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Church Establishment, advanta-
ges derived by this nation from

its 23t

Church Government, account of
the first establishment of, in this

country 233

Church, expostulation to the dis-
senting Members of 467

-, the ability of her Guar-
dians 717

Terriers 554

Repairs 550

Clergy Orphan School, annual

examination 367

Conversion, on the term 237

Confirmations, the number of, in

1821 and 1824 410

Cottage, poetical description of a 111
Cranrner, Abp. preface to bis de-
fence of the Sacrament 84

. , life of 637

— , his friendship for Anne

Boley n 640

■, Conference with a Priest
who had spoken disrespectfully

ofhim 642

, Conspiracy formed

against him -— ..... 644

— , Conduct of the King on

that occasion ib.

. , his Palace a refuge for

persecuted Reformers ........... 646

, adjudged guilty of

High Treason 648

. , -, his Martyrdom 652

Criminals, on administering the

Sacrament to 139

Culdees, on the history of the .... 421


Death, on the anticipation of the
approach of • ~ 257

Departed Saints, on the invoca-
tion of 666

Dilapidations, questions respect-
ing claims to 556

■ , Observations on .... 609

, Reply to the question

on.,... ...► 610

. 1—'——, Lord Stowell's opi-
nion upon a case of 679

District Committees of the Society
for Promoting Christian Know-
ledge, Circular addressed to
Incumbents, Sec. on the Forma-
tion of 243

Dunstan, St., history of 234


Ecclesiastical History 8, 71, 133, 195

. , on tho study

of 231


Ecclesiastical Authority, consider-
ed as a ground of faith 363

Edward VI. instance of his piety
and humility 294

Effects of Christianity prove its
Divine origin 281

England, on the Rites and Cere-
monies of the Church of 39

, Church of, has always

been distinguished by Christian
prudence and Christian candour 359

English Martyrs, summary of Po-
pish cruelty inflicted upon the.. 295

England and Rome, deceitful
mode of assimilating the wor-'

ship of the churches of 665

Enlargement and building of
Churches and Chapels 432, 562, 618

Episcopal Church in Scotland, ob-
servations on 40

, short sketch of

its history 351

. , character of

the Clergy 352

■ ' , depressed con-
dition of her Pastors 353

Episcopal form of church polity,
ground of preference for the.. .. 353

Episcopal Order, remarks on the 415

Eusebius, on the case of 483


Family Worship, observations on 216

■ Devotion, on the Duty of.. 242

Fanatical construction of the

• Scripture Prophecies 677

Form for admitting Converts into
the Church 737


Gospel, tho character of those who
were appointed to preach it to
all nations, considered 378

Gatpel, Society for the Propagation
of the—

Account of its proceedings 179

Bangor Diocesan Committee -••■ 617
Present Establishment and pro-
posed addition 557

Receipts and Expenditure of the

last ten years 558

Grace, on the dispensations of.... 593

Grindal, Archbishop, life of 576

, falls into disgrace with
the Queen **..* .. 683

, causes which led to his

disgrace ib.

, defends his conduct .. 684

, objections urged against
bis government of Church af-
fairs answered 587



Hoadley, Bishop, observations on 464
Honour, law of, observations on

the 727

, on the principles incul-
cated by 728

Hooper, Bishop, anecdote of .... 21

, Letter which he wrote in

prison, to his friends 22

,lifeof 266


Idleness, remedy for 153

Image Worship, on the subject of 605
Incarnation, analysis of Barrow's

two sermons on the 336

Incorporated Clergy Orphan So-

ciety, children elected 559

■ , Donations to its

Schools ...._-......... ib.

, Storrington District

Committee ib.

Infant Schools, observations on .. 408
Ireland, defence of the "Church of 472

,thc Clergy of, defended

against the charge of Non-resi-

dence 474

, Statement respecting Church

property in 475

, General state of 476

Irish Canons, remarks on the .... 24
Jackson, Dr. Dean of Peterbo-
rough, life of 323

James I., Consecration of a Church

in the reign of 404

Jesuits, account of the 296

Jewish Ritual, the sacrifices of the,
were prescribed by God himself 113

Jewel, Bishop, life of 510

, expelled from his College 512

, his farewell address .... ih.

