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addition or PEDERAL MONEY. 2.

Dollar is the money unit; all other denominations being ralued according to their place from the dollar's placeA point or comma, called a separatriz, may be placed after the dollars to separate them from the inferior denominations; then the first figure at the right of this separatrix is dimes, the second figure cents, and the third mills."


Rule.-1. Place the numbers according to their value; that is, dollars under dollars, dimes under dimes, conts under cents, &c. and proceed exactly as in whole numbers; then place the separatrix in the sum total, directly under the separating points above.

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2. When accounts are kept in dollars and cents, and no other deominations are mentioned, which is the usual mode in common reck-ning, then the first two figures at the right of the separatrix or point, any be called so many cents instead of dinnes and cents : for the lace of dinosis only the ten's place in cents; because ten cents make a dime; for example, 48.75, forty-eight dollars, seven dimes, five cents, may be read forty-eight dollars and seventy-five cente.

If the cents are less than ten, place a cipher in the ten's place, or pace of dimes-Erample, write down four dollars and 7 cents. Thus, s:4-07 ess.

* It may be observed, that all the figures at the left hand of the separatrix are dollars; or you may call the first figure dollaro, and the other cago, * Thus any sum of this money may be read differently, either whossy in the lowest denomination, or party in the higher, and partly in the lowest;

or example, 3754, may be either read 37.54 centoro lines and 4 cents -$7 gallars 5 dimes and 4 cents, or 3 eagles 7 dollar-5 dimes and 4 cents.

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