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Bachklor Of Arts.—B. Bray, Enatutel college.

Decemher 10.

Master Of Abts.—S. E. Batten, Pembroke hull.

Bachelor In Civn. Law.—J.K. Greet, ham, Jesus college.

Bachelor Of Abts.—R. Thompson, Trinity college.

December 15.

Bachelor la Citil Law.—E. Irish' Magdalen college.

Bachelor In Physic—G.F.H Greenhalgh, Caius college.

1. Aldcrson, B.A. of Pembroke hall, is elected Fellow of that Society.

The rev. H. Law, AI.A. of St. John's college, and J. King, M.A. of Queen's college, are appointed examiner* for the Pitt scholarship.

The rev. J. Hind, M.A. of Sidney college; J. King, M.A. of Kins'* college; T. Cbevallier, M.A. of Catharine hall; and R. Twopeny, M.A. of St. John's college, are appointed Examiners of the Sueslionists; and J. Lodge, M.A. of Magdalen college; and R. Daw en, M.A, of Downing, are appointed Additional .Examiners of the Seventh and Eighth Classes.

December 9.

Richard Torin Kindersloy, esq. M.A. fellow of Trinity college, has been appointed to succeed Sir Charles Halecourt Chambers in the Law Fellowship of that Society.

The Norisian prize, (the subject of the essay being the Office and Mission of John the Baptist,) is decided in favour of James Amiraux Jeremie, scholar of Trinity college.

F. Le Gricc, M.A. and 9. Power,' B.J. of Ciare hall, were elected fellows of that Society.

December 18.

The rev. N. J. Temple, M. A. and tho rev. J. Ilimic, M.A. of Sidney college, were olected foundation felloxs of that society; and the rev. E. D. Rhodes, M.A.' was elected fellow on the Ttuerton foundation; and the rev. J. Hind, M.A. was appointed one of the tutors of that society. -,

tiovtmber 30.

By the Lord Bishop of Hereford, in the chapel of St. Mary's college, Winchester.

DIAOMS.—W. R Crotch, New college; R. L. Benson, Christ church; and S. H. Harrison, St. John's college, Oxford. J. B. PduMcn,' St. John's college; F.

Litf, Trinity college; R- Ambler, Chrat't college; and W. Vaughan, Si. John's cotlege, Cambridge.

Priests.—G. Deane, B.A. St. Mary'* hall; B. C. Goodison, Worcester college; and H.J. Urquhart, Wenr'college, Oxford; and G. L. Foxton, B.A. Christ's college, Cambridge.

December 14.

By the Lord Bishop of Bristol, in the chapel of Christ's college, Cambridge. By Let. Dim. from the Bishop of Norwich.

Deacons.—V. J. Dickenson, Trinity college, Oxford; J. Cltbitt, Christ's college ; W. P. Mack, Corpus Christi college; R. Songe, Caius college; E. P. Henslow, Jesus coJleoe; and A. Langtou, Downing college, Cambridge. By Let. Dim. from the Bp. of Chichester.

Pbiest.—F. P. Hoole, Trinity college, Cambridge. By Let. Dim. from Bishop of Norwich.

J. H. Steward, Trinity college, Cambridge.

By Let. Dim. from the Bishop of Ely.

H. Deacle, Emanuel college, Cam* bridge.

'December 21.

By the Lord Bishop of Peterborough * in the cathedral church of Peterborough.'

Deacon B.— J. T. Flesher, Lincoln college, Oxford; F. Folliolt, St. John's college, Cambridge; T.W.Harding, Pern-, broke college; and T. Watson, Edmund hall, Oxford.

Priests.—H. Gibbs, Lincoln colleges A.W. Gregory, St. Alban-haU; T. Pearson, Queen's college; A. W. Schomberg, Magdalen-hall; and J. Wctherall, Brantnose college, Oxford; J. W. Hawksley, St- John's college; and W. Mousley, 2uccn' college, Cambridge.

By the Lord Bishop ofCnester, in the cathedral church of Chester.

Deacons.—E. Hinchcliffe, Worcester college; J- Folliott, Pembroke college; R. Litlcr, Brasenote college; P. Ewart, Christ church; F. Bryans, St. Edmund hall; E. Robinson, baliol college, Oxford; T. Addison, and D. Green, Cat&arine hall: R. Procter, St. John's college, and J. C. dry lis, Jesus college, Cambridge. T. Airey.

Pjiiests. — It. Parkinson, B.A. St. John's college; E. Hntchins, Corput Christi college; T. G. Parr, and R. P. Pidcock, St. John's college; and Petor Legb, Trinity college, Cambridge; F. W. Hope, Christ church: and the hou. E. H. B. Fielding, Oriel college, Oxford; 3. Rushton, S. Birkett, T. Colbeck, and D. Turner.

