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MISCELLANEOUS. Preface to a Defence of the True God! O pride intolerable of Antichrist, and Catholic Doctrine of the Sa. and most manifest token of the son of per

dition extolling himself above God, and crament of the Body and Blood of

with Lucifer exalting bis seat and power our Saviour Christ, &c. By Tho

above the throne of God! For he that take mas(Cranmer,) Archbishop of Can. eth upon him to supply that thing which terbury, Primate of all England, he pretendeth to be imperfect in Christ, and Metropolitan. A.D.M.D.L. must needs make himself above Christ, and

50 very Antichrist. For what is this else « Our Saviour Christ Jesus, according but to be against Christ, and to bring lim to the will uf bis eternal Father, when in contempt? as one which either for lack the time thereto was fully accomplished, of charity would not, or for lack of power taking our nature upon him, came into could not, with all his blood-shedding this world from the high throne of his Fa and death, clearly deliver his faithful, and ther, to declare unto miserable sinners give them full remission of their sins, but good news; to heal them that were sick; that the full perfection thereof must be had to make the blind to see, the deaf to hear, at the hands of Antichrist of Rome and his and the damb to speak; to set prisoners ministers? What man of knowledge and at liberty; to shew that the time of grace zeal to God's lionor, can with dry eyes see and mercy was come; to give light to this injory to Christ; and look upon the them that were in darkness and in the state of religion brought in by the Papists, shadow of death, and to preach and give perceiving the true sense of God's word pardon and full remission of sin to all his subverted by false glosses of man's devis. elected. And to perform the same, he ing, the true Christian religion turned into made a sacrifice and oblation of his own certain hypocritical and superstitious sects; body upon the cross, which was a full re- the people praying with their inouths and demption, satisfaction, and propitiation for hearing with their ears they know not what, the sins of the whole world. And to and so ignorant in God's word that they commend this bis sacrifice unto all his faith

could not discero hypocrisy and snperstiful people, and to confirm their faith and

tion from true and sincere religion? This hope of eternal salvation in the same, he

was of late years the face of Religion withhatin ordained a perpetual memory of his in this realm of England, and yet remainsaid sacrifice, daily to be used in the eth in divers realnis. But thanks be to Church to his perpetual land and praise, Almighty God and to the King's majesty, and to our singular comfort and consola. with his father, a prince of most famous tion; that is to say, the celebration of his

memory, the superstitious sects of monks Holy Supper, wherein he doth not cease

and friars (that were in this realm) be to give himself with all his benefits to all

clean taken away; the Scripture is restored those that duly receive the same supper, onto the proper and true understanding, according to his blessed ordinance. But

the people may daily read and hear God's the Romish Antichrist, to deface this great

heavenly Word, and pray in their own lanbenefit of Christ, bath tanglit that bis sa

gnage which they understand ; so that their crifice upon the cross is not sufficient here

bearts and mouths may go together, and be unto, without another sacrifice devised by none of those people of whom Christ combim, and made by the Priest; or else with plained, saying: These people hunmur me out indulgences, beads, pardons,pilgrimages, with their lips, but their hearts be far and such other pelfray, to supply Christ's from me. * Thanks be to God many corimperfection. And that Christian people

rupt weeds be placked up, which were can not apply to themselves the benefits wout to rot the flock of Christ, and to let of Christ's passion, but that the same is in

the growing of the Lord's harvest. the distribution of the Bishop of Rome; or " But what availeth it to take away else that by Christ we have no full remis

beads, pardons, pilgrimages, and such other sion, but be delivered only from sin, and like Popery, so long as its chief roots reyet remaineth temporal pain in purgatory main uppulled up? whereof so long as they dne for the same, to be remitted after this remain, will spring again all former impelife by the Romish Antichrist and his mi. diments of tbie Lord's harvest, and corrupnisters, who take upon them to do for us, tion of bis flock. The rest is but branches that thing which Christ either would not, and leaves, the cutting away whereof is or conld not do. O heinous blasphemy but like topping and lopping of a trce, or and most detestable injury against Christ! O wicked abomination in the temple of

* Matt. xv.

