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Sodii phos.


examination of the urine of a patient be made

previous to the hypodermic injection of co-
caine, to avoid the intoxication by the drug.

Sulphate of Sodium for Erysipelas. Can you give me the formula for Davis'

D.P. Dr. Bundy, of Murphysboro, Ill., in the Physic?

This is sometimes called Davis' White Liquid Homeopathic News recommends giving this

Physic, and it is said to be made up of: remedy rapidly until “the system is saturated with it.” He sometimes also uses the sympto

Sodium sulphate.

.8 ounces Nitro-muriatic acid

2 fluid ounces matic treatment, as aconite, for the fever, and

Powdered alum. .....38 grains suitable local applications, as a liniment com.

Distilled water.

24 fluid ounces posed of ammonia water, one half ounce, spirits Dissolve the sodium sulphate in the water, then add of camphor one and one-half ounces, oil of the nitro-muriatic acid and alum.--New Idea. sassafras, two drams and chloroform enough to

ACUTE RHEUMATISM. make four ounces.

R Euonymin..


Podophyllin The following is a list of patents issued by

Aloin... the U. S. Patent Office, from July 1 to July

M. Ft. pil. No. 1. Sig.–Give night and morning 19th, 1892, which are of interest to our read. as necessary. ers, as furnished by Geo. H. Chandlee, Patent

Give alkalies till saliva is alkaline. Follow Solicitor, Atlantic Bldg., Washington, D. C., ing is a useful combination : from whom copies of the same may be obtained,

R Lithii benzoatis

.dram ss at the rate of 25 cents each :

Sod, brom., Dental engine, to F. A. Damon, Fitchburg,

Potas, carb.,

aa drams ij Mass.; Bottle stopper, to Emil Willbrandt,

Potas. acet.

.ounces jss Indianapolis, Ind.; Scalpel, to G. F. Atwood,

Syr, zingib. Malden, Mass.; Electric belt, to D. H. Andus,

Aq, menth. pip.,

aa ad, oz. vj

} St. Louis. Mo.; Process of testing milk, to

M. Sig.--Dr. ij to oz. ss in water, four to six hours Leffman & Beam, Phila., Pa.; Hand machine after meals. for pasting labels on bottles, to A. Eymer, Sag.

For antipyretics use antipyrin grain x and inaw, Mich. ; Electric brush, to R. E. wil.

digitalis grain j, combined.

For analgesics liams, Dallas, Tex.; Spinal brace, to C. P.

use phenacetin or antipyrin, and, if necessary, Gumpel, London, Eng; Atomizer, to T. E.

a combination of morphine, bromide and Ogram, Washington, D. C.; Poison bottle

chloral. Give alkaline mineral waters copi. stand, to G. L. Rands, London, England; ously. Give tonics, the following being excel Dental chair, to A. P. Gould, Canton, Ohio; lent: Dental chair, to B. W. Wilkerson, Baltimore, R Tr. Ferri chlor ..

...dram iv Md.; Dental tool, to E. C. Moore, Detroit,

Tr. nuc, vom.,
Ac. phos, dil..

} Mich. ; Disinfecting apparatus, to C. B. Hy

aa dram ij

Syr. aurantii cort slip, Bradford, Pa.; Injector, W. E. Dodge,

.ounce į Elix, calisaya

:9. s. ounces ij Everett, Mass.; Larynx tube, to G. Ermold,

M. Sig.-Ounce j in water t, i, d. before meals. New York, N. Y.; Syringe, to G, F. Miles,

If heart weakens, use following: N. Y.; Syringe, to J. E. Kirkwood, Pullman,

R Spts, ammon, aromat ounces iij Wash. ; Antiseptic Quinoline, to J. Biegler,

Ammon. carb...

..dram į Baltimore, Md.; Dental Flask Clamp, to M.

Tr. cardomom

ounces i R. B. Creery, Ebensburg, Pa.; Dental forceps,

Tr, nuc, vom

...drams iij to C. E. Blake, Sr., San Francisco, Cal.;

M. Sig.-Dram j, t. i. d. Dental tool, to C. P. Lennox, Toronto,

For topical application use :
Canada; Vaginal syringe, to J. H. Morrison,

R Tr, aconite. rad.,
Tr, arnica,

} Salida, Col.; Syringe case, to A. B Botsford.


... ounces ] Grand Rapids, Mich.

Tr, saponis camph.

ounces ij


Exclude nitrogenous foods. Salicylates, Dr. Twitchell, of East St. Louis, Ill., reports

baths and massage are of doubtful value.-F. in the Amer. Med. Jour. success in the use of

Le Roy Satterlee, M. D.-Med. Age. boracic acid in powder form, as a simple anti. septic dressing in wounds of accident or opera

DUFFY'S CATHARTIC ELIXIR. tion; also in ulcers, including ulcers of the

This elixir, it is claimed, contains jalap, cornea.

senna, frangula, anise, caraway, coriander and KBBP your journals in a MEDICAL WORLD binder. galangal.-New Idea.

