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OXFORD, Dec. 29.--Monday Jan. 19. Mr Tenton of Catherine

thre 17th instant, the last day Hall, is the senior wrangler this of Michaelmas term, the Rev. year. Francis Whitfield, of University Mr. Buchanan's prize of 601, is College,' and Mr. George Whartoir adjudged to Charles Grant, M. A, Warriott, of All Soul's College, Fellow of Magdalen College, for Students in Law, were admitted his English poem on the Restorabachelors of Law.

tion of Learning in the East.” - Messrs. John Augustus Francis John Thomas Woodhouse, M: B. Simkison, of Christ Church, and of Caius College, is elected a MeEdward Withers, of Queen's Col- cical Fellow of that Society on the lege, B. A. were admitted Masters foundation of Dr. Caius. of Arts.-Messrs, John Mitford, .- 25. The following are the and Edmund William Estcourt, of names of the gentlemen who obOriel College; John Banks Jenkin- tained academical honours on takson, and William Stafford of Christing the degree of B. A. on Friday Church; Arthur Gibson of Queen's last. College; Charles Crawiey, George WRANGLERS.--Doctors Turton, Blizard, and William Newton, of Cath.-Christie, Trin.-Blick, Joh'. Pembroke College, were admitted Clarkson, Trin.--Bradburne Christ. Bachelors of Arts.

Gipps, Joh.--Longley, Joh.-MatThe whole number of degrees in tock, Reg.-Matthews, Trin.Michaelmas term, was seven por- Webster, Reg.-Kirkby, Trin.ters in Divinity, two Doctors in Ruggles, Clare.--Allott, Trin. Civil Law; four Bachelors in Di- Rogers, Trin.-Cantley, Pemb.-. vinity, nineteen Masters of Arts, SENIOR OPTIMES.-Spence, Trin. one Bachelor in Civil Law, and -Holmes, Trin.-White, Trin.-thirty-two Bachelors of Arts.-Ma- Horing, Bene't.-Chapman, Pemb. triculations one hundred and one, -Gell, Trin.-Thompson, Rey. On Monday last the following gen- Morritt, Cath.-Taddy, Trin. tlemen were admitted students of Miller. Trin. Christ Church: Messrs. Vernon, JUNIOR OPTIMES.—-Ilaggarth, Law, Longlands, Hodgson, Sinelt, Trin.-Noel, Trin.-Moody, Bes Bowles, Lloyd, and Eden.

ne't.--Girling, Caius.---Broadrick. CAMBRIDGE, Jan. 5.--Mr. Jesus-Metcalfe, Joh.-Gathorne, Hulse's price for the best Disserta- Joh.---Bishop, Pet. tion on the Evidences of the Chris The same day Mr. Ewbank, B.A. tian Religion, was this year ad- of Queen's College, was elected to judged to the Rev. George Down- a Yorkshire Fellowship in that Soing Whittington, of St. John's Col- ciety.

The Rev. George Prostón, M. A. The Vice Chancellor and the vicar of Briston, in Norfolk, and Masters of Trinity and St. John's perpetual Curate of Cartmel, in Colleges, being trustees under the same shire, has been instituted to will of the late Rev. John IIulse, the Rectory of Lexden, in Essex, have given notice, that a premium vacant by the death of the Rev,

of forty pounds will this year be Samuel Sandys, on the presentation · given for the best Dissertation on of Mr. Rawston. .

the following subject :-The Propa- The Rev. Thomas Henry Whorgation of Christianity.

wood lias been inducted to the vi



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carage of Headington, vacant by The Rev. Joseph Brett, láte of the resignation of John Willes, Caius College, Cambridge, is lie D.D. on the presentation of leiry censed to the perpetual curacy of Mayne Whorwood, Esq. ,

Cringleford, in Norfolk, on the The Rev. Philip Nevill Jodrell, nomination of the corporation of B. A. of Jesus Cellege, Cam- Norwich. bridge, has been instituted to the The Rev. John Venn, M.A. forliving of Yelling, in Huntingdon- merly of Sidney College, Cama. shire, on the presentation of the bridge, and rector of Clapham in : Lord Chancellor.

