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make a cross in the square before the name of the candidate for whom you desire to vote on the other ticket.

Where two or more candidates are to be elected to the same office, and you desire to vote for candidates on different tickets for such office, make a cross in the square before the names of the candidates for whom you desire to vote on the other ticket; also erase an equal number of names of candidates on your party ticket for the same office for whom you do not desire to vote.

If you wish to vote for a candidate not on any ticket, write or place the name of such candidate on your ticket opposite the name of the office. Before leaving the booth, fold the ballot so that the initials may be seen on the outside.

[blocks in formation]



Edwin B. Winans.

James M. Turner.

Lyman A. Brant.

Lieutenant Governor.......

Frederick Braastad. Lomael G. Dafoe.

William A. Johnson.

Secretary of State

Daniel E. Soper.

Washington Gardner. William H. McKinstry

Representative in Congress-

tifth Congressional district. Edwin F. Uhl.

Charles W. Watkins. Dudley O. Watson.


Electors of President and

Vice President...

Arthur S. White.

Fred. W. Maynard. John W. Hayward.

State Senator-twenty-first


Albert K. Roof.

Selig Solomon.

S John M. Herz.

Representative-first district. Vincent P. Cash.

De Vere Hall.

William B. Jackson.



Charles R. Pratt.

William Hahn.

James Hanley.

Judge of Probate..

Jay L. Newberry.

Grant M. Morse.

Frank Porter,


JJ. Warren Peake.

John V. N. Gregory. Frank W. Cook.

tional amend. ments on sep

SEC. 48. Whenever any constitutional amendments or other Constituquestions are proposed to be submitted to the electors, the board of election commissioners of each county shall cause arate ballot. them all to be printed on one ballot, separate and distinct from the ballot containing the names of nominees for public office, the substance of each amendment or other question to be clearly indicated upon said ballot by a suitable designation in distinct and easily legible type, with the words "yes" and “no” printed below it in separate lines. The elector shall How vote

designated. designate his vote on each separate question submitted by a cross mark (x) placed opposite the word "yes" or the word "no" under such question in a suitable place provided therefor. The said ballots shall be of uniform size and of the same quality of white paper, and sufficiently thick that the printing cannot be distinguished from the back. They shall be delivered to the inspectors and electors, and voted and canvassed in all respects in the same manner and subject to the same regulations, restrictions and penalties heretofore provided in this chapter for the ballots containing the names of the nominees for public offices, except that separate ballot boxes shall be kept and used, the box for the deposit of the ballots for nominees being desig. nated by the words “Public officers,” plainly printed or painted How ballot thereon, so as to be readily seen by each elector, and the box for the deposit of ballots for constitutional amendments and other questions to be designated by the words “Propositions submitted” in the same manner. Sec. 3. Section eighteen of said act number one hundred Section

repealed. ninety of the public acts of eighteen hundred and ninety-one is hereby repealed.

Approved June 4, 1897.

boxes marked.

[ No. 267. ]

AN ACT to amend section one of act number two hundred and

eight of the session laws of eighteen hundred and eighty. seven, entitled “An act to provide for the correction of frauds and mistakes in the canvass and returns made by inspectors of elections,” being section two hundred and thirty-four a, third volume of Howell's annotated statutes.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Section section one of act number two hundred and eight of the session

amended. laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, entitled "An act to provide for the correction of frauds and mistakes in the canvass and returns made by inspectors of elections,” being section two hundred and thirty-four a, third volume lowell's

correction of


ers to make

annotated statutes, be and the same is hereby amended to read

as follows: Petition for SECTION 1. That any candidate voted for at any election, canvass, to conceiving himself aggrieved on account of any fraud or mis-, whom made, take in the canvass of the votes by the inspectors of election,

or in the returns made, may (within three days after the conclusion of a township canvass, if a township office) or on or before the close of the last day upon which the board of city canvassers meet, if a city or ward office, or board of village canvassers, if a village office, present to and file with the clerk of such board a written petition, which shall be sworn to, setting forth, as near as may be, the errors, mistakes or frauds complained of, and the township, ward or village in which they occur, and asking for a correction thereof. He shall at the same time deposit with the clerk of said board the sum of ten

dollars for each and every township, ward or village referred Proviso limit- to in his petition: Prorided, That no candidate shall be ing amount of deposit.

required to deposit more than one hundred dollars, which sum shall be paid in case such petitioner does not establish a fraud or mistake, as set forth in his petition, by the clerk of the board of city canvassers, to the city treasurer for the use of the city and by the clerk of the village to the village treasurer and by

the township clerk to the township treasurer for the use of the When board city, village or township, as the case may be. Upon filing such

petition, making such deposit and giving at least twelve hours' investigation. written notice thereof to the opposing candidate by handing

to such candidate a copy thereof, or if such candidate cannot be found, by leaving such copy at the last place of residence, it shall be the duty of such board of canvassers to proceed to

make an investigation of the facts set forth in said petition. Clerk to call For which purpose the clerk, if no meeting be already meeting of board. appointed, shall call a meeting of such board of canvassers and

the said board shall have power to cause the ballot boxes used How com- in such election districts to be brought before them. The said investigation board shall thereupon appoint a committee of their own numappointed.

