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Arsenicum, Phosphorus, and others, all the more scope for exerting on the essence of the disease those curative effects which would be rendered nugatory by the disorganisation that attends the elevated temperature.

Dr. Liebermeister does not trust entirely to the antipyretic action of cold water in the treatment of typhoid, but seeks to aid it by the administration of large doses of Quinine, Digitalis, or Veratrum, remedies which are not to be compared in efficacy with the medicines which the homoeopathic principle of selection furnishes us with.


Homoeopathy can only fulfil her task of curing men and animals of their diseases in proportion as she more or less thoroughly tests the medicines as to the artificial diseases which they are capable of producing on the healthy organism. She takes her stand solely on the ground of these "provings•" and according as they are sparingly carried on or discontinued, so her living power of progressive development comes to a standstill.

How could any one ever think of effecting a homoeopathic cure in cases where similar diseases have never been produced, either in healthy animals or healthy men, by provings of the remedies? How could any one hope, on a return of any given disease, as, e.g., Asiatic cholera, to become each time more surely master of the disease, if he does not constantly prove more rigorously the remedies hitherto used for cholera, and all the medicines most nearly related to them ?" Prove more rigorously," what does that mean?

The means of determining almost all morbid symptoms

* From the Internationale homoopathische Preise.

have multiplied with the progress of the natural sciences. Not one of these means should be overlooked or even imperfectly employed in our provings of medicine.

1. All physical methods of examination (auscultation, percussion, laryngoscopy, &c.) should be called to our aid with the greatest rigor and precision.

2. Every chemical examination of organic matters that have undergone morbid changes should be made with the aid of all the methods placed at our disposal through the advance of chemistry, methods aiming at the most precise determination of their internal chemical constitution.

3. The pathologico-anatomical new formations (morbid neoplasms) ought to be examined and determined with the utmost exactitude by macroscopic and microscopic observation.

The highest aim that any prover of a given medicine can propose to himself is to produce by the mutual action of that medicine and his healthy body a well-defined totality of morbid action, or else, in case he should himself be not perfectly healthy or too feeble for the purpose, it must be that of other healthy* persons placed under his immediate inspection, or, at the very least, that of some healthy animal.

Morbid symptoms that are perfectly isolated, provided only they be accurately determined, in case only one prover was in a condition to incur such symptoms, are welcome with a fully adequate recognition of their value as fragments of a totality of which others will avail themselves in order to complete the "picture" of the artificial disease.

In Vienna the medicines selected for proving will be tried upon animals in various localities. Approved zoologists, chemists, and histologists have promised their advice and aid in the experiments to be conducted by skilled provers of medicine.

Whoever has a mind to see for himself the procedure in the production of artificial diseases by given medicines on healthy animals, or, at least, will associate himself as an observer and registrar of all morbid symptoms exhibited by animals under proving, an opportunity is offered especially at the Pesth University, in the homoeopathic institute, for the production of artificial disease.

* For which purpose also women, single and married, and also children, are desirable.

Directions for the provers of medicines respecting the diseases which they produce are to be found in vol. i of the Journal of the Society of Austrian Homoeopathic Physicians, edited by Dr. J. O. Miiller (Vienna, 1857). They have been elaborated into a whole out of the previous admirable results of the Vienna Proving Society by a select committee. We recommend this article to the attentive consideration of all those who are in a position to undertake for the first time, without any preliminary practice, the physiological proving of any given medicine on themselves, on others, or on animals.

We propose Cuprum metallicum as the first medicine to, be proved, in consideration of all that has occured in Europe this year in cases of cholera; and, this proving being completed, the next in order will be Cuprum aceticum, then C. sulphuricum, and, lastly, C. arsenicosum, in proportionably longer or shorter periods, and with constant comparative retrospect of the results of the Cuprum metallicum proving.

