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Short Replies.

years ago. Fetidity of discharge so bad that Editor MEDICAL WORLD:

patient could not go into society on account of it. COLIC.—Dr. Hunter, on page 423, inquires Ordered irrigations of warm water into both the best cure for colic. I would say together ears, dried, and europhen-aristol insufflated, with what the editor has recommended, have twice daily, morning and noon. At night, the patient drink freely of slippery elm ordered two drops of glycerine dropped into infusion.

each ear, alternately, to thin the thickened VAGINISMUS. – To T. A. Casey, M.D, I

tympanum. Impossible as it may seem, yet it would say, anoint the parts affected with bella

is the truth that the fetor was entirely gone and donna, or cocaine ointment.

the discharge greatly lessened, after using for one week.

Was treating patient at same time AMENORRHEA.—To Dr. D. W. Tice, I would

for chronic hypertrophic rhinitis. At the end say, do nothing for the patient, for her amenor

of two weeks from above time (making three rhea is doing her no hurt.

weeks in all), the discharge was entirely gone, IMPOTENCE.—To Deltoid I would say, abstain

and now, at the end of three months, it has not from all attempts for a season ; take cocaine for returned. This I consider a remarkable case, the gastralgia, and eat oysters once or twice per

and proves conclusively the virtue of europhen day, and a raw egg once or twice per day. and aristol. Hudson, Ill. SILAS HUBBARD, M.D.

Case No. 3. Michael J. E—, aged 24 years, has had a fetid, chronic otorrhea for

some years, thinks about twelve. Hearing Observations on Europhen and Aristol.

greatly impaired. Treated patient for chronic Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-A small sample rhinitis simplex, and prescribed usual europhen of Europhen was left me, and not having any aristol (i. e., equal parts of each). In five days working bulletin on it, I did not know its thera- the fetor was entirely gone, and in three weeks peutic powers, but supposing that it had a virtue

afterwards there was no trace of any discharge. similar to iodoform, I used it, as far as it The treatment for the rhinitis had no effect on reached, in the following cases, procuring a new the ears, except to improve the hearing somesupply when sample was exhausted :

what. Case No. 1. Jos. W. H—, aged 38 years, Case No. 4. Amandas S- --, aged 48 years, had enteric fever some five years ago, since suffered from chronic enterocolitis for about which he has had a fetid otorrhea. On advice five years. Quite a good deal of pain over of some layman, he used a solution of acid transverse colon, as though there was an carbolic and water (3j to 3iij) for irrigation ulceration of some of the intestinal glands. of ears. On account of the long use of said so- Ordered granular effervescent Seidlitz Salt lution, he ruptured the tympanum of his left (Chauteaud) 3j, in half glass of water, every ear, so much so, that by closing both nostrils morning before breakfast only, to wash out and blowing, there is a whistling sound, caused stomach and intestinal tract, and prescribed by the air escaping through the aperture in suppositories (rectal), containing one and onethe ear-drum. Discharge is so fetid that where half grains each of europhen and aristol to it touches the skin it causes excoriation. The be used twice daily, morning and night. After tympanum on right side is thickened, and the using same for three days, the soreness was ear discharges a fetid muco-purulent, or, more entirely gone, and patient went to his work, strictly speaking, an ichorous discharge. Can that of a machinist. The pain or soreness did hear watch tick by holding it close to ear on not return, notwithstanding that he took no right side ; left side nothing. Began treatment other treatment. by washing out both ears with warm water, dry, Case No. 5. Wm. K

Wm. K—, aged 36, suffered ing, and blowing in europhev-aristol (equal with chronic gastric and intestinal catarrh for parts of each), twice daily, morning and night. ten years, and besides symptoms connected At the end of one week, the fetidity was entirely with same, complained of a dull pain in trans gone,and quantity of discharge greatly lessened. verse and descending colon, as if there was After two weeks and three days the discharge beginning ulceration in intestinal glands. Was was entirely gone, and hearing greatly im- treated by many physicians with no, or only proved. But as patient had chronic hyper- slight and temporary, relief. Ordered rectal trophic rhinitis, and would not have it treated, suppositories of one and one-half grains each of hearing could not be made perfect on right europhen and aristol, and in ten days the soreside.

