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To Reduce the fraction of one denomination to the fraction of another, retaining the same value.


Reduce the given fraction to such a compound one, as will express the value of the given fraction, by comparing it with all the denominations between it and that denomination you would reduce it to ; lastly, reduce this com round fraction to a single one, by Case V.


1. Reduce of a penny to the fraction of a pound. By comparing it, it becomes of or of or of a pound. 5 × 1 × 1 5. - - Ans. 6 x 12 × 20. 1440 2. Reduce row of a pound to the fraction of a penny. Compared thus room of * of od. Then 5 × 20 × 12

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3. Reduce of a farthing to the faction of a smilling. Ans. , 4. Reduce 3 of a shilling to the fraction of a ...” Ams, ones'. 5. Reduce 4 of a pwt. to the fraction of a pound troy. 4ns, onesis 6. Reduce of a pound avoirdupois to the fraction of --t. Ans. , is coot. 7. What part of a pound avoirdupcis is or of a cot. Compounded thus r or of ; of * =#47-# 4's, 8. What part of an hour is on of a week. Ans - ?


add-TION or vuluan PRACTION3. 1-1

8. Required the value of log of a pound apothecaries. Ans, 2 oz. 3 grs. 9. How much is of 5l. 9s. 1 Ans. E4 13s. 54a.

10. How much is of 3 of , of a hlid. of wine?
Ans. 15 gals, 37ts


To reduce any given quantity to the fraction of any greater denomination of the same kind. [See the Rule in Problem III. page 71.]

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1. Reduce 12 lb. 3 oz. to the fraction of a cwt. Ans, os 2. Reduce 13 cwt. 3 qrs. 20 lb. to the fraction of a ton. Ans. # 3. Reduce 16s. to the fraction of a guinea. Ans. * 4. Reduce 1 hold. 49 gals of wine to the fraction of a --- Ans. * 5. What part of 4 cwt. I qr, 24 lb. is 3 cwt. 3 qrs. 171b. 3 oz. 7 Ans. *


Reduce compound fractions to single ones; mixed numbers to improper fractions; and all of them to their least common denominator, (by Case VI. Rule II.) then the sum of the numerators written over the common denominator will be the sum of the fractions required.

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