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Our object, in writing the History of the Fortyeighth Ohio, was to preserve the record of a Regiment whose services, extending over a period of nearly five years, had gained for it the reputation of having done its whole duty, whether in camp, on the march, or in the trying hour of battle, as attested by its Brigade and Division Commanders.

We began arranging and compiling the material, consisting of our old army letters, diaries, company record, official reports, etc. etc., in 1870, and had it ready for the press in 1873 ; but owing to various causes we have delayed its publication until the present time.

We were both present with the Regiment, from the time we joined it at Camp Dennison, in October, 1861, until one made his escape from prison, in August, 1864, and the other, until mustered out in January, 1865; therefore we were eye-witnesses to, and participated in, the varied events narrated.

The record, from January, 1865, until the final

muster-out, May 10, 1866, was furnished principally by Lieut. James Douglas. We are also indebted to Lieut. W. J. Srofe for many items covering the same period.

In conclusion, we will say to the surviving members of the Regiment, that we do not claim any merit for this volume as a literary production. It is simply a narration of events, as seen by us, and was written at intervals, as the time could be spared from a busy life. Should it meet the approbation of our comrades, and be the means of perpetuating the deeds and memory of those who gave up their lives for the cause for which we fought, we will feel ourselves fully compensated for our labor.


June, 1880.

Camp of the 81st Ohio — Arrival at the Landing

Advance to Support a Battery - The Rebel Charge -

Their Repulse and Retreat - Arrival of Gen. Buell's

Troops — Night - Rain.

pp. 17—24


Battle of the Seventh — The Final Rout-Reoccupying

Our Camps — The Battle-field — Burial of the Dead -

Following the Enemy on the Eighth - The Attack on

the 77th Ohio - The 48th Ohio to Their Support -- Re-

turn to Cåmp - Our Dead and Wounded – Extracts

from the Cincinnati Dailies - The Battle No Surprise

- Loss in Both Armies - Extracts from Gen. Sher-

man's Official Report - Arrival of the Sanitary Com-

mission - Gen. Halleck Takes Command - Band Dis-

charged - Drill.

pp. 25-40


On the Road to Corinth - Order to March - Joke on

Sergeant Reed - First Earth works - Second Advance

– Camp Number Six - Engagement at the Russell

House - Talk with the Rebel Pickets — Separation of

Mother and Child - Last Line of Earthworks - Evac-

uation of Corinth - The Pursuit and Return - Com-

parison of the Two Armies.

pp. 41--50


On to Memphis - Visit of Thomas Peale, Esq., of Lynch-

burg — Return of Lieut. Col. Parker - La-Grange -

Moscow – Lafayette -- Newton and the Snake - Return

to Moscow – March to Holly Springs and Return

Contrabands – On the March to Memphis - White

Station – Memphis — Camp at Fort Pickering - Maj.

Wise and Lieut. Fields Resign -- Return of Absentees

- On Provost Guard -- Cincinnati Reported Captured

– Trip to Randolph - Rebel Cotton Burners.

pp. 51--59

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