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Oriel; J. Trollope, and G. II. Woods, of Queen's college, were elected scholars, · Wadham.

and H. Davidson, of St. Alban hall, exJune 18.

hibītioner of the same societyo DOCTORS IN DIVINITY.-Rev. W. H.

June 16. Coleridge, Christ Church, and Bishop of

The rev. W. R. Davies, M.A. was Barbadoes, and rev. J. Stedman, Pemb. elected fellow, and Mr. W. P. Powell, June 23.

scholar of Worcester eollege, on Sir T. BACHELORS IN DIVINITY.–Rev. C. H. Cooke's foundation. Collyns, Balliol, and rev. D. Evaos, Jesus.

June 17. BACHELORS OP ARTS.-E. Jones, Jesus, Mr. R. Gresswell, B.A. was elected and I. J. Horlock, Queen's.

fellow, and Mr. W. D. Harrison, scbolar . . June 25.

of the same college, on the foundation DOCTOR IN DIVINITY.-Rev.C.H. Col

of Mrs. S. Eaton. lyns, B.D. Balliol, and head master of The Chancellor's Prizes for this year Exeter school.

have been adjudged as follows:MASTER OF ARTS.-Rev. T. Harrison,

Latin Essay. “ Coloniarum apud St. Mary h, and rev. W. Knight, Exeter,

Græcos et Romanos inter se Comparagrand compounders; rey. W.c. Thomp

tio.” E. B. Pusey, B.A. of Christ Church, son, Wadham; rev. É. Kilvert, and H. A.

now fellow of Oriel college. Holden, Worcester; E. D. Ślade, and

English Essay." Athens in the time rev. H. A. Browne, Queen's; G. Radcliffe,

of Pericles, and Romo in the time of AuSt. Mary h.: W.'s. Gillett, and J. Gal. gustus.” W. R. Churton, B.A. of Queen's loway, Exeter; T. Lloyd, Christ Ch.; rey.

college, now fellow of Oriel college. J.C.Girardot, and hon. H.A. Rous, Brase.

· Latin Verses. — “ Babylon.” R. W. nose; W. Pole, and J. W. Egerton,

Mackay, commoner of

Sir ROGER NEWDIGATE's PB Balliol ; and rev. J. Grassett, University.

English Verse." The Arch of Titus." . BACHELORS OF ARTS.-M. H. G. Buc- J. T. Hope, commoner of Christ church. Kle, Wadham; W. H. West, Worcester ; . The names of those candidates, who G.Dundas, C. C.Walker, and W. Church- at the close of the public examination ward, Exeter; T. H. Dyke, Christ Ch.; this term, were admitted by the public rev. J. C. Pring, Jesus; G. R. Port, and examiners into the first and second C. M. Milner, Brasenose; P. W. Powlett, classes of Litere Humaniores and Disci. and G.D.A. Tyler, Trinity;H. D. Goring, plinæ Mathematicæ et Physicæ respecW. F. Harrison, demy, and J. H. Gray,

tively, according to the alphabetical arMagdalen; W. K. Bernard, Balliol; É.

rangement in each class prescribed by Stoneman, and A. Whalley, Pembroke; the statute, stand as follow: and J. White, and J. Hill, Oriel.

In the First Class of Literæ Humaniores, May 27. The following gentlemen of Westmine

J. P. Lightfoot, Ereter; T. Medland, ster school, were admitted Students of

Corpus Christi; R. Michell, Wadham ; Christ Church: D, 'Smith, W. L. Brown,

J. Sandford, Balliol ; R. Sankey, Corpus J.G. Phillimore, and H. Saunders, esqrs.

Christi. and the Hon. W.P. Amherst.

In the First Class of Disciplinæ Mathema. June 5. ' .

ticæ et Physice. Mr. L. A. Sharp, Mr. T. F. Laurence, W. Robertson, Exeter. and Mr. G. Adams, were admitted Scho.

In the Second Class of Lit. Humaniores. lars, and M. V. K. Child, Exhibitioner

W. R. Bernard, Balliol; T. B. Brett, of St. John's college, from Merchant

Christ ch.; M. H. G. Buckle, Wadham; Taylors' school, London.