The centesimal triturations of the metallic copper are, immediately after their preparation, and again before they are administered to the provers, examined microscopically both as to the number and the fineness of the metallic particles reduced by each trituration with milk-sugar, and the results formed into a table to be afterwards added to the printed account of the proving. The dilutions of the same are next examined in like manner with the microscope, or, in case this no longer indicates any copper, by spectrum analysis; and the result of this examination is faithfully and accurately published in tables afterwards.

The preparations of the medicines to be proved are sent, with the most exact account of the process, from Dr. Willmar Schwabe's homoeopathic central depot, Leipsic, to


every prover, at the cost of the Society, without charge, or, in case he wishes it, to be paid for afterwards.

The medicines selected for proving by the Central Society from time to time will be kept there, in all triturations and dilutions on the centesimal scale, ready for the optional selection of the prover.

The results of proving are to be sent to the chief editor of the International Homoeopathic Press, Dr. Clotar Miiller, Leipsic (No. 5, Rudolfstrasse).

On hehalf of the Central Society of Homoeopathic Physicians of Germany, Vienna, August 10th, 1873.

Dr. Ernst Hilarius Frolich, Vienna.
Prof. Dr. Franz Hausmann, Pesth.

The following observations by Dr. Koeszler at the fortyfirst meeting of the Central Homoeopathic Society of Germany, held at Vienna in August last, form a fitting addendum to the above appeal. We take the report of the speech from vol. 87 of the Allg. Hom. Zeitung.

Gentlemen,—I will call your attention to a subject with which not only our interests but the interests of homoeopathy are most intimately connected, and which is deserving of our most careful consideration; I mean the question, Why are we now getting so few young physicians to join our ranks?

The discussion of this question, the elucidation of the causes of this unhappy circumstance, is by ho means new; we have often talked it over, but without properly comprehending and demonstrating the real facts of the case, and without being able to indicate remedial measures. It cannot be denied that noted homoeopaths have given weighty reasons in explanation of the unfavourable position, and likewise alleged the possibility of altering it; yet they have not chosen the starting-point proper to a consideration of this earnest question. Those numerous and enthusiastic fighters in the van of homoeopathy that were brought over in consequence of the defects of the dominant school, and by the practical success of the Hahnemanniau doctrine, and who studied homoeopathy and bore their part in founding the school, worked with holy zeal at the development of our method, but they divided themselves from the very beginning into two different parties—into the absolutely dogmatic with a dynamic basis; and into the speculativerational with a material basis.

The former became and remained dogmatic, and regarded all that had been done in homoeopathy, including the Materia Medica Pura, as complete and not to be touched by unholy hands; the latter entered on the path of sifting and examining the collected materials.

Now, we must all admit that the so-called Materia Medica Pura is indeed the corner stone, but not the crowning one of the edifice. The sifting and sorting and the after-provings were not carried on in an exact scientific way either; hence they were unable to attract the attention of scientific thinkers; and since these efforts could not even satisfy the workers themselves, they flagged and finally ceased. The want of fresh men coincides with this period of the historical development of homoeopathy!

But time advances; we enter upon a new phase of the historical development of the immortal idea of Hahnemann: this is the era of exact scientific experiment.

The Organon, the Materia Medica, constitutes now, as then, the hasis of our school; but it is necessary that it be understood and explained in accordance with the present state of science, and that by the exact method of the present time—by scientific experiment.

But what is this exact method? It is the practical application and utilisation of all those aids which modern natural science offers in proving our drugs on the healthy, i. e., a most extensive strictly scientifically carried-out method in the provings of remedies as morbific agencies with a correlative comparison of the natural diseases at the bedside. For this purpose we must make use of experimental pathology, pathological physiology and histology, chemistry, &c, in the study of our Materia Medica, just as is done in the study of the natural diseases. Taking this as a starting-point, homoeopathy in Hungary has acquired her two professorships, and that one for Materia Medica with a proper experimental institution attached, and the other for homoeopathic clinical instruction. For the successful development of homoeopathy which is now showing itself in creating a young generation,

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