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Half, pay,

so that their costs at such port shall not be known, their costs there shall be estimated by such agent or commissary as nearly as he shall be able, and they shall be vended at the same advance on that estimation, provided that every of the said officers shall, in any one year, be entitled to receive of such agent or commissary, the following articles of imported dry goods, to wit: Six yards of cloth, seven quarters of a yard wide, with trimmings for a suit of clothes, stuff for six summer vests and breeches, linen for six shirts, cambrick for ruffles to them, and buttons, six stocks, three pair of silk, and three pair of thread hose, six handkerchiefs, two pair of good shoes, and one hat, and no more. All general officers of the army being citizens of this commonwealth, and all field officers,

for life, procaptains, and subalterns, commanding, or who shall

mised to gecommand in the battalions of this commonwealth on nerais, field continental establishment, or serving in the battalions officers, cap. raised for the immediate defence of this state, or for tains, subalthe defence of the United States: And all chaplains, lains, physiphysicians, surgeons, and surgeon's mates, appointed cians, sur. to the said battalions, or any of them, being citizens of geons, and this commonwealth, and not being in the service of mai

mates, who Georgia, or of any other state, provided congress do continue to not make some tantamount provision for them, who the end of shall serve henceforward, or from the time of their being commissioned, until the end of the war. And all such officers who have, or shall become supernumerary on the reduction of any of the said battalions, and shall again enter into the said service if required so to do, in the same or any higher rank, and continue therein until the end of the war, shall be entitled to half pay during life, to commence from the determination of their command or service. The field officers of every

Recruiting county shall, from time to time, during the continu- officers, how ance of the present war, appoint one or more persons, appointed. such as in their judgment are best fitted to the purpose of recruiting soldiers, sailors, and marines, under this act, who shall be removeable at their will. Every recruiting officer shall, from time to time, give notice

ers, duty, & of the men enlisted by him to the governour, who, with

compensa advice of council, shall appoint such time and place tion. within this commonwealth for their rendezvous as shall be convenient, and an officer then and there to review and receive them, to which place of rendezvous the Vol. X.


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said recruiting officer shall conduct them, and in the mean time, from their enlistment till their review, shall have the same powers over them as if he were their proper commanding officer. For every man who shall be reviewed and received by the officer appointed for that purpose, the officer recruiting him, shall receive one hundred and fisty dollars, to be paid on certificate of such review, and receipt from the board of war to the auditors, and their warrant on the treasurer. The board of war shall cause accounts to be raised, with every county in which each shall have credit for the men so recruited by their officers and reviewed by the officer of review: And whensoever afterwards it shall become necessary for the publick exigencies to call for any greater number of regular troops than shall have been raised under this act, the number of all those raised under this act, shall be added to the number to be called for, and the quota of the aggregate number being settled for each county, in proportion to their militia; where it shall appear that any county has furnished under this act a number equal to such their quota, they shall not be subject to furnish any part of those then called for, and where they shall have furnished a part of such quota, they shall be subject to furnish so many, only of those as shall make up their deficiency;

and for the greater security of the inhabitants of the Troop of ca. county of Illinois: Be it enacted, That one troop of valry for pro- lorse shall be raised, to consist of one captain, one tection of le lieutenant, one cornet, and thirty two privates; the offifinois.

cers to be appointed by the governour with advice of council, and commissioned by the governour, and to receive the same pay, rations, and forage, as is allowed to the cavalry now in the continental service; and the horses, arms, and accoutrements, to be provided for them, in such manner as the governour with the advice of the council shall direct. Every soldier who enlisted into the corps of volunteers commanded by colonel George Rogers Clarke, and continued therein till the taking the several posts in the Illinois country,

shall at the end of the war, be entitled to a grant of Land bounty two hundred acres of any unappropriated lands withtovolunteers in this commonwealth, on the terms herein before deunder colo. clared. Every able bodied freeman who shall enlist, nel George

or who having enlisted for a period of time unexpired, Rogers Clarke. shall re-enlist to serve during the war, among the for


ces ordered for the protection and defence of the county of Illinois, shall receive a bounty of seven hundred To soldiers and fifty dollars, and at the end of the war, shall be tion of illi entitled to a grant of one hundred acres of land on the nois. terms herein before declared. And for the better defence of this commonwealth in the eastern quarter: Be Four troops it enacted, That four troops of horse shall be forthwith of cavalry raised, to be commanded by a major commandant, to frontier. be chosen by joint ballot of both houses of assembly, each troop to consist of thirty two privates, and com

- (" manded by one captain, one lieutenant, and one cornet, who shall be appointed by the governour with advice of council, and commissioned by the governour, and shall receive the same pay, rations, and forage, as the cavalry now in the continental service. The horses, arms, and accoutrements, to be provided at the publick expense. Every able bodied man who shall Land bounty enlist to serve during the war in the said troops, shall to those who be entitled to a bounty of seven hundred and fifty dol- enlist during Jars, and at the end of the war shall be entitled to a bounty of one hundred acres of unappropriated lands on the terms herein before declared; and each able bodied man who shall enlist to serve two years, shall be entitled to a bounty of three hundred dollars. The bounties and other allowances given by this act to officers, soldiers, sailors, and marines, shall be deemed in lieu of those of the same kind given by any act of assembly, ordinance, or resolution of congress heretofore passed. And where the same shall have been given by any resolution of congress, shall go towards lessening the quota of such gift which ought to be con tributed by this commonwealth.


(From Revi. An Act permitting those who will not sed Bills of 1779, chap

take oaths to be otherwise quali, CXIX. p. 83; Chan, Rev.

fied. p. 89.

BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That any Solemnities and forms

person refusing to take an oath, and declaring religiinstead of ous scruples to be the true and only reason of such regaths. fusal, if he will use the solemnity and ceremony, and

repeat the formulary observed on similar occasions, by those of the church or religious societies he professeth himself to be a member of, or to join in com

munion with, shall thereupon be deemed as competent Mas a witness, or to be as duly qualified to execute an of

fice, or perform any other act, to the sanction whereof an oath is or shall be required by law, and shall be subject to the same rules, derive the same advantages, or incur the same penalties or forfeitures, as if he had been sworn. In presentmeuts, indictments, inquisitions, verdicts, examinations, or other forms, the words “ upon their oath” or “sworn” may be left out, and instead of them “in solemn form” or “charged” whichever may be adapted to the case, may be inserted; but if the antient form be adhered to, it shall not be ad

judged errour, 2016 marta

An Act for raising a body of Caval.

122 ry. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That for Troop of ca. defence of the commonwealth, under the present invaValry to be raised, at dis- sion, it shall be lawful for the governour, with the adcretion of ex. vice of the council of state, to cause to be raised by ecutive, dur

voluntary enlistments, so many troops of cavalry, as in ing existing invasion,

their judgments shall be requisite, to be formed and officered as they shall think best.


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An Act for fixing the allowance of Chan, Rev.

P. 90.) the members of the General Assembly.

WHEREAS it is just that the members of general Preamble. assembly, delegated by the people to transact for them the legislative business, should, while attending that business, have their reasonable sustenance defrayed, dedicating to the publick service their time and labours, freely and without account; and it is also expedient that the publick councils should not be deprived of the aid of good and able men, who might be detered from entering into them, by the insufficiency of their private fortunes to bear the extraordinary expenses they must necessarily incur, and it being inconsistent with the principles of civil liberty, and contrary to the natural

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