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Practical Slavery,

Prices for which Americans are sold,

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Quarterly Christian Spectator,

Rankin, Rev. J., his testimony,,.


Runaway Slaves, method of capturing them,
Ruffin, Judge, quotation from, ¿.

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Scripture arguments against slavery,
Seabrook, W. B., quotation from,
Self-defence, prohibited to the Slave,
Sentiments favorable to the perpetuity of Slave-

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Separation of families,

Separation of a wife from her husband and chil-

Servants, among the Jews not held as property,
Servants, mentioned in the New Testament,


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Privileges of the Gospel, Slaves destitute of them, 25, 26

Prohibition of religious worship,
Property, right of prohibited,



66, 67, 109

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Servants under the yoke,
Shocking barbarities.

Simms, Prof., quotation from,

Slave States, admitted into this Union,

Slavery defined,


Smylie, Rev. J., quotation from,

Specific directions of the New Testament,

Spirit of the Gospel,

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Strangers, laws for the protection of,
Submission required of the Slave,
Summers, his testimony,

Synod, South Carolina and Georgia,
Synod of Virginia,

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Telescope, Columbia, S. C.,

Thome, J. A., quotation from,

Thornwell, Rev. J. H., quotation from,
Trade in human flesh, facilities for carrying it


Traffic in men, how it is carried on,
Traffic in men forbidden,

Tucker, Judge, quotation from,

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Union Presbytery,

United States, a Slaveholding Nation,

United States' laws against the Slave trade,

Voluntary servitude,

Washington Telegraph,

Western Luminary,

Whedon, Prof., quotation from,

Witnesses, colored persons not allowed to be,
Winans, Rev. W., quotation from,

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