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••••*•••• **E It Remembered, that on the third day of • » January, in the twenty-ninth year of the Independence

J Seal. J of the United States'of America, Caleb P. Wayne, ••*••••*• °f *^e sa'•' District, hath deposited in this Office the Title of a Book, the right whereof he claims as Proprietor, in the words following, to wit:....

"The Life of George Washington, Commander in Chief of the "American Forces, during the War which established the Indepen. "dence of his country, and First Pi-esident of the United States.... "Compiled under the inspection of the Honourable Bushrod Wash"ington, from original papers bequeathed to him by his deceased "Relative, and now in possession of the Author. To which is pre"fixed, an Introduction, containing a compendious view of the "Colonies planted by the English on the Continent of North Ame"rica, from their settlement to the commencement of that war which "terminated in their Independence. By John Marshall."

In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States entituled "An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein mentioned....And also to the Act entituled "An act Supplementary to an Act entituled "An act for the encouragement of learning by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein mentioned, and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching historical and other prints."

D. CALDWELL, Clerk of the pistrict of Pennsylvania.


The election of Gen. Washington officially announced to

him.. Jlis departure for the seat of government...Marks

of respect and affection shown him on his journey ..His in-

auguration and speech to congress...He forms a system of

conduct to be observed in his intercourse with the world...

Letters from him on this and other subjects...Answer of

both houses of congress to the speech...Situation of the

United States at this period in their domestic and foreign

relations ..Debates on the impost and tonnage bills...On the

president's power of removal from office...On the policy of

the secretary of the treasury reporting plans for the man-

agement of the revenue...On the style by which the presi-

dent should be addressed ..Amendments to the constitu-

tion proposed by congress and ratified by the states...

Appointment of the officers of the cabinet, council, and of

the judges... Adjournment of the first session of congress

...The president visits the New England states.. His recep-

tion...North Carolina accedes to the Unions


Meeting of the second session of the first congress....Presi-

dent's speech...Report of the secretary of the treasury of a

plan for the support of public credit...Debate thereon ..

Bill for fixing the permanent seat of government...Adjourn-

ment of congress...Treaty with the Creek Indians-..The

United States in relations with Great Britain and Spain...

The president visits Mount Vernon...Third session of

congress...The president's speech...Debates on the excise

law...On a national bank ..The opinions of the cabinet on

the constitutionality of this last law...Progress of parties...

War with the Indians...Defeat of Harmar...Adjournment

of congress.

CHAPTER V. General St. Clair appointed commander in chief of the army/

.. The president makes a tour through the southern states ....Meeting of congress. ..President's speech....Debate on the bill "for apportioning representatives among the
people of the states according to the first enumeration"....

Militia law....Defeat of St. Clair....Opposition to the

increase of the army...Report of the secretary of the

treasury for raising additional supplies—.Congress ad-

journs....Strictures on the conduct of administration, with

a view of parties.. .Disagreement between the secretaries

of state and treasury ..Letters from G. Washington on

this subject...Opposition to the excise law. ..President's

proclamation ..Insurrection and massacre in the island of

St. Domingo...General Wayne appointed to the command of the army. ■ Meeting of congress. ..President's

speech.. .Resolutions implicating the secretary of the

treasury rejected.. Congress adjourns. . Progress of the

French revolution, and its effects on parties in the United



G. Washington again unanimously elected president....War between Great Britain and France....Queries put by the president to his cabinet in relation to the conduct proper to be adopted by the American government in consequence of this event....Proclamation of neutrality...Arrival of Mr. Genet as minister from France.. His conduct....Illegal

proceedings of the French cruisers....Opinions of the cabinet in relation thereto. ..State of parties . .Democratic

societies formed...Genet calculates upon the partialities of the American people for France, and openly insults their government....Rules laid down by the executive in relation to the powers at war within the ports of the United States ....The president requests the recall of Genet...British order of 1793....Decree of the national convention relative to neutral commerce.


Meeting of congress.. .President's speech...His message on

the subject of the foreign relations of the United States...

Report of the secretary of state in relation to the com-
merce of the United States...He resigns...Is succeeded by

Mr Randolph...Mr. Madison's resolutions founded on the

above report...Debate thereon..-Debates on the subject of a

navy...An embargo law.. Mr. Jay appointed envoy extraor-

dinary to Great Britain...Inquiry into the conduct of the

secretary of the treasury, terminates honourably to him...

Internal taxes laid...Congress adjourns.


Genet recalled...Is succeeded by Mr. Fauchet...Governeur

Morris recalled, and is succeeded by Mr. Monroe...

Kentucky remonstrance...Intemperate resolutions of the

people of that state. .General Wayne defeats the Indians

on the Miamis...Insurrection in the western parts of

Pennsylvania...Quelled by the prompt and vigorous mea-

sures of the government...Meeting of congress...President's

speech...Democratic societies...Resignation of colonel

Hamilton...Is succeeded by Mr. Wolcot...Resignation of

general Knox...Is succeeded by colonel Pickering...Treaty

between the United States and Great Britain...Conditionally

ratified by the president.. The treaty unpopular in the

United States...Mr. Randolph resigns ..Is succeeded by

colonel Pickering. .Colonel M' Henry appointed secretary

at war...Charge against the president rejected...! reaty

with the Indians north west of the Ohio...Treaty with

Algiers...Treaty with Spain...Meeting of congress...Pre-

sident's speech...Mr. Adet succeeds Mr. Fauchet...The

house of representatives call upon the president for papers

relating to the treaty with Great Britain...He declines

sending them.. Debates upon the treaty making power...

Upon the bill for making appropriations to carry into

execution the treaty with Great Britain...Congress adjourns

...The president endeavours to procure the liberation of

La Fayette.


Letter from general Washington to Mr. Jefferson...Hostile

measures of France against the United States...Mr. Monroe

recalled and general Pinckney appointed to succeed him

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