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compound syrup of yerba santa. The child phobia cat” not being indigenous to those made a good recovery.

non-rabial counties. I don't claim originality for this treatment, We hear that chloride of gold is now used but remembered same suggested in a former successfully for the cobra bite in India. Hos number of THE WORLD. Is the treatment would it do as a remedy for hydrophobia? correct? What is the toxic principle and what Will some Oklahoma or N. Texas doctors is its antidote ?

tell us something of the “hydrophobia cat" Will Dr. Hixon, page 393, October number, and the mad-stone? try Carlsbad Sprudal salt, teaspoonful in a Oswego, Kan.

W. S. X. glass of warm water or tea on rising, or cascara with maltine? The former serves me best. Sudden Obstruction in the Esophagus.Advise the patient to go to the closet at a A Treatment for Cold in the Head. regular hour each morning after breakfasting EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-H. C., aged and sit there for not less than one hour; think seventy-four, a slim, wiry, healthy man, while over it and try to defecate. Use an occasional eating dinner suddenly found himself unable glycerine suppository. Try this and you will to swallow. He did not feel greatly alarmed, be pleased.

J. R. McCown, M. D. supposing that a morsel of chicken's gizzard, Rice's Crossing, Williamson Co., Tex. which he had hurriedly swallowed, was the

cause and would soon pass away. He conA Medical Medley.

tinued in this state two days, then sought EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:— It seems to me medical advice. During this time he amused that the doctors should speak out against the himself in attempting to swallow food, mostly bad habit parents and teachers have of hitting liquids, a mouthful or two of which could be children on the head and boxing their ears. I retained several minutes, when it would be rehave known deafness to result from boxing gurgitated, a quantity of mucus following, children's ears, and I have known “brain causing a “gagging'' for a couple of minutes. fever" to result from hard study in school and The drinking of half a cup of fluid brought on for examination. Teachers and parents too the attempt at vomiting immediately, with the often punish children unnecessarily-unjustly regurgitation of the fluid drunk. Spraying the anyway. Young unmarried women during upper part of the gullet with a four per cent. solutheir menstrual spells are perhaps often too tion of cocaine did not lessen the vomiting cross for teachers—married women do better. The sensation of hunger passed over on the

What is a mad-stone? I was under the im- second day. I found him free from all dispression that it is a bezoan, the intestinal con comfort, except the inability in deglutition cretion of a ruminant. The common ox when and the consequent regurgitation. Careful he sheds his hair, licks it of, and a hair ball examination revealed no tumors nor aneurism, in his stomach or intestines results. Sooner or nor progressive difficulty in swallowing, nor later the death of the ox results from the hair- any abnormality. Spasmodic stricture was ball. The whale, likewise, suffers from am- closely ruled out by his age, good health, and bergris. I have seen the fossil coral brionas: previous history. As I had no esophageal træa oblonga from the Jurassic rocks, and hair- bougie with me, and the patient anxious to balls, but never a mad-stone, but would like to have all the time possible for “nature's reinvestigate one. The instrument must have lief," a visit was arranged for the following considerable suction power to adhere as it does day. In the interim a solution of pure pepsin, to bites of rabid animals or snakes. Some in- two grains, and dilute hydrochloric acid, two telligent persons have great faith in a drops to the dram, was prescribed every half mad stone and relate what seem to be facts, of hour, in water. Twenty hours later I saw the its efficacy.

patient, whose cheerful countenance told of Has any intelligent scientist ever experi- the gladness in escaping the esophageal soundmented with the mad-stone and published his ing. Two hours previously the obstruction views? If not, we know nothing reliable about it. suddenly gave way, and immediately he drank

The people out southwest of here call the a cup of milk without any difficulty, which he mephistis concolor (Gray), the “hydrophobia did also in my presence. cat," and believe it is the origin of rabies. What There is no doubt that the gristly portion of conditions are required to impart it I do not the chicken's gizzard, imperfectly masticated know. Persons bitten by the animal seem to and hurriedly swallowed, had lodged at one of die with hydrophobia. Educated people be- the narrowest points of the esophageal canal, lieve in this theory out there. We are led to which is opposite the fourth or fifth dorsal this belief by the fact that there are regions vertebra, where the left bronchus crosses it and counties where there are millions of dogs obliquely downwards and outwards. The and no rabies, caused, we think by the “hydro- narrowest part of the canal, which is only one

inch in diameter, is opposite the cricoid car

Rheumatism and Gout. tilage, and is frequently the position where

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-In looking over foreign bodies lodge, the proportion being as the bright pages of your most excellent journal seven to two (Allen).

