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read in evidence, for the purpose of confirming her testimony; but even then it would 1iave amounted to nothing more than a mere declaration by her as to the age of her son, made at a time when there was no motive on her part to misrepresent his age.—Rule refused.


This man was tried at the Devon Summer Assizes for murder; and had in fact made a confession to the Clergyman of his parish. The Clergyman was called as a witness, and stated that he had gone to the prisoner when he was in custody on the charge at a public-house in the village; that he put every one out of the room but the constable, and then addressed the prisoner, saying, that he did not come to him out of idle curiosity, or with any wish to indnce him to make a confession: that he dwelt with him on the heinonsness of the crime charged on him, and the denunciations of Scripture against it. He was then going on to state what the prisoner had said to him, but Mr. Justice Best interposed, and asked him, if he had previously warned the prisoner, that what he should say wonld be hereafter used as evidence against him. He answered in the negative, and the Judge thereupon refused to hear the statement. He thought that a confidence had been created, and an impression made on the prisoner's mind, by thi« sort of address from one standing in the relation of spiritual adviser and friend, which would throw him off his guard, and that no previous warning under such circumstances having been given, such a confession could not he considered purely voluntary.

We report this case, because we think it of great importance, and that great practical benefits may flow from its becoming well known and acted upon. All our readers who have been in the habit of attending courts of criminal justice, must have seen the great, perhaps

the excessive, scrupulousness with which the confessious of criminals are allowed to be given in evidence against them. We are not now to discuss whether the Judges have done right in carrying this so far as it has been carried, but there can be no doubt that the decision above reported is within the principle of the decided cases on the subject, and enlirely sanctioned by them. We think (he decision, also, may be made very useful. If a clergyman finds one of his parishioners charged with an offence, especially the weighty crime of murder, he is naturally anxious to visit him, to rouse his mind to proper reflections, to advise and comfort him; but his exertions are restrained, and the intercourse between the parties cannot be confidential, so long as it is apprehended that what passes be. tween them may hereafter be detailed against the prisoner on his trial. Whereas, if it be once understood that the intercourse is privileged and confidential, the minds of both are relieved; the minister does not fear to encourage the prisoner to the most unreserved communications, and the prisoner has no scruple in mjaking them to the minister, any more than to his attorney; at the same time that he makes them with ten times the profit to his most important interests. Perhaps there are few moments when a more powerful impression may be made by a minister known to, and respected by the criminal; but then the most entire confidence must subsist between them—without some such decision as this, no such confidence can exist, with it it may.


Blake, H. W. B.A. of Queen's college, Cambridge, to the rectory ofThurning, Norfolk, patrons, The Master And Ff.llo-»s Of That Society.

Browning, Fred, to the prebend of Uffeulmbe, Devon, and to the rectory of Titchwell, Norfolk, Patrons of the latter, The Provost And Fellows Of Eton College: of the former The Bishop Of Salisbury.

Burroughes, Thos. to be one of the domestic chaplains to bis Royal Highness the Duke of York.

Coker, John. B.CJ- and Fellow of New college, Oxford, to the rectory of Radcliffe, Buck*. Patrons, the Warden and Fellows of that Society.

Cooper, J. to the Third Mastership of St. Paul's School.

Daviet, J. B.A. Curate of Cheltenham, to the vicarage of Pauntley and perpetual curacy of Upleadon, Gloucestershire; patron, the Bishop Of GlouC ESTER.

Dieken, Aldersey, M.A. Fellow of .Sf. Peter's college, Cambridge, to the "free and endowed School of Tiverton; Patrons, The Feoffees And TrusTees Of The Said School.

Dunsford, James Hartley, of IF«r//i«m college, Oxford, and Vicar of Frampton-upon-Severn, in the county of Gloucetter, to be domestic chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire.

Evans, David, to the rectory of Jordanstone, Pembrokeshire.