ness and pain left the bowel and now, one month Case No. 2. Lewis R—, aged 59 years, afterward, has not returned. very hard of hearing, with thickened tympani Case No. 6. Mrs. Chas. K—, aged 63 and fetid, ichorous discharge from both ears, years, and exceedingly well preserved and ever since he had scarlet fever, thirty-five active for her age. Patient suffered with chronic obstruction of the bowels for almost eleven years Quiz Department. (a full report of which I will give at some future time). But among other symptoms, after I got Questions are solicited for this Column. Communications the bowels opened throughout, and a normal not accompanied by the proper name and address of the daily stool established, patient complained of an

writer (not necessarily for publication), will not be

noticed, intense feeling of soreness in transverse and The great number of requests for private answers, for the

iu formation and benefit of the writer, makes it necessdescending colon, particularly at angle of same. ary for us to charge a fee for the time required. This Put on counter-irritants, and everything imagin

fee will be from one to five dollars, according to the

amount of research and writing required. able to remove chronic congestion, but all to no avail. Finally, seeing so much good come A READER wishes for a successful treatment out of europhen-aristol for inflamed mucous

fur membranous croup. membranes, I ordered the usual rectal suppositories of europhen-aristol of like quantity as foregoing cases, to be used night and morn

In regard to Dr. Waugh's able article in

October WORLD, a prominent medical gentle. ing, and, strange to say, at the end of ten days patient was almost entirely relieved of pain and

man of New York City writes as follows:

DEAR DR. WAUGH:-Your article on interfeeling of soreness. The discharge of shredded membrane, mucus and blood with stool, was

marriage of kinfolks is the most sensible docuI considerably lessened, after having used above

ment I ever saw on that subject. My oldest

sister married her (first) cousin, and her chilremedy for two or three days. Had never seen any working bulletin on either europhen or

dren are exceptionally well developed, both aristol, but believed that the drugs were

physically and mentally. Truly yours, deodorizers and antiseptics, I thought the remedy applicable to any fetid discharge from a mucous

Dr. G. TELL, of Bradd·ck, Pa., writes in reply surface, and first gave it a trial in otorrhea, feet, by internal administration.

to a request, that he uses sulphur for burning with the success as seen in the cases cited heretofore. In europhen and aristol, or a combination of equal parts of each, we have a remedy

WE expect some time within the next few that is a specific (so far as I have seen) in ab

months, to devote ove or more special numbers normal discharges, whether serous, mucous or

to the consideration of Diseases of Children, pustular. It is more elegant than iodoform, in giving, in connection with it, especial reference more respects than one, as by its use no one is

to dosage according to age and improved forms aware of it, as is the case with iodoform.

of medication especially suited to children. Europhen and aristol are hemostatics par

Patents on Medical and Surgical Subjects. excellence, especially in epistaxis. Being of a consistency and nature that it does not absorb Editor MEDICAL WORLD Enclosed please moisture, it forms a barrier and coating to the find herewith my list of patents for the past two exudation of blood from the wounded vessel, mouths: As a non-absorbent dressing it is certainly, Device for removing corns, R. Viol and F. 0. without exception, the best that has as yet been

Main. found. Europhen and aristol are both expensive, Mouth-holding apparatus for dentists, etc., H. but I note that most preparations that stand the

M. Casebeer. test of time are not as cheap as those that are Surgical antiseptic thread-holder, N. White. tried and used for a short time and then rele- Duplex syringe, F. S. Ketchum. gated to the druggist's shelf, not to be called for Hypodermic syringe, S. R. Slater. perhaps for years. Hope I have not taken up Amalgam for dentists' use, G. Juterbock. too much space in your valuable journal, one Atomizer, C. L. Morehouse. of the best, por imposed on you.

Dental chair, S. T. Henkle.
Dr. W. NILES POWELL, Device for treating patients by electricity, E.M.
Mem. Institute Dosimetrique, Paris.

Allentown, Pa.

Scalpel, R. Steinel.
Dental instrument, S. W. Jones.

Vaginal syringe, T. H. Maddux.
DEAR DR. WAUGH:-I have just received your

Dental chair, L. Stuck. "Outlines of Treatment” from the dosimetric stand. point. You have done much toward teaching how to

Dental instrument, J. C. Blair. use the granules. So I return you thanks for the ad- Taper for night lights, J. Lude. vice set forth in your vest-pocket companion which Bottle-filling machine, to G. Clauss, Jr. should be in the hands of all physicians as a useful, re- Apparatus for fixing capsules on bottles, to G. liable guide for the physician at the bedside.

