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Is a purely scientific preparation of Cod Liver Oil for the treatment of Incipient Consumption,

Scrofula, Rickets, Bronchitis, Whooping Cough, and all wasting discascs.
Pormula -Each Dose Contains': Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, 80 m. (drops), Distilled Water,

35 m. (drops), Soluble Pancreatin, 5 grains, Soda, % grain, Salicylic Acid, 4 grain.
DOSE.-Two teaspoonfuls alone or mixed with twice quantity of water, to be taken after
each mcal.
HYDROLEINE is a pancreatized Cod Liver Oll preparation of pure Norwegian

Cod Liver Oil (from Lofoten), that is prepared as the direct result of a long series of physiological experiments, conducted by H. C. Bartlett, Ph. D., F. C. S., and G. Overend Drewry, M. D., M. C. R. S., and encouraged with many practical suggestions by Bence Jones and Baron Liebig. HYDROLEINE is based on sound scientific principles ; it is easily digested and

assimilated, without producing eructations. Appetite is increased, and that, so far from possessing the unpleasant taste of Cod Liver Oil and its emulsions, HYDROLEINE is palatable as milk, and pleasant. The formula is well known and the preparation has received the endorsement of physicians throughout the United States. It is sought to introduce HYDROLEINE exclusively on its merits, and for that reason the profession is appealed to only through the columns of medical journals.

SOLD BY DRUGGISTS GENERALLY. . The Charles N. Crittenton Co. Soleagents for the New York.

United States,

Durability! Convenience! !


Different men have different abilities. Our ability tends to making Medical Batteries. We have done it for more than twenty years and know just how. In order to convince physicians of this fact we have issued each year a large illustrated catalogue of 200 pages, 400 illustrations and much valuable literature. It is a veritable work on electro-therapeutics and will be mailed to physicians upon request without charae if theu mention this journal.


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If you will do yourself justice you will send for this catalogue and see what we have to offer.

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821-531 Wabash Avonuo, CHICAGO ILL.

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(Amylolytic Power, i to 1500) is capable, under conditions specified by Junck's malt test, of converting fully 1500 times its weight of dry starch into sugar, in three hours. Or, under the same conditions, Taka-Diastase will in ten minutes and this rapid test should invariably be employed) convert 100 times its weight of dry starch into sugar. SUPERIOR TO MALT EXTRACT.

TAKA-DIASTASE will convert 100 times its weight of dry starch. The best malt extract will not convert more than five times its weight under same conditions.

2. TAKA-DIASTASE is absolutely permanent. All malt extracts deteriorate with age.

3. TAKA-DIASTASE is in powdered form, dose from 1 to 5 grains. Malt extracts contain a preponderance of foreign inert matters, necessitating large doses.

4. TAKA-DIASTASE is free from sugar. Malt extracts are heavily loaded with sugar and apt to exaggerate already present pathological conditions.

5. TAKA-DIASTASE is perfectly soluble, and is compatible with other medicaments in neutral or slightly alkaline media. Malt extracts, owing to their viscosity, are difficult to handle and to incorporate with other ingredients in prescriptions.

6. TAKA-DIASTASE is economical, owing to its small dosage. Necessarily large dosage renders malt extracts expensive in comparison. Correspondence upon this subject respectfully solicited.

Detroit, New York, Kansas City, U. S. A. Parke, Davis & Co.,

London, Eng., and Walkerville, Ont.

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