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the enemy

Bounty, And in order to complete the levy as speedily as

may be, each volunteer soldier shall receive a bounty
of fifty dollars, to be paid him upon his joining the re-
giment or company, to which he shall belong; for
purpose the

governour, with the advice of the council, is hereby authorized to draw upon the treasurer for the time being for such sum or sums of money, to defray that and the other expenses incurred by this act, as may be sufficient for the same, which the treasurer shall advance out of any publick money which may be in his hands. The governour, with the advice of the council, is hereby authorized and directed to proceed immediately to the appointment of the lieutenant colonels, majors, captains, and subaltern officers, and to take proper measures for raising the whole of the said four thousand five hundred and six

ty men as speedily as may be, and as the situation of Term of ser

the state seems to require. The said volunteers to be vice. continued in service for the space of one month after

shall have withdrawn themselves from the commonwealth, unless sooner discharged by the governour, with the advice of the council; and if they shall return within that time, it shall be considered as a continuation of the same invasion. The governour, with the advice of the council; is hereby empowered to appointą lieutenant colonel and major, to command each of the several regiments of militia which shall be

embodied for the immediate defence of the state, which * militia so to be embodied, shall be commanded by the

same general officers as are appointed to command the

volunteers. Volunteers And for the defence and protection of the western for western frontiers against the Indian or other enemies, who may frontiers

commit hostilities in that quarter, Be it enacted, That two battalions of the said volunteers be raised in the counties lying on that side the state, and be officered with fit persons to command on that station; and instead of the clothing, arms, and accoutrements, herein

before directed, the said battalions shall be furnished Arms, &c. with such clothing, arms, and accoutrements, as are how furnish- most proper for that service; and if any soldier or noned.

commissioned officer, enlisted into the said battalions, shall be willing to furnish himself with proper clothing, arms, and accoutrements, the governour, with advice of council, may fix the sum to be paid for the pur



chase or use of such clothing, arms, and accoutrements, and direct the lieutenant colonel or officer commanding the battalions accordingly, who is to take Where postcare that such necessaries, especially the arms, are in proper order and kind, and fit for the service. The said battalions to be posted or garrisoned on the frontiers of this state, at such places as shall, from time to time, appear most convenient; the said battalions shall not be compelled to march out of the commonwealth, unless in case of an expedition against the enemy Indians, or in pursuit of any enemy who shall have invaded the frontier.

And as it is uncertain how long the dangers which Their term at present threaten the western frontier may continue, of service. Be it enacted, That the said battalions shall be continued in the service for the space of nine months, from the tenth day of June next, unless sooner discharged by the governour, with advice of the council; and if the time of their enlistment shall expire, or the battalions be discharged at any considerable distance from the counties where the same were raised, the officers and soldiers shall be allowed pay and provisions for so many days as may be deemed necessary for their return. These battalions to be subject to the rules and discipline as aforesaid.

And be it farther enacted, That all volunteers raised under this act, who may be disabled in the service, provision for shall be entitled to receive full pay during life, to com- wives and mence at the time of their discharge; and if any of indigent pathem lose their lives in the service, either by sickness rents: or in the field, the same provision shall be made for their wives and indigent parents, as has heretofore been made for others in similar situations.

p. 89.)

CHAP. V. (From Revi. sed Bills of An act prescribing the oath of fideli1779, chap XCVIII.p.68; ty, and the oaths of certain publick Chan. Rev.


BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That every Qath of fidel person by law required to give assurance of fidelity, ity. shall, for that purpose, take an oath in this form. "

do declare myself a citizen of the commonwealth of Virginia; 1 relinquish and renounce the character of subject or citizen of any Prince or other state whatsoever, and abjure all allegiance which may be claimed by such Prince or other state: And I do swear to be faithful and true to the said commonwealth of Virginia, so long as I continue a citizen thereof. So help me God." And no person shall have power to act in any office, legislative, executive, or judiciary, before he shall have given such assurance, and shall moreover have taken such of the following aaths, if another be not specially prescribed, as is adapted to