the pleading tones of “ An Anxious Observer," In this case the amount of fluid retained and

arrested my attention. the patient's sensations pointed to an obstruc

I am forcibly reminded of the difference tion further down the canal, four or five between rheumatism and gout, as described by inches. Had I had an esophageal bougie with a very eminent physician who suffered with the me the point would have been definitely de latter. He said. . Put your finger in a vice, termined. The use of an acid solurion of screw it up just as tight as you could possibly pepsin seemed to me an easy solution of the bear it. let it be, and that represents rheumapatient's difficulty,

tisrn, then give the vice one more turn and In October WORLD, Dr. D. F. Easton asks

that is gout." for a speedy cure of cold in the head. If he

In a case of 3 years standing of gonorrheal will try the following he will be amply satisfied :

rheumatism, after the patient had been treated Administer tincture aconite, drop one-quarter

by more then one physician, the joints of the to one-half; tincture belladonna, drop one

foot and toes having become anchylosed, he half to one; tincture gelsemium, drop one,

was cured by saturating him with potassium hourly. Administer a saline cathartic. These

iodide and keeping the liver active, by giving two remedies will be extremely efficacious. It small doses of calomel, frequently repeated, is a well-known fact that a cold in the head is

for some weeks at a time. Treatment conoften “ broken up" when a profuse bowel dis

.tinued for three months, after which the swellcharge takes place. To those intelligent

ing subsided, and in a few months the joints patients to whom a cocaine atomizer can be

partially resumed their former usefulness, and entrusted, immediate relief can be given by today the patient works fairly well, and has spraying the nostrils several times daily with a

a not a symptom of the malady with the excepsolution of cocaine-a four per cent. or a two tion of slight contraction of the extensor per cent.—the latter is the better to give a brevis digitorum and partial stiffness of the patient. I do not advise the cocaine spray to tarso-metatarsal joints, not sufficient to cause people who cannot absolutely follow advice, as

any trouble in working. The stiffness is prothe secondary results of a profuse use of cocaine

moted by the contracted tendons. In connecin the nostrils is much worse than the evil

tion with the treatment, which was not resorted sought to be mitigated. The first remedy pro- to till all acute inflammatory symptoms had posed can be used either in solution or tablet

long since subsided, and the disease had be

come chronic, passive motion was cautiously To “ Anxious Observer," for the best treat

employed, accompanied by gentle friction for ment of gonorrheal rheumatism, he will find an hour at a time. twice or three times daily. protiodide of mercury and quinine in large

especially at night. doses the most satisfactory treatment, accord- If these suggestions relieve the case in quesing to the method outlined by Dr. J. William

tion one iota, should he give it a trial, my White, in the International Surgery, vol. ii.

labor will not have been in vain in reporting Salicylates, alkalies, etc., amount to little in

the case. the treatment of this disease. For anchylosis

The last number of your excellent journal, and permanent lesions galvanism and massage, like its former issues, is running over with baths, etc., as is of the best use in chronic rheu

practical knowledge for the busy practitioner. matism and would be the most efficacious in May its shadow never grow less. Best chronic gonorrheal rheumatism.

wishes. N. B. BAYLEY, M. D.

DR. Will B. CRAWFORD. Haverstraw, N. Y.

Lexington, N. C.


EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD: The book "The Physician as a Business man” received and read with EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :- I would like to a good deal of interest, and profit. According to advise “Anxious Observer'' to give two (2) its size the book is dear but according to its worth grains of iodide of potassium in half a glass or it is very cheap. There are some very important good things in it, and I would heartily recommend so of hop tea, or tincture of hops, every four every physician to get and read it. It is well worth hours. ten times its cost especially to young Doctors. Simple, isn't it? Try it. Therapeutic rea

I think I can make no more useful present to my sons will be given and full particulars if wanted. medical friends than a copy of it; please tell me what (eff. Colī. '67.) CHARLES A. BAKER. you could afford to let me have a dozen copies at one time for, and oblige yours respectfully,

N. W. cor. 16th and Clearfield Street,
Boulder Colorado,



Arsenito o

Arsenite of Copper. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-For acute rheu

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :--I have used matism, whether muscular or articular, first

the above medicine for about eighteen months open the bowels by a brisk cathartic of calomel

in various kinds of troubles. It is most excel. or blue powder, followed, if necessary, with lent liberal doses of Rochelle salts and put the

A. E. VAN DEVENTER, M. D. patient upon the following: R Salicylate of Sodium ...................... drams iv.

Oswego, Ill.
Bicarbonate of potassium.................drams iv.
Syrup ........................................... OUDC
Cinnamon water q. s. to make............ Ounces x.

