Missouri Historical Review, Volume 5

Front Cover
Francis Asbury Sampson
State Historical Society of Missouri., 1911 - Missouri

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Page 143 - It shall be their duty, as soon as may be, to pass such laws as may be necessary, First. To prevent free negroes and mulattoes from coming to and settling in this state under any pretext whatsoever ; and, Second.
Page 142 - We, the people of Missouri; inhabiting the limits hereinafter designated, by our representatives in convention assembled, at St. Louis on Monday the 12th day of June, Id20, do mutually agree to form and establish a free and independent republic, by the name of the "State of Minutai," and for the government thereof do ordain and establish this Constitution.
Page 142 - We. the people of Missouri, inhabiting the limits hereinafter designated, by our representatives in convention assembled at Saint Louis, on Monday, the 12th day of June, 1820, do mutually agree to form and establish a free and independent republic, by the name of the
Page 148 - Congress, shall never be construed to authorize the passage of any law, and that no law shall be passed in conformity thereto, by which any citizen of either of the States in this Union shall be excluded from the enjoyment of any of the privileges and immunities to which such citizen is entitled under the Constitution of the United States...
Page 162 - One afternoon, about the zoth of May, William Bryant, accompanied by twenty men, left the fort on a hunting expedition down the Elkhorn Creek. They moved with caution, until they had passed all the points where ambuscades had generally been formed, when, seeing no enemy, they became more bold, and determined, in order to sweep a large extent of country, to divide their company into two parties. One of them, conducted by Bryant in person, was to descend the Elkhorn on its southern bank, flanking out...
Page 33 - Missouri are extremely beautiful, resembling cultivated countries, embellished with parks and groves, rather than the savage rudeness of the wilderness. Yesterday I was out on a deer hunt in the vicinity of this place, which led me through some scenery that only wanted a castle, or a gentleman's seat here and there interspersed, to have equaled some of the most celebrated park scenery of England.
Page 180 - Dearest sister, thou hast left us ; Here thy loss we deeply feel ; But 'tis God that hath bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal.
Page 139 - The restriction attempted to be imposed upon us by the eighty-seven members of the House of Representatives who voted for it, were those exclusively of the eastern states. They view with a jealous eye the march of power westward, and are well aware the preponderance will soon be against them: therefore --f they have combined against us; but let them pause before they proceed further, or the grave they are preparing for us, may be their own sepulchre...
Page 120 - ... through the study of the origin, development, structure, and functions of the family considered as a typical human institution.
Page 218 - I see by the newspapers, that the Spaniards, having taken a little post called St. Joseph, pretend to have made a conquest of the Illinois country. In what light does this proceeding appear to Congress ? While they decline our offered friendship, are they to be suffered to encroach on our bounds, and shut us up within the Appalachian mountains ? I begin to fear they have some such project.

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