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to govern

such election, the common council shall immediately proceed to determine, by lot, between the persons so receiving the

highest number of votes, which shall be considered elected to Certain oftl- such office. The treasurer, marshal, superintendent of water cers to give

works, electrician and the commissioner of streets and highways shall, before entering upon the discharge of their duties, give such security to the city of Negaunee as the common council shall direct; and in case any of the officers so elected shall neglect, for the term of ten days, to qualify as aforesaid,

or to give security, the office shall thereby become vacant. General law SEC. 12. It shall be necessary to serve only three days' registration. notice of registration, and the place of holding the same in

all wards at the spring election to be held April sixth, eighteen hundred ninety-one, but in all elections thereafter the general laws of this State relative to the registration of voters

in townships after eighteen hundred fifty-nine shall govern in Proviso. the registration of voters under this act. Provided, That such

boards shall be in session from eight o'clock in the morning until eight o'clock in the evening and the supervisors and aldermen shall constitute the board of registration for their respective wards, and any vacancy in such board shall be filled by any qualified elector of the ward to be appointed by the member or members present. The common 'council shall give at least ten days' notice of the time and place of the sittings of the board of registration by posting not less than

three notices thereof in three public places in each ward. On registration.

the Saturday next preceding the general election to be held in the year nineteen hundred four, and every fourth year thereafter, there shall be a general re-registration, of the voters of the city, and the common council shall provide the books necessary for that purpose.

General re


Powers, du- SEC. 2. The recorder shall be clerk of the common council ties, etc., of recorder and shall perform all the duties and have all the statutory

powers of a township clerk in respect to the filing and custody

of all papers required to be filed and the performance of all To give bonds. statutory duties. He shall give such bonds as the common

council may require. He shall keep a fair and accurate record of the proceedings of the common council and a record of all claims allowed by them. He shall also draw all orders on the treasurer for claims and accounts allowed by the common council, and, if required, keep an account, as near as may be, to which fund the same belongs; and he may have a clerk,

who may perform all the duties aforesaid, and shall be known To keep as the recorder's clerk. He shall record in the records of said records.

city all official bonds after the same have been approved by the common council. The recorder shall be ex-officio clerk of the water works and electric light plants and shall receive therefor in addition to his salary as recorder, such compensation as the common council shall prescribe from time to time.


SEC. 12.

The mayor shall annually, on or before the first Mayor to Monday of May in each year, appoint a librarian, who shall librarian. have charge of the city library, with such power as the common council shall from time to time prescribe. Such librarian To take oath. shall take the constitutional oath of office within ten days after appointment and file the same with the recorder. Be Term of office. shall hold his office for one year, and until his successor is appointed and qualified, but may be removed at any time at the pleasure of the mayor, who may appoint another librarian in his stead, and such librarian shall receive a compenation to be determined by the common council, not more than six hundred dollars per annum, to be paid out of the general fund of the city. The common council shall, annually, raise not Council to exceeding one thousand dollars for the purpose of buying for books. books for said library, in addition to the moneys received from the county treasurer or license fund for such purpose. The common council shall also have power to otherwise maintain and improve said library, and may make rules for its government, location and management, when not inconsistent with the provisions of this section. The books of said library To be free

shall always be free to all residents of the said city who have
children going to school in said city or who pay school taxes
in said city, under such regulations and limitations as the com-
mon council may prescribe. The common council may in its
discretion, delegate the control and management of the pub-
lic library to the board of school inspectors.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved March 26, 1903.

[No. 361.)

AN ACT to provide for the compulsory education of children

in the township of Osceola, county of Houghton, Michigan.

The People of the State of Michigan enact: SECTION 1. That every parent, guardian, or other person Parents, etc., in Osceola township, in Houghton county, Michigan, having aren to control and charge of any child or children between the ages school. of seven and sixteen years, shall be required to send such child or children to the public schools of said township, begin. ning on the first Monday of the first term of each year, and such attendance shall be consecutive until each and every pupil between the ages of seven and sixteen years shall have attended school the entire school year previous to the thir


Further proviso as to

Proviso as to tieth day of June in each school year: Provided, If it be private

shown that any such child or children is or are being taught in a private school in such branches as are usually taught in the public schools, or have already acquired the ordinary branches of learning taught in public schools up to and including the eight grade, or if the person or persons in parental relation to such child or children present a written statement that such child or children is or are physically unable to attend school, the truant officer or district board may employ a reputable physician to examine such child or children, and if such physician shall certify that such child or children is or are physically unable to attend school, such child or children shall be exempt from the provisions of this

act: Provided further, That the several school boards may, exemptions.

on the recommendation of the superintendent of schools and of the truant officer, exempt children over fourteen years of age from attendance at school for either a part or for the whole of the time until they shall severally reach the age of

sixteen years. Duties of tru- SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of the truant officer to investiant officer.