By the Lord Bisliop of Oxford, in All Souls' colUge chapel.

Deacons.—J. Edwards, Magdalen college; 3. West, New college, T. H. Tragett, Corpus Christi college; C. Hodgson, aud J. Luptun, Christ church; G. Inge, All Souls' college; W. Allen, Jesvs college; C. J. Plumer, Oriel colUge; H. II. Wynne, Jesus college; It. W. Jclf, Oriel college; W. T. Phillips, and C. Meredith, Magdalen college; 3. L. Richards, Exeter college; and J. Besly, Baliol college. J. T. j. Hewlett, and G. Daudridge. .

Priests.—A. P. Perceval, All SouU' college; R. Bird,' Magdalen college; 3. Ball, St. John's college; W. Jacobs, New college; O- Owen, Jesus college; 3. T. Ronnd, Baliol college ; W. S. Carev, and J. Shuldhaui, Christ church; and II. II. Knight, Queen's college; W. Williams, and R. A. Musgrave.

By the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, in the cathedral church of Gloucester. .

Deacon*.—E. Hawkins, Pembroke college; J. Hartley, St. Edmund hall; J. Olive, Wadham college; R. W. Lambert, Pembroke college; and O. S. Luke, Sneeu's college2 Oxford; W. B. Bcre, Emmanuel college; W. F. Holt, King's college; and C. Rooke, Jesus college, Cambridge.

Pbiebts.—S. Lloyd, Magdalen college; J. Herbert, Wadham college; M. Yavaaour, Brascnose college; G. N. Gale, Worcester college; and J. Allen, Christ church. Oxford; E. W. Kirk, St. John's college ,- T. Pruen, 67. John's college; W. Marshall, Suecn's college; and W. Marriott, 7'rinity hall, Cambridge.


Married.—The rev. W. Acton, B.C.L. ni St. John's college, Cambridge, nod rector of Agolt St. Lawrence, Herts, to Henrietta, third daughter of Sir Charles Watson, bart. of Wratting Park, Cambridge.


Died.—At St. Edoncr vicarage, in the 84th year of his age, and the 67th of his incumbency, the rev. W. Hocker, B.A. formerly of Exeter college. Business from home, and excursions of pleasure, during this long period, kept bim from his church but five Sundays.


Died.—At Carlisle, the rev. John Wilkin.


Died.—Aged T3, at Cornmood, Devon. the rev. Duke Yonge, vicar of that pa

Remkmbkancer, No. 01.

rish, and of Slieviock, Cornwall, for many years an acting magistrate in the former county.


Married—The rev. G. C. Frame, of Folke, to Mary, third daughter of E. M. Pleydell, esq. of Whatcomb house.


Married.—The rev. John Philip Heringhaiii, reclor of Chadwell St. Mary, and Borleg, to Susanna Jackson, only daughter of the rev. Godfrey Bird, rector of Little Wallham.

Died.—The rev. D. F. Prycc, D.D. of Bradfield rectory, aged 4J>.


Died.—At the vicarage house, Dr(ffteld, in his 74lh year, the rev, Thomas Ward, perpetual curate of IJeai/e, and for nearly half a century officiating minister of Driffield.

At Neweut, after a few days illness, the rev. Thomas Daries, vicar of Oxcnhall and Pauntley, and perpetual curate of Upleadon.

MFiltou, the rev. J. P. Manlev, D.C.L. formerly of St. John's college, Oxford. HANTS.

Died Aged 46, the rev. Henry

Wheatley, M.A.ftllow of Hueen's college, Oxford, and vicar of Bramley.


Married—The rev. Mytes Dixon> curate of St. Anne's chapel, Lancaster, to Miss Alice Bland, of the same place.

At Warrington, thrfrev. E.H. Dimock, to Margaret, widow of Hie late W. Gaskcll, esq. of the same place.


Married.—At St. Peter's, hi Eastgate, Lincoln, the rev. 8. Martin, vicar of Colcby, to Miss F. E. Williams, second daughter of the late Theophilus Williams, esq. of Demerara.

MIDDLESEX. Married—In London, the rev. J. S. Rawlinson, LL.B. to Anne Eliza, only daughter of T. Hawkins, esq. late of Pcnang, in the East Indies.


Married,—The rev. R. Pickering, of Brigstoch, to Catherine, youngest daughter of Mr. H. Coles, of Aldwinckle.

At Castle Ashby, the rev. Dr. Mavor, rector o{ Woodstock,io Harriet, youngest daughter of the rev. Edward Seagrave, formerly rector of Castle Athby.

Died.—The rev. Mr. C Inline, r*rforof Uemington, near Castle Donnington.


