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4. What may a broker demand, when he sells goods to the value of 5081. 17s. 10d, and I allow him 11 per cent. 1 Ans. E7 12s. 8d.


IS a premium at so much per cent, allowed to persons and offices, for making good the loss of ships, houses, mer. chandise, &c. which may happen from storms, fire, &c.


1. What is the ensurance of 7:251. Ss. 10d. at 12 pe. cent.” Ans. E90 13s. 71a. 2. What is the ensurance of an East-India ship and cas. go, valued at 12:34:25 dollars, at 15 per cent.” Ans. $19180, 87 cos. 5 m. 3. A man's house estimated at 3500 dols., was ensurell against fire, for I; per cent, a year: what ensurance did he annually pay? Ans. $51, 25 cts.

Short Practical Rules for calculating Interest at 6 percent. either for months, or months and days.


Rule.-1. If the principal consist of pounds only, cut of the unit figure, and as it then stands it will be the interest for one month, in shillings and decimal parts. 2. If the principal consist of pounds, shillings, &c. reduce it to its decimal value; then remove the decimal point one place, or figure, further towards the left hand, and as the decimal then stands, it will show the interest for one month in shillings and decimals of a shil. ling. ---------

1. Required the interest of 541, for seven months and ten days, at 6 per cent.

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12 7,2 2. What is the interest of 421. 10s. for 11 months, at 6 per cent." E. s. E.

42 10 = 42.5 decimal value.

Therefore 4.25 shillings interest for 1 month. 11 - £. s. d. Ans. 46,75. Interest for 11 mo. - 2 6 9 3. Required the interest of 941. 7s 6d. for one year,

five months and a half, at 6 per cent. per annum ?

Ans. ES 5s. 1d. 3,5prs.

4. What is the interest of 121, 18s. for one third of a month, at 6 per cent.” Ans. 5,161.


Rule-1. Divide the principal by 2-placing the separatrix as usual, ind the quotient will be the interest for one month in cents, and decimals of a cont; that is, the figures at the lost of the separatrix will be cents, and those on the right, decimals of a cent.

2. Multiply the interest of one month by the given number of months, or months and decimal parts thereof, or for the days take the even parts of a month, or

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1. Required the interest of 316 dollars for 1 year and 10 taonths. 1–1 the number of mo. Ans. 3476 cts. -$34, 76 cts. 2. What is the interest of 364 dols. 25 cts, for 4 months $ cos. 364, 25

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III. When the principal is given in federal money, at 6 wer cent to find how much the monthly interest will be in New-England, &c. currency.

Rule-Multiply the given principal by ,03, and the product will be he interest for one month, in shillings and decimal parts of a shilling.


1. What is the interest of 325 dols, for 11 months?

9,75 shil. int. for one month
× 11 months.

Ans. 107,25s.-E5 7s. 8d. 1. What is he interest in New-England currency of 31 dols, 68 cus, for 5 months? Principal 31,68 dols. ". ,03

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