Arsenite of Copper Defended.
M. Sig.--Shake bottle. Dose, tablespoonful every
three hours through the day,

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-In October num. If articular use the following:

ber I notice that Dr. McMahon, in reply to Dr. R. Tincture cantharides.......................... .........

Patterson's interrogatories in regard to arsenite Tincture Camphor ..............................

of copper, condemns in a most unqualified Chloroform...........

manner this favorite remedy. The doctor conSpirits Ammopia ................ Spirits Turpentine............ aa............ ounces i.

siders the remedy a worthless drug-fit for M. Sig.-Shake bottle and apply freely to all inflamed nothing whatever. Well, I am very inuch surjoints with rubbing with hand gently at first and prised at such a sweeping denunciation of so sometimes from three to five mioutes; to be repeated four or five times in the 24 hours; joints to be well pro

useful a remedy. I have been using arsenite tected by soft flaonel rollers after rubbing.

of copper for a year or two, and I am not often For fever and pain :

disappointed in it. I use it freely in diarrhea, R. Tincture aconite root.........................gtt xvi.

dysentery, cholera morbus, colic, flatulence, Bromide of potassium ...................... drams ii summer diarrhea, etc. It rarely fails to give Syrup ...................................................... relief in my hands. I give a little larger dose

Water .............. aa............................ounces i.
M Sig.-Shake bottle. Dose, two teaspoonfuls in

than the one usually recommended. I give glass of water as indicated.

about one two-thousandeth of a grain (noto) In fifteen years' active practice I have used to adults and about yodo to little children every this treatment all the time and have never seen half hour until three or four doses are taken, a case hesitate to make a very rapid recovery. then gradually lengthen the interval between The only objection I have to it is that there is doses. A friend of mine, Dr. Brockway, of no money in it for the doctor, as one visit Livirgston, Ala., told me recently that he had usually settles the business. Stimulants may a patient who had suffered a long time with be used if treatment should seem to depress too chronic diarrhea, and after trying a number of much.

approved remedies, with no good results, he One-hundred and twenty grains of Sulph- tried arsenite of copper, in dose of tho grains onal (Bayer)" was given to a male adult in (one tablet) three times a day. It had a most nine (9) hours. This man was suffering from happy effect, and the patient was soon relieved. subacute cerebritis with some development of I have given the remedy to horses with colic maniacal symptoms. This large dosage was with the happiest results. A tablet was given administered in milk, the first dose at 6 P. M. every twenty minutes. Will some one give me and the last at 3 A. M, which caused only fair a good remedy or treatment for hay fever? I rest during the night with some depression of have it every fall, and it is very annoying. heart and lungs the day following as evidenced

T. HUGGINS, M. D. by cyanosis and muscular relaxation, though New Berne, Ala. not marked until afternoon, when symptoms yielded promptly to a liberal amount of brandy and milk, he resting much better on the suc

Bernhardt's Balm. . ceeding night than when the drug was given, EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-In your SepI will say that I do not advise such heroic tember number you gave Bernhardt's balm, treatment and in this case gave no such orders, copied from the Formulary. Madame Sara but as he had shown some pretly positive Bernhardt is not the author of the compound, maniacal manifestations, in which attendants as it was published some years before she was were unable to control him for a time, they took born. But, with her known intelligence, she it upon themselves to see that he had enough has selected one of the best formulas among to produce quiet, they having several 30 grain the therapeutics of the world. She is not the doses at hand. Patient had been confined to only one who uses it, as great quantities are his bed for several weeks and was weak except used every year in this and other countries. when the wild symptoms came on, which had That compound is simply the Eau Sedative, not been often.

published by F. V, Raspail in 1835, in three Lebanon, Ind. W. A. Dorman, M. D. strengths for the use, respectively, with chil


dren, adults, and animals. The medium ini: “Slow Fever” or Enteric Fever-Chronic tial strength is

Malaria-Pyoktannin-Potassium loR. Spirit of ammonia ...................... ounces ij

dide in Chronic Cough. Chloride of sodium........................ ounces ij

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-I have been Spirit of camphor.......................... drams ij reading the articles in the MEDICAL WORLD on Water .........

