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The ale, which now, in spite of “ Bes- mountains which overpowered the sy's grumbling," and protesting again mind more with bulk, and height, and again that there was not anither and compass- but none which predrap in the house, if their hiir war sented a smoother and a more distinct like a gowan,"*-the ale, which had outline, and which cut out, in the clear now begun to flow more freely,wrought blue heaven above, a more bold and wonders.

graceful curvature. I can never re“ Kings may be great, but they were glo- strain my feelings when I am under rious,

the influence of mountain scenery-it O'er a' the ills o' life victorious."

comes over my soul with the power In a word, they were, in the course of and the swell

' of music. So, lifting the evening, (under the management myself up from the saddle, and cutting of John Barleycorn,) as well acquaint- right and left with a switch I had in ed with each other, and upon as fa- my hand, to the no small alarm of miliar terms, as if, like Burns's drou- my companion, and bodily apprehenthy cronies,

sion of my poney, I burst out into “ They had been fou for weeks thegither.” is the pathway of chivalry—a field

these, or similar exclamations:-"Here And upon taking his departure next worthy of kings. On that mountain's morning, the stranger insisted upon brow I still see the shades of royaltya visit from his kind-hearted and the deer is starting from his covert, hospitable landlord, at his house in and his branchy horns are figuring Falkland, where, under the name of amidst the stillness and fragrance of “The Gudeman of Ballengeoch,” he the morning air. But the royal trumwas, as he alleged, sufficiently well pet has sounded—and a thousand buknown. The visit, in the course of gles have awakened at the call-and a few days, was paid—and the cour- the steed, and the rider, and the hound, tiers, being apprized of the jest, had and the echoes are away—and from the miller introduced, very much to the banks of Lochleven, to the tides of his astonishment and confusion, in- the German Ocean, all is one wide disto the king's presence. Here he was play of speed, and glitter, and princebanquetted and feasted for some days ly bravery, and courtly confusionin a most princely manner, and dis- and the gallantry of ladyhood is amissed at last with the alternative of broad--the pride and the boast of a the 8th part or the 4th of the lands of Scottish court are darting their flaBally-Mill, at his option. Having con- ming radiance from glen to steep, and sulted his wife on this intricate sub- from steep to glen. The falcon, + too, ject, he was admonished that no man is on the wing--and now hangs like a in his senses could possibly hesitate spot in the bosom of the cloud—and respecting the relative value of 8 and 4. now stoops it suddenly, with the speed “And the eighth part' remains in the and the fatality of lightning. But the possession of the person who passed scene has shifted, and the noontide us,” concluded my Informer, “ to this heats are come on-and, clustering in bour."

upon that plain, are arranged on the We had, by the time that this anec- green grass sod, without the ceremony dote was completed, come so far round of heralding King and courtier, lord in front of the Lomond hills, which and lady fair—whilst the fat deer is now lay directly south of us, as to seething in the oak-suspended caulopen them up in a beautiful and most dron, and the jest is seasoned with sublime style. “Like two young roes laughter, and the laugh is unhampered that are twins,” they rose before us by courtly ceremony and the First in all the freshness of a recent, yet Stuart of the land' has seated the in all the permanent stability of an fairest daughter of proud Loraine by eternal existence. I have seen many his side-and the eye is bright, and

“ Hair was like a gowan,”-proverb meaning, “ Were you even as beautiful.” Yellow hair amongst our Scottish progenitors, as well as in ancient Greece, being held in high estimation.

† Hence Falkland-quasi Falconland !

# This is probably no fiction-for the parish of Kettle, or King's Kettle, to the east of Falkland, derived, in all likelihood, its name from this circumstance.- l'ide Station tical Account, parish, Kettle-by the Rev. Dr Barclay, Minister.