Fetherson, C. to the living of Killodiernan, in tlic Diocese of Killaloe.

Heath, Charles, M.A. to be Evening Lecturer of Lymtngton, Hants.

Hutlos, J. H. to the vicarage of Leckfard, Hants; Patron, the rev. J. CutLer, Prebendary of Leckford.

Rtngsley,C. L.L.B. to the rectory of Bar

nack, Northamptonshire. Patron, The

Bishop Of Peterborough. Morse, J. to the vicarage of Oxenhall,

Gloucestershire ; Patron, The Bishop

Of Gloucester.

Ousby, J. to be chaplain to the House of Correction, Middlesex.

Richards, Dr. to hold tin Perpetual Cure of East Teignmouth, with the rectory of Stoke Abbot, -Dorset, by Dispensation.

Salwey, T. M?A. Fellow of St. Johns college, Cambridge, lo the vicarage of

Oswestry, Shropshire! Patron, Lord

Scholefield, 8. M A. of Trinity college,
Cambndtje, to the vicarage of Lud-
dington, Lincolnshire ; Patron, James
Lister, esq. of Ousejleet Granqe,

Simpson, H. W. M.A. of St. John's college, Cambridge, to be one of the domestic chaplains to the Duke Of BuckIngham AND Chamdos.

Steward, J. H. B.A. of Trinity college, Cambridge, to the vicarage of Swardestone, and to the consolidated rectories of Saxlingham Nethergate and Saxlingham Thorpe, Norfolk; Patron, John Steward, esq.

Stai, John, rector of Fonthill Gifford, to the prebendal Stall of Stratton, in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury, Patron, The Lord Bishop.

Taylor, Robert, M.A. of Trinity college, Oxford, to the rectory 0f Clifton Campville, Staffordshire.

Wdldy, Richard, M.A. domestic chaplain to the late right hon. Dowager Lady Vernon, to the rectory of Turner's Puddle, and vicarage of Afspuddle, Dorset. Patron, James Frampton Esc.'

White, R M of Magdalen college, Oxford, to the perpetual curacy of Woolley, Yorkshire. Patron, G. W. WentWobth, Esq.

Wilkinson, T. B.A. of St. John's college, Cambridge, to be domestic chaplain to the Marquis Of Londonderry.

Williams, J. B. curate of Neath, to the Living of Lantmit Major, with itiworni, Glamorganshire. Patrons, The Dean And Chapter Of Gloucester.


Degrees conferred, Jan. 14.

Masters Of Arts.— G. P. Clnather

Exeter college; H. A S. Atwood, &ueen'\

college; and J.Weld, and W. Burkitt.

5/. Edmund Hall.

Bachelors Of Arts E. Millard, Exeter college; T. V. Bayne, Jesus college; M. Goneste, Queen's college; and J. E. Jeffreys, and A. P. 8aunders, CArut Church.

January 22.

Doctor, In Civil Law—D. Williams, Head Master of Winchester, and late Fellow of New college.

Bachelors In Divinity.—W. T. Phillips, and M. Davy, Magdalen college.

Master* Of Arts.—P. W. Douglas, Christ church, grand compounder; M. Oxenden, Exeter college; J. Morse, Pembroke college; W. Gray, Chritt church; and T. L. Pain, Braaenote college.

Bacbelodh Of Arts.—C. Oakes, St. John's college; T. S. Hellior, Lincoln college; and G. H. Webber, H. L. Thomas, and F. A. Hyde, Chritt church. December 24,1823.

A. P. Saunders and F. W. Torrens, Commoners of Chritt church, were chosen Students; and the rev. J. Luptou, It.A. has been appointed chaplain of that Society, and has also been appointed chaplain of New college.

The number of gentlemen to whom Testimoniums for Degrees were granted, but who were not admitted into either of the Classes in last Michaelmas Term, amounted to 91.