.aa ounce ss


STEFFEN claims good results, in “chapped"
or fissured hands, from the use of the following:
B Menthol.....

grains xxij
Olive oil,

...drams ss

ounces jss M. Sig.–Apply to the hands twice daily. Pain disappears, the skin softens and the fissures disappear rapidly.- Weekly Med. Review


HEMOPTYSIS. L'Union Medicale states that Bamberger recommends the following prescription in cases of hemoptysis : R Powdered alum...

grains xxx Hydrochlorate of morphine ....grain 72 Powdered white sugar

..dram i Make into six powders, and give all of them in di. vided doses, in the space of three or four hours, in case of profuse hemoptysis with cough.

Keep the patient absolutely quiet, and apply mustard plasters and external heat to the extremities.-Med. & Surg. Reporter.

LINIMENTUM CRINALE. (SQUIRE's, used as a powerful hair producer,) is composed as follows: Cantharidin..

I grain
Acetic ether..

.6 drams
Dissolve and add.

. 1 ounce Oil of lavender,.

15 drops Rectified spirits of wine........

. 3 ounces When required the recipe should be taken to a chemist, as restrictions are placed upon the sale of cantharidin unless it is mixed with some other substances. — Boston Journal of Health.

[blocks in formation]

BRANDRETH'S PILLS. DR. D. S. CLARK (American Druggist) says the following is the formula: Take of Extract colocynth...

. I scruple Aloes, socotrine..

2 drams

.I dranı
Castile soap.
Oil peppermint.

2 drops
Oil cinnamon.

I drop Powd. arabic and alcohol, of each sufficient quantity. Mix and make eighty pills. Dose: One to three as directed.

DIPHTHERIA. Nedzwiecki, of Serdobsk, highly recommends the following: R. Aquæ calcis ...

ounces vj Acidi salicylici

dram , M. Sig. -To shake well before using. A teaspoonful (to a child of one year), or a dessertspoonful (to children from two to ten), or a tablespoonful (to chil. dren above ten, and adults), every hour day and night; later on, as the improvement advances, every two and then three hours; after a complete disappearance of pseudo-membrane, three times daily, to continue for several days.-Med. Review.

12 dram

PISTOIA POWDER. This is a powder made in a convent near Pistoia, Italy, and it is used very extensively as a protection against gout. The following is said by Mr. Chastaing to be its composition:

B.yonia root.

10 grammes
Colchicum root.

20 grammes

. 50 grammes This is made into 365 powders, one of which is taken each day of the year in a (full glass of cold or hot water. - Amer. Drug.


MOTHER SIEGEL'S SYRUP. Will you please publish the formula for Mother Siegel's Syrup?

The following is said to be the formula desired : Extract Culver's root,

ROBBERT'S CAMPHOR-TAR OINTMENT. The following is said to be the formula for the above article :

Liquid tar.



aa...ounce c--6/2 lbs.
princes pine... ounces lxxx--5 lbs.
mandrake. ...ounces lxiv--4
gentian .. ounces xxxii--2
colocynth. .. ounces xxxij---2

black haw. ounces clx--10 Aloes....

ounces cxliv--9 Po. capsicum. .....ounces xvj. Po, sassafras. .....ounces clx--10 Borate soda,

....ounces clx-10 Spirits sea salt. ounces cxcij-12

Sugar house syrup. ..gallons xxx-30 Water, q.s. to make : ....gallons xc--90

Mix Dose. For tonic and alterative effect take 15 to 20 drops three times a day immediately after eating. For catbartic effect, one to three teaspoonfuls at Ledtime.- New Idea,

5 parts Lard.

.40 parts Mix them.--New Idea.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


per year Francis D. Holbrook, M. D., Publisher,

56 Central Music Hall, Chicago. A very interesting and useful journal, the only one in regard to this newest departure from general practice,

DISCOVERY. A Bi.Monthly Journal devoted to

Scientific inventions and discovery; price 7 shillings per annum Qneen & Bourke Sts., Melbourne, Australia.

The CHINESE : Their Present and Future; Medical,

Political, and Social. By Robert Coltman, Jr., M. D, Surgeon in Charge of the Presbyterian Hospital and Dispensary at Teng Chow Fu; Consulting Physician of the American Southern Baptist Mission Society; Examiner in Surgery and Diseases of the Eye for the Shantung Medical Class ; Consulting Physician to the English Baptist Missions, etc. Illustrated with Fifteen Photo-Engravings of persons, places, and objects characteristic of China. In one handsome royal octavo volume. 220 pages. Extra Cloth, price $1.75, net. Philadelphia : The F. A. Davis Co., Publishers, 1231 Filbert Street.


EMPIRE. By J. R. Wallace, M. D., Editor The
Indian Medical Record, Calcuita. Price 4 Rupees

($2.00). Besides a general directory, this volume contains many interesting and useful tables. It is indispensible to an East Indian physician.

Diana. A Psycho physiological Essay on Sexual

Relations, for married men and women, 55 pages.
Price 25 cents. Burnz & Co., 24 Clinton Place,
New York.