cutting down of weeds, leaving the body all that profess Christ, that they flee far standjog, and the roots in the ground; but from Babylon if they will save their souls ; the very body of the tree, or rather the and to beware of that great barlot; that roots of the weeds, is the Popish doctrine is to say, the pestiferous see of Rome, that of Transubstantiation of the real presence she make you not drunk with her pleasant of Christ's flesh and blood in the Sacra. wine. Trust not her sweet promises, por ment of the Altar (as they call it) and of banquet not with her; for instead of wine the sacrifice and oblation of Christ made by she will give you sonr dregs, and for meat the priest, for the salvation of the quick she will feed you with rank poison. But and the dead. Which roots if they be suf come to our Redeemer and Saviour Christ fered to grow in the Lord's vineyard, they who refresheth all that truly come into will overspread all the ground again with him, be their anguish and heaviness never the old errors and snperstitions. These ip- 80 great. Give credit unto him in wbose jories to Christ be so intolerable, that no mouth was never found gnile nor untruths. Christian heart can willingly bear them. By him yon shall be clearly delivered from Wherefore, seeing that many have set to all your diseases; of him you shall have full their hands, and whetted their tools, to remission, à panâ et à culpâ. He it is pluck up the weeds and to cut down the tree that feedeth continually all that belong unof error, I not knowing otherwise how to to him, with his own flesh that hanged up. excuse myself at the last day, have in this on the cross; and giveth them drink of the book set to my hand and axe with the rest blood flowing out of his own side; and to cut down this tree, and to pluck up the maketh to spring within them, water that weeds and plants by the roots, which our floweth unto everlasting life. Listen not Heavenly Father never planted, but were to the false incantations, sweet whisper. grafted and sown in his vineyard by his ad- ings, and crafty jugglings of the subtle Paversary the devil, and Antichrist bis minis. pists, wherewith they have this many years ter. The Lord grant that this my travail deluded and bewitched the world, but and labour in his vineyard, be not in vain; hearken to Christ; give ear unto his words, but thatit may prosper and bring forth good which shall lead yon the right way unto fruits to his honour and glory. For when everlasting life, there with him to live ever I see his vineyard overgrown with thorns, as heirs of his kingdon). Amen." brambles, and weeds, I know that everlast

This curious and valuable treaing woe appertaineth unto me if I hold my peace, and put not to my bands and tongue tise, from which we have already to labour in purging liis vineyard. God I taken occasion, in the course of our take to witness, who seeth the hearts of all work, to make several extracts, is men tl;roughly upto the bottom, that I take thus concluded; this labour for none other consideration, but for the glory of his name and the dis “ But thanks be to the eternal God, the charge of my duty, and the zeal that I manner of the Holy Communion, (which is bear toward the flock of Christ. I know now set forth within this realm,) is agreeain what office God hath placed me, and to ble with the institution of Christ, with what purpose; that is to say, to set forth St. Paul and the old Primitive anii Apos. his word fraly unto his people, to the utter. tolic Church, with the right faith of the samost of my power, without respect of per. crifice of Christ upon the cross for our resob or regard of thing in the world, but of demption, and with the true doctrine of hiin alone. I know what account I shall our salvation, justification and remission of make to him hereof at the last day, wben all our sins by that only sacrifice. every man shall answer for his vocation, “ Now resteth nothing, but that all and receive for the same good or ill accord faithful subjects will gladly receive and em. ing as he hath done, I know how Anti- brace the same, being sorry for their former christ bath obscured the Glory of God and ignorance; and every man repenting himthe true knowledge of his word; overcast- self of his offences against God, and amend. ing the sanje with mists and clouds of error ing the same, may pledge binself wholly to and ignorance, through false glosses and in- God, to serve and obey him all the days of terpretations. It pitieth me to see the his life; and often to come to the Holy simple and hungry fock of Christ led into Supper which our Lord and Saviour Christ corrupt pastures; to be carried blindfold, hath prepared: and as he there corporally they know not whither, and to be fed with eateth the very bread and drinketh the poison in the stead of wholesome meats. very wipe, so spiritually he may feed of

