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additional Churches in populous of Middlesex ; Chorley, in the county of Parishes.

Lancaster; Farnworth, in the parish of

Dean, in the county of Lancaster; Dews. SINCE His Majesty's Commissioners made bury Moor, and Hanging Heaton, in the their last Report, ELEVEN churches and parish of Dewsbury, and county of York; chapels have been completed, at Erding. Belper, in the parish of Duffield, and ton, in the parish of Aston and county of county of Derhy; Gateshead, in the counWarwick; in the parish of Saint Augus, ty of Durham ; Greenwich, in the county tine, in the city of Bristol; Camberwell, of Kent; at Pimlico, and in Regent-street, in the county of Surrey ; Pudsey, in the in the parish of St. George, Hanover-square, parish of Calverley and county of York; and county of Middlesex; Ridderminster, Hackney, in the county of Middlesex; in the county of Worcester; Norwood, Hogbton, in the parish of Leyland in the Brixton, Kennington, and in the Waterloo county of Lancaster; in Wyndham-place, Road, in the parish of St. Mary, Lambeth, in the parish of Saint Mary-le-bone and and county of Surrey; Quarry Hill, Wood county of Middlesex; Nuneaton, in the house, and in Meadow-lane, in the parish county of Warwick; in King-square, in of Leeds, and county of York; Leicester, the parish of Saint Luke, Old-street, and in the county of Leicester; Tyldesley, in county of Middlesex ; Workington, in tlie the parish of Leigh, and county of Lancascounty of Cumberland ; and at Stanley, in ter; Camp Field, and Salford, in the the parish of Wakefield and county of parish of Manchester, and county of LanYork. These churches and chapels afford caster; Langham-place, and Staffordaccommodatiou for six thousand five hun street, in the parish of St. Mary-le-bone, dred and eight persons in pews, and for and county of Middlesex; Beckford-place, eight thousand six hundred and twenty- and in Great Suffolk-street, in the parish seven poor persons in free seats ; that eight of St. Mary Newington, and county of of these churches and chapels have been Surrey ; Stand, in the parish of Prestwich consecrated, and divine service is regular cuim Oldham, in the county of Lancaster; ly performed therein, and the remainder Regent-square, and Somers-towu, in the will be consecrated within a few weeks. parish of St. Pancras, and county of MidThat in the whole, twenty-six churches dlesex ; Fylde Road, and in the Parks, in and chapels bave been completed, wbichi, the parish of Preston, in the county of according to the allowance of twenty in Lancaster; Attercliffe, in Broad Lane, and ches for each person, the scale assumed by near the Infirmary, in the parish of ShefHis Majesty's Commissioners, will afford field, and county of York, West Bromaccommodation for thirteen thousand six wich, in the county of Stafford; in the hundred and twenty-four persons in pews, Hoxton division of the parish of St. Leoand for twenty-three thousand and twenty nard Shoreditch, in the county of Middle-' six poor persons in free seats, making a sex; Stockport, in the connty of Chester; total provision for thirty-six thousand six and at Alverthorpe, in the parish of Wakehaudred and fifty persons; but as the as- field, and county of York; that according sumed scale is greater than is actually re. to the seturns made by the Architects, quired for each person, the acconimoda- twenty-four of these churches and chapels tion will in fact extend to a much greater will be completed in the course of the number; and it is particularly gratifying present year. His Majesty's Commisto His Majesty's Coumissioners to be sioners have also received Plans, which enabled to add, that, from the information are under consideration, for eighteen which they bave received from the places churches and chapels, to be built at the where new churches and chapels have been following places; Dale End, in the parish erected, that the sittings in pews are of St. Philip, Birminghany, in the county mostly engaged, and that the free seats in of Warwick; Lower Darwen, Mellor, general are fully occupied.