...............quart i Keep well corked.

the subject of “slow fever." This preparation relieves in one minute,

Dr. Green thinks the name “slow fever" is as by magic, every headache except a nervous

not proper. He says it is of malarial origin, one, when the head is washed or well wetted

that its seat is in the intestines, that it is with it. The quantity of salt, which becomes

caused by a bacillus, taken into the the alichloride of ammonia, is sufficient, as the evap

mentary canal, and that it is not a disease of oration of the liquid leaves dry salt in the

the nervous system. Dr. Persinger thinks the hair, but if the mixture is to be applied on the

above about the correct idea, and reports what body a double quantity of salt makes it

he considers a typical case, and gives his treatstronger. The quantity of spirit of camphor is sufficient when used in headache or sponged

Now let us reason together.If we call on the body to cool fever, but if used as an

this fever enteric, we will have clear sailing, invigorator of the body the amount of spirit

and but little need of space in The World for of camphor can be augmented or replaced by

a discussion, for we will then have the typhoid Cologne water or other perfumed alcohol. ' affection, “slow nervous fever,” or enteric The initial formula, in intelligent hands, Te

fever. will give such remissions in fever, by cooling

We should adopt a term which separates the them rapidly, that remittent or bilious fever

disease from all others and points to a constant

diseas can be stopped and cured in less than twenty

feature. four hours, and any fever delirium is prevented

Entero-Mesenteric fever is certainly the most

correct term, but as that is too long for conor can be ste pped at will. It is a specific for correct the cooling of any kind of fever and all kinds venience, and recognizing the direct connecof inflammations.

tion between the mesenteric glands and the F. W. Raspail, initiator of the formula and

formula and intestines, we shorten the name to
intestines, we, shor

plain who has caused camphor gum to sell from a “enteric fever." few ounces to hundred thousands of pounds,

Granted that the fever is produced by puhad during his lifetime all the medical facul

trefactive matter, animal, vegetable or fecal, ties against him, because of refusing to accept and

ent and enters the system through air and water, a diploma as M. D. and keeping his title of

Stitle of what is the best treatment? chemist. He published a family medical book,

Murchinson says, “ The pilot cannot quell denouncing as a murderer any one prescribing the

the storm, but by tact, by knowledge, and able mineral poisons as medicine. He declared assistance, may guide the craft through the about 1830 that all human and animal ailments

storm. No man ever cured a fever." were caused by insects, imperceptible, whom

If these are facts, and I for one do not doubt he called acarus, or by cryptogams spores.

them, why exhaust the materia medica in a line Microscopes were not what they are now; the of treatment for this disease? name microbe was not invented. He wanted

By Dr. Persinger's own statement we find he to create a new form of practice based on that

used seventeen distinct drugs and the “various theory, that caused him to be called empiric

febrile mixtures" besides, for his typical case and his notions turned to ridicule.

of slow fever. This is a treatment that cerTo-day many kinds of microbes have been

tainly harmonizes with the modern view of discovered. What do you think his spirit

enteric fever. In fact I believe that the great must feel on the Elysian shores?

majority of such cases need nothing more than Bell's, Texas.

milk, subnitrate of bismuth, pepsin, and DR. P. Rogay.

sulpho-carbolate of zinc. DOCTOR_Have you not been wishing to adopt the i have practiced in a malarial district for convenient and most efficient alkaloidal or dosimetric almost fifteen years but I do not hesitate to say granules in your practice, but hesitated on account

that all of those below four years are enteric, of lack of definite knowledge as to how to use them? The new book “Outline of Treatment with Dosi

and are not malarial. And further, that I metric Granules" will meet your needs admirably.

have seen little or no good follow their treatIt is the only book published treating this impor ment by quinine alone. I really think that tant subject from the standpoint of the American quinine, chlorate of potash, Fowler's solution, practicing physician. It meets the difficulties that

etc., are detrimental in these cases. Quinine are encountered at the bedside and in the consulting

as a tonic in the later stage is all right, but in room. Bound in flexible cloth, small pocket size, 100 pages, price only 50 cents. See order blank on

the first stage it is all wrong. Ten ounces of page xxiv.

