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II. To find the interest of any number of cents for any numler of days less than a month, at 6 per cent.

RULE. Multiply the cents by the number of days, divide the pro duct by 6, and point off two figures to the right, and all the figures at he left hand of the dash, will be the interest in mills, near y.

Ex-MPLEs. Required the interest of 85 dollars, for 20 days. 3 cits. - mills. 85–8500 x20–6–2S3,33 Ans. 283 which is

28 cits. 3 mills. 2. What is the interest of 73 dollars 41 cents, or 734 cents, for 2 days, at 6 per cent.” Ams. 330 mills, or 33 cts.

III. When the principal is given in pounds, shillings, &e New-England currency, to find the interest for any num ber of days, less than a month, in Federal Money.

RULE. Multiply ille shillings in the principal by the number of days, and divide the product by 36, the quotient will be the

Interest in mills, for the given time, nearly, omitting

fractions Ex-MPLE.

Required the interest in Federal Money, of 271. 15s, for 27 days, a tiler cent. 1.

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IV. When the rincipal is o in Federal Money, and you want the interest in shillings, pence, &c. No. land currency for any number of days less than a mont

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Al-PENDIX. 207

4. Reduce 19s. 5; d. New-York, &c. currency, to Federal Money. ,4)0,974 decimal of 19s. 5; d.

$2,43; Ans. 5. Reduce 641. New-England currency, to Federal Money. 3)64000 decimal expression.

$213,334 Ans. Note-By the foregoing rule you may carry on the decimal to any degree of exactness; but in ordinary practice, the following Contraction may be useful.


To the shillings contained in the given sum, annex. 8 times the given pence, increasing the product by 2; then divide the whole by the number of shillings contained in a dollar, and the quotient will be cents.


1. Reduce 45s. 6d. New-England currency, to Federal Money. 6 × 8 +2 − 50 to be annexed. 6)45,50 or 6)4550 - rts.

$7,584 Ans. 75s cents.-7,58 2. Reduce 21 10s. 9d. New-York, &c. currency, to Tederal Money.

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- & ot- Ans. 634 cents.-6 34 $6,34 Ans. N. B. When there are no pence in the given sum, you must annex two ciphers to the shillings; then divide as before, &c. 3. Reduce 31 5s. New-England currency, to Federal Morey 31 5s -65s. Then 6)6500

Ans, 1083 cents.

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