Very respectfully,
3640 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago. W. W. HESTER.

Disinfecting compound, to J. Kinney.
Price 50 cents. See order blank page xxvi. Shoulder brace, to W. J. Teufel.

Truss, to C. A. Harvey.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:—I beg to appeal Atomizer, to H. N. Dunlap.

to the numerous readers of THE WORLD for Making salicylaldehyde-alphaphenylmethyl hy. assistance on the following points, viz.: drazone, I. Roos.

1. A treatment of the "neuralgic habit," and Purifying tannic extracts, to G. Delveaux. a possible correction of the diagnosis? Cases Fumigator, to F. A. Hoffman.

referred to of about this type: pain, without Artificial arm, to J. E. Wortham.

visible inflammation, somewhere-top, back, or Atomizer, to M. Dittenhaufer.

front of head; down the spinal column; someDentist's chair, W. A. Johnston avd W. A. times constant, but more generally selecting a Browne.

particular spot. Patient will, in some instances, Electro-therapeutical instrument, J. Moliere. not feel the pain till a particular hour of the Automatic medicine stand, to C. A. Moriarity day, and it disappears only to reappear at a parSurgical chair, to F. B. Case.

ticular hour, week after week and month after Dental instrument, to J. C. Blair.

month, despite anti-periodic treatment of arGeo. H. CHANDLER.

senic, quinine, or alterative or reconstructive Atlantic Building, Washington, D. C.

treatment by iron, and feeding, etc. Counterirritation has proved worse than useless, while galvanism, central and local, yields insufficient

results. Then, again, the periodic pain, if inEditor MEDICAL WORLD :-In my article on

duced to leave its favorite and accustomed seat, page 313, there are two or three mistakes. Allow me to say that it should read: “This is a

appears elsewhere. For example: if induced

to leave some spot over the spine, it may next treatment that certainly does not harmonize with the modern view of enteric fever.” The “ does

declare itself in the muscles over the stomach

and bowels, and there set up its periodic discomnot" is omitted; and further on, it should read :

fort. This is a brief outline of several cases “I do not hesitate to say that all of those slow

seen in the last few years, all yielding unsatisfevers, etc.”

Again, it should be: two ounces of factory results to treatment. History of malamilk instead of ten. Please correct, and oblige, rial poisoning not present in any of them, but Centerburg, O. R. C. M. LEWIS, M.D.

nervous exhaustion (prostration?) in all. The

slightest amount of exhaustion, either mental or [We cheerfully allow Dr. Lewis to make the physical

, especially the former, aggravates the above corrections. However, we fear that he, pain, provoking a recurrence at an earlier hour like a great many of our contributors, fails to

in the day. Some are anemic, but not all. look over his manuscript before sending it, as

Relieving the anemia does not, however, break the errors above referred to are all in the origi- up the “ neuralgic habit.” Calling it" hysteria,” nal copy, and also, as a further example, in the

moreover, does not modify the patient's discomabove letter making the corrections you will

fort or enhance the physician's reputation. observe that the Doctor has written“ page 313” I should be extremely grateful for suggeswhen it should be page 413. We endeavor to

tions as to treatment, or correction of diagnosis make all such corrections ourselves before plac

if mine is wrong, in these troublesome and ing the copy in the hands of the printer, when

intractable cases. we are sure that we know what the contributor wishes to say. These are ouly errors incident with the first, is treatment for the “so tired”

2. My second difficulty, sometimes combined to a busy life, rather than those of deficient sort of feeling, of which patients complain, and scholarship: We have them to correct in nearly for which there does not seem to be an adequate every article submitted to us. - ED.]

discoverable physical cause. Rest_and tonics

have given mainly negative results. This" tired” Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-A lady patient, la grippe, persisting for months, and, in one

feeling I have found as a frequent sequela of approaching her change of life, has suffered

case, nearly two years after the original attack; about seven years from a parasitic disease, con- patients awakening unrefreshed from a night's fined almost entirely to the finger-tips, about sleep. the nails. She is not able to immerse them in

I may add in conclusion, that any line of water, as in washing dishes, etc., and they are

treatment by internal medication has invariaat times painful when touched. Patient applica- bly resulted, sooner or later, in disturbing the tion of tincture of iodide, silver nitrate, etc., stomach to such an extent as to compel its dishas not rid her of it.

