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bunal, shall be holden twice in every year, namrely.

on the twenty ninth, or when that shall happen to be "Terms. Sunday, on the thirtieth day of March and August,

and shall sit in the whole, six judicial days successively each timė (unless the business depending before them be sooner dispatched) at the capitol in Williamsburg, or at such other place as shall be appointed by the general assembly, or in their recess, by the governour, with advice of the privy council, in any such

emergency as will make the adjournment of any other Of what jud- court by his writ lawful. The judges of the high court ges constitu- of chancery, general court, and court of admiralty, ted.

shall be judges of the court of appeals, of whom the Precedence first shall take precedence, and the second be next in of judges. rank, and five of them shall be a sufficient number to

constitute the court. Every judge before he exercise this office, shall in that court openly give assurance of

fidelity to the commonwealth, and take this oath: Oath of jud- " You shall swear that you will well and truly serve ges. this commonwealth in the office of a judge of the court

of appeals, and that you will do equal right to all manener of people, great and small, high and low, rich and

poor, without respect of persons. You shall not take by yourself, or by any other, any gift, fee, or reward of gold, silver, or any other thing, directly or indirectly of any person or persons great or small, for any matter done or to be done by virtue of your office, except such fees or salary as shall be by law appointed. You shall not maintain by yourself or any other, privily or openly, any plea or quarrel depending in the courts of this commonwealth. You shall not delay any person of right for the letters or request of any person, nor for any other cause; and if any letter or request come to you, contrary to the law, you shall nothing do for such letter or request, but you shall proceed to do the law; any such letter or request notwithstanding. And finally in all things belonging to your said office, during your continuance therein, you shall faithfully, justly, and truly, according to the best

of your skill and judgment, do equal and impartial Jurisdiction, justice, without fraud, favour, or affection." This

court shall have jurisdiction, not only in suits originating there and adjourned thither for trials by virtue of any statute, which trials shall be by juries according to the course of law, but also in such as shall be

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An aci to secure the moveable proper

ty of those who have joined, or hereafter may join the enemy.

WHEREAS during the present war, partieularly property of in the late invasion, many persons have left this comthose join monwealth and gone off with the enemy, some of whom ing the ene have left many articles of moveable property behind cured. them; that such property therefore may be immediate

ly secured, Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the governour, with the advice of the council, is

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