HEALTH FOR 1890. Cloth, 740 pages. Benj.
Lee, M. D., Sec., 1532 Pine St., Phila.


Terry. Cloth, 209 pages. Price $1.00. Clark &
Zugalla, Publishers, 33 to 43 Gold St., New

York. This book is a thorough and exhaustive review of the subject, giving the author's long extended observation and his practical views and plans. It is a subject that is well worth studying, especially since this work gives a successful solution of the problem. Every physician has some families in his clientelle that are anxious for reliable guidance in this matter, and are willing to pay well for it. Appropriate to this subject comes the next : Too MANY WOMEN AND WHAT COMES OF IT. By One

of 'Em. 55 Pages, 10 cents. Clark & Zugalla,

33 to 43 Gold St., New York. A well written little book, giving practical views.

EDUCATION OF BUSINESS MEN. An address before the

American Bankers' Association. By Edmund J.
James, Ph. D. Published by the American
Bankers' Association, New York,


articles by various specialists. Sent free. The Herendeen M'f'g. Co., Geneva, N. Y.


AND GARBAGE. American Public Health A950ciation, Concord, N. H.


By Henry Povall, M. D., Mt. Morris, N. Y.


TRAINED NURSES L. 0. Van Riper, publisher, 325 and 326 Rialto Building, Chicago.


50 cents. John P. Morton & Co., Louisville, Ky. This little pamphlet is an inquiry into the nature of orces determining head presentation, internal rotation and the development of the amnion,

CONSUMPTION : How to Prevent it and How to Live

With it. By N. S. Davis, Jr., A. M., M. D.
Cloth, 75 cents. F. A. Davis Co., Phila., Pa.

SURGICAL HANDICRAFT. A Manual of Surgical Manip

ulations, Minor Surgery, and other matters connected with the work of house surgeons and surgical dressings. By Walter Pye, F. R. C. S., Surgeon to St. Mary's Hospital and the Victoria Hospital for Sick Children ; late Examiner in Surgery at the University of Glasgow. Upwards of 300 Illustrations on Wood, First American Edition from the Third London Fdition. Revised and Edited by T. H. R. Crowle, F. R. C. S., Surgical Register to St. Mary's Hospital, and Surgical Tutor and Joint Lecturer on Practical Surgery in the Medical School. 8 vo. 600 pages. Cloth, $3.50, net; Leather, $4, net. E. B.

Treat, Publisher, 5 Cooper Union, New York. This is the work of an acknowledged master.

The entire subject of Surgery is covered.

Minor Surgery is given very completely. The illustrations are very skillful.

fruit farms. Of the fiction, Henry James, "Jersey Villas” makes delightful midsummer reading and there is an odd story of Southern Life, while Curiosities of Musical Literature will furnish a half-hour's entertain. ment for every lover of music, English high society is aiways an interesting subject when discussed by one who is of it, and knows it thoroughly, Henry Arthur Herbert, of Mucross, formerly an officer of the Guards and an M.P., gives in an entertaining way the cause of the revolution which has taken place in the society of London during the past thirty years. Even Marat Halstead's description of the Convention at Minnsapolis is breezy and bright, and the beautiful photographs which illustrate an article on Bridges and Bridge Building would attract a very unscientific reader. The one heavy article of the number is that of the famous English writer on Evolution, St. George Mivart.


ings and Proper Adjustment. By R. J. Phillips, M. D. P. Blakiston, Son & Co., Philadelphia.


Volumes. By A. H. Goelet, M. D. CEREBRAL MENINGITIS. By Martin W. Barr, M. D. CANCER. By Daniel Lewis, M. D. USES OF WATER IN MODERN MEDICINE. 2 Volumes.

By Simon Baruch, M. D. These volumes are all respective numbers of the Physician's Leisure Library, published at the very low price of 25 cents each, by Geo. s. Davis, Detroit, Mich. They are written by authors of the highest ability and of wide experience.

....1 ounce


Compiled by Chas. E. Sajous, M. D., and seventy associates. 5 Volumes, 815 00. F. A. Davis

Co., Publishers, Phila. We have come to rely very largely upon this magnificent work for a review of current literature upon any medical subject. It is of inestimable value to any progressive physician who wishes a yearly cyclopedia of medical progress. MICROSCOPICAL DiagnosIS OF TUBEROU LOSIS. Price,

50 cents. The little Blue Book Co., Battle Creek, Mich.

For Ourselves and Others.

Tre safest method of practicing medicine, if you are going to administer positive medication at all, is by the use of the dosimetric granules. They contain the right amount of the active principles, and may be given with entire confidence and safety. It is surprising hon rapidly the system is spreading. The Phila. Dosimetric Co., 2009 Arch St., are enterprising, reliable manufacturers. Their granules are elegant, permanent and soluble. See their adv., and write to them, mentioning this journal.

ESGORGEMENT OF THE UTERUS-GONORRHEA.-I have tried Sanