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dred, sixty, and six; 66666 are sixty-six thousand, six Hundred; sixty, and six. o Quadrillions, A Hundreds of thousands of trillions, W Tens of thousands of trillions,

Thousands of trillions, 00 Hundreds of trillions, 14 Tens of trillions, e Trillions, your Hundreds of thousands of billions, en Tens of thousands of billions,

Thousands of billions,

Hundreds of billions, 00 Tens of billions, w Billions, 9 Hundreds of thousands of millions, A Tens of thousands of millions,

Thousands of millions, & Hundreds of millions,

Tens of millions, ..5 Millions, a Hundreds of thousands, 0 Tens of thousands,


Hundreds, » Tens,

Units, To exercise the pupil, let him write, in figures, the following numbers :

Seventy-seven ; eighty-nine ; ninety-four; one hundred and six ; nine thousand, four hundred and twenty-three; four mil. Jions, six hundred, and forty-six thousand, seven hundred, and twenty-five ; two billions; one million, seven hundred, eightyseven thousand, four hundred, and thirty-two"; six trillions, three thousand, four hundred, and fifty-seven billions, nine hundred, and sixty-five millions, and twenty-nine.

To facilitate enumeration, accomptants often distinguish their figures thus :

423,678,943,278,742,684,927,867,423. Let the following numbers be written in words ; 9 748 648

42 6329 7329

786 239 87243 98654

2849 847 98476 841265

69487 982 347632 3649872


ADDITION IS the putting together of two or more numbers, so as their total value may be known by one sum.

SIMPLE ADDITION Is the putting together of several whole numbers of one de nomination.

In placing your numbers, observe to set units exactly under units, tens under tens, hundreds under hundreds, &c. and then observe the following

RULE. Having drawn a line under the numbers to be added, begin with the row of units ; add the figures together ; consider how many tens there are in the row ; set down the excess, if any, directly under the place of units, and for every ten carry one to the next row or place of tens. Proceed in the same manner with each row; and your work, having set down the whole şumzof the last row, will be done.




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TO PROVE Addition, begin at the top; in the place of units, and compute the figures downwards, in the same manner you did upwards ; if your work be right, the aggregate sum will bo the same as the former. 4367423


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SUBTRACTION IS the taking of a less number from a greater, to show the difference. And, like addition, it is simple and compound.

SIMPLE SUBTRACTION Is the finding of the difference of two numbers of the like sind, by taking the less from the greater,

RULR. Place the less number under the greater, and observe to set, exactly, units under units, tens under tens, hundreds under hundreds, &c. Draw a line underneath ; and, beginning at the right hand, or place of units, take the lower line from the upper, or the less number from the greater. If the figure, in the lower line, in the place of units, be greater than the one in the upper line, you must borrow ten from the place of tens, and add them to the figure in the upper line ; then take the figure in the lower line from this sum; set down the excess, above ten, in the place of units, and carry one, for the ten you hor. rowed, to the row of figures, in the place of tens, in the lower line. In this manner, proceed carefully with every row, and your work will be complete.

To prove Subtraction, you may add the remainder to the less sumber : If your work be right, the aggregate will be like the greater number.

From 467 893

746238 9236842784
Take 324

635127 8125731673


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From 7423674 From 406070804

From 63742674 Take 6374896 Take 03C708070 Take 38763698

UN The distance of any time, since any remarkable event, may be found, by subtracting the date from the date of the present year.

In the year 59, Nero put his mother and brethren to death. How many years between that and the present year, 1801 ?

Christianity was introduced into England by Paul, as is supposed, in 63. How long since ?

In 306, Constantine the Great began to reign. How long since ?

In 516, the computing of time, by the christian æra, was introduced by Dionysius the Monk. How long since ?

In 622, Mahomet, the false prophet, fled to Mecca. How long since ?

In 1180, glass windows began to be used in private houses, in England. How long since ?

In 1340, gun.powder and guns were first invented by Swartz, a Monk of Cologne. How long since ?

In 1492, America was first discovered by Columbus. How long since ?

King Charles I. was born in 1600, and beheaded in 1649. How long since he was born, and since he was beheaded, and how old was he when beheaded ?

In 1759, General Wolfe was killed in the battle before Quebec. How long since ?

In 1793, Louis XVI. King of France, was guillotined. How long since ?

American Independence was declared in 1776.-The present year is 1801.

How long since the declaration ! The Spanish Invasion was in 1588 ; the present year is 1801. How long since ?

The fire of London was in 1666; the present year is 1801 How long since ? 1801 1801

1776 Am. In. 1666 Fire Lon. 1588 Sp. In.

135 Answer.

25 Answer.

213 Answer

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