" And moved by the duty, office, and the very fleab and blood of Jesus Christ place whereanto it hath pleased God to bis Savionr and Redeemer; remembering call me, I give warning in bis dame, unto his deatb, thapking him for bis benefits,


and looking for none other sacrifice at no Lady inhabitant of the town. The priest's hands for remission of his sins, but object is to furnish certain articles only trusting to His sacrifice, which being of dress twice in the year for the both the High Priest, and also the Lamb children, who on their parts are to of God, prepared from the beginning to

bring a weekly penny, if they can take away the sins of the world, offered up himself once for ever in a sacrifice of sweet be recommended by a Gentleman smell unto his Father, and by the same or Lady who becomes answerable paid the ransom for the sins of the whole for an additional weekly pendy. world; who is before us entered into hea. These sums are returned to the ven, and sitteth at the right hand of his Fa- children in the shape of useful arther, as patron, mediator, and intercessor

or ticles of dress, chiedy made by the for us: and there hath prepared places for

girls during their afternoon school. all them that be lively members of his body, to reign with him for ever in the glory The benefit to the School resulting of his Father; to whom, with him and the from this simple and easily conHoly Ghost, be glory, honour and praise, ducted plan are the following, Ist, for ever and ever. Amen."

That as irregularity of attendance by the rules of the school disqua.

lifies a subscribing Child from reTo the Editor of the Remembranoer. ceiving benefit, the parents are very

exact in sending them to school for

fear of forfeiting the advantages. PERMIT me to communicate a plan 2dly, As the articles of dress are which I have found very beneficial for the most part made in the school, in increasing the numbers, and se. the girls, under their working mis. curing the attendance of the chil. tress, are instructed especially in dren of my parish school.

that sort of work, which will be The school was set on foot in 1813, useful to them in domestic life: and in a country parish with small means, 3dly, As decency of apparel has and among a population averse to been followed by a greater general any mode of instruction, which had attention to cleanliness, a manifest not in view the worldly advantage difference has taken place in the of their children ; it has been yearly appearance of all the children, and increasing in numbers, in religious a great improvement in the feelings knowledge, in regularity, and what of the parents towards the school. is of prime importance, accompa- If the sum of 88. 8d, the yearly nied with a manifest change in the amount of each subscription, be opinions of the parents with respect thought by any one too inconsiderto the advantage of such education. able for any very beneficial purpose, The number now on the boards is let such an ope reflect on the small 220, and what is chiefly to be quantity of materials for children considered, the average daily at- mostly under eight, the exceeding tendance is nearly 200. For this cheapness of all common articles regularity we are chiefly indebted for dress, when purchased in the to the obvious benefit of the Na- gross, and the gratuitous making tional System of Education, now at in part, and it will cause no wonder length becoming manifest to the that the benefit of having a child in parents, by the improvement of their the Penny club is not only conchildren in orderly conduct and reli- sidered by the parent as a blessing, gious knowledge, but in no small but that the school itself, using it degree to the effect, of what in this as a gentle means of enforcing regucase will be allowed, I think, to be larity, should have been progresperfectly legitimate, a Penny club, sively improving, as well in decency which was put in motion about three and good manners as in religious years since, and is still conducted by and useful knowledge. In the hope the industry and benevolence of a that what I have found thus use.


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ful, may be adopted with equal ad- bours, and the condition of the vantage by others, I subscribe my- people committed to their charge. telf

From one of the tables prefixed

to the “ Abstract of Population CLERICUS. Returns," made in 1821, it appears

that in every hundred persons, tak. THE ADVANTAGE OF THE

ing the average throughout EngULATION-RETURNS TO THE

land, there are as follow -'GY.

Under 5 years of age .... 1503
ditor of the Remembrancer.

Between 5 and 10 ........ 13:4
.. 15

11.6 JIR,


147 AMIDST the mass of official docu- ,

115 ments from time to time presented

94 to the consideration of our legisla- ture, there are none I think more interesting and important than those

70 .. 80... returns of the population of Eng

80 .. 90....

90.. 100 ..... .04 land, which are made every ten years

100 .. under the act of parliament com.

...... monly called the Population Act.