January 22, 1824. In Convocation, Henry Dean, Fellow of New college, and Student in civil law, was unanimously elected Scholar in common law, on tho Vinerian Foundation.


Degrees conferred, Jan. 15. Houorahy Master Of Arts.—Sir Robert Gifl'ord, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. December 30, 1823.

The Prize for tho Hulsean Dissertation, 1823, was adjudged to William Clayton Walters, B.A. Fellon of Jesus college. Subject, The Nature and Advantage of the Influence of the Holy Spirit.

The following is the subject of the Hultean Dissertation for 1824.:—The Doctrines of our Saviour, as derived from the four Getpels, are in perfect harmony with the Doctrines of St. Paul, at derived from hit Epistlet.

The subjecti for Sir W. Browne's Gold Medals this year are,

For the Greek Ode, The beautiful exhortation to the Greeks at tho battle of Salamis, extracted from the " Pcrsae of jEschy lus" :—

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Scribimus indocti doctiquo.

Tho subject for the Seatonjan Prize Poem for the present year is—The Death of Absalom.

The rev. Henry Farish, B.A. of Queen't college is admitted a Fellow of that Society.

In conformity with the regulations passed by the Senate, March 13, 1822. notice has been given that the following will be the subjects of examination in the last week of the Leiit Term. 182-5.

1. The Acts of the Apostles.

2. PaJey's Evidences of Christianity.

3. The 1st aad 2nd Books of the Odyssey.

4. The 21st Book of Livy.

List of Honors for 1824.

Moderators.—John Philips Higman, M.A. Trin. coll.; Henry Hunter Hughes, M.A. St. John's college.

Wranglers.—Ds. Cowling,St. John's college; Bowstead, Corpus Chritti college; France, Trinity college; Buckle, Sidney college; Hall, Magdalen college; Collins, Christ college; Martin, Trinity college; Wedgwood, Chritt college; Arlett, Pembroke hall; Warden, Emmanuel church; Guest, CaiuJ college; Tenniin!, Trinity college; Cory, Caiut college; Qcilge, Catharine hall; Wilson, St. John's college; Saunders, Sidney college; Wailes, Catharine hall; Lutwtdgc, St. John's coll ; Chritt coll.; Start, Trim. coll.; Rising, Pembroke hall; Remington, Trinity college; Belville, Peterhouse college; Wood, Trinity college; Arnold, Cains college; Tliistleth watte, Trinity college; Gibson, Trinity college; Phillips, Jesus college; Crawloy, Magdalen college, Teeson, Clare hall; Sandys, Pembroke hall.

Senior Oct-toes.—Ds. Greaves, Corpus Chritti college; Atkinson, Pembroke college; Dayman, St. John's college; Parry, eeq. St. John's college; Walter, aq. Christ college; Gartou, Snecn's coll.; Burn, -hitin's college; Senkler, Cains coll.; WeUs, Sidney coll; FosUr, Trin. colt.; Lawson, St. John's coll-; Edwards, Trinity college; Malkin, Trinity college; Brown, St. John's college; Hammond, Corpus Christi college; Bromilow, John's college; Green, Emmanuel college; Fulcher, Sidney college; Benson, St. John't college; Gatenby, St. John't college, aq. iloimes, St. John's college, aq. Barham, Trinity college; Ruddock, St. John't college; Baines, Christ college; Fearon, .Emmanuel college; Smith, Trinity college; Carrighao, St. John's college, aq. Gurney, Trinity college.

Junior Oftihes.—Ds. Frost, Catharine hall; Dunderdnle, St. John's college: Mcllfsh, Trinity college; Crosland, Magilulen college; Worsley, Pembroke hall; Furlong, Sidney college; Williams, St. John1* college.


December 20.

By the Lonn Bishop Of Sausbuby, in

his Episcopal Palace. .

Ducom.-J. Langley, B.A. Magdalen college; U. Wood, St. Edmund Hall, and M. Cleueslc, 2ueen't college, Oxford.