.endeavours to put a stop

to the Calvioistiu schism 515

, summary of his character 521

Jews, on the Society for the Con-

version of the - 741


Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells,
short account of the life of .... 267

King, the, versus the Bishop of

Peterborough, Law proceedings

in the case ot 484

Knowledge, on the undue desire of 191


Latimer, Bishop, life of. 701

, a zealous Papist ib.

., adopts the reformed faith 102

-, consecrated Bishop of

Worcester 706

Latimer, Bishop, committed to the
Tower , 708

, his Martyrdom 713

■ : .summary of bis character ib.

Langton, Stephen, bis instrumen-
tality in extorting from John the
great Charter of our liberties .. 235

Letter from Charles I. to Prince

Rupert 337

Life, method of restoring, to those

apparently drowned 340

Litchfield and Coventry, letter to

the Bishop of, on the Coventry
Auxiliary Bible Society 674


Marriage Act, answer to ques-

tions on the 31

Masters and Servants, on the re-

ciprocal duties of » 151

Meditations 32,97,147, 218, 276, 347,


Millbank, liues on the Peniten-
tiary at 89

Minister of the Gospel, purity of

motive which actuates the .... 415

Missionary, Christian, animated

description of the 414

More, Sir Thomas, character of.. 292

Morton, Bishop, anecdote of .... 26

National Society, examination of

the children .... ^....» sgg

, Annual meeting 430

, Bridgend District School 687

■, Report from Sweden .. 748

, Madras School 749

National Communion, entreaty to

those who dissent from the .... 471
Norfolk, account of a funeral

Sermon in 676


Occasional communion, habits of,

delusive .... 470

Ordination service, responsibility
of Ministers in the 659

, Positive qualifications

required to justify the decla-

ration exacted by the Church.. 600


Papal system, masterly view of

the 235

Papists, growing confidence of .. 662

Parochial Libraries, importance of 42
Paul, St., union of Infirmity with

Power in the character of .... 715

Pococke, Dr. Edward, life and

character of *• 136


Population Returns, advantage of,

to the Clergy 87

•Prayer, on a preconceived form of 240 Puritanism, on the rise of 297


Rainbow, Edward, Bishop of Carlisle.lifeof 201

Religion, present state of the public mind in matters of. 465

Religions Insubordination, prevalent error of 468

Religion, on Lukewarmncss and Presumption in 543

Rennell, Rev. Thomas, Vicar of Kensington, &c. some account of the life of ......—_ 400

Reverence to departed Saints, corruptions which grow out of it .. 236

Roman Catholic Miracles 479

Missionaries .... 651

Royal Arms in Churches, question by what authority Churchwardens are enjoined to set up .... 486

Sacred Toetry 32, 97, 147, 218, 347,


Saving Bank, early project of a .. 14G

Sermons—On" the Message of Christ's Ministers, I—On the duty of reading the Scriptures, 65;—On our Lord's Temptation, 125;—On Temptation, 189;—On St. Paul's anticipation of death, 253 ;—On the Christian Sacraments, 313;—Progress of the Gospel, 377 ;—The Joy of Simeon, 441 ;—On the Victory of Faith, 506;—On Religion Militant in the World. 5C9,—Ou the example of the Unjust Steward, 031 ;—On the Application of Example to Religious Improvement, 095

Sin, on the power of remitting and retaining 223

Spirit, operation of the, in tho perfecting of the Saints 415

Struensee, Count, sketch of his

life, and character 526

, his penitence 533

————, his behaviour on receiving the Sacrament 537

, plan proposed by him

for disseminating Religious Instruction 537

, his last moments 538


Tears, custom of collecting in a bottle 598

Templars, on the abolition of the Order of ~ 71

———, Observations on the trials of the 72

"Thousayest" "Thou hast said," on the words 740

Tower Auxiliary Bible Society, on the Anniversary of the 742

Tranxubstantiation, credulity of mankind in embracing the doctrine of. 236

, casuistry cmployed in the defence of 069

Truth, Scriptural, influence of the Spirit in securing a right interpretation of. 414