J. M. Calvert, Oriel; H. Cary, Worces.; June 9.

P. Coles, Wadham; G. Dundas, Exeter ; In Convocation, the rev. C. Davies, E. Hawkins, Balliol ; J. Hordon, Ex. M.A. Fellow of Pembroke college, the eter; W. H. G. Langton, Magd.; J. rev. 0. Owen, M... Fellow of Jesus cole Menzies, Corpus Christi; F. Oakeley, lege, and the rev. R. W. Jell, M... Fel. Christ ch.; P.W. Powlett, Trin. ; C. Þ. Jow of Oriel college, were nominated Price, Pemb.; J. H. H. Tuckfield, Oriel ; Masters of the schools.

E. J. Wingfield, Christ ch.
June 12.

Litere Humaniores.
Mr. C. Palairet, Exhibitioner of N. Best, Balliol : A. Bloxham, S. But-
Queen's college, was elected scholar on ler. Worces ; H. E. Chamberlain, Exeter;
the Michel's or New Foundation.

J.G. Coyleston, Oriel ; J. Cox, St. Mary June 14.

h.; 0. J. Cresswell, Corpus Christi; E. The rev. J. Smith, M.A. scholar of Dix, Exeter; D. J. Eyre, Oriel ; c. Trinity college, was elected fellow of that Floyer, Trin.; F. Fulford, W. B. L. society; Mr. G. Dowell, (exhibitioner Hawkins, Exeter; T. Hope, Univer. ; or the same college) and W. J. Copeland, G. Kent, Corpus Christi; J. T. Mansel,

Christ Church; W. G. Meredith, Brase

Latin Ode.-Subject, nose ; 8. S. Palmer, Eceter; B. R. Per- Aleppo Urbs, Syriæ terræ motu funditus kins, Lincoln ; J. Perkins, Hon. T. A. Teversa. Powys, L. Parbrick, Christ church ; M. - To Benj. Hall Kennedy, St. John's. G. Sarjant, Qu. ; F. A. Sterky, Christ

Epigrams.-Subject, church; R. C. Thomas, Exeter; G. H. Scribimus indocti doctique Woods, Wadham.

To Winthrop Mackworth Praed, TriMathemat. et Phys.

nity. D. J. Eyre, Oriel.

The Porson prize for the best translaThe number of gentlemen to whom tion of a passage from Sbakspeare into testimoniums for Degrees were granted, Greck verse, was adjudged to Benj. Hall but who were not admitted into either of Kennedy, of St. John's. . the Classes, amounted to 138.

Subject,-Merchant of Venice, Act iv. Wm. Mason, esq. M.A. of Clare Hall, Sc. 1. beginning with Cambridge, has been admitted ad eumdem. Of a strange nature is the suit you folCAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.

low,Deyrees conferred May 26.

and ending with MASTER OF ARTS.-J. Hill, esq. Jesus. Shylock.--The penalty and forfeit of my BACHELOR OF ARTS.-G. Maxwell, St. bond." John's.

[From want of room the ORDINATIONS June 4.

are unavoidably postponed till our next DOCTOR ÎN CIVIL LAW.-Rev. D. G. Number.] Wait, St. John's, (compounder.) BACHELOR OF ARTS. - G. A. Paske,


June 11.

Married. The rev. Thomas Barber,
BACHELORS IN Divinity.-J.Jeo, B.D. rector of Houghton Conquest, to Frances,
Queen's, comp.; L. C. Powys, c.c.C.; eldest daughter of the rev. Dr. Moore,
R. Gwatkin, St. Joh. (comp.); R. N. of Thurleigh, Beds.
Adams, Sid. i J. W. Whittaker, St. Joh. ;

CAMBRIDGESHIRE. B. Michell, Emm.; W. L P. Garnons, .Dicd.-Io the 79th year of his age, the Sid.; G. Pearson, St. Jok. ; C. Smith, rev. Richard Bevie, of March, in the Isle Christ; J. Garrett, St. Peter's.

of Ely, the place of his nativity. · MASTERS OF ARTS.-Rev. T. Wood,

CORNWALL. Magd. ; H. Engleheart, Caius. :

Died. At Penzance, the rev. John BACU ELORS IN PEYsic. - G. Shaw, Jago, M.A. of Exeter college, Oxford, Caius ; H. S. Roots, Jesus.

and of Milton Abbot, Devon. LICENTIATE IN PEYSIC.-E. Lambert,


Married. - Rev. R. A. St. Leger, of BACHELOR OF ARTS.-A. Smith, St. Star Cross, near Exeter, to Charlotte, seJohn's.

cond daughter of Sir John Frederiek. May 27.