good, fresh milk given every two hours, and

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suitable doses of the remedies mentioned will of pain, I gave her sixty drops of laudanum do all for the average patient that can be done. immediately, applied hot water compresses Complications are to be treated as they arise. over the region of the womb, and repeated ihe

The editorial in the September WORLD on laudanum in half an hour. At the end of “chronic malaria'' meets my view exactly. about an hour she went to sleep and awoke is I wish every physician in the malarial districts three or four hours, refreshed, free from pain, could read it. It would not only benefit them, and exhibiting no symptoms of narcotism. but perhaps be the means of benefiting some of Shortly afterward I ordered a hot douche their patients. I have seen many patients who and glycerine and tannin suppositories, for a have reached the stage, so aptly described by patient suffering from subinvolution of the the editor, still trying to round up on quinine; uterus three weeks after confinement. the stomach revolting, the gastric catarrh The second time she used the douche, she was enough to make life a burden, and the quinine seized with violent pains in the womb, closely only adding fuel to the flames.

resembling those of the previous case. The Dr. Marlette on page 305, asks for information same treatment gave about the same results regarding the use of pyoktannin in gonorrhea. An old doctor, who arrived after the attack was I have had some experience in the New over, pronounced it a case of uterine colic. York hospitals. It was used then only as an A few weeks afterward I was called to see a experiment, and I followed in the same line..woman suffering similar uterine pain, three days Pyoktannin may be filling a long-felt want in after her confinement. She had in addition the profession, but it is quite clear to my mind suppression of urine, fever, and tendernes that it is not wanted in gonorrhea. That it over the lower part of the abdomen. I ordered will kill the gonococci there is little doubt, salts and laudanum in full doses and covered but how about the patient? I have used it in the tender region with cloths soaked in a lotion a solution of from four to eight grains to a pint composed of fifty grains of chloral hydrate and of water. Dr. Willy Meyer, of New York, eight ounces of water. recommends the eight grain solution, but you After her bowels had been moved freely I will have a hard time to find your patient when gave her ten drops of laudanum every half-hour you are ready to use it the second time, for he for five hours and covered the abdomen with will get away if possible.

warm mush poultices. Two days later she I would advise Dr. Marlette to use some was as well as before the attack. thing better and safer. Try the bichloride of These three cases apparently differ only as of mercury solution, one to 4,000. It is color- to the fever and tenderness present in the last. less, easily prepared, and its use is unattended Pathologically what was the difference between with uneasiness to the patient. Pyoktannin is them? one of the aniline dyes, and stains everything it There was no distention of the womb by air touches.

in any of them, nor was there any more than If Dr. Smith (Page 305) has not used usual hardness of the womb. Case number potassium iodide in the case of chronic cough, three was a mild attack of peritonitis, DO I think he would do well to try it in one- doubt. grain doses with a small quantity of some of I have seen perhaps a dozen cases, similar to the anodynes, (Hoffman's anodyne is my fa- the above three but varying more or less in vorite) in simple syrup as a vehicle.

severity. Ben. H. BRODNAX, M. D. R. C. M. Lewis, M. D. Brodnax, La. Centerburg, Ohio.

Epistaxis-Warning Symptom of PuerIntense Uterine Pain After Delivery and

peral Convulsions. After Using The Douche.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I can offer no EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-At times I get theory for the value of nitro-hydrochloric bothered in some of my cases, and would like acid in epistaxis, but, having used it for over to have the opinions of those who have had twenty-five years, I can attest to its value in similar cases.

these recurrent cases so frequently met with. Some time since I attended a patient, forty Of course its action is too slow for use while years of age, in confinement. All went well the bleeding is going on, when the usual until the third day when, owing to a door means will have to be employed; its value is to swinging open, and letting in a cold draft of prevent recurrence, and it has to be used for air on her, she was five hours afterward stricken weeks or months; and I have never found if with excruciating pains in the womb. I could fail to do good. hear her two hundred yards away from the The dose is minims xv t, d, in a glass of house uttering one scream after another. water after meals.

Having had experience in such sudden attacks Epigastric pain going and coming in the

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