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The knowledge that a man can use is the only real knowledge; the only know

ledge that has life and growth in it and converts itself into practical power. The

rest hangs like dust about the brain, or dries like raindrops off the stones.-FROUDE.


The Medical World. evity must be the abolizion of the opportu

nities for acquiring great wealth on the one Published Monthly, by C. F. Taylor, M. D.

hand, with the consequent necessity for pinch

ing poverty on the other hand. It must be C. F. TAYLOR, M, D.,

established that every man shall be guaranteed J. J. TAYLOR, M. D.,

the full measure of what he produces or earns. Then must come the consequent necessity that

every able-bodied person must earn his own Subscription to any part of the United Si tes and Cam

ada, ONE DOLLAR per year. To England and the living by a reasonable amount of directly pro. British Colonies, FIVE SHILLINGS per year. Postage ductive toil, under the most favorable condi. free. Single copies, Ten Cents. These rates must be paid invariably in advance.

tions, or in some directly useful intellectual We cannot always supply back numbers. Should a

and scientific employment-the opportunities number fail to reach a subscriber, we will supply for speculation and otherwise living unjustly

another, if notified before the end of the month. upon the work of others being removed. Then Pay no money to agents for this journal unless pub will be eliminated as causes of early death the lisher's receipt is given.

enervating idleness, the cloying of perverted ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS TO

appetites and the vicious dissipation of ostenTHE MEDICAL WORLD,"

tatious wealth; the exhausting labor, lack of 1530 Chestnut Street,

proper food, and want of sufficient rest and

PHILADELPHIA, PA recuperation of toiling poverty; and the worry, Vol. X

fret, care and anxiety of all classes in regard JANUARY, 1892. No. 1.

to supplies for the present and a certain guarFive Score Years.

antee for the future the struggle to maintain The Psalmist considered three score years

and improve one's position. Then must every and ten the natural life of man. This has ever

man earn and justify his existence by a few since been accepted as a fair measure of what

daily hours of health and wealth-producing ought to be the length of human life, barring

activity of mind and body. We believe that, accidents. We believe this measure to be too

by the process of natural evolution, aided by

by the process of 1 short by thirty years.

the intelligent efforts of many who love manIt is a fair general principle in natural his kind as well as themselves, civilized society tory that the animal should live five times the will hnally reach this desirable state. No class length of the period of its development from of workers will be benefited by its realization birth to complete maturity. Thus the horse. more than will the members of the medical which comes to its perfect maturity at from profession. five to six years of age, may safely be counted Another requirement necessary to the attainupon, if properly cared for, to live from mert of the conditions favorable to longtwenty-five to thirty years. Individual ex- evity must be such improved conditions of ceptions need not be considered. According mechanical toil as will prevent life-destroying to this principal, the life of man should be accidents. about one hundred years, if accidental causes Another must be the more effective prevenof premature death are eliminated.

tion — the complete stamping out, indeed One requirement necessary to the attain- of all specially contagious diseases. These meat of the condi:ion most favorable to long must be regarded as being in the nature of accidents against life, as they are clearly pre prises for the advancement of the race; and ventable. We believe that perfect sanitary that it leaves many of its victims in a condition administration endowed with due authority of profound debility for many months, the and proper advantages, can, in a relatively enormous magnitude of its importance begins short time, eradicate most, if not all, of the to be realized. It might be an interesting infectious diseases from the face of the earth. problem to compute how much more the entire It is unnecessary to point to the perfect comachinery of our government has cost within operation ard concerted action of the whole the past two years than this disease has cost in human race, required to achieve this glorious physicians' services, medicines, time lost, funresult.

eral expenses, the financial value of the lives of Still another requirement must be universal productive members of society lost, and the education, including the hygienic principles immense incidental losses due to delay or commost useful to preserve the health of the in- plete failure in the prosecution of important dividual. Still another must be that efficient enterprises. medical aid may be secured so easily that it What a pity that a disease of such vital imwill be summoned at the first suspicion of in port to humanity should be popularly known by cipient disease, that as many cases as possible a name so insignificant and trifting as “La of serious illness may be averted. While we Grippe." This encourages people in regarding have not mentioned by any means all of the the disease itself as a matter of slight importance attainable life preserving requirements, yet we until they have had it once-and in veglectbelieve that the complete attainment of these ing the proper care and treatment of themselves alone would give to man five score years of and those dependent upon them. The best happy, useful life.