Twelve Minor Prophets, preface by Bishop Pearson to Dr. Daniel Stokes's commentary ou 139

Ty thes, questions on 149


Unitarian Marriage Act, letter to the Marquess of Lansdownc on the -^.~ 260

United States, on the Protestant Episcopal Church in the 058

Usher, Dr. James, Archbishop of Armagh, life and death of .... 12

, his sufferings 15

, account of his interview

with Oliver Cromwell 19

Predictions of 94

Virtue, Religious principle is the proper and only safeguard of .. 729


Wesley, Rev. John, letter of, to a friend '. 142

West Indies, temporal improvement held forth l>y a Church Establishment in the 695

■—, on the appointment

of proper persons to the Missionary charge 590

-, necessity of subor

dination to Ecclesiastical authority ib.

Whitgift, Archbishop, life of .... 445

, an enemy to corruption 448

, his resolution in determining causes 454

Wiclif's Prologues to the New

Testament 547

Wild Honey, method of collecting „.^ 194

Wollaston, Erancis Hyde, Archdeacon of Essex, &c. Memoir of 60

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Adam's Religious World displayed 36

Raines's Remonstrance to Charles
Abel Mojsey, D.D. Archdeacon
of Rath 662

Bcrens' Lectures on the Church
Catechism 41

, on the Penitential Psalms ib.

Bcresford's Sermon on the Anni-
versary of the Leicester District
Committee of the Societies for
Promoting Christian Knowledge
and for the Propagation of the
Gospel in Foreign Parts 160

Bishop White's Address to the
General Theological Seminary
at New York ... 658

Blomfield's Sermon on the Dnty of
Family Prayer 240

Brief Memoir of the late Thomas
Bateman, D.D. ~_.. 47

Burton's Power of the Keys .... 222

Campbell's Sermon at the Conse-
cration of Christopher Lips-
combe, D.D. Lord Bishop of Ja-
maica, and of William Hart Cole-
ridge, D.D. Lord Bishop of Bar-
bados and the Leeward Islands 594

Cassan's Memoirs of the Bishops
of Sherborne and Salisbury.... 458

Cooper's Letter to a Clergyman,
and two Pamphlets in Reply 717, 718

Daubeny, Archdeacon, Charge to
the Clergy of Sarum 541

D'Oyly's Sermon at the Anniver-
sary Meeting of the Stewards
of the Sons of the Clergy 354

Fyvie's Dntics and Difficulties of
the Christian Ministry 350

Gaskin's Sermon at a Public Or-
dination at Chester ,...._... 154

Gospel Truth opposed to Error
and Superstition wst

GnnGeld's Origin of Frauds De-
tected .._ mm W6

Henderson's Appeal to the Bible

society • loo

Letter to the Marquess of Lans-
downe ^

Limerick, Bishop of, his Speech on
the Third Reading of the Irish
Tythe Composition Amendment

, Bi" 472

Lonsdale's Sermon at the Conse-
cration of the Right Rev. C. J.
Blomfield, D.D. Lord Bishop of
Chester t 7J4

Merewether on the present State of
Popular Opinion in matters of
Religion „...^ ^5

Nolan's Remarks on a Letter of
Constantino the Great to Euse-
bius of Csesarea _...... 410

Finder's Advice to Servants 151

Pott, Archdeacon, on the Grounds
and Principles of the Church of
England 368

Rennell's Translation of a Narra-
tive of the Conversion and Death
of Count Struensee 534

Robinson's Discourses en the Evil
dences of Christianity 155

R ussel—Keith's Catalogue of Scot-
tish Bishops rm 420

Speculum Gregis; or, Parochial

Minister's Assistant 51

Sumner's Evidencesof Christianity 277
Sumner, C. R. on the Ministerial
Character of Christ 688

Widow's Tale, and other Poems.. 110

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