Married.—The rev. Alfred Padley, of Bulmell house, to Selina, daughter of Samuel Bolton, esq. o{Nottingham.

Died.—The rev. E. Harvey, rector of Finninglcy for 59 years.


Married.—The Rev. 8. Booth, to Miss Eliza Williamson, both of Salford.

Died On the 23d ult. the rev. Nicholas Earle, M.A. rector of Snerford with Showell, and formerly fellow of Maadalen college. The living is in the gift of tho president and fellows of that 10ciety. Mr. Earle was appointed to the rectory in 1782.


Died.—At Bath, the rev. W. II. Whito, vicar of St. Mary, liecdin, Canterbury.

Aged 73, the rev. Jeremiah Dixon, M.A. upwards of 44 years incumbent of the parochial chapelry of Woolley, near Wakefield.

Aged 70, the rev. James Bernard, rector of Combeflory, in the county of Somerset, and of Stoodleigh, in the county of Devon.


Married.At Barton-nnder-Needwood, the rev. John Charles Lucona, B.A. df Brasenosc college, Oxford, and of North Cray, Kent, to Mary Catherine, eldest daughter of James Harrison, esq. of Barton hall, Staffordshire.


Married.At Streatham, the rev. G. D. Whitehead, domestic chaplain to Lord Monson, vicar of Saxilby, &c. to Ingcr Maria, daughter of G. Wolff, esq. of Balham.

Tho rev. Robert Burls, of Maldon, to

Mary, second daughter of Death,

esq. of Hunsdon, Herts.

Married.At Mortlake, the rev^J.T. James, to Maria Anne Jano, daughter of Frederick Reeves, esq. of East Sheen.

At Clapham, tho rov. W. F. Cobb, ill.A. of Nettlestcad, Kent, second son of Francis Cobb, esq. oi Margate, to Mary, second daughter of P. Blackburn, esq. of Clapham.

SUSSEX. Married.—At Brighton, the rev. T. Roy, vicar of Woburn, Bedfordshire, to Miss Hanson, otTtegency-square.


Married.—The rev. William Bowyer Adderley, oiFdlongley hall, to Caroline, youngest daughter of the late John Taylor, esq. of Moseley hall, Worcestershire.


Married.—At Leeds, the rev. Samuel Crawford, to Louisa Ann, daughter of the late rev. W. Wood.


Married.—At Freshwater, the rev. Robert Oukman, B.A. of St. Alban halt, Oxford, late curate of Holy rood church, Southampton, to Miss Cotton, of Frethr mater.

At Yarmouth, the rev. James Coyte, M.A. of Farnham, Suffolk, to Mary Ann, youngest daughter of F. R. Reynolds, esq. of Yarmouth.


Married. The rev. Mr. Edwards, curate ofTowyn, Merionethshire, to Miss Edwards, of that place.

The rev. J. Deake, rector of St. Athnu, Glamorganshire, and of St. Bride's, Xctherwent, Monmouthshire, to Mrs. Taylor, widow of Captain Taylor, of the 5th Royal Veteran Battalion.

Died.—At Narberth, the rev. Stephen Morse, rectoro(Kilrhedyn and Macnochlog-ddw, and oneofhis Majesty's justices of the pence for the county of Pembroke.

Aged 43, the rev. D.H. Saunders, B.A. rcctot of Ambleston, Pembrokeshire, and curate of Stainton church, near MilforA.

The rev. Watkin Williams, tricar of Nantglyn, Denbighshire.

[blocks in formation]

A. Elton, bart. of Clevendon court, Westmoreland, to Mary, daughter of the late William Stewart, esq. of Castle Stewart.

The rev. Robert Allen, of Stewartstown, to Sarah Jane, third daughter of Samuel Little, esq. of the same place.

At Balcairn, the rev. J. S. Ballater, to Charlotte, daughter of F. Farquharsoo, esq.


Married.—The rev. R. Stevolly, to Sophia, second daughter of the late rev. E. Herbert, archdeacon of Aghadoe, and chancellor of Christ church, Dublin.'

The rev. W. Wauchope, of Ballymena, to Jane, eldest daughter of William Adams, esq. of Randalstown.

The rev. W. Macouchy, to Anne Lot ilia Kiag, third daughter of the lato S. King, esq. of Granby-row.

At Wellbrook, in his80thyear, the rov. James Mcara, rector otFreshford, &c.



The Fourth Volume of the Village Preacher. By a Clergyman of the Church of England. 12mo. S».

Five Sermons, on several Occasions, preached before the University of Oxford. By R. Whateley, M.A. Fellow of Oriel CoUege. 4s.

Conversations on the Bible. By a Lady. limo. 7s.

The Articles of Religion practically considered; in a Sermon preached at Crambe, Yorkshire, October 5, 1833, on taking Possession of Die Living. By the Rev. J. Richardson, M.A. of Queen's College, Oxford. Is. oil.'