Surry, has been inducted to the The Rev. Nicholas Bull, has sinecure rectory of Great Tey in been presented by the Right Hon. Essex, on the presentation of WilLord Bray.broke, to the vicarage.of liam Turner, Esq of Loughton. Saffron Walden, in Essex, vacated The Rev. Robert Barnes is col. by the resignation of the Rev. W. lated to the vicarage of Gorlestone Gretton, D.D. Master of Magda-' with South Town, otherwise Little len College, Cambridge. " Yarmouth and West Town, ana

The Rev. Joseph Walcam, mi- nexed in Suffolk in the gift of the nor canon or Bristol Cathedral, is Lord Bishop of Norfolk by reason: appointed master of the school in of lapse. College Green, belonging to that The Rev. Mr, Strahan is apcathedral, and the Reverend Mr. pointed by the Lord Chancellor to Brocklebank, a minor canon of the a prebendal stall in Rochester Cai said church.


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to 100 AT the vicarage The archbishop was a native of

*. A house at Rain- Gloucester, and after receiving a ham in Kent, in the 65th year of grammatical education in the free his age, the Rev. James Richards, school of his native city, was sent Vicar of that parish, to which he to University College, Oxford, was presented by the late Dr. Moore where he applied with great assiArchbishop of Canterbury, in the duity to his studies, particularly year 1777. He possessed in an the mathematics, which qualifica eminent degree, a liberal mind, a tion recommended him to the late generous disposition, and a bene- Duke of Marlborough, who invitvolent heart. He was universally ed him to be private tutor to his beloved for these qualities, which son the Marquis of Blandford. are the best gifts of this imperfect When his noble pupil came to the state, as they prepare us for the family honours and estate, he paid matured perfections of another and a becoming regard to the merits of a better world.

his tutor, gave him a valuable live At the archiepiscopal palace of ing, and presented hiin a golden Lambeth, after a lingering ill- prebend in the cathedral of Durness, bis Grace Dr. John Moore, ham. Afterwards he obtained the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, deanery of Durham, and in 1775, and Primate and Metropolitan of the bisbopric of Bangor. He was all England.

consecrated at Lambeth the same


day with the venerable:Bishop Hind dividuals. Throughout the Ameriof Worcester, then of Litchfield can war, the Solicitor General disand Coventry. On the death of played powerful talents in defence Archbishop Cornwallis, his Lord of the measures of adıninistration; Ship was deservedly translated to and in 1778, he succeeded Mr. che primacy, in which he sat with Thurlow as Attorney General. In the most unsullied reputation, and 1780, he was advanced to the highly to the benefit of the Church Chief Justiceship of the Common and Clergy twenty-two years. Pleas, and at the same time created

In our next we shall give a more Lord Loughborough. : ample memoir of this Excellent pria The first important business that mute, whose death the CHURCH of came before him in his judicial cas ENGLAND will have more reason to pacity, was the trial of the rioters. lament than may generally be imato His Lordship was appointed by a gined.