DERBYSHIRE E. Jacob, esq. M.A. was elected a se- Married, at Smalley, the rev. J. Blannior fellow of Caius coll. ; and E. Guest, chard, jun. of Middleton, near Beverley, esq. B.A. and J. P. Corey, esq. B.A. Yorkshire, to Ann, daughter of John were elected junior fellows of the samc Radford, esq. of Smalley. society.

* DORSET. June 4,

Married. The rev. Richard Pennell, The Chancellor's Gold Medal for thic M.A. of Lyme, Dorset, to Rebecca Maria best English poem, by a resident under- Hammett, relict of Richard Hammelt, graduate, was adjudged to Winthrop esq. and daughter of the late Charles Mackworth Praed, scholar of Trin. coll. Bowle, esq. of East Sheen, Surrey. Subject, ATUENS.

June 11.

Married. -- At Rickling, the rev. F. The. rev. G. Gaskin, D.D. of Oxford,

Horsley, rector of Matching, to Anno prebendary of Ely, and late secretary to

Jane, daughter of J. P. Judd, esq. the Society for Promoting Christian

: : GLOUCESTERSHÍRE. Knowledge, was admitted ad eundem of

Married.-At Miserden, the rer. T. this University.

Gordon Westfaling Freston, of Edg- June 19.

worth, to Emily, second daughter of John Sir William Browne's gold medals

Mills, esq. of the former place, wore adjudged as follows:

Died.--Al Umberlorne, the rev. J. R.

Greek Ode. Subject,

HANTS. -' raides 'Exnvwy lte

Married. The rev. C. Carr, rector of Ελενθερουτε πατρίδ, ελευλερoύτε δε

Ileadbourne Worthy, and of Burnby, Ilaidas, yuydiragąvov inép húrrwvdywv. Yorkshire, lo Miss Allisone, of Knores

To Benj. Hall Kennedy, St. John's.. thorpe House,


OXFORDSHIRE. Married. At Bayford church, the rov. Married. At St. Giles's church, by the H. Walter, B.D. F.R.S. fellow of St. rev. J. Ball, the rev. Joseph Hewlett, of John's coll. Camb., and professor in the Peppard, near Henley-on-Thames, and East India coll. Hertford, to Emily Anne, of Worcester college, in this ndiversity, youngest daughter of the late W. Baker, to Charlotte Elizabeth, eldest daughter esq. of Bayfordbury. .

of Mr. T. Hewlett, of the city of Oxford. KÉNT.

· Died.--Iu Trinity college, in the 63d Died.-At Blackheath, while on a visit year of his age, the rev. Thoms Lce, to a friond, in the 44th year of his age, D.D. president of that society. the rev. John Josias Conybeare, M.A. * SOMERSETSHIRE. prebendary of York, and vicar of Bathe - Married. -At St. Nicholas' church, aston, in the county of Somerset, which Bristol, tho rev. Thomas Gregory, of living is in the gift of the dead and chap-* London, to Mary, daughter of Peter ter of Christ Church, Oxford. Mr. Cony-' Mazo, Ésq. of Bristol. beare was elected student of that society, At Truli, the rev. D. S. Stone, to Isafrom Westminster college, in the year bella Anne, eldest daughter of the lato 1797 ; was professor of Anglo-Saxon from Captain T. Elphinstone, R. N. of Belair 1808 to 1812; professor of poetry from house, Devon. 1812 to 1821 ; and the last Bampton lec

SUFFOLK. turer. He was the son of the rev. Dr. Died.At Ipswich, in bis 80th year, Conybeare,rector of Bishopsgate, London, the rev. Thomas Reeve, rector of Brockand grandson of the rev. Dr.J.Conybeare, ley, and perpetual curate of Ilkelshall rector of Exeter college, from 1730 to St. Laurence, both in Suffolk. The rec1733, when he was chosen dean of Christ tory is in the gift of Joshua Grigby, esq. Church, and held that situation to his

SURREY. death in 1756.

