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The Collection of Vocabularies and Glossaries which Wright in his day prepared, contained pre-eminently Latin-Anglo-Saxon and LatinOld-English works of this kind. Wright added, however, several Works in which the English stood very much in the background (as in VIII and X pp. 121—139, and 142–1751), or only in entirely scattered references (as in VII pp. 96–1211). Indeed in Vol. II

two Old-German Vocabularies were incorporated. For the purpose

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of restoring a greater symmetry I have left out the five articles abovenamed. On the other hand, I took up anew three others; viz. 2, 7. and 15, transcripts of which were most kindly placed at my disposal. It did not fall within the plan of the book to give a complete Collection of all the Anglo-Saxon and Old-English Vocabularies and Glossaries remaining in England.The articles already incorporated by Wright havebeen compared anew with the MSS., as far as the MSS. were accessible. As for lexical purposes it is most desirable to have an alphabetically arranged Index (Wright has only one arranged according to the subjects for his Vol. II) such a one has been Prepared by several of my pupils. The explanatory and critical remarks of Wright I have reprinted and added my own, which I marked with “R. W.” Especially in the Anglo-Saxon portion occur many references, which would have

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