aud Over Darwen, in the parish of BlackHis Majesty's Commissioners have fur- burn, and county of Lancaster; Bishop ther to report, That Forty-four churches Wearmouth, in the county of Durham; and chapels are building at the following Clerkenwell, in the county of Middlesex; places:-Ashton-uvder-Lyne, in the coune Earls Heaton, in the parish of Dewsbury, ty of Lancaster; Bermondsey, in the and county of York; Netherton, in the county of Surrey; Bolton, in the county parish of Dudley, and county of Worcesof Lancaster; Shipley and Wilsden, in the ter; in North Audley-street, in the parish parish of Bradford, and county of York; of St. George, Hanover-square, and county Brixham, in the county of Devon ; in the of Middlesex; Liverpool, in the county parish of St. Luke, Chelsea, in the county of Lancaster; Hulme, and in Travis

street, in the parish of Manchester, and liave great satisfaction in reporting that in county of Lancaster; in the Portland- the discharge of a very important part of the road, in the parish of St. Mary-le-bone, duty entrusted to them, they have, in ad and connty of Middlesex ; Oldham, in the ditiou to the districts specified in their last parish of Oldham cum Prestwich, and Report, assigned districts to the four nex county of Lancaster; Mile-end, in the churches built, or to be built in the parish parish of Portsea, in the county of Sonth of St. Mary-le-bone, in the county of ampton ; Ramsgate, in the county of Kent; Middlesex; that the division of the parisk Sheffield Moor, in the parish of Sheffield, of St. John, Hackney, in the county of and county of York; and in the Hage Middlesex, into three distinct rectories, gerstone division of the parish of St. Leo has been completed; and that they are nard Shoreditch, in the county of Mid taking the necessary steps for assigning dlesex.

districts to the new church built at CamHis Majesty's Commissioners have fur berwell, in the county of Surrey; and the ther to report, That Plans for ten churches chapels at Stepney, in the county of Midand chapels to be built in the parish of dlesex; and at Brixham, in the conaty of Bethnal-green, in the county of Middle. Devon; whereby they will secure a due sex; in the parish of St. Martin, in the pastoral superintendence to these extentown of Birmingham, and county of War- sive and populous parishes. wick; in the Hans Towo division of the By the foregoing Statement, it well apparish of St. Luke, Chelsea, in the county pear, that twenty-six churches and chapels of Middlesex ; Edmouton, in the county have been completed; that forty-four are of Middlesex; in the parish of St. George in progress ; that plans for eighteen in the East, in the county of Middlesex; cherches and chapels are under consideraHighgate, in the parishes of Hornsey, Is- tion; and that plans for ten churches and lington, and St. Pancras, in the county of chapels have not yet beer, received. Middlesex; in the parish of St. Andrew, The Exchequer Bills, which have been Holborn, in the county of Middlesex; at issued to this day, amount to the sam of Kensington, in the county of Middlesex; four hundred and fifty-nipe thousand eight in the parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, hundred ponnds. in the county of Middlesex; and in the His Majesty's Commissioners, under the parish of St. Luke, Old-street, in the hope of obtaining aid towards the erection county of Middlesex, have not yet been of new churches and chapels, which they received,

had been under the necessity of rejecting His Majesty's Commissioners have fur from the wayt of nieans of complying ther to state, That they have advanced by therewith, have deenied it expedient to set way of loan, the sum of one thonsand five forth such applications on the present ochundred pounds, to the parish of Barnsley, casion, in consequence of the number of in the county of York; and seven hundred such applications having very cousiderably and thirty-one pounds, to the parish of increased, Chorley, in tbe connty of Lancaster, to enable them to purchase land for new bu

C. CANTUAR. rial grounds; aud that they are taking the

E. EBOR. necessary steps to enable the parish of

W. LONDON, Camberwell, in the county of Surrey; the

G, Winton, parish of Bridgewater, in the county of

LIVERPOOL Somerset; the parish of St. John, in the

B. C. STEPHENSON. town of Swansea, and county of Glamor

Jos, HOLDEN Port, gan: the parish of Knaresborough, in the

STOWELL, county of York; and the parish of Padi

J. NICHOLL. ham, in the county of Chester, to obtain

BEXLEY, additional burial grounds; and the parish

HARROWBY. of St. George, Bloomsbury, in the county

JOSHUA WATSON. of Middlesex, to obtain land for a site for a Great George Street, new chapel. His Majesty's Commissioners 17th June, 1824.