Died.-At tbe parsonage, East HorseLINCOLNSHIRE.

ley, aged 70, the rev. John Owen, B.A. Married. The rev. R. Wright, B.A. rector of the above place, and of St. curate of Swineshead, near Boston, to Bennet's, Paul's Wharf, London, archElizabeth, eldest daughter of E. Purdon, deacon of Richmond, and chaplain genecsg.

ral to his Majesty's forces. Died.-At Welby, Dear Grantham, aged

Sussex 72, the rev. W. Dodwell, rector of Welby Married.At Brighton, the rev. J. and Stoke Rochford.

Wood, of Newton Hail, Middlewich, Che. - MIDDLESEX.

shire, to Mary, third daughter of the late ' Married. At Lambeth,the rev. Edward J. Nugent, esq. of Clay-hill, Epsom, and Allen, of Blackheath, to Anne, the only niece of the late right hon. Edm. Búrke. daughter of William Whitton, esq, of

WILTS. Stockwell Common.

Married. At the Cathedral, Sarum, At Mary-le-bone church, the rev. E. by the rev. Herbert Hawes, D.D. preCobbold, of Bloxhall, Suffolk, to Louisa, bendary, the rev. Henry Playsted Jeston, third daughter of the late rev.J. D. Ples- son of the rev H. Jeston, rector of Avon tow, of Orchard-street, Portman-square, Dassett, Warwickshire, to Elizabeth Purand Watlington, Norfolk.

; vis, second daughter of the late William At Mary-le-bone church, the rev. Wm. Eyre, esq. of Newhouse, Wilts. Robinson, son of sir J. Anderson, bart.

WORCESTERSHIRE. to the hon. Susannah Sophia Flower, Died.--At King's Norton, the Rer. oldest daughter of Viscount Ashbrook. Hugh Edwards, upwards of 40 years min

At St. George's, Bloomsbury, the rer. nister of that place. John Bayly, M.A. vicar of St. Merin,

WALES. Cornwall, and reotor of Chilthorne Dorner, Married -The rev. Watkin Edwards, Somersetshire, to Mary, eldest daughter curate of Llamblethian, Glamorganshire, of Thomas Valentine Cooke, Esq. of to Miss Sarah Powell, of Cwmusk, BreHertford-street, May-fair.

conshire. Died. At Chelsea, aged 67, the rey.

IRELAND. J. Dixon, rector of Sullington, Sur Married.--At Dublin, by his father, rey.

(the Lord Bishop of Cloyne) the rev. In New North-street, Red Lion-square, Archdeacon Warburton, to Alicia, young. in the 93d year of his age, the rev. Edw. est daughter of the late T. B. Isaac, esq. Garden, rector of Kington, Wilts, and of Holywood House, county of Down. nearly sixty years reader to Gray's Inn.


Married.--At Cronstadt, by the rev. E. Died.–At South Walsham Rectory, Law, the rev. R. W. Blackmore, chaplain aged 71, the rev. John Hunt, B.D. rector to the Russian Company at that place, to of that parish.

Mrs. Henbry, relict of John Henbry, esq. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.

of Archangel, and daughter of the lato Died.At Tuxford, agod 70, the rev. Andrew Elliott, esq. rear admiral in G. Waddivgton, vicar of that place. H. I. M. service.

MONTHLY LIST OF PUBLICATIONS. .. Thoughts on the present State of Po- Assistant Preacher at St. Paul, Coventpular Opinion, in Matters of Religion in Garden, and Evening Lecturer of St. England; addressed especially to the Na Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside. 8vo. 10s. 6d. tional Clergy. By the Rev. F. Mere- A Narrative of the Conversion and wether, M.A. Rector of Cole-Orton, Vicar Death of Connt Struensee, formerly Prime of Whitwick, &c. 2s. 6d.

Minister of Denmark. By Dr. Munter. A Sermon, preached at the Anniversary Translated from the German in 1774, by Meeting of the Stewards of the Sons of the Rev. Mr. Wendeborn. With an inthe Clergy in the Cathedral Church of St. troduction and Notes, by T, Rennell, B.D. Paul's, May 15, 1823. By the Rev. G. F.R.S. Vicar of Kensington, and Prebend D'Oyly, D.D. Rector of Lambeth, and of of South Grantham, in the Church of SaSundridge, Kent. 4to. 13. 6d.