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the cheek is glowing-and the beart of leather aprons.”—Fy on't-Oh fya whole court is beating wild and high the mountain smells already of the to the tune of health and glee and fes- loom and the workshop ; let us pass tivity.”—“ Tumterara-tarrara-tum- quickly on.” “ Loom here, or loom tee,” interrupted my less mercurial there,” replied my friend, “who seemfriend. “ Has the man lost his sen- ed now to regard me as if he were se ses ? Who ever heard of such a rho- riously concerned about my intellects, domontade of blaflummery and stilted “ the division of these Lomonds was nonsense? Why, man, that stuff might no easy job. I was myself present at do for M‘Pherson's Ossian, or Black- several meetings, where Sir William wood's Magazine.” The very men- Rae, and Sheriff Jameson, had no little tion, my dear sir, of your far-noted difficulty, and exhibited great prudence, Magazine, acted like a charm in bring- and skill, and impartiality, in adjusting me to myself again ; and from that ing the various claims; and it is my moment to this, I have never lost hope humble opinion, that there is moregood of seeing my friend's prophecy rea- sense in one rood of well-cultivated lized.

land, than in a thousand acres of waste After a considerably protracted silence, royalty; and, however disrespectfully we came up close to the very breast, as it you may speak of tailors, and shoemawere, and under the brow of the moun- kers, and bailies, and weavers, and so tain, and I could perceive, much to my forth, they are fully as useful in their mortification, that there were other day and generation, and not a great wrinkles than those of time observable deal less ornamental, than idle grooms upon its front. There was something and blackguard courtiers, persecuting so incongruous betwixt the great ex- kings, and assassinating nobles. You pression of nature, combined with the have but to cast your eve a little to the moral sublimity of association, by which westward of the road upon which we I had so lately been transported, and are now entering, to see a verification dikes, and ditches, and irregular inclo- of all this, for there lies before you the sures, and partially cultivated patches, Cameronian villige of Fruchy, which and all the littleness, and all the con. once lent a night's lodgings to those untamination of private and plebeian ap- happy men whom the oppression of“ a propriation, the characters of which I Stuart race" had driven like cattle from read but too distinctly up to the very their homes and their families, and mountain-top-that my spirits sunk as whom, uncler the whip, and in terror of much below par, as they had lately ri- the thumbikens, a royal escort were sen above it, and I meditated, with a conducting to endure death, or worse mixture of indignation and regret, on than death, in the dark and airless the sacrilege I had witnessed. “ That dungeon of Dunotter Castle. * And summit,” said I at length to my com- if you will only put yourself to the panion, was wont, but a few years trouble to direct your eye a little in ago, to suggest no notion, nor recollec- advance, you will inark, over the tiled tion, but that of the power which ori- and thatched roofs which intervene, ginally created it, or the mightiness and composing as it were a part of and priile of our national story, with that royal palace we are now fast apwhich it was so eminently and closely proaching, the parapet and turrets of associated.-But now-fy upon it- a fortress, which is stained by one of Oh, fy!-- There is “Tailor Lapboard's" those deeds of horror, which rose in park, and this is “ Suter Elson's” field, barbarous atrocity above the genius, and and that is “ Bailie Bluster’s” portion; character even of the age in which it was here, at this stone, terminates the di- perpetrated.” Having, notwithstandvision of Christy Codgut,” the fish- ing a slight degree of inclination to rewife ; and that unseemly patch which taliate upon this somewhat cutting and disfigures the very summit, at once uncourtly address, allowed my curiosuggests the idea of “sowen-mugs and sity to hear the story to which he al

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* Several of these unhappy men died in this worse than Calcutta black-hole, and a well sprung up, which is still to be seen in the middle of the dungeon floor, to supply the thirst of the survivors ! Such interpositions were by no means unusual in these times. A braken-bush, for example, grew up and spread in the course of a night, till it covered, and completely concealed from the search of persecuting “Clavers," one who had effected his escape from this horrible place of continement !