continuance, without any appreciable favorable Any information from any of The World's result upon the trouble. family who have successfully treated the trouble

I ought to add, that in two of the cases noted will be greatfully received.

above under 2, patients were habitual dreamers, Granite, Md. C. W. GILBERT, M.D. they never slept without dreaming more or less

; .}


energetically. This was not observed to be This is a question that should interest you true generally, however. Is there any thera- all, as it dues me at the present time, for the peutic or other means to control this exhausting knowledge derived from it may be of service to and persistent tendency to dream!

each of us when we least expect it. So I trust MAURICE F. PILGRIM, M.D. each reader will answer, if nothing more than No. 24. Main St.,

yes or no, with his name attached. St. Johnsbury, Vt.

Elroy, Wis. F. T. FIELD, M.D.

[The circumstances above related being true, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:—When any of it is our opinion that the synovitis was the reus doctors have a troublesome case on hand, sult of the injury described. Replies should naturally turn to the numerous readers of The be sent to Dr. Field direct.- ED.] WORLD for help and advice. Now I would like the opinion of every reader of The World on my case, whether for or against.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I send you the On the 18th of July I accidentally struck following report. my knee-pau a violent blow against the sharp M. G., an unmarried female, aged 20 years, corner of my book-case I thought at the time height 5 feet 8 inches, present weight 128 that the patella was fractured, but it proved not pounds, weight in November, 1891, 156 pounds, to be. The knee began paining me at once; I difference in circumference of chest between rubbed on some strong awodype liniment and forced expiration and forced inspiration fully put a bandage around it, never thinking that 4 inches, black hair and black eyes, fair skin, there might be anything serious resulting from presents the appearance of a girl suffering from it. For the next thirteen days I limped around chlorosis, at least she is quite anemic. on that leg, doctoring and resting it all I could, The skin of her head and neck perspires probut still doing my work, although suffering fusely at times just before waking in the mornmuch pain and inconvenience from it all the ing, while that of the trunk is natural, and time. On the fourteenth day I had to give up, and from the hips down (lower extremities) is dry called in a brother practitioner, who pronounced and harsh. There is no swelling of the glands, it at once a case of synovitis of the joint. My and no eruption of any kind on the skin. Temsuffering for the next six weeks need not be perature is normal at present in the morning, told to any practitioner who has attended a bad but rises to 100° to 1003°. at night. Pulse avercase of synovitis of the knee-joint. Three age about 100 per minute; tongue is always months have now gone by and I am just able to coated, white to yellowish. She has had thrush go about the house on crutches. Before this for a few days, but is nearly well. She supposed injury my knee was perfectly sound; I never that she contracted it by kissing a baby who had anything the matter with it in the world. was suffering from that disease at the time. My family history is as follows: Father and Tonsils, uvula and pharynx appear healthy; mother now past eighty, as strong and healthy stomach in fair condition, digestion good; can an old couple as you will find in a day's journey. take any kind of food or cod-liver oil, without Two brothers and a sister all healthy and strong.. disagreeing; bowels a little lax; they are probThere is not a taint of rheumatism, syphilis, or ably affected some yet from typhoid fever, gonorrhea, either hereditary or acquired, in my

which she had two years ago. system. I have always enjoyed the best of health. She complains of soreness of larynx, both I am 40 years of age. I am carrying an acci. from swallowing and external pressure, and dent insurance policy. (I presume that most about once in the month there is some swelling physicians are foolish enough to do the same of laryox. thing.) The company is now quibbling over There is a hoarse spasmodic cough, mostly at the matter. The medical director has expressed night. She will cough six or more times in a doubt as to whether the synovitis was the rapid succession. A dose of cocaine, or the result of the accident or not, seeing that four. galvanic battery (kathode in throat) will genteen days had elapsed since its occurrence. erally relieve for the night, and when I use

Now, brethren, I want to put a straight both at night it generally relieves both cough: question to you, and will you all please answer? and soreness for most of next day. I have I want the honest opinions of physicians who tried several remedies for the cough, but none, are not prejudiced in any manner. My question except ones mentioned, give any relief. is this:- Knowing the above facts to be true as There is complete loss of voice, except a narrated, what would be your opinion on oath whisper. I have not been able to make a satisbefore a court? Was the synovitis the result of factory examination with laryngoscope on acthe injury to the knee on July 18th, or was it count of extreme sensitiveness. The depressor not?