Barbe, R. F. St. to the living of Stockton, Phelps, Wm. M.A. of Mellifont Abbey, . Wills; Patron, thọ Bishop of Win n ear Wells, to the vicarage of Meare, CHESTER.

near Glastonbury. Carer, T. to the rectory of Haccombe, Rose, C. B.D. of Lincoln college, Oxford, Devou.

to a preachership at Whitehall, PaClapp, J. C, to the rectory of Culsten, tron, The BISHOP OF LONDON.

Wilts; Patron, the LORD CHANCELLOR, Safford, James Cutting, B.A. to the vi. Chichester, J. H.J. Lo the rectory of Ar carage of Mettingham, Norfolk; Palington, Devon,

troness, Mrs. SAFFORD. Crookshank, G. B. A. curate of Charlton Shcepshanks, J, M.A, minister of Trinity

Mackrell, Somersetshire; to be domes church, Leeds, to the vicarage of Saint tic chaplain to the Countess Dowager Gluvian, Cornwall. of Cloninela

Symons, J., D.D, late fellow of St. John's Evans, J. to the rectory of Penbedoo

college, and chaplain to bis Royal HigliLlan Flhangel, in the county of Pem ness tho Duke of Cambridge, to the broke ; Patron, the Lond CHANCELLOR.

vicarages of St. Martin's and All Fane, E. M.4. to the prebendal stall of

Saints', at Hereford; Patron, rev. Mr. Lyme and Halstock, in the Cathedral Northey.

Church of Salisbury; Patron the KING, Thomas, G. to the vicarage of Cardigan; Fenton, S. to the vicarage of Fishguard, Patron, the Lord CHANCELLOR.

Pembrokeshire ; Patron, the LORD Varsittart, W. M.A. of Ch. Ch. Oxford, CHANCELLOR.

to be a prebendary of the Cathedral Fetton, W.C. to the rectory of Cowthorp,

church of Carlisle ; Patron, The KING. Yorkshire ; Patron, T. V. BLAND, Esq. of Kippax Park.

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, Hale, W. H. M.A. of Oriel college, Ox

July 24. ford, and preacher at the Charter Mr. Robertson, Commoner of Exeter House, to be examining chaplain to college, Dr. T. P. Hutton, Commoder of the Bishop of Chester.

Balliol; Mr. Hughes, Mr. Pilkington, Herson, W, vicar of Swansea, to a pre and Mr. Wetherell, were elected demies bendal stall in the Cathedral Church of of Magdalen. St. David's. .

July 26. Hodson, G. chaplain to the Bishop of R. Tawney, B.A. Trin; and rev, S.H.

Lichfield and Coventry, to the rectory Knapp, B.A. Merton, were eleeted felof Christ Church, Birmingham; Patron, lows of Maydalen. the LORD BISHOP,

R. G. C. Fane, rev. J. Cox, and rev. Houston, R. R. to the rectory of Artwick, R. M. Wbite, demies of Magdalen, were

with the vicarage of Artsey, Bedford elected probationary fellows of that So. skire ; Patron, RobT, HOUSTON, Esq. ciety. Carshalton, Surrey.

August 9. Jenkyns, R. D.D. to the prebend of "At the Visitation of Abingdon School,

Dinder, in the Cathedral church of Mr. W. R. Browell and Mr. G, W. Ma

Wells ; Patron, the LORD CHANCELLOR, hon, were elected scholars of Pembroke Knight, -, late of Halifax, to the perpe college, on the foundation of Thomas tual curacy of St. Paul's church, Shef. Tesdale, Esq.

August 13, Knott, J. M. late of Lincoln college, Ox M r. G. W. Heathcote was admitted a

ford, to the vicarge, of Wormleighton, fellow of New College. Warwickshire ; Patron, EARL SPENCER,

Auyust 19. Landen, J. W.R. to the rectory of Lillin Mr. W. Goddard, B.A. scholar of Jesus,

ston, Love. Oxfordshire ; Patron, the was elected a fellow of that Society. · LORD COANCELLOR. Lerris, B. to the rectory of Kill Rhedin,

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. Pembrokeshire; Patron, the LORD

The annual prize at Caius college, for CHANCELLOR.

the Latin oration on the different imOverton, J. M.A. of Trinity college, Cam.

provements in physic since the time of bridge, to the perpetual curacy of Bil.