luded to overcome my resentment, my and in all probability to the destrucfriend proceeded thus :

tion of this humane and most undauntThere,” said he, “stood, and in ,ed woman, as well as most assuredly fact still stands, the ancient castle, or to the lingering and revolting death of mar, of the Macduffs, Earls and Thanes the now altogether supportless captive. of Fife, who wereonce powerfulenough Imagination recoils with loathing and to dispute authority and dominion here shuddering from such deeds of darkness with majesty itself. This castle was as this, and rests with delight and rapafterwards forfeited to James the First, ture on the kindly refreshment which by an act of attainder against Macduff, the strong contrast, presented by the woand now composes part of the Palace man's conduct, affords.”—“If í knew,” which we are about to visit. About added I, “ a single Brat in Falkland, the beginning of the fifteenth century, the most ragged and vice-worn even, this castle was committed to the keep- which tumbles a stone from that Palace ing of King Robert's brother, the am- roof, or shivers a window in that parish bitious and most barbarously inhuman school-house,-if I knew any thing at Duke of Albany, who, having prevail- allin the shape of humanity which owned upon his brother the king to com- ed this woman for Ancestor, I would mit his son and heir to the kingdom, adopt him as my son: he should eat of the young, and somewhat licentious my bread, and drink of my cup, and lie David Duke of Rothsay, to his protec- in my bosom; and I would be unto him tion, shut up the young Prince in a as a father.'”—“Away, and away; you dungeon of this castle, and, with a again run with the harrows at your view to his father's succession, actually heels, my good friend,” rejoins my starved him to death. The story is one more cool and considerate monitor ;“I which is enough to bring tears from am afraid your benevolence will have the most rocky heart, and while it fixes no opportunity of being exercised in au indelible stain-1 had almost said this case, unless it instruct you to estiupon Nobility itself—it sheds a lustre mate the lower orders of society more over the very peasantry, and these very highly than in your Lomond rhapsody burgesses you were but lately dispara- you were lately disposed to do.” ging, which no title, or rank, or worldly Having now come up to the very front grandeur, could ever confer.

of the Castle which looks down upon “ A poor woman, the wife, as is re- the town, towards the south, we put ported, of a Burgess of Falkland, ha- up our horses with Mrs Scott, ordered ving chanced, in passing by, to hear a beef-steak for dinner, and set out inthe groans and the miserable wailings continently upon our investigation of of the unfortunate Captive, advanced, the Palace and adjoining ruins. at the risk of her life, to a small chink, Upon entering through the boldly or loop-bole, in the wall, and there arched and truly royal gate-way, which learning the helpless and perishing conducts into the interior of the square, condition of the starving and totally- two sides of which are still pretty endeserted Inmate, she ventured to slip tire, we found ourselves in the prethrough to him, from night to night, sence of a Character well known in “ cakes” made exceedingly thin on Falkland, distinguished not less by purpose, conveying, at the same time, the antiquity of the family from to his perished and famished palate, which he is descended, and of which through a reed, or piece of hemlock, he is the last and only, remaining the warm and reviving stream which branch, than by a most devoted and proceeded directly from her own breast.* unequivocal attachment to Mrs Scott's But the device was at last found out, chimney-cheek and whisky bottle.

• “By this Annabel the queen dying, David her son, who by her means had been restrained, broke out into his natural disorders, and committed all kinds of rapine and luxury. Complaint being brought to his father, (Robt. 3,) he commits him to his brother, the governor, (whose secret design being to root out the offspring,) the business was so ordered as that the young man was shut up in Falkland Castle to be starved, which yet was for a while delayed, a woman thrusting in some thin oat-cakes at a chink, and giving him milk out of her paps through a trunck. But both these being discovered, the youth being forced to tear his own members, died of a multiplied deatħ,” &c. -Hall's Preface to Drummond of Hawthornden's History of Scotland, p. 16. London edit. 1655. Vide likewise Lesly, Bishop of Ross. Vol. X.


