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138 CON-INEL Pro-1-1-1-1-N. several antecedents have to their consequents, the propor tion between the first antecedent and the last consequent is discovered, as well as the proportion between the others in their several respects. Note:-This rule may generally be abridged by cancelling equal quantities, or terms that happen to be the same in both columns: and it may be proved by as many statings in the Single Rule of Three as the nature of the question may require. CASE I. When it is required to find how many of the first sort

of coin, weight or measure, mentioned in the question, are

equal to a given quantity of the last.

Rule.—Place the numbers alternately, beginning at the left hand, and let the last number stand on the left hand column; then multiply the left hand column continually for a dividend, and the right hand for a divisor, and the quotient will be the unswer.

1-xAMI-Los. 1. If 100 lb. English make 95 lb. Flemish, and 19 lb. Flemish 25 lb. at Bologna; how many pounds English are equal to 50 lb. at Bologna? lb.

100 Eng. =95 Flemish. 19 Fle. =25 Bologna. 50 Bologna. Then 95 x 25–2375 the divisor,

95000 dividend, and 2375).95000(40 Ans. 2. If 40 lb. at New-York make 48 lb. at Antwerp, and

30 lb. at Antwerp make 36 lb. at Leghorn; how many lb.

at New-York are equal to 144 lb. at Leghorn?

3. If 70 braces at Venice be equal to 75 braces at Leghorn, and 7 braces at Leghorn be equal to 4 American yards; how many braces at Venice are equal to 64 American yards? Ans. 104*. CASE II. When it is required to find how many of the last sort of coin, weight or measure, mentioned in the question, are equal to a given quantity of the first.

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Rule.—Place une numbers alternately, oeginning at the left hand, and let the last number stand on the right hand; then multiply the first row for a divisor, and the second for a dividend


1. if 24 lb. at New-London make 20 lb. at Amsterdam, and 50 lb. at Amsterdam 60 lb. at Paris; how many at Paris are equal to 40 at New-London? Loft. Right. 2-1 ... 20 20 × 60 × 40 = 48000 50 - 00 –= 40 Ans. 10 21 × 50 = 1200 2. If bo who at New-York make 45 at Amsterdam, and S0 lb. at Aosterdam make 103 at Dantzic ; how many lb. at Dantzic are equal to 240 at N. York? Ans. 27°o, 3. If 20 braces at Leghorn be equal to 11 vares at Lisbon, and 40 vares at Lisbon to 80 braces at Lucca; how many braces at Lucca are equal to 100 braces at Leghorn? - Ans. 110.

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EXCHANGE. BY this rule merchants know what sum of money ought to be received in one country, for any sum of different specie paid in another, according to the given course of exchange. To reduce the moneys of foreign nations to that of the nited States, you may consult the following TABLE: owing the value of the moneys of account, of foreign nations, estimated in Federal money." § cts.

Pound Sterling of Great Britain, 4 44 Pound Sterling of Ireland, 4. It) Livre of France, 0 18Guilder or Florin of the U. Netherlands, 0-30 Mark Banco of Hamburgh, 0.334 Rix Dollar of Denmark, I ()

* Law. J. S. A.

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Rial Plate of Spain, 0 in
Milrea of Portuga, 1 24
Tale of China, 1 48
Pagoda of India, 1 94 -
Rupee of Bengal, 0. 55
p "of GREAT BRITAIN. 554
Ex--------- - o
1. In 451. 10s, sterling, how many dollars and cents :

A pound sterling being=444 cents,
Therefore–As il. : 444 cts. : : 45,51. : 20202 cts. Amr,
2. In 500 dollars how many pounds sterling?
As 444 cts. : 11. : : 50000 cts. : 1121. 12s. 8d.-- Ans.

II.-OF. IRELAND. ExAM-LEs. 1. In 901. 10s. 6d. Irish money, how many cents?