ber as follows: The said board shall designate a member who shall be the chairman of said committee, the candidate presenting such petition and the candidate opposed thereto shall each choose a member, and if such candidates, or either of them, decline to choose a member, then the board shall designate, and

the three thus chosen shall constitute a committee to investi. Committee to gate the errors, mistakes or frauds complained of. Said comof ballots. mittee shall, in some public place, where such candidates and

their counsel may be present, if they so desire, without unnecessary delay proceed to open the ballot boxes from such village, townships or wards, and to make a recount thereof as to such candidates, and make correct and full returns in writing under their hands to said board, showing the whole number of votes given, the names of the candidates, and the number of votes given to each, written out in words and figures as upon the

mittee of

make recount

ballots. Said committee, upon making such recount, shall at Ballots to be

returned to once return the ballots to their respective boxes, carefully boxes. fasten and seal the same and deliver them to the officer having the care and custody thereof. Said board of canvassers, upon Report of receiving the report of such committee, shall accept the same be accepted

to as correct, anything in the previous (declaration, certificate or) as correct. returns from such township, ward or village to the contrary notwithstanding. Any candidate not receiving a certificate of Appeal to cir

cuit ( ourt, election, may for errors apparent upon the face of the returns how. have the same examined and corrected upon certiorari to the circuit court of the county, according to the rules and practice applicable to such writs. In all cases where, by reason of such When fraud

established recount, the petitioner succeeds in establishing a fraud or mis- deposit to be take, as set forth in his petition, and receive a certificate of returned to election, the money deposited by him shall be refunded. For Remedy for fraudulent or illegal voting, or tampering with the ballot boxes fraudulent

voting, etc. before a recount by the board of canvassers, the remedy by quo warranto shall remain in full force, together with any other remedies now existing. (The usual final adjournment of Final adjourn

ment subject a township board of canvassers shall be deemed subject to the to recall. recall of the board as herein provided.)

Approved June 4, 1897.

[ No. 268. ]

AN ACT to regulate and license the use of fire arms in hunting

for and killing deer protected by the laws of this State and providing a penalty for its violation.

procure li

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Deer license it shall not be lawful for any person to hunt for or kill deer

required. in this State without first obtaining a hunter's license permitting him to do so.

Sec. 2. Any person who has been a bona fide resident of Resident to this State for six months then last past may procure a hunter's

cense, how. license for himself, by filing his affidavit with the clerk of the county where he resides, stating his name, age, place of residence, postoffice address, the color of his hair and eyes and the fact of whether he can or cannot write his own name and paying to said clerk the sum of seventy-five cents.

SEC. 3. Any non-resident of this State may procure a hun- Non-resident ter's license by filing his affidavit with the clerk of the county license, how. or one of the counties in which he proposes to hunt stating his name, age, place of residence, postoffice address, color of his hair and eyes and the county or counties in which he proposes to hunt and the fact of whether he can or cannot write his own name and paying to said clerk the sum of twenty-five dollars.


Sec. 4. Such licenses shall be dated when issued and shall issued when; authorizing authorize the person named therein, to use firearms in hunting what.

for or killing deer for the deer hunting season of that year Proviso. but only in the manner and at the times provided by law: Pro.

vided, That nothing in this act or in the license issued there. under shall be so construed as to permit the hunting or killing of deer in any county of this State, where the hunting or killing

thereof is prohibited by law. Duty of SEC. 5. County clerks shall issue licenses under the seal of

. county clerks, their office, to all persons complying with the provisions of this

act and shall sign the same and each coupon attached thereto and shall require the person to whom the license is issued to sign his name in the margin thereof and if such applicant shall not be able to write, he shall certify such fact in the margin

and have him sign by his mark and shall fill out correctly and To keep a preserve the blank stubs attached thereto. He shall keep a record.

correct and complete record of all licenses issued, in a book to be furnished by the Secretary of this State, which record shall remain in his office and be open to the inspection of the public

at all times. Fee of clerk. SEC. 6. Such clerk shall retain for his own use out of the

moneys received for each license issued the sum of twenty-five cents which shall cover the swearing of the applicant to the affidavit herein referred to, and all other services under this act and shall pay the balance to the county treasurer of his county on the first day of March, May, September and December of each year, specifying the amount thereof received for

resident and for non-resident licenses. Moneys to be Said county treasurer shall forthwith forward to the State forwarded to

Treasurer all sums of money received by him for non-resident licenses and one-half of all moneys received by him for resi. dent licenses and the balance he shall hold in his hands to be

used as hereinafter provided. Disposition The amount remaining in the hands of the county treasurer of money remaining shall be paid out upon orders of the board of supervisors, but in county treasury.

only for services rendered by sheriffs, constables, deputy game wardens and county game wardens in enforcing the game and fish laws of this State, in said county. All moneys to be retained by the county treasurer under the provisions of this section against which orders have not been drawn by the board of supervisors shall be covered into the State treasury at the expiration of one year after the year in which the license was

issued. Disposition So much of said moneys as is covered into the State treasury of money in State shall be paid out by the Auditor General on his warrant, but treasury. only in payment for services rendered by the State Game and

Fish Warden and his deputies as allowed by law for such ser. vices, and the necessary traveling expenses in enforcing the game and fish laws of this State, upon itemized bills duly certified by the State Game and Fish Warden and allowed by

State Treasurer.

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