is now considered almost

of opiates is not the true physiological method equally valuable as an anti-rheumatic..

of relief; for a palliative should be used only The writer understands that Messrs. Parke,

when we know of nothing better. Davis & Co., Detroit, Mich., will furnish, free,

Pain arises either from pressure on terminal samples of the fluid extract of this new drug

nerves or an interference in the circulation. to all physicians who may desire to test it.

The laceration of tissues needs such skillful and ADOLPHUS H. NOON, M. D.

experienced sirgical aid as can be obtained at

the time and subsequently. Oro Blanco, Arizona.

The nervous shock to the whole system leaves Answer to the Article, “Successful Treatment

the skin and surface circulation temporarily of Hemorrhoids.

paralyzed, and causes a sudden and violent Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

engorgement of the vital organs, and may re

sult in unconsciousness, or even death, and I must say that I was more than astonished at the result of the above article, by H. L. Wil

prompt relief is needed. der, M.D., of Oswego, N Y., in your January

The nervous shock and concussion can be issue. About the first of January I commenced

overcome by skillful manipulation or massage receiving letters requesting formula and sam

to the skin, and should be given as soon as ple box of the ointment, and up to the present

possible, so as to restore the skin and circuladate of writing (Jan. 24th) I have received

tion to a normal action, thus relieving the conabout five hundred letters, and have done all

gestion of brain and all vital organs. in my power in return. The MEDICAL WORLD Calling upon volunteer helpers to work, must hold a very high place in the esteem of

under skilled direction, to restore such cases, physicians. The editor required the formula

would result in benefit to the victims of the and a box of the ointment for trial before ad

disaster. mitting the article. This shows how exacting A half dozen flesh-brushes, added to the (and justly so) they are. I am plea -ed that the supplies, would be of invaluable aid in proointment stood their undoubtedly severe test.

moting surface circulation, and helping the I am pleased also at the many orders already patients to recover from nervous shock. received from the samples sent out, and the Another essential for the relief of pain from many letters of commendation I have received burns, whether caused by fire or steam, is a from physicians, and also from several hospi- saturated aqueous solution of bi-carbonate of

soda, or of borax soap. These alkaline prepa- soon to be confined, but hardly at the time I rations help to restore the albuminous tissues to was sent for. The distance there is fully seven a normal condition, and afford almost instan- miles or more. When I got there I was intaneous relief from pain of burns. Carbolic formed that not very long after the messenger acid in a five per cent. aqueous solution would had started, and probably before he reached be more nearly ready for use if water was not my office, the woman was confined-child easily obtainable.

born. Then there was complete inertia of the I should also have as much pure water as womb. whiskey in my case. Such are some of the sug- When I arrived at the bed-side, the followgestions I desire to add to Dr. Shimwell's ing condition of things was found: A article.

GEO. F. WATERS. blanched appearance; a feeble, frequent and 8 Beacon St., Boston, Mass.

almost imperceptible pulse; a relaxed and per

spiring skin; parched mouth and purple lips; Retained Placenta.

momentary blindness; cold extremities, and

gasping, sighing breathing. The abdomen Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

was found tumid, the placenta retained, the In the January issue, page 36, of your very uterus inert and filled up with coagulated blood highly prized journal is an article from the pen and still the bleeding continued, while the bed of Dr. J. M. Proctor, supplemented and am- was literally drenched with blood. plified by one from Dr. John G. Meachem in Everything indicated an impending dissoluFeb. issue, page 68, to the dictum of which I tion; in fact, the woman herself said she was and, beyond doubt, the great majority of our dying. Here, if ever, there was an appalling profession cannot by any means subscribe. case, one that tries men's souls and which

Before issuing his dictum, the Dr., at the would (paradoxical as it may seem) unnerve beginning of his article, very naively says: the strongest heart and hand if it were not for “ Dr. Coleman seems to think that the placenta the very gravity of the situation itself. is in some way fastened to the uterus. Most A crisis is at hand; a precious human life is assuredly is it “fastened" (attached) to the in the balance ! Shall we temporize until the uterus; yes, so much so that it sometimes re- flickering spark of life is fully extinguished or quires the combined aid of nature and art to shall we, by any means at our command, atremove it. As well might we doubt the attach- tempt to speedily rekindle that spark? I say, ment of the apple to its parent twig as to if you wish to save your patient, do not wait a question the relation between uterus and pla- moment, but act_act speedily. Here seconds centa.

are golden; minutes but silver. Although belonging, the one to the animal Give ergot (brandy and opium if need be), kingdom, and the other to the vegetable king. try Crede's method of exciting the womb to dom, still there is some analogy between the action; but not long, for time now is too prectwo-placenta and apple-in some respects. ious. Failing in this to accomplish the desired The placenta, attached to the uterus, grows,

result, then gently and kindly, yet firmly, indevelops and matures, after which it is, as a troduce your hand into the organ and remove rule, but not invariably, casi off. So with the the placenta, together with any clotted blood apple. Both, however, sometimes require contained. more than mere nature in their removal ; that In doing this, you will generally succeed in is, if they are to be removed in their proper arousing the uterus from its atonic condition; time.

if not, then introduce a sponge, saturated with Now for the "dictum” spoken of. It is no pure cider vinegar, and express it. This will less sweeping an assertion than this: “Never very generally have the desired effect at once; go after the placenta." (!) (Proctor), and, but, should it fail, from lack of proper applica"Its necessity can scarcely ever exist." tion, then inject one or more uterine syringe(Meachem.)

fuls into the womb and you will be surprised at Now, in view of the light of some of my the rapidity and certainty of its action. Hot experience, the above assertion is certainly a water may likewise be used. bold, a sweeping and yes, I must say it-a I should have remarked, that before passing pernicious one; one which, if implicitly fol. the hand into the womb it should be washed lowed, is not only mischievous, but will act- scrupulously clean and be made aseptic with ually carry untold misery in its wake to many bi-chloride of mercury solution, carbolic acid, a family over the land.

or any other good antiseptic. If this is done Let me give but a partial pen-picture of a there need be no fear of puerperal septicemia. case from actual practice, exaggerating nothing. I am by no means in favor of forcibly reI have been called to a woman who expected ' moving the placenta simply to gain time—to

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