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Bought a good book, that on a Christian plan
Inculcates the whole Duty of a Man,

fin a sinner's name he tack'd,
And through the parish all the vices track'd;
And thus, the comment and the text enlarging,
Crouds all his friends and neighbours in the margin.
Pride, was my Lord; and Drunkenness, the 'Squire;
My Lady, Vanity and loose Desire;
Hardness of Heart, no misery regarding,
Was Overseer~Luxury, Churchwarden.
All, all he damn'd; and carrying the farce on,
Made Fraud, the Lawyer-Gluttony, the Parson.

'Tis said, when winds the troubled deep deform, Pour copious streams of oil, 'twill lay the storm : Thus here, let Mirth and frank Good-humour's balm Make cenfure mild, scorn kind, and anger calm! Some wholesome Bitters if the Bard produces, 'Tis only Wormwood to correct the juices.

In this day's contest, where, in colours new, Three Play-House Candidates are brought to view, Our little Bayes encounters fome Disgrace : Should You reject him too, I mourn his CaseHe can be chosen for no other place.


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To TWO TO ONE, a Comedy, written by


Spoken by Mr. PALMER,

June, 1785.

TONIGHT, as Heralds tell, a Virgin Muse,

An untrain's youth, a new advent'rer fues; Green in his one-and-twenty, scarce of age, Takes bis first Flight, half-Aedg’d, upon the Stage. Within this little Round, the Parent Bird Hath warbled oft; oft patiently you heard; And as he strove to raise his eager throat, Your kind Applause made Mufick of his note. But now, with beating Heart, and anxious Eye, He sees his vent'rous Youngling strive to fly; Like Dædalus, a Father's fears he brings, A Father's hopes, and fain would plume his Wings.

How vain, alas, his Hopes! his Fears how vain! 'Tis You must hear, and hearing judge the strain, Your equal Justice finks or lifts his name, Your Frown's a Sentence, your Applause is Famę.


If Humour warms his scenes with genial fire,
They'll e'en redeem the errors of his Sire;
Nor shall his lead-dead! to the bottom drop,
By youth's enliv’ning cork buoy'd up at top.
If characters are mark'd with ease and truth,
Pleas’d with his Spirit you'll forgive his Youth.
Should Sire and Son be both with Dulness curst,
“ And Dunce the second follow Dunce the first,"
The shallow stripling's vain attempt you'll mock,
And damn him for a Chip of the Old Block,

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and the COMEDY of the GUARDIAN, revived at the THEATRE ROYAL, HAY-MARKET, July 12, 1784.

Spoken by Mr. BANNISTER, Jun.


F anxious for his Sigismunda's fate,

Your Tancred for awhile foregoes his state; If, like Prince Prettyman, he risques your scoff, Half-buskin'd-one boot on, and t'other off ; You, who can judge a young advent'rer's fears, You, who've oft felt a female's fighs and tears, Will hear a suppliant, who for mercy sues, Courting your favour through the Tragick Muse.

Across the vast Atlantick she was led, With blank-verse, blood-bowls, daggers, in her head! And as the past in storms the Western Ocean, Felt her rapt soul, like that, in wild commotion ! But now an awful calm succeeds; and draws, In this dread interval, a solemn pause. Within these feas, what various peril shocks! Dire Critick shoals, and Actor-marring rocks!


Alas! no chart or compass she can boast;
Yet runs her vefsel on a dangerous coast-
That coast, where late, in spite of ev'ry sand,
A greater Sigismunda gain'd the land.
Yet Britain ever hails the cloth unfurl'd,
And opens her free ports to all the world :
Majestick navies in her harbours ride,
Skiffs, snows, and frigates anchor by their side :
And oh! may now, with no unprosp'rous gale,
The Sigismunda spread her little fail !
And while the Kemble follows fast behind,
A Guardian in her Sister's fame The'll find.


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