Priests.—H. Allen, B.A. Trinity college; G. J. X. Spencer, B.A. University college; E. C. Ogle, M.A. Merlon, college; P. French, B.A. and E. D. Sladc, B.A. Queen's college, Oxford.

By the Loud Bishop or Exetk*. Deacons—R. Hole, S.C.L. Trinity college; C. E. Palmer, B.A.St. Peter's college; W. J. Pinwoll, B.A. Trinity college, and H. Thompson, B.A. St. John's college, Cambridge.

Priests.—W. H. Arundell, B.A. Cains college; and P. Brown, B.A. Sueen's colli ye, Cambridge.



Married.—At Bristol, the rev. G. E. OatFey, M.A. second son of T. Oatlcy, Cm), of Bishton Hall, Salop, to Helen Kinnaird, daughter of Major-Gcneral Dana, of Winlerhourne House, Gloucestershire.

The rev. W. Johns, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Pcrcivall, of Bristol.


Married.—(By the rev. C. Simeon, M.A.) the rev. 8. Leo, M.A. ot Queen's college, Professor of Arabio, in this University, to Mas. Palmer, of Regent-street, Loudon.

The rev. W. Richardson, of St. John's college, to Mary, eldest daughter of the rev. John Darwell, of Camp Hill, Warttichshire,

CHESTER. Died.—At his house, Millgate Hall, Stockport, aged 35, deeply regretted and deservedly respected by all ranks of society, the rev. Kclsa.ll Proscot, M.A.o! Brasenose college, Oxford, Incumbent of the Chapels of Marple and Chadkirk, and second son of the lato reef or of Stock


Died.—At Fenney Bent ley, the rev. J. Bowness, late perpetual curate of Brassington, aged 32.

Aged 75 years, the rev. MatthcwOIcrenshaw, minister of Mcller, where he had

faithfully discharged all the various duties oi his office for 42 years.

DORSETSHIRE. Died.—At the parsonage, Litton, aged 80, the rev. G. Frome, who was reotor of that parish upwards of 40 years.


Married.—The rev. Barr Dudding, of Kirhy, to Eliza, third daughter of George Lye, Esq. of Both. ^ 8

Died.—At Barling, the rev. James Salt, vicar of that parish, and also of Homdon on the Hill, and one of the minor canons of St. Paul's.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. MarriedAt Dondesn-ell, the rev. H Kett, Fellow of Trinity calleqe, Oxford, to Miss Maria White, of Charlton Kino,, near Cheltenham.


Died.—At Odiham, in the 28th year of his age, the rev. H. Washington, M.A Fellow of New college, Oxford.

At the Crown Inn, Lyndkurst, on Sunday morning, Dec. 28th, 1823, the Rev Mr. Charret, curate of tbe parish of MiC ford, near Lymington, aged about 30. He had been seriously indisposed, and wishing once more to visit his sister residing at Winchester, he had proceeded thus far on his journey, when the hand of death arrested hjs course. His body was removed to Mitford for interment.


Died.—Aged 54, the rev. J. G. Sherer, vicar of Godmersham and Ckalloci. and WestveU.

At Canter Jury, agod 74, the rev. James Ford, the Senior Minor Canon of the Cathedral of CArisf Church, and rector of St. George the Martyr, and of St. Mary Magdalene, in that city.

LEICESTERSHIRE Died—Tbe Rev. Charles Chew, vicar of Locking ton cum Hemington.


Married.—The rev. Alexander Stewart, of Barnet, to Ann Keiiah, eldest daughter of Mr. P.White, Brydges-street London* *'

Died.—At the house of his son-in-law, in Upper Bedford-place, Rnasel-square', in the 75th year of his age, the rev. John Lloyd, rector of Barnack, Northamptonshire.