his cage. The oath of the governour. Oath of go. elected governour of Virginia, by the representatives

thereaf, do solemoly promise and swear, that I will to the best of my skill and judgment, execute the said office, diligently and faithfully, according to law, without favour, affection, or partiality; that I will to the utmost of my power, protect the citizens of the com, monwealth in the secure enjoyment of all their rights, franchises, and privileges; and will constantly endeavour that the laws and ordinances of the commonwealth be duly observed; and that law and justice, in mercy, be executed in all judgments, and lastly, that I will peaceably and quietly resign the government to which I have been elected, at the several periods to which my continuance in the said office is or shall be

limited by law and the constitution. So help me God.” Oath of Pri- The oath of a privy councillor."]

elected vy Council- one of the privy council of Virginia by the represenlor.

tatives thereof, do solemnly promise and swear, that I will, to the best of my skill and judgment, execute the said office diligently and faithfully, according to law, without favour, affection, or partiality; and that I will keep secret such proceedings and orders of the privy

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CHAP. VI. An Act concerning officers, soldiers, Bills of 1779, sailors, and marines.

chap. XV.p.

12.) BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That every

Additional able bodied freeman who will enlist, and who having bounties to enlisted to serve a particular period of time unexpired, soldiers, sai

lors and mawill re-enlist to serve during the continuance of the present war, among the troops of this commonwealth, either at home or in the continental army, as he shall be directed, or as a sailor or marine on board the armed vessels in this commonwealth, shall receive so much money as with the continental bounty if he be put on that service, shall make up seven hundred and fifty dollars, taking into account in the case of re-enlistment the bounty before paid the soldier, sailor, or marine re-enlisting, and the pay and rations allowed to the like soldiers, sailors, or marines in the continental service, to begin from the day of his enlistment; he shall also be furnished at the publick expense, with a çoát, waistcoat, pair of overhalls, two shirts, a pair of shoes, and a hat, to be delivered at the place of rendezvous, and with the like articles every year after


during his service, to be delivered at his station; in lieu of such of those articles as are allowed by congress, which articles so allowed by congress, shall be received by proper officers to be appointed by the governour with advice of council, and applied to the dischrage of the engagements of this act, or otherwise to the use of this commonwealth as the governour with

advice of council shall direct. At the end of the war l and bounty every of the said soldiers, sailors, and marines, shall

be entitled to a grant of one hundred acres of any unappropriated land within this commonwealth, and every of the officers commanding the said soldiers, sailors, or marines, shall be entitled to a grant of the like quantity of lands as is allowed to officers of the

same rank in the Virginia regiments on continental 93 01

establishment, which they shall locate according to the quests directions of the laws, for which no purchase money can shall be required on behalf of the commonwealth:

Such of the said soldiers, sailors, or marines, as shall Pensions.

be disabled in the service, and the widows of those slain or dying therein, shall be entitled to immediate

relief, and also to annual pensions as provided in one uploadn act of general assembly, passed at the last session, enBoa titled "An act for establishing a board of auditors for

publick accounts.” Officers, soldiers, sailors, and maExemption

rines, during their continuance in the service, shall be el taxes. exempted from all taxation in their persons. Officers,

soldiers, sailors, and marines, raised under the laws of this commonwealth, shall, during their continuance in the service be furnished by the agent or commissary of stores on behalf of this commonwealth, at the prin cipal encampments, with the following articles, at the

rates herein stated, to wit: osnaburgs at one shilling Gonds, at aud six pence by the yard, coarse hats at seven shilprices:lings and six peuce each, coarse shoes at eight shillings

by the pair, coarse yarn hose at five shillings by the pair, rum or brandy at ten shillings by the gallon, whisky at five snillings by the gallon, brown sugar at

one shilling by the pound, coffee at two shillings and os sixpence by the pound, and such other imported artiwas cles as may be necessary for them, at one hundred and

twenty per centum advance on their costs at the European port where they shall have been imported: And if they shall have been purchased on behalf of the publick, after their exportation from any European port,

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