gate all cases of truancy or non-attendance at school and render all service within his power to compel children to attend schools. In case of continued non-attendance, he shall immediately notify the persons having control of such children that such children shall, upon the following day, present themselves with the necessary text-books for instruction, in the proper school or schools of the township. The notice sball

inform said parent or guardian that attendance at school Penalty for must be continuous. In case such parent or guardian shall failure to comply with fail to comply with the demands of such notice it shall be the law.

duty of the truant officer to make complaint against such per-
son having legal charge and control of such children before a
justice of the peace in the township or township adjoining
where the party resides, of such refusal or neglect, and said
justice of the peace shall issue a warrant upon said complaint
and shall proceed to hear and determine the same, and in case
of conviction thereof the said person shall be deemed guilty of
a misdemeanor and shall be liable to a fine of not less than
five dollars nor more than fifty dollars, or by imprisonment in
the county jail for not less than two or more than ninety days,
or both such fine and imprisonment in the discretion of the

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved March 26, 1903.

(No. 362.]

AN ACT to amend section six of an act, entitled “An act to

incorporate the Michigan and Huron Institute,” approved March twenty-first, eighteen hundred thirty-seven, being act number one hundred five, as amended by act number three hundred thirty-six of the Local Acts of eighteen hundred seventy-seven.


The People of the State of Michigan enact: SECTION 1. Section six of act number one hundred five of Section the Session Laws of eighteen hundred thirty-seven, entitled "An act to amend an act to incorporate the Michigan and Huron Institute," approved March twenty-first eighteen hundred thirty-seven, as amended by act number three hundred thirty-six of the Local Acts of eighteen hundred seventy-seven, be amended so as to read as follows:

Sec. 6. Said corporation may receive by purchase, gift, May hold real grant or donation for the use and benefit of said corporation, any real estate, money or personal property, and said corporation may hold the real estate, money or personal property so acquired.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved March 26, 1903.


[No. 363.]

AN ACT to change the name of Little Clam Lake, in the

county of Wexford, to Lake Cadillac.

The People of the State of Michigan enact: SECTION 1. The name of Little Clam,Lake, in the county Name of Wexford, is hereby changed to Lake Cadillac.

changed. This act is ordered to take immediate effect. Approved March 26, 1903.

[No. 364.]

AN ACT to change the name of Big Clam lake, in the county

of Wexford, to Lake Mitchell.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
SECTION 1. The name of Big Clam lake, in the county of Name
Wexford, is hereby changed to Lake Mitchell.

changed. This act is ordered to take immediate effect. Approved March 26, 1903.

est and how used,


[No. 365.] AN ACT to authorize the township board of the township of

Case, Presque Isle county, to borrow money to pay its indebtedness and to issue bonds for the payment of the same.

The People of the State of Michigan enact: Bond issue by SECTION 1. The township board in the township of Case, township.

in Presque Isle county, is hereby authorized and empowered to borrow a sum of money not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars, on the faith and credit of said township, and

to issue its bonds therefor payable at a time or times not exRate of inter- ceeding six years from the date thereof, and at a rate of in

terest not exceeding six per cent per annum, which money shall be expended for the purpose of paying the indebtedness of the said township of Case, upon certain judgments rendered against the township of Rogers on certain bridge bonds when the said township of Case was in part incorporated in

the said township of Rogers, and for no other purpose. Board to pro- SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of the township board of said vide tax for payment.

township to provide by tax for the payment of the interest on the bonds so issued as the same shall accrue each year, which tax shall be certified, levied and collected in the same manner

as other township taxes. Payment of SEC. 3. It shall be the duty of the township board of said

township of Case to provide for the payment of said bonds at the time or times when the same shall become due and payable by the levying of a tax for that purpose upon the taxable property of said township; the moneys collected on such levy shall constitute a separate fund, and shall be applied to

the payment of said bonds and to no other purpose. Interest, SEC. 4. The interest on said bonds shall be payable annualwhen payable.

on the first day of March in each year. Right to issue, SEC. 5. The right to issue bonds under the provisions of terminate.

this act shall terminate on the first day of October in the year one thousand nine hundred and three.

SEC. 6. The aggregate amount of the bonds issued by such township board shall be strictly limited to the amount owing by said township of Case upon such judgment indebtedness as the same has been awarded to said township, and the accrued

interest thereon at the time of such issue. Denomination, SEC. 7. Such bonds shall be issued in denominations of

one hundred dollars each, and not more than five of such bonds shall mature in any one year, nor shall any of them

mature before March first, nineteen hundred four. Question to be Sec. 8. No such bonds shall be issued unless a majority of submitted to electors.

the taxpaying electors of said township, voting at a township meeting, a general election or special election, duly called at a time to be fixed by said township board, which election shall be held at the same place as the last preceding township election was held and conducted in the same manner hereinafter provided, shall so determine and the said township board is hereby authorized and empowered to submit the question of


when to

Amount limited.

when to mature, etc.

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