held firmly on the tongue will cause an attempt

to vomit. I think there is paralysis of some of Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I should be glad the laryngeal muscles.

to have a consultation with the brotherhood of The loss of voice occurred about the 25th of THE WORLD's readers on the subject of relapsDecember, 1891. At this date she was men- ing erysipelas of the face. The case is one of struating, took cold and the flow stopped sud- ten years standing, and has been unsuccessfully denly. The menses have never returned, and treated by several physicians. now she does not seem to suffer any from the I should like also to ask of the readers what, non-recurrence, except iu the throat, unless the in their experience, they have found the most perspiration of the head occurs at that time. successful treatment for gleet, or protracted There is no congestion of female organs, no blennorrhagia. I have employed the usual backache, no aching of thighs or headache, and remedies, the internal administration of copaiba no hemorrhages.

and cubebs and injections of sulphate of zinc. There is no dyspnea. Respirations are about I have on hand a curious case, that of a 18 to 20 per minute. No abnormal sounds, farmer, aged 40 years, who, for twenty years, that I can detect, over any portion of lungs. has had frequent micturition—every half hour,

I treated the patient for typhoid fever two and often at night--with burning in the bladder years ago. She was confined to bed four weeks. before and during micturition. His urine is During this time the temperature was 103° to clear, and without mucus or albumen. Coition 104o. As soon as she was convalescent she increases all the above described symptoms. passed from under my observation, and I never He is very weak, and has had edema of the saw her again until the 26th of June, this year, upper eyelids and scrotum and penis for six when she applied to me for treatment for loss of years. His heart, liver and kidneys seem to be voice. She said she thought she had fairly normal. He is dyspeptic and constipated. The recovered from the effects of fever in the fall of physicians he consulted diagnosed inflamma1891, and was well up to December 25, 1891. tion of the neck of the bladder and prostatic Since this date she had been in the care of sev- urethra. Who can explain the edema and eral physicians, who seemed to recognize only suggest appropriate treatment of the case? the throat trouble. The last one used powerful

O. E. PERRON, M.D. faradic currents through the neck, which ena- St. Charles, Quebec, Canada. bled her to speak a few words, but finally failed altogether. He told her the loss of voice is the effect of the fever, but she had her voice for 1} Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Last winter I years after the fever.

attended Mrs. H., aged 75, with a prolonged I recognize the loss of voice only as a symp- case of pneumopia, resulting in recovery. This tom of her other troubles, and would like to summer she has, at intervals of one or two have diagnosis, prognosis and treatment for the months,

months, attacks characterized by scalding

urine of inky blackness. I should like to know The patient is of good habits; no hereditary the cause and proper treatment. taint, no syphilis, no gonorrhea. She was al- Dundas, Ill. J. T. HENDERSHOT, M.D. ways strong and healthy until she had the typhoid fever, September, 1890. Her brothers

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Is there any and sisters are fair specimens of health and

radical cure for rupture? I have seen it stated strength. Two sisters and a brother had fever

in some medical journal that hernia is being at the same time. They are now in good health.

cured; and if there is such a thing as a per: It is said that her mother died of consumption; but if she did it was caused by exposure, World brethren know of it, and will not fail

manent cure, I hope some of the MEDICAL many years after the birth of my patient. She

to publish it soon. 46 years old at death, and died about six

Ness City, Kan. T. HANKINS, M.D. years ago. Her health had been failing seven years. She was previously a stout woman. Deer Lodge, Tenn.


Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I should like to

ask the assistance of the brethren in a case of EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-It would be impossible stricture of the rectum, where the feces are exfor me to practice medicine successfully, or keep in line pelled with difficulty and are ribbon-like, or with my professional brethren in the progress ihey are like tape-worm in shape. The person has been contin ially making in medir al knowledge, without your valuable journal—THE MEDICAL WORLD,

constipated from his boyhood, but does not use Monango, North Dakota.

medicine or pills of any kind; gets action daily, I. HERBET, M.D.

but with difficulty as described above. Would EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-I avail myself of this communica

be glad to hear from old practitioners in your tion to tender you my grateful appreciation of your most excel- journal, as to its remedy. lent journal. Clifton, Tex.

John HATTON, M.D. Hot Springs, Ark. H. MOSCOURTZ.



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