name yet given to it, because based upon its In this we have not considered the possibility, most prominent symptom, in the absence of a believed in by some, of some time attaining to more definite pathology,—catarrhal feverthe administration of some acid or other chem- should be used. This recognizes the catarrhs ical substance during the declining years of of the various membranes in which it is manilife, or adapting diet and hygienic rules to the fested throughout the system. purpose of preventing the too rap d calcifica. The diagnosis of the disease is very clear, tion of the tissues and preserving the normal and as it is fully dealt with in our text-books, proportion of organic matter in them, that it is entirely unrecessary to treat upon it here. “a green old age” may be considerably pro- However, as most of the classical descriptions longed.

of the disease state that it spends its force upon DOCTOR, you are now making up your list

the mucous membranes, we shall have to modify of medical journals for the year. You will

that by adding that serous membranes are altake The MedICAL WORLD, of course, and

most equally susceptible to its influence, and some other or others. It is not easy to be too

hence we find it affecting the meninges, pleura, liberal in jour, expenditures for necessary

the joints, etc. Many persons afflicted with medical literature.

other ailments are strangely made worse during

this epidemic without being able to account The Great Epidemic.

for it, the fact being that it is this new disease A disease that prostrates hundreds of thou. in addition to their already present affliction. sands of human beings throughout Europe and DaCosta very happily expresses this when he America within the space of a few weeks is says, “When influenza is prevailing on a large certainly one of considerable importance. But scale, it is often found peering out from under when we consider, in addition, that it increases the garb of other diseases, and it may be diffithe death rate from twenty-five to one hundred cult to separate its manifestations from those of per cent; that it checks the progress of manu- the malady it accompanies." facture and blocks the wheels of commerce; The sequellæ are many and rather grave and that it prevents the prosecution of great enter. persistent, but can all be grouped under the

two heads of, first, persistent local congestion, especial attention, the benzoate will be the and, second, nervous debility, with the suscep. choice. If you cannot see the patient osten, tibility to other diseases which that induces. but wish to give a general formula, we suggest

The active cause is unknown. This may as the following, which we have used with satiswell be frankly acknowledged by the profession faction : until more positive advance is attained. The Rc Acidi salicylici................drams ij

Ammonii carbonatis.....q.s. ad neutr. disease travels and acts in every way like one

. Glycerini..................ounces jos caused by a micro-organism, yet none has yet Ammonii bromidi............drams ij been conclusively demonstrated. The pre

Ammonii chloridi.............drams ij

Ammonii benzoatis...........drams ij disposing cause is debility, either from con

Liq, ammon. acet........fluid ounces ij stitutional or organic weakness, existing dis

Aq. menth. pip. q.s. ad. fluid ounces vj

M. Sig.-One tablespoonful in hot milk or water ease, exposure, lack of nourishment or sleep, every two hours, until relieved, then reduce the fationing labor of body or mind. care anxiety. dose gradually to a teaspoonful, no dose to be taken

in less thay two hours after eating. Should be griet, dissipation, or social or sexual excesses. made fresh when needed for use. The pathology is not determined, but the

This may be alternated, with much benefit, most likely theory is that the disease spends its

with a good camphor mixture. The heavily force upon the central nervous system-especi. loaded tongue is well met with sulphite of ally the spinal cord, and that the local mani

sodium. festations are due to interference with its func

The “R” before one of your prescriptions tions. This is quite sufficient to explain the

should stand for “Rest.” This should be symptoms, from frontal head-ache, nasal, pha absolute and complete, both physical and ryngeal, laryngeal and pulmonary congestion, mental. Thus, the busy man who keeps at cardiac irritability, myalgia and intestinal

his work as long as he can stand up and then catarrh down to priapism with erotic excite

goes to bed to have his papers and corresponment and temporary paralysis of the lower

dence read to him, and dictates replies to his limbs—all of which, and many more diverse

letters, is virtually committing suicide. As symptoms, are well attested. The cases of

between rest and no medicine, and medicine erotic excitement reported by a correspondent and no rest, the influenza patient would by far of this journal some months ago and subjected

better take the former. to ridicule in some quarters, are not by any means strange or incredible, as we can testify What better present can you make to your from the experience of our own practice, that medical friend than a subscription to your it constitutes a well-marked symptom in the favorite medical journal. He will be reearly period of the attack in a considerable minded of your thoughtful generosity afresh proportion of cases.

every month throughout the entire year. Also, The magic remedies in this disease are the you and he will thereby be companions in ammonium salts and camphor. By the intelli- your professional reading. gent use of these, with other indicated treatment, the cure is generally complete, and com

Honor to the Hero. plications and sequelle are not very likely to FATHER JOHN BAKKER, a Redemptionist occur. The new antipyretics should generally priest, native of Holland, fifty-eight years of be avoided, except in very robust subjects and age, recently died of leprosy, near Batavia, in confined to the first few hours of the malady.