Dr. Cajus, has been adjudged to G. F.. son, in Holderness; Patron, hon, and

H. Greenhalgh, M.B. of that Society.

August 1. rev, W. H. DAWNAY.

Messrs. G. 0. Townshend and W. Palmer, w, to the rectory of Pettes, worth, Warwickshire ; Patron, the

Blunt, of King's college, were admitted LORD CHANCELLOR.

fellows of that Society, Patteson, W. F. B.A, to be chaplain to

ORDINATIONS, the Great Hospital in Norwich, and

July 25. curate of the parish churca of St. He By the Lord Bishop of Bath and len's.


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DEACON.-T. S. Escolt, Balliol.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. PRIESTS.-T. B. Conoy, B.A. Balliol; Married-The rev.J.Hind, M.A. F.A.S. c. Harbin, B... Wadham; G. S. Lake, follow and tutor of Sidney Sussex college, B.A. Queen's; R. Messiter, B.A. Corpus Cambridge, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Christi ; and W. Pyne, B.A. Pembroke, the rev. J. Stoddart, head master of the Oxford; W. Gane, S.C.L, Trinity h. and Grammar School, Northampton. W. Hyde, B.A. Emmanuel ; H. C. Brice,

DEVONSHIRE. B.A. Christ; E. H. Cosens, B.A. and T. Married. At Great Torrington, the Sidney, B.A. Catherine h. Cambridge. rev. Wm. Johnson Yooge, M.A, fellow of - PRIESTS.-D. S. Perkins, B.A. Trin. King's college, Cambridge, and rector of and W. T. Hopkins, M.A. Pem. Oxford. Rockburne, Hants, to Elizabetb, youngest

By the Bishop of Worcester. daugbter of the rev. Peter Wellinglon Dracons. — J. M. Chapman, B.A.


- At Darlish, the rev. William Hames, Exeter; J. Davies, B.A. Jesus ; E. W.

M.A. rector of Chingford, to Jemima Wakeman, B.A. Wadham ; and T. Hol. way, B.A. St. John's, Cambridge.

Belinda, youngest daughter of the rev. J.

D. Perkins, D.D. vicar of Darlish.
August 1.

- The rev. J. W. Button, of Collupton, By the Lord Bishop of Salisbury. to Miss B. B. Kelson, daughter of the DEACONS.-J. Still, B.A. St. Mary h.

late Mr. T. Kelson, of Farmborough. and J. T. Hawley, B.A. St. John's, Ox Died.–At Appledore, the rev. Richard ford; H. Moule, B.A. St. John's, Cam Evans. 'bridge ; A. E. Davies, B.A. St. Mary h. ; At Plymouth, in his 84th year, the rer.

J. Gandy, M.Á. prebendary of Exeter, Talbot, B.A. Christ Church; and W.

and vicar of St. Andrews, in the former Hutchinson, M.A. Brasenose, Oxford ;

place, where he had been minister 60 A. Williams, B.A. Pembroke h.; and J.

years. Hooper, B.A. St. John's, Cambridge; W.

, DORSETSHIRE. W. Gale, B.A. Pembroke, Oxford; J. Married.- At Shaftesbury, the rev. J. Wilder, B.A. King's, Cambridge; H. J. J. G. Dowland, M.Å. of Wadham college, Legge, B.A. St. Alban h. Oxford ; T. J.

Oxford, rector, of Turnworth, and ricar T. Salisbury, S.C.L. Trinity h. ; and T. of Whitechurch, lo Harriet, youngest Hollway, B.A. St. John's, Cambridge.

danghter of Mr. Buckland, of ShaftesPRIESTS.-E. Neale, Magdalen; and T. Taylor, B.A. Catharine h. Cambridge ;

ESSEX. T. Bullock, S.C.L. St. Alban h. Oxford;

Married.–At Barking, the rev. W. R. H. Pixell, B.A. Clare h. Cambridge ; J. Skilton, B.A. of St. John's college, CamSloper, B.A. Queen's, Oxford; G. Hebcr- bridge to Maria third danchter

bridge, to Maria, third daughter of Mrs. den, B.A. St. John's, Cambridge.

