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the founding and maintaining in each of the several states of an agricultural college for the promotion of the science and practice of agriculture; and, for that purpose, to favor any proper bill which is now depending, or which shall hereafter be presented, before the two houses of congress, the object of which may be to secure such donation.

2. And be it further resolved, That the governor of this state be, and he is hereby requested to transmit a copy of these resolutions to each of our senators and representatives in congress.

Passed March 18, 1858.

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1. A supplement to an act entitled “An act to alter

and amend the charter of the borough of Bor-
dentown, in the county of Burlington,” approved

February thirteenth, eighteen hundred and for

ty-nine. . A supplement to an act entitled “An act to authorize the inhabitants of the townships of Hanover and Pequannack, in the county of Morris, to vote by ballot at their town meetings.” . An act concerning firemen of the borough of Bordentown, and county of Burlington.

. An act to incorporate the Matavan and Keyport Bridge Company.

. An act to change the name of the Independent

Essex Brigade.

. An act entitled an act incorporating the Young America Hook and Ladder Fire Company, of the city of Burlington.

. An act to confirm certain conveyances of land situate in the township of Greenwich, in the county of Gloucester, made by Joseph C. Gill and wife to Stephen H. Miller and others.





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