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dream without the awful sanctions of Cheaven and hell. Virtue is but a shadow,

if it be stripped of the terrors and the promises of the Gospel. Morality is but an empty name, if it be destitute of the principle and power of Christianity. Oh, my dear fellow-servants ! take warning * by my fad fate, never be tempted away < from a sober service for the sake of a . litle more wages : never venture your 'immortal souls in houses where God is

not feared. And now hear me, O my God, though I have blasphemed thee! • forgive me, O my Saviour, though I

have denied thee! O Lord most holy, "O God most mighty, deliver me from

the bitter pains of eternal death, and • receive my soul for His fake who died • for finners. :

" WILLIAM Wilson.?


Mr. Trueman would never leave this poor penitent till he was launched into eternity, but attended him with the minister

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in the cart. This pious clergyman never cared to say what he thought of William's ftate. When Mr. Fantom ventured to mention his hope, that though his penitence was late, yet it was sincere, and spoke of the dying thief on the cross as a ground of encouragement, the minister, with a very serious look, made this answer: “ Sir, that instance is too often 6 brought forward on occasions to which “ it does not apply: I do not chuse to “ say any thing to your application of it “ in the present case, but I will answer

you in the words of a good man speak. “ing of the penitent thief: “There is one s such instance given that nobody might 4 despair, and there is but one, that no66 body might prefume.",

Poor William was turned off just a quarter before eleven; and may the Lord have had mercy on his soul!








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Mk. Bragwell and Mr. Worthy happened to meet last year at Weyhill-fair. They were glad to see each other, as they had but feldom met of late; Mr. Bragwell having removed some years before from Mr. Worthy's neighbourhood, to a distant village, where he had bought an estate.

Mr. Bragwell was a substantial Farmer and Grazier. He had risen in the world by what worldly men call a run of good fortune. He had also been a man of great VOL. IV.

industry ;

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