Surinam, or Dutch Guiana, South America, The first remedy indicated usually is bromide

after twenty years of self-sacrifice and devotion of ammonium, continued as long as there is

to the work of caring for lepers in a leper much acute pain. The next most important

colony, during the last nine of which he was is the salicylate of ammonium, if there is fever

himself afflicted with the disease. Emerson alternating with chilly and sweating stages.

says that “ Nothing truly great was ever If there is torpidity of the liver, the chloride

achieved without enthusiasm."

a should be used. If the kidneys require S ee order blapk on page xxiv.

.......dr. i

"'...............02. i

Current Medical Thought.

Cannabis Indica in Impotency.

The action of cannabis Indica upon the Treatment of Influenza with Camphor.

genito-urinary functions, commends it for the

relief of impotence, more especially when due DURING the recent epidemic, when I had on

to functional derangements with a depressed an average 150 cases a week under my care, I condition of vital powers ; but in these cases had ample opportunity of testing the efficacy. care should be exercised that the drug is not of various methods of treatment. Amongst other drugs, I tried camphor, and with so be found advisable to combine with it small much success that I rarely prescribed anything quantities of both nux vomica and damiana, as else afterwards, six doses or less usually being follows: sufficient. l administered it as follows:

R Ext. cannabis Indic............., gr. v R. Sp. camph..

...dr. ij

Ext. nucis vomicæ V
Tinct. lavand co..................dr, ij

Ext. damiana XX
Sp. chlorof.........

M. et ft. pil. No. xx. One pill alter meals and at
Mucilag. tragacanth..............oz. ij

bedtime.-Med. Age. Aq., ad.........................02.

...........02, vj M. Sig.–One ounce every four hours,

Headache During Childhood. This costs very little, and by leaving out SIMON (Riv. Mens.des Mal. de l'Enf., May, the flavoring agents the effect is the same and 1891) says that seven groups of headache may the cost nominal.-F. W. Devereux Long, in British Med. Jour.

1. Headache from rapid growth. It is

usually fiontal, is increased by exercise, and Treatment of Phthisis.

co exists with pain in the joints, periostoses, DR. C. B. BRIERLY writes to Pacific Medical and hypertrophy of the heart. Treatment : Journal:-.“Will you give the following place in

lace in muscular repose, tonics, liberal diet, phosphate

mu your columns ? I have for some time been of lime, malt beer. using the following in tube rculosis :

2. Headache from intellectual activity. It

occurs in intelligent and excitable children, R. Tinct. catechu..

who study too much, or in backward children, Morph. 1 Acid carbolic.......

who acquire their lessons with difficulty. ...............git. iv Syr. pruni virgin..... ad.......oz. viii Treatment: for the first class of cases, cessation M. Sig. -A tables poonful every four hours. of intellectual work, physical exercise, but not

It is not Koch's lymph by a long way, but I so severe as to produce fatigue, lukewarm have found it relieves profuse expectoration. baths. In the second class of cases the work night sweats and hectic and in conjunction may be continued in moderation, plenty of with appropriate general treatment believe it

exercise being enjoined. will help materially to prolong life. I would 3. Headache from digestive troubles. It be glad to learn if others derive any benefit occurs in children who eat too much or too from it. They might try it in the county hos fast, and occurs in one to three hours after pital as an adjunct to the lymph." __Am. Pract. eating. Treatment: properly regulared hygiene and News.

and diet; by bitter tonics before eating, warm

drinks after eating. Constipation should te Therapeutics of Indian Hemp.

overcome. DR. SUCKLING says that in insanity in women,

4. Headache of nervous origin. It occurs

in children who are excited by their manner due to mental worry or moral shock, Indian

of living. It is premonitory of future neuropahemp acts almost like a specific. He usually gives ten minim doses of the tincture three

thies, epilepsy, and hysteria. Treatment:

baths, walking, massage, valerian, aconite, and times a day, combined with iron and strych

antipyrin for the hysterical; belladonna and nine. He has also found it of great value in mania and melancholia, and in cases of chorea

bromides for the epileptics. They should

avoid taking cold. where arsenic fails; in such he combines it with hydrate of chloral. In migraine it is also

5. Headache in children of gouty or rheu

matic diathesis. It is sometimes accompanied useful, given with or without phosphide of zinc, when the severity and frequency of the

by intense congestive phenoniena, which

stimulate meningitis. There are manifestations attacks will be immediately diminished. It is

of hereditary antecedents; there are neuralgias also a valuable gastric sedative in cases of

arthralgias, myalgias; the urine contains phos. gastric ulcer and gastrodynir.British Med.

phates, oxalates, and urates. Treatment : Jour.

moderate diet, exercise in the open air, vapor SBB order blank on page xxiv.

baths with friction, laxatives, alkalines, salicy

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