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examples. A, B and C hold a pasture in common, for which they pay 191 per annum. A put in Soxen for 6 weeks; B 12 oxen for 8 weeks; and C 12 oxen for 12 weeks; what must each pay of the rent?

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Sum 288 . Proof 19 0 () 2. Two merchants traded in company; A put in 215 dols, for 6 months, and B 300 dols. for 9 months, but by misformane they lose 200 dols.; how must they share the loss? Ans. A's loss $53, 75cts. B's $146,25cts. 3. Three persons had received 665 dols, interest: A had

put in 4000 dollars for 12 months, B 3000 dollars for 15

months, and C 5000 dollars for 8 months; how much is

each man's part of the interest?

Ans. A s?40, B-S2:25, and C. §200. 4. Two partners gained by trading 1101.12s. : A's stock was 120l. 10s. for 4 months, and B's 2001, for 6 months; what is each man's part of the gain? Ans. A's part £29.18s. 31.1.ho. B's E80 13s. 8d.o. 5. Two merchants enter into partnership for 18 months. A at first put into stock 500 dollars, and at the end of 8 months he put in 100 dollars more; B at first put in 800 dollars, and at 4 months’ end took out 200 dols. At the expiration of the time they find they have gained 700 dollars; what is each man's share of the gain? Mns | S324,07 4-4-4's share. " .. 8375,92 5-H B's do. 6. A and B companied: A put in the first of January, 1000 dollars; but B could not put in any till the first of May; what did he then put in to have an equal share with A at the year's end ? Mo. s Mo. o As 12 : 1000 : : 8 - 1000×12–1500 Ans

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THE Double Rule of Three teaches to resolve at once such questions as require two or more statings in simple proportion, whether director inverse.

In this rule there are always five terms given to find a sixth; the first three terms of which are a supposition, the last two a demand.

Rule.—in stating the question, place the terms of the supposi tion so that the principal cause of loss, gain, or action, possess the first place; that which signifies time, distance of place, &c. in the second place; and the remaining term in the third place. Place the terms of demand, under those of the same kind-in the supposition. If the blank place, or term sought, fall under the third term, the proportion is direct; then multiply the first and second terms together for a divisor, and the other thren for a dividend - but if the blank fall under the first or second term, the proportion is inverse; then multiply the third-and fourth terms together for a divisor, and the other three for a di vidend, and the quotient will be the answer.


1. If 7 men can build 36 rods of wall in 3 days; how

many rods can 20 men build in 14 days?
7 : 3 : : 36 Terms of supposition.
20 : 14 Terms of dosaand.



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2. If 100l. principal will gain 6l. interost in 12 months what will 400l. gain in 7 months? Principal 1001 : 12 mo. . . or interest.

400 - 7 Ana. -11.

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