99.441 By means of tables formed from the materials contained in these re

From these data it follows, that turns, the statesman and the politi

there are in every 100 persons cal economist are enabled to judge Under 7 years of age...... of the comparative strength of the Between 7 and 15.. country, and the condition of the

15 and 20...... people at large. The members of

Above 20 .............. the medical profession exult in the proof which these reports afford of the superiority of the modern prac. This calculation, though not matice of physic, and appeal to the thematically exact, is sufficiently numerical increase of the popula- near the truth for every practical tion as a testimony that myriads of purpose ; and it will enable every lives are now preserved from the ef. parish priest to learn whether his fects of diseases, which in former schools contain a large or small times were the precursors of death. proportion of the children of his And the capitalists, who, as dealers parish; whether the number of in annuities or insurances, make youths he presents for confirmation merchandize of the few years we to the Bishop be as great as might have to live, derive from the same be expected, were he to judge by source the means of calculating the number of those who are of age their profits and losses for years to to receive that ordinance, and living come, and of regulating the concerns in the parish. of their trade.

But the most important applicaBut whilst the above-mentioned tion of the principle thus laid down, classes look with such a degree of will be found in the means it affords interest upon the numerical state of ascertaining the proportion of ment of the population, I cannot communicants in the same parish at. but wish that the Clergy would different times, and at different pa-' avail themselves of the advantage rishes' at the same time. For inwhich they may derive from this stance, were ( a rector of a parish branch of knowledge, and apply it which contained one thousand iphato ascertain the effect of their la bitants, the above table would teach





me that one half of my parishioners in the course of last month a were above twenty years of age ; - meeting took place at Lambeth.paand from them I should expect the lace, of the Trustees of Bromley communicants at the Lord's table. College, in Kent, when three poor If at my first coming into the parish widows of loyal and orthodox ClerI found fifty persons habitually gymen of the Church of England communicating, I should record the were elected into that College. number; and at any successive re. At the same time two others were turn made by public authority of the nominated by the Trustees as out. population of the parish, I should pensioners, on the recent endowsee not only whether the number of ments of the present Bishop of Rothe communicants had positively in- chester, which have been generously creased, but whether it had done so annexed by him to the establishment coinparatively with the increase or of his benevolent predecessor, Bithe diminution of the population. - shop Warner. If the proportion of communicants As inany of your readers may be should be found to have increased, unacquainted with the particulars of I should have fair grounds to rejoice this charitable clerical establishthat my labours had in the same de. ment, the following short account gree prospered ; and if on the con- of it may not be unacceptable. trary, a falling off should be per. Bromley College was originally ceived. I should deem it my duty to founded, according to the directions examine my own conduct very nar- of Bishop Warner's will, in 1666, rowly, under the apprehension that for twenty widows of loyal and orI might find in my own remissness thodox Clergymen of the Church of a cause of this failure of attendance England, and a Chaplain, always to on the Holy Table, as well as in the be chosen from Magdalen College. carelessness of my flock. In the Oxford. same manner also ihe above calcu. The number of widows has since lation will shew the comparative been increased to forty, and their state of different villages and towns, pecuniary payment augmented from and enable the curate of une vil- 201. to 301. 10s. a year, by the belage to judge whether or no he is nefactions of Bishop Pearce, and more or less successful than his his brother Mr. William Pearce. neighbours in preserving his people Mrs. Betlenson, the Rev. Mr. He in close communion with our Holy therington, and other charitable perChurch.

sons, Trusting that my brethren will The number of petitions presentprofit by this hint for the improve- ed at these elections generally ex. ment of a parish, and being unwill. ceeding 25, the Trustees are freing to weary your patience, I shall quently under the painful necessity conclude with subscribing inyself, of selecting, from cases of almost Yours, &c.

equal distress, the widows to fill up the vacancies in the College.

It appears, therefore, from this

fact, that notwithstanding there Addition of two Out-Pensioners to are a few other establisments of the Bromley College.

same nature, aided, as they are, by Scarcelv a mouth passes in which the Diocesan Charities of the Parowe have not the pleasure of an- chial Clergy, they are, taken altogenouncing some fresh act of enlarged ther, lamentably deficient. and judicious beneficence from the A more judicious attempt to obClergy or others. The following tain a fund sufficient to meet this has just been communicated to us, dehciency; cannot perhaps be made, and we most gladly insert it. than by the plan now adopted by

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