special commission to try delinThe Right Hon. Alexander Weds quents in the Borough; on whicle derburne, Earl of Rosslyn, Baron occasion he delivered a very eloLoughborough. His Lordship was - quent charge to the Jury. In the born in 1733, and had his educa- famous coalition between Lord tion at Edinburgh, where he so North and Mr. Fox, his Lordship distinguished himself by his genius had a share; and when the East and learning, as to be entered a India bill of the latter Statesman meinber of a society of gentlemen, was brought into the upper house, most of whom afterwards obtained Lord Loughborough delivered an a great celebrity in the literary able speech in its support. When world. In 1754, Mr. Wedder the seals were taken from Lord burne was called to the Scotch bar, Thurlow, Lorr' Loughborough was but shortly afterwards he rénioved appointed one of the Commisto London, where he applied to the sioners, but they were soon after study of the English law and the returned to Lord Thurlow on the English language. As a lawyer he commencement of Mr. Pitt's adwas not long before he acquired a ministration, to which Lord Loughconsiderable reputation, and his borough was for some time a zeaabilities procured him a seat in Par- lous oppositionist. In 1792, when liament, where he joined the Gren- the violence of revolutionary poliville party, and distinguished him- tics was arrived at an alarming self on various questions arising height, Lord Loughborough, with out of the Middlesex Election. In many other great men, perceived 1773, he accepted the office of So the necessity of sacrificing party licitor General, and became one of spirit to the publick good, by the ablest supporters of Lord North. strengthening the hands of governAbout this time he appeared to ment: in consequence of which he great advantage as a legislator succeeded Lord Thurlow as Lord Young men of fortune, while mie Chancellor, in which high station nors, were frequently a prey to he distinguished himself with great usurers, to whoin they granted an- honour to his talents, application nuities on the most extravagant and antiquity. Owing to a de terms, and to their own ultimate clining state of health, his Lordruin; to prevent this will in future, ship resigned the seals in 1801 to Mr. Wedderburne brought in a bill, Lord Eldon, and at the same tiine by which no annuity should be was created Earl of Rosslyn. His valid from a granter under the age Lordship was twice married, first of twenty-one. This bill passed, to Miss Dawson of Berkshire, by and has been extremely beneficial, whom he had no issue. Next to as well to punierous families as in- Miss Courtenaysister to Lord


Courtenay, by whom he has left a the fort of Alhi Ghur, Colonel son, who is a minor.

Kenny, of the 11th regineixt of At Rochford, Joseph Robinson, native infantry. He had been 27 a native of that place, who attain- years in the service, and fought ed the remarkable age of 104 years. many battles in India under his His occupation was that of an hus- uncle, Sir Eyre Coote. In this last bandman, and within the last seven affair, which proved mortal to him, years he was capable of performing he lost his right hạnd, and his left his daily labour. He took great thigh was shattered to pieces. delight in following the hounds, and At Hainmersmith, Mr. R. Teesto a very late period of his life dale, F. L. S. well known for his joined in the chace with all the skilful researches in botany. strength and vigour of youth.

At his parsunaye house, the Rev. At Nanteribba Hall, in Montgo J. Bandinell, DD. Rector of Nemeryshire, George Devereux Vis- therbury with Beaminster, near count Hereford, and a Baronet, Brieport, in the county of Dorset. Premier Vi-count of England, born . Dec. 19. In - the 72 year of April 25, 1744, succeeded his bro- his age, deservedly lainented, the ther Edward August 1, 1783, mar Rev. Joseph Mills, Minister of ried December 15, 1768, his cousin Cowbit, and Vicar of Weston and Marianna,only daughter and heiress Dembleby, all in Lincolnshire. of George Devereux, Esq. of Trey He was of Jesus College, Camgoyd, in Brerknockshire, who died bridge, and B. A. 11. 1755. April 10, 1797, by whom he had At Gate Burto!, near Gainsbothirteen children, of which one son 'rough, Yorkshire, the Rev. George and five daughters are living. His Hutton, aged 38. fordship is succeeded in his title .The Rev. C. Plummer, of Pockand estates by his son Henry, now lington, Yorkshire, aged 51. Viscount Hereford.

