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Questions for Exercise,

of Currencies, do. of Coin, Rule of Three Direct, do. Inverse,

Rules for reducing the different currencies of the several United

States, also Canada and Nova Scotia, each to the par
of all others,
Application of the preceding,
Short Practical, for calculating Interest,
for casting Interest at 6 per cent,
for finding the contents of Superfices and Solids,
to reduce the currencies of the different States to Fede-

ral Money,
Rebate, a short method of finding the, of any given sum, for

months and days, Subtraction, Simple,

Table, Numeration and Pence,

Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication,
of Weight and Measure,
of Time and Motion,
showing the number of days from any day of one month
to the same day in any other month,
showing the amount of 17. or 1 dollar, at 5 and 6 per
cent. Compound Interest, for 20 years,
showing the amount of 11. annuity, forborne for 31 years
or under, at 5 and 6 per cent. Coinpound Interest,
showing the present worth of 11. annuity, for 31 years,
at 5 and 6 per cent. Compound Interest,
of Cents, answering to the currencies of the United
States, with Sterling, &c.

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