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An act to regulate the Navy of this


WHEREAS from the present state of our navy it New organiis found expedient to reduce the number of vessels now zation of the in the service of this commonwealth, and to apply the navy. money arising from the sale of such as are useless in aid of the publick revenue, Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the executive be empowered, and certain spethey are hereby directed to order the sale of the ships cified resTartar and Dragon, the gallies Henry, Manly, Hero, sels to be Page, Lewis, and Safe-Guard, by publick vendue, for ready inoney.

Provided nevertheless, That the executive shall have proviso. power to retain for the state, such of the said vessels only as can consistently with the publick interest be employed in the commercial concerns of this commonwealth.

Be it farther enacted, That the ship Thetis, the brig Certain speJefferson, the Accomack and Deligence gallies, the cified vessels Liberty and Patriot boats, be retained in the navy of to be retain

ed. this state, and that the executive take order that they be equiped and manned with all deligence, as vessels of war.' The executive are hereby empowered to retain such of the guns and other materials belonging to the vessels by this act directed to be sold, as they shall judge useful, and for the advantage of the commonwealih.

Be it enacted, That the Gloucester be retained in Prison ship. the service of this state as a prison ship; that the Tempest be retained until the Thetis be ready for the sea; and then the executive are empowered and directed to sell or employ the said ship as a merchantman, they shall think it expedient and for the publick interest.

Be it enacted, That a boat of the like construction Boats. of the boats Liberty and Patriot he procured and employed in the service of this state, as a lookout boat, and that the executive take order herein.

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(Chan. Rev.

An act for the recovery of arms, cate p. 120.)

tle, horses, and other property belonging to the commonwealth, or to the United States.

Articles be

I. WHEREAS it is represented to the general aslonging to sembly, that divers persons within this commonwealth this state, or are in possession of arms, cattle, horses, or other proStates, how perty belonging to this state, or the United States, and recovered it is expedient that such persons should be compelled from those to deliver such articles to some officer of the line, or who have the unlawful

of the staff in the service of this state, or of the United possession. States, Be it therefore enacted, That where any per

son shall be found not legally possessed of any bullock or other cattle, or any horse or horses, or arms belonging to this state, or to the United States, any officer of the line, or of the staff in the service of this state, or of the United States, shall be entitled to commence his action or petition in his own name against the delinquent for the recovery thereof, with full costs of suit, to the use of the United States, or of the commonwealth, as the case may be. The county courts are hereby empowered and required to proceed to the trial of any suit or petition commenced as aforesaid, in preference to all private suits, and to award execution for restitution of the effects and costs of suit, and shall transmit to the governour and council, copies of their proceedings in such suits, that the plaintiff may be amenable to their order as to the disposition of any property so recovered.


An act for making an adequate pro

vision for the officers of government.

WHEREAS the provision made for the treasurer of this commonwealth is quite inadequate to his servi

Salaries of ces, Be it therefore enacted, That from and after the

treasurer. passing of this act, the treasurer for the time being, shall receive in lieu of his present salary, the sum of five thousand pounds per annum, and be empowered to employ such and so many clerks as he may judge necessary, the whole expense of whom to be paid by the publick, not exceeding the sum of six thousand five hundred pounds per annum.

And be it farther enacted, That the several officers herein after mentioned shall, for their respective services, be entitled to the following salaries, to be paid out of the publick treasury, in quarterly payments, after the same shall have been audited according to law: To the governour or chief magistrate of this com. Governor. monwealth, the sum of seven thousand five hundred pounds per annum; To the members of the privy coun- Members of

council. cil, the sum of twenty thousand pouuds per annum, to be divided among them agreeable to their attendance on the duties of their office: To the judges of the high Judges. court of chancery, the general court, and the court of admiralty, for their services in their respective offices, as well as in the court of appeals, the sum of one thouşand five hundred pounds per annum, each: To each Auditors. auditor of publick accounts, the sum of three thousand pounds per annum: To the members of the board of

Members of war, the sum of three thousand pounds per annum, board of each: To the members of the board of trade, the sum war, and of of three thousand pounds per annum, each: To the at- trade.

Attorney torney general, the sum of two thousand four hundred

general. pounds per annum: To the clerks of the privy coun Clerks of cil, the sum of sixteen hundred pounds per annum,


Clerks to aueach: To the clerks of the auditors, the boards of war

ditors, and and trade, each, the sum of sixteen hundred pounds boards of per annum, in lieu of, and not in addition to, the sala- war & trade, ries which they respectively receive at present.

This act shall continue and be in force, from and after the passing thereof, for and during the term of one year,

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