Married—The rev. James Barrow, rector of Lopham, Norfolk, to Louisadaughter of the late Sir C. W. Malcl, Bart, of IFiloury House, Wilts.


Died.—At Middleton Cheney, the Rev. Francis Lloyd, M.A. late Student of Christ Church, Oxford, and an assistant master of Charter-hotue school.


Married.—At Wroxton, the rev. Thomas Rowley, M.A. of Christ Church, and bead master of the Free Grammar School, Bridgnorth, to Mary Anne, only daughter of James Farmer, esq. of Drayton, Salop.

Hied.—In the 74th year of his age, the rev. John Shaw, D.D. the Senior Fellow of Magdalen college, and vicar of South Tetherwyn, cum Treicen, in Corumall, universally esteemed and beloved for the manliness and vigour of his understanding, the sincerity and kindness of his heart, and tbe undeviating uprightness of his conduct. He supported bis last long illness, during which he experienced the never ceasing attentions of his friends, with admirable constancy and patience.


Married,—At Oldbury, the Rev. John Kendall, to Martha Theodosia, eldest daughter of Latham Blacker, esq.


Died.—Aged 74, the rev. Pigott, of Brochley Court.


Married. At Brochdish, the rev. C. Valentine, of Palyrave, to Ann, second daughter of Mr. T. Doughty, of the former place.

Died.—At Little Stonham, the rev. James Richard Vernon, morning preacher at St. Paul's Covent-garden, and evening lecturer at Bom Church, Cheapeide.


Married.At Clapham, the rev. J. Simpson, M.A. to Ann, widow of J. Long, esq. late of that place.

Died.—At Richmond, John,Ear) Cornwallis, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, and Dean of Durham, in his 81st year, he is succeeded iu the Earldom by his only son, James Mann, Visct. Broome.

At Barnes, the rev. Theopbilus Moulbrooke, LL.B. F.R.S.E.


Died.—Tbe rev. G. B. Oliver, rector of Glynde, Sussex, and vicar of Belgrave cum Itirstall, Leicestershire.

At his seat, Glyndbourne, near Lewes,

the rev. F. Tutte, Prebendary of Peterborough, at the great age of 95 yean. WARWICKSHIRE.

Married.—The rev. W. Richardson, of St. John's college, Cambridge, to Mary, eldest daughter of the rev. J. Darwell, of Camp Hill.

At Birmingham, the rev. Joseph Harling, M.A. of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, to Ann Mary, daughter of Mr. Townsond, of Winson Green House, near that town.


Married.At the Cathedral Charcb, Salisbury, the rev. William Fisher, M.A. and student of Christ Church, Oxford, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late William Cookson, D.D. cauon of Windsor.

At Chippenham, the rev. G. Crookshank, M.A. of West Charlton, Somerset, to Rosa, only daughter of tbe late Captain Robert Kelly, of Madras.


Married.At Otley, by the rev. H. Robinson, vicar, the rev. E. Hodgkinson, incumbent of Stainburn, and curate of Otley, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Jonas Whitaker, esq. of Greenholme, near Otley.

Died—Aged 44, the rev. Thomas Cntterill, M.A. perpetual curate of St. Paul's, Sheffield, and late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.


Married The rev. B. Isaac, of March,

to Mary Elizabeth Frances, youngest daughter of Ephraim Lee, esq. of the Terrace, Edmonton, Middlesex.


Married.—At Edinburgh, the rev. George Blyth, to Ellen Scott, eldest daughter of the late Henry Todd, esq.


Married.—By the rev«. C. W. Rea, of Buthnatu, the rev. Robert Magill, M.A- of Antrim, to Anne Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel Skelton, of the same place.


Died—At Boulogne, on tbe 4th ult. the rev. W. Tilt, in the 52nd year of bis age.


Died.—At Nice, aged 41, the hon. and rev. T. A. Harris, Prebendary of York and Salisbury, son of tbe late, and brother of the present Earl pf Malmeibury.

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