11. Irish–110 cas. £, cts. £. cts. $ cts Therefore–As I : 410 : : 00,525 : 37.115–371, 1 2. In 168 dols. 10cts, how many pounds Irish? As 410 cts. : 11. : : 16810 cts. : £41 Irish. Ans. III.-OF FIRANCE. Accounts are kept in livres, sols and deniers. | 12 deniers, or pence, make 1 sol, or shilling. 20 sols, or shillings, - I livre, or pound. Exa-PL)-5. 1. In 250 livres, 8 sols, how many dollars and cents. 1 livre of France=18, cts, or 185 mills. £. m. £. -n. & cos. m. As I : 185: : 250,4 : 463:24 = 4G 32 4 Ans. 2. Reduce S7 dols. 45 cts. 7 m. into livres of France. mills. Jin. mills, lin. so. den.

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IV.-OF THE U. NETHERLANDS. Accounts are kept here in guilders, stivers, groats and hennings. S phennings make i groat. | 2 groats - I stiver. 20 stivers - I guilder or florin. A guilder iso-39 cents, or 300 mills.

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Reduce 124 guilders, 14 stivers, into federal money.
Guil, cts. Guil. $ d. c. m.
As I : 39 : : 124,7 : 48, G 3 3 Ans.
mills. G. mills. G.
As 390 : 1 : : 48.633 : 124,7 Proof.


occounts are kept in Hamburgh in marks, sous and dere-lobs, and by some in rix dollars. 12 deniers-lubs make 1 sous-lubs. | 16 sous-lubs, - 1 mark-lubs. 3 mark-lubs, - I rix dollar. loote.--A mark is −33 cts, or just of a dollar. Auto-Lovide the marks by 3, the quotient will be dollars. ----------Reduce 641 marks, 8 sous, to federal money. 3)641,5

$213,833 Ans. But to reduce federal money into marks, multiply the liven sum by 3, &c. ExA-Los. Reduce 121 dollars, 90 cts. into marks banco. 12,90 3

365,70–365 marks, 11 sons, 2,4 den. Ans. WI.-Or SpAIN. Accounts are kept in Spain in piastres, rials, and marwadies. | 34 marvadies of plate make 1 rial of plate. 8 rials of plate - I piastre or piece of 8. To reducerials of plate to federal money. Since a rial of prote is - 10 cents or 1 dime, you need only call the rials so many dimes, and it is done. ----------485 rials-485 dunes--is los. 50 cts. &c.

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But to reduce cents into rins of plate, divide by 10, Thus, 845 cents-10–84,5–84 rials, 17 marvadies, &c.

VII.-O." PORTUGAL. Accounts are kept throughout this kingdom in my s, and reas, reckoning 1000 reas to a milrea. Note.—A milrea is – 124 cents; therefore to r ice milreas into federal money, multiply by 124, and th product will be cents, and decimals of a cent.

--------1. In 340 milreas how many cents? 340 x 124–42160 cents=$421, 60ct Ins. 2. In 211 milreas, 48 reas, how many cents? Note.—When the reas are less than 100, place a cipher before them.–Thus, 211,048 x 124=26169,952 cu. or 261 dols. 69 cts. 9 mills.--Ans. But to reduce cents into milreas, divide them by 124; and if decimals arise you must carry on the quotient as far as three decimal places; then the whole numbers thereof will be the milreas, and the decimals will be the reas.

----------1. In 4195 cents, how many milreas? 4195-124=33,830+or 33 milreas, 830 reas. Ans. 2. In 24 dols. 92 cents, how many milreas of Portual? Ans. 20 milreas, 096 reas. VIII.-EAST-INDIA MONEY. To reduce India Money to Federal, viz.

Tales of China, multiply with 148 | Pagodas of India, 194 Rupee of Bengal, 55} Ex-MPLEs. 1. In 641 Tales of China, how many cents? Ans. 9.1868 2. In 50 Pagodas of India, how many cents? Ans. 9700

3. In 98 Rupees of Bengal, how many cents? Ans. 54:39

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