After a sufficient period of morning

li- Scarcely hadourInformer pronounced bations, he had just escaped from his these words, when our ears were salufavourite retreat, and was in the act, ted with the distant sound of a druin, I nothing doubt, of reckoning kin and which seemed to beat furiously, and at counting lineage with a full score of every flourish gave rise, and lifting up, rather suspicious-looking faces, which to a most dismal yell of human-and were eying him in various stages of de- scarcely human voices. “Let us rerangement, and mutilation, and decay, tire up this stair-way,” said our ' nil from the east and from the south walls. nisi bonum' Conductor, “ to the battleWe were not long, under the managements, and there we shall be safe, and ment of my guide, in making him re- in a situation to observe their proceedcognize our object, and in directing ings.” So, in a few seconds, we were his antiquarian lore upon our igno- sately seated on the western Turret, far rance. - You must know then," said and happily removed above the tumult he, taking me by the arm, and con- and turmoil which was now accumuladucting us to the farther extremity of ting beneath-And turmoil and turnult the western division ; you must of the most decided character were now know, sed nil nisi bonum de mortuis;' exhibited. Wives were running into you inust understand that there were the streets with children in their arms; in former times only three great fa- artizans were collecting, armed with milies in Europe,' sed nil nisi bonum de the implements of their profession; mortuis,'--the house of Bourbon--the and dykers and ditchers were driving house of Stuart-and the house of in from all quarters, towards the centre Dm. The house of Bourbon was of general rendezvous, making, all the distinguished by many great princes, while, a most furious demonstration of and mighty kings ; the house of Stuart, tongue and gesticulation. The tide of 6 sed nil nisi bonum de mortuis,' built and gathering and of bustle became every inhabited this very palace before you ; instant more strong and overpowering, and the house of DM, after four or till, collecting allits strength and weight five hundred years of distinguished ef- into one mighty swell of assault, it fort, has at last produced me."* This burst through the great gate-way of the was something like entering upon the Palace, and spread out in various frage Trojan war at the Egg,' so we took ments of confusion and uproar, in the the liberty of endeavouring to restrict very court-yard which we had so lately. his somewhat discursive and' antique and so fortunately deserted. The drum remarks to the objects immediately be at last, whether from the voluntary fore us ; in consequence of which we cessation of him who had so powerfully were apprised of the conflagration of belaboured it, or from the giving way the east wing of the Palace, in Charles of the parchment, it was not easy to II.'s time ; of the residences of the determine, was silent; and, elevated Dukes of Athol, and Earls of Fife ; of upon a fragment of the parapet wall, the devastations and sacrilege commit. with a pick in one hand, the other ted by Cromwell's soldiery;

and of the being extended in the attitude of more recent aggressions upon these ve- impetuous and impassioned address, nerable and still imposing Ruins, by "an Orator," apparently of no common the neighbours and town's people, whó powers, delivered to the motley and had long regarded them as a pubé unseemly mob around him, a harangue, lic quarry, or common good. “Even in which frequent mention was made now," continued our man of family and of “ law, rights, preseriptions, use

extensive latinity,' even now that and wont," &c. “Here, Lass, haud I am pointing out to you the chambers that wean o' mine, there, for a jiffy,”. where Dukes resided, and Kings sat in exclaimed a vira zo mother, thrusting judgment, these vile low-born wretches her brat, squalling rebellion and disare preparing, I verily believe, to over- content, into the arms of a half-grown turn the wall by which these ruins have girl, who stood beside her, “and I'll of late been enclosed ; and to assert, by soon settle their dyke-nigging. A braw main force, and without · law or leave,' story, indeed”-iaking hold of the what they conceive to be their im- orator's pick, and commencing her ineinorial privilege of devastation.” movements in advance—"abraw story,