Biggs, of the Manor,
August 8.

At Bocking, the rey. Peter Sibree, of By the Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Withersfield, to Mildred Mary, eldest Coventry,

daughter of the late Mr. Joho Burder, of Deacons. - R. Wrottesley, B.A. J. Finchingfield. Wood, B.A. Christ Ch. Oxford; and T. 1. GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Nunns, B.A. St. John's; and W. Win Married. The rev. S. Lloyd, M.A. of throp, B.A. Clare hall, Cambridge. South Cerney, to Mary, eldest daugbter

PRIESTS.-A. Belcher, B.A. Trinity, of the late W. Arkers, Esq. of Tillidorn Cambridge; T. Darran, B.A. Trinity, . house, near Dursley. Dublin ; T. H. Harding, Brasenose, Ox

The rov. Jobn Ashley, of Ashley ford ; and G. Norman, B.A. St. Peter's in Jamaica, and of Clifton, to Catharine, college ; and J. T. Hinds, B.A. Trinity, tbird daughter of the late Cbarles Ward, Cambridge,

Esq. of Dublin.

Died.--At Chunham, the rev. Charles MISCELLANEOUS INTELLIGENCE. Palmer, M.A. vicar of that place, with

the chapelry of Bulley annexed, and per. BERKSHIRE.

petual curate of St. Catherine's. Married. The rev. F. J. Hilliard, rec

HANTS. tor of Little Wittenham, to Mary eldest

Married.At Christ Church, by the daughter of J. Duthy, Esq. of Ropley,

rev. Francis Stonbewer Newbold, M.4. Hants.

and fellow of Brasenose college, Oxford, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

the rev. George Edge Larden, M.A. of Married. At Burnham, tbe rev .H. A. the above college, to Eliza Ellen, eldest S. Attwood, M.A. of Queen's college, daughter of the late George Marsden, Cambridge, to Miss C. Evans, third Esq. of Liverpool. daughter of the rov. L. Evans, vicar of At Millbrook, near Southampton, the Froxfield, Wilts.

rev. T. Atkins, of St. John's college, Died. — At Cheynies, the rev. W. Cambridge, and of Langley, Bucks, to Morris, M.A. many years rector of Caroline, only daughter of Joseph NewCheynies and of Foxley, Wilts.

man, Esq. of the former place. .


of Sir Robert Baker, of Berners-street, Married.-At Norton Canon, the rev. to Frances, daughter of the late John T. Stacey, M.A. of Jesus college, Oxford, Prescott, Esq. of St. Petersburgh, and vicar of Roath, Glamorganshire, to

"NORFOLK. Mary Ann, youngest daughter of the late Married. - At Ormesby, the rev. T. J. Richards, Esq. of Cardiff. '

H. Copeman, M.A. late of St. John's KENT.

college, Cambridge, to Agnes Hester, Married.--At Lewishan church, by the eldest daughter of T. Fellowes, Esq. rev. Robert Lynam, the rev. Thomas N. The rev. J.C. Matchett, M.A. of CongStevens, B.A. of St. John's college, Cam ham, uear Lynn, to Eliza Janette, eldest bridge, chaplain to the East India Come daughter of the late rev. C. R. Dade, pany, to Frances Mary, only daughter of M.X. rector of Denver. the late Captain John Major.