A Prophetical Connection between the .Old Testament and the New. Is.

An Explanation of Dr. Watts's Hymns for Children, in Questions and AnswersBy I Lady. 8(3.

Evidences of a Future State. Part 2. By the Rev. T. Watson. 8vo. 6s.

An Essay on the Nature and Design of Scripture Sacrifices; in which the Theory of Archbishop Magee is controverted. By the late Rev. J. Nicol, Minister of the Parish of Traquair, near Peebles. 8vo. 12s.

Sermons, by the late Rev. T. N. Tollor, of Kettering; with a Memoir of the Author, by the Rev. R. Hall, A.M. of Leicester. 8vo. 10s.

A Monitor to Families; or Discourses on some of the Duties and Scenes of Domestic Life. By the Rev. H. Belfrage, Minister in Falkirk, l'.'mo. 7s. 6d.

The Doctrines of General Redemption, as held by the Church of England and by the early Dutch Arminians, exhibited in their Scriptural Evidence, and in their Connection with the Civil and Religions Liberties of Mankind. By James Nichols. 8vo. 16*.



The Parables of our Blessed Saviour, practically explained; selected from the larger Commentary of Dean Stanhope. By the Rev. C. M. Mount, M.A. Minister of Christ Church, Bath. In a duodecimo

A Commentary on the Vision of the Prophet Zecbariah, with a corrected Translation, and critical Notes. By the Rev.

Dr. Stonard, Rector of Aldingham. In one volume. 8vo.

A Volume of Sermons, in 8vo. By the Rev. John Coates, A.M. late Vicar of Hudderefield, and formerly Fellow of Catherine Hall, Cambridge. . An improved Edition of Millburn's Ori. ental Commerce; or the East India Trader's Complete Guide: abridged and brought down to the present time. By Thomas Thornton. In one large volume. 8vo.

Memoir of the lale Francit Hyde Wollaston, B. D. Archdeacon of Essex, Sfc. Sfc.

Thk subject of this Memoir was educated, on the foundation of the Charter-House, from whence he removed to Sidney College, Cambridge, and obtained the high honour of Senior Wrangler in the <ripos of 1783. Soon after he was appointed lecturer in that college; and subsequently he became fellow and tutor of Trinity Hall. He held the office of Moderator in the Senate House Examinations in 1788 and 1789. In 1702 he was appointed Jacksoniaii Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy; which place he held till the year 1813; having delivered no less than twenty-one courses of lectures. His ecclesiastical preferments were the rectory of S. Weald and the -vicarage of Cold Norton, in Essex, the rectory of West Deithain, in Norfolk (the presentation to which benefice is vested in his family); together with the Archdeaconry of Essex, to which he was collated by the present bishop of London, in 1814. He died in London, October 12, 1823, at the house of his brother, Dr. Wollaston, having gone to bed at a very late hour in perfect health, and being found in the morning a corpse. His death was the effect of apoplexy.

In this short Memoir, it is not our purpose to dwell minutely upon the long and arduous services performed in the University of Cambridge by this distinguished person, in the various offices of Moderator, Fellow and Tutor of Trinity Hall, and Jacksoniaii Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy. The latter office he held for the long space of twenty-one years, and in the discharge of the duties attached to it, he distinguished himself uot less by his diligent and unceasing

assiduity, thau by his clear and comprehensive views of all subjects connected with the science which it was his duty to illustrate and to teach.

The Archdeacon was not, however, a mere theoretical philosopher; mathematical and chemical knowledge recommended themselves to him, not only as an exercise of the mental faculties, but as contributing to the comfort of mankind, whilst they raise our views to the great Artificer of the Universe, to the order and beauty of his creation. His invention of the Barometrical Thermometer, will be a lasting monument of his skill in applying to practice previously existing theorems, and in combining known principles for the more distinct elucidation of one particular point. This tribute of applause to the Archdeacon's merits, as a mathematician and a philosopher, we could not in justice withhold; it enhances our estimation of his character, when we perceive, that the pursuits of science, aud a long intercourse with the society of an University,' were so far from rendering him unfit for the discharge of the more active duties of public life, that they seem to have contributed, in no small degree, to increase those natural powers of speedy decision and sound judg. merit, which he displayed in the discharge of the public duties of his Archdeaconry. In filling that high and important office, he considered himself, in a literal sense, the servant of the Church. He watched with the greatest vigilance over every part of his charge; there was no place, however remote or obscure, which did uot experience the advantage of his personal inspection; he spared no labour of body, or toil of mind, to preserve the Clergy within his charge, in active attention to their duties, whilst he applied an extensive knowledge of the civil aud ecclesiastical law, to

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