lisbury. 8vo. 8s. A Sermon preached at St. John's The Pleasures of Society, a Poem, 8vo. Church, Clerkenwell, on Sunday, May 9, 28. 6d. 1824, when a Collection was made in bes' Gesta Romanorum ; or, Entertaining half of the General Philanthropic Society, Moral Stories ; 'invented by the Monks for the Relief of the Labouring Poor. By as a Fire-side Recreation. Translated J. Jebb, D.D. F.R.S. Bishop of Lime from the Latin ; with Preliminary Obserrick, Ardfert, and Agliadoe. 8vo. 1s, vations and Notes. By tlie Rev.C, Swan,

The House of God, its State and late of Catherine-Hall, Cambridge, 2 vols. Strength ; as these accord with the Mi. 12mo. 185. nistry of the Episcopal Church in Scot Narratives of Shipwrecks : coutaining land; in Two Discourses, delivered at the an Account of the Loss of the Lady HoOpening of the New Episcopal Chapel of bart Packet; of the Hon, East India Forfar, February 15, 1824. By the Rev. Company's Ship Cabalva; and of the CenJ. Skinner, A.M. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

taur and Litchfield Meu of War, 12mo. Sermons by the late Rev. J. R. Vernon, 25.


WORKS IN THE PRESS. The Rev. Thomas Huntingford has in and Bibliographical, intended as a Guide the Press, a Manual for the Sick ; con- to the Consultation of the most useful taining Prayers, and a Selection of Psalms Writers on Biblical Subjects, By Wilarranged in such a manner as may render liam Orme, Author of the Life of Jolm the reading them to the Sick more conve- Owen, D.D. will be published early in nient and advantageous.

July, in one Vol. 8vo. The Rev. Mr. Powlett will shortly pub- An Inquiry into the Sense in which our lish Christian Truths, in a Serics of Let. Saviour Jesus Christ is declared by St. ters, on the Trinity, the Atonement, Re- Paul to be the Son of God. Io Two Ser generation, Predestination, and on the mons preached before the University of indifference to Religion, einbracing the Oxford ; to which are added, Observamaterial points of the Tenets of the tions on some Passages in Mr. Belsham's Church of England.

Translation and Exposition of the EpisA Work, entitled Bibliotheca Biblica, tles of Paul the Apostle. By the Rev. a Select List of Books on Sacred Literać John Hume Spry, Minister of Christ ture; with notices Biographical, Critical, Church, Birminghiam.

NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENT. We beg to assure S. S. that the omission, of which he complains, was purely accidental; and shared by him with others. We are under too great obligations to our Correspondents, to treat any with disrespect. We may doubt the expediency of inserting a communication, but for the communication itself we are bound to be thankful.

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struction from the parents, he seems

immediately to have recognized in Luke ii. 29–32.

the lowly infant, that Person, to

whose coming he had been taught Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart by God to look forward with hope in peace, according to thy word: for

and faith.' Accordingly he gives mine eyes have seen thy salvation, which thon bast prepared before the face of

his testimony to the Divine character all people; a light to lighten the Gen- of Jesus, he openly proclaims him tiles, and the glory of thy people Israel. the Saviour of mankind, crying out,

in the words of the text, “ Lord, THESE are the words of the devout now lettest thou thy servant depart Simeon, on his entering into the in peace, for mine eyes have seen temple at Jerusalem, and beholding thy salvation." the child Jesus. It was the custom Such was the pious confidence of of the Jews, as we read in a pre- the holy Simeon--with such joyful ceding verse of the cbapter, at a rapture did he hail the birth of our certain time after the birth, to bring blessed Lord. He rejoiced that their male children and present them life had been spared to him to be. to the Lord. In conformity with hold the truly blissful event, which this established usage, Jesus was it had now been bis lot to see ac. now presented in the temple. complished. All other things he Simeon, by the inspiration of God, considered as nothing in compawas led to the same place at the rison with this great joy; having same time. It had been revealed witnessed this, he was content to to him by the Holy Ghost, that he die; he felt that he should depart should not see death, before he had in peace; that nothing remained seen the Lord's Christ. Full of now to attach him to this life that this expectation, and relying on he had obtained all the comfort he the secret revelation from God, he desired. also entered into the temple : and Here indeed was a subject of sinas soon as he beheld the holy cere and ardent joy. To behold child Jesus, he took him up in his that, to which, through a length of arms, and blessed God that he now time, we have stretched our distant saw that day of joy, to which he anxious hopes, is in itself a source had so long and anxiously looked of the greatest pleasure. But when forward. Without any previous in the consideration of real and solid · REMEMBRANCER, No. 68.

3 M

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