Diod.-In his 60th year, the rev. John At Goadhurst, the rev. Ť. Wyatt, M.A. Warren, M.A. rector of Tacolneston. of Trinity college, Oxford, incumbent NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. minister of Wroxton and 'Balscot, and Died.—The rey. E. Vardy, 40 years domestic chaplain to the Earl of Guil. rector of Yelvertoft, and 42 years inford, to Elizabeth, second daughter of cumbent of Markei Harborough, Leices. S. Nowington, Esq. of Goadhurst.

tershire. LANCASHIRE.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Married. The rev. J. Hollist, minis. Died.--At Wilford, near Nottingham. ter of St. James's church, Manchester, to tho rey. W. Leeson, D.D. one of the seElizabeth, only daughter of Mr. J. Hea nior fellows of Clare-hall, Cambridge. ton, of Salford.

OXFORDSHÍRE. The rev. T. E. Bridges, D.D. presi. Married.-At Clifton, the rev. C. H. dent of Corpus Christi college, Oxford, Ridding, D.C.L. fellow of New college, chaplain to the Earl of Cassilis, to Je second master of Winchester college, and mima Sarab, third daughter of the late rector of Rolston, Wilts, to Charlotte, George Welsh, Esq. of High Leck.

daughter of the rev. T. S. Vigor, of the LEICESTERSHIRE.

York Crescent. Married.At Asfordby, the rev. Henry

Died. The rev. Francis Massingberd, Locking, M.A. to Mary, youngest daugh

M.A. fellow of Magdalen college, Oxford, ter of the late rev. T. Beaumont Bur. on the Lincolnshire Foundation. naby, rector of Asfordby.


Married. At Briton, by the rev. E. Married. At Barton on Humber, the Burges, the rev. R. S. Stevens, M.A. lato rev.J.B. Graham, M.A. fellow of Queen's fellow and sub-warden of Wadham cola college, Cambridge, to Louisa, only daugh

lege, and vicar of South Petherwyn and ter of the late R. Thorley, Esq.

Truen, Cornwall, to Miss Burgess, daughThe rev. T. Brown, rector of Leaden- ter of the late D. Burgess, Esq. formerly ham, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of of Bristol.. the rev. F. Swan, prebendary of Lincoln. · The rev. Gaius Roberts, B.A. to Han.

At Gainsborough, the rev. Joseph Cox, nah Susan, only daughter of the rey. T. M.A. fellow of Magdalen college, Oxford, Deacle, M.A. rector of Uphill. and master of Gainsborough School, to

STAFFORDSHIRE. Mary, fourth daughter of the late John Married.-At Rolleston, the rev. Os. Nettleship, Esq. of Gainsborough. wald Feilder, third son of R. Feilder,

Diod. The rev. Wm. Elliott, rector of Esq. of Didsbury, near Manchester, to Mablethorpe, St. Mary Staines, and 22 Anna Maria, second daughter of the rev. years curate of Benham, Esser.

J. Peploe Mosley, rector of Rolleston. MIDDLESEX.

SUSSEX. Married.--At Kensington Church, the 'Married.-The rev. A. P. Kelly, vicar right rev. Christophere Lipscomb, D.D.

of Little Hampton, to Miss Jenkin, of Bishop of Jamaica, to Miss Pope, daugh- Clewer Villa, Berks. ter of the late E. Pope, Esq. :

WARWICKSHIRE. • At the same place, the rev. W. Lloyd, Died. The rey. G. Loggin, M.A. of to Frances Mary, daughter of the late Trinity college, Oxford, and chaplain and W. Freeman, Esq.

assistant master of Rugby School. At St. George's, Hanover-square, the

YORKSHIRE. rev. T. Harding, of Dunville, county of Married.--At Bedale, the hon, and rev. Dublin, to Eliza Mary, widow of the late T. Monson, to Sarah, eldest daughter of W. R. Monro, Esq.

the late rev. Christopher Wyvill." At Hampton Court, the rev. R. Tred. - The rey. H. G. Lonsdale, M.A. to Anna croft, rector of West Itchnor, Sussex, to Maria, daughter of J. P. Heywood, Esq. Frances Catherine, only daughter of Sir of Wakefield... T. Pechell, bart.

At Sculcoates, the rev. E. Neale, of At St. George's, Bloomsbury, the rev. Magdalen college, Cambridge, to Mary, Richard Baker, chaplain to the British only daughter of Captain Newman, of residents in Hamburgh, and eldest son the former place,

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