• Parturiunt montes, nascitur ridiculus mus,

in troth, to think tò bar us out wi' Eden,-60 named, undoubtedly, from stane and lime walls frae our ain aul' its immemorial amenity,-lay beneath use and wont." So saying, she was down the stretch and the effort of our vithe green, and had fixed the point of sion; we surveyed the extensive plain, her weapon of destruction into the ob- where the Fallow deer once roamed noxious erection, and had hurled down amidst their forests of oak, and where the first stone, as a signal of encou- a few straggling successors still remain ragernent to thousands, ere they had in ancient and unrestricted freedom ! time to come up to second her efforts. Turning towards the north, fertile and “ Nec longa erut mora,” for when, af- cultivated fields rose, tier above tier, ter a very short interval, the multi- on the eye, till the gently swelling tude began, having effected their pur- ascents melted away into the blue pose, to open up and disperse, we heaven by which they were relieved could distinctly observe the breach from behind. Towards the west, the they had made, large enough to afford Elder of the “ twin Lomonds” proa free thoroughfare to carts and carri- jected its basaltic and abrupt precipices ages of all descriptions. “They are far into the still in this direction)admiGoths--they are Vandals” exclaimed rably wooded plain, and presented the the last of the ancient and distinguish- expression of a Lion in the act of grasped house of D, in which aver- ing his prey. The East Lomond, which ment, I confess, I felt every disposi pressed its green, and plump, and untion to concur; when, ere l' had time decayed freshness upon the sky, almost to embody my feelings in articulate inmediately over our head, formed a sounds, I could see my sagacious friend striking and an agreeable contrast to eyeing me with somewhat of a mno- the ruined achievements of man, amidst nitory aspect, “ Let us suspend our which we were seated. Here the eye opinion," said he, “ at present ; they is not satisfied with seeing, nor the tell me this day's transaetions are like memory with recollecting, nor the imaly to become a question of litigation in gination with bodying out ; and if a court of law, and it would be altoge- any traveller by Falkland has an hour, ther injudicious in us to prejudged ques- whilst his beet-steak is making ready tion of right, respecting which I under- in Mrs Scott's, (and a capital beef-steak stand the very best judges may be divi- she makes,) to spare, let him ascend ded in opinion.” “Divided in a whistle the western Turret of the Palace, and, case !" retorted our hero of the whisky seating himself on the parapet immestoup, with an air of determined par- diately over the gateway, let him look tizanship, which altogether, indepen- abroad in silent and solemn contemdently of a verbose and." nil nisi bo- plation over ages that are past, and rum" philippic which succeeded, suf- objects that are present-over much ficiently indicated in favour of which that is eminently calculated to gratiside, had he been placed in the chair of fy and delight the sight, and to elevate, judgment, his decision would have and expand, and ameliorate the heart. been given. Having now succeeded in Without troubling you with the cirwithdrawing our eyes and our atten- cumstantiality of order, and manner, tion from the inotley band beneath, and colloquy, I may just mention now, and having directed them leisurely in conclusion of this long and someand contemplativelyover the surround what discursive communication, that ing scenery, we were amply repaid for we visited the old chapel, with its fine all the disgusting turmoil we had seen, roof, and massive oaken doors;—that and for all the steps of steep, and we descended again into the area, and sometimes broken ascent we had sur- inspected a long race of open-mouthmounted.

eil *Kings and Queens of Scotland, Looking eastward, the closely wood- which thrust out their stoney counteed, and far stretching strath of the nances from the wall ;--that we had in

I observed, that advancing from the more ancient to the more modern mouths, the lips gradually became closer and closer, till, in the two last of the series, the com. pression was such as to protrude the under lip considerably; - sure mark of high civi. lization and sapercilious dignity in the Great, and of vanity and self-conceit in those of less elevated rank. Many of the countenances, however, are remarkably fine, and present some valuable Spurzheim notices. One is amazingly, and what I would even term ridiculously, like the late ex-Emperor Buonaparte; and another wears the exact coun. tenance of our tutelary saint, John Knox.

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