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The following list comprises the names of some whose works are intended to form part of the series ;-Bampfield, Blackwood, Bunyan, Canne, Collier, Collins, Cornwall, Danvers, Delaune, Denne, Du Veil, Drapes, Grantham, Griffith, Helwys, How, Jeffrey, Jessey, Keach, Kiffin, King, Knollys, Lawrence, Palmer, Powell, Pendarves, Smyth, Stennett, Tombes, Roger Williams, &c., &c.

The first volume of the Society's publications, containing “ Tracts on Liberty of Conscience," edited by Mr. EDWARD BEAN UNDERHILL, is now in the hands of the subscribers. The second volume, consisting of the Unpublished Records of the Broadmead Church, Bristol, from 1640–1686, will be immediately sent to press, to complete the first year's subscription.

As considerable delay has unavoidably occurred in discovering and acquiring the exceedingly rare tracts it is proposed to reprint, the first subscription will be carried on to the end of the present year, by which time the volumes for the years 1845–6, will have been published.

On the 1st of January, 1847, the second subscription will be regarded as due. The immediate transmission of subscriptions, and the names of additional subscribers, are requested, that no disappointment may be experienced in obtaining the volumes, since only a limited number are printed beyond what are actually subscribed for.

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Terms of Subscription.

1. Every subscriber of ten shillings and sixpence annually will be entitled to one copy of

every work issued during the year of his subscription. 2. Subscriptions will be considered due, in advance, on the first of January of every

year. 3. Ministers obtaining ten subscribers annually will be entitled to one copy of each work

published in the year for which such subscriptions are paid. 4. Books will delivered, free of expense, in London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, from

which places they will be sent at the cost of the subscriber by any channel he may appoint.

Subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer, at Vassall Road, Kennington, by the Honorary Secretaries, Dr. Davies, at Stepney College, and Mr. UndeRHILL, of Avening House, near Stroud, or by any member of the Council; also by Mr. G. Orfor, jun., Secretary, Baptist Mission House, Moorgate Street, London, to whom all communications for the Society should be addressed.

J. Haddon, Castle Street, Finsbury.





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