At his house in Ilanover Square, Woodbridge: after a short illness; Sir John Gala The 'Right Hon. George 'Evans, lini. This extraordinary character Baron Carberry, of the kingdom was once well known as a principal of Ireland, and M.P. for the county dancer, but much better as ma- of Rutland. On the 6th, his Lord naging proprietor, for many years, ship's remains were removed from at the King's Theatre; in that cha: Roddish's Hotel, "by St. James's racter he was introduced into the Street, in a private manner, it being Earl of Abingdon's family, where his own particular request for inLady Elizabeth Bertie, his lordo ferment in the family vault, near ship's eldest daughter, became ena- his seat, in Lincolnshire. The moured of him, and married him; coffin was covered with rich crimher ladyship has been dead only son velvet, gold nails, and gold about six months. He was much

months. He was much plate, in a hearse with six horses: advanced in years and died ex two mourning coaches and six; in tremely opulent.

the first was his steward, as the chief At his mother's house at Twicken- mourner; in the latter were his ham, the Hon. George Augustus Lordship's domestics, followed by William Curzon, eldest son of the his Lordship's particular friend Mr. Jate Hon. Penn Assheton Curzon. Cuthbut, iux his private carriage. and the Baroness Howe.

Lord Carberry's estates in the At Kingsgate, in the Isle of Tha

countics of Cork and Kerry, anet, William Roberts, Esq: in the

mounted to 15,0001, a year : all

his personal property is bequeathed 83d year of his age.

to Lady Carberry. At Madras, four months after hie Jan. 8. At bis seat in Sussex, received his wounds in storming the Right Hon. Thomas Pelham. Earl of Chichester, and Baron Pel- guished himself by a pamphlet exa ham of Stanmer, in the said county. hibiting a statement of facts, reHe succeeded to the title of Baron specting Dr. White's BamptonPelham, in 1768, upon the death Lectures, and shewing Mr. Badof Thomas, late Duke of Newcastle. cock's share of claim to the merit The Earldom was conferred in one of them. of the late creations, having been In the 69th year of her age, some time extinct in the family of Mrs. E. Glover, mother of Mr. Donnegal. His Lordship was born Robert Bloomfield, Author of « The in 1728.

Farmer's Boy,” &c. &c. She had Aged 49, the Rev. Thomas Man- lived fifty years in the same cottage tell, Rector of Frensham, in Surrey, in which she gave birth to the Poet, and formerly Fellow of Benet Col- whose first Poem was written there lege, Cambridge, B. A. 1777. M. at her request. By its unpreceA. 1780. B. D. 1788.

dented sale he was enabled to conLately, at an advanced age, the tribute much to the comfort of his Rev. J. Harrison, of Woodbridge, mother's declining years; and on Suffolk; he was upwards of fifty hearing of her last illness, with that years Rector of Fordley, cum Mid- true piety which distinguishes all dleton, and Vicar of Westlaton, in his productions, he left London, that county.

and, with un'wearied patience, At the Hot Wells, Bristol, the watched the rapid decay of his Rev. James Etty, Rector of Whit- aged parent, till death closed the church, in 'Oxfordshire, Vicar of melancholy scene... Woburn, in Buckinghamshire, and At Lazarus Hospital, Hereford, Chaplain to the most noble the aged upwards of 100 years, ElizaMarquis of Thonond. Whitchurch beth Garrett, who for a long period is a valuable living in the gift of sold fruit in that city. She was the Lord Chancellor, with an excels born in the reign of Queen Anne, lent parsonage house, which was and was found, when but a few new built by the late Mr. Etty, days old, at the south end of the but which he did not enjoy three street where she kept her applemonths.

'stall, and from that circumstance Suddenly, the Bishop of Noyon, obtained the name of Street ; but one of those diguified ecclesiastics having at an early age engaged the of France, who remained attached affections of a barber of the name to the house of Bourbon.

of Garrett, he married her, when At his Rectory house, Hanworth, it became a common observation, in Middlesex, the Rev. R. B. Ga- that Bet had mounted from a Street briel, D. D. late Fellow of W-or- to a Garrett. She walked out till cester College, Oxford, and for- within a few days of her death, and merly Proprietor of the Octagon her faculties were unimpaired to Chapel, Bath. In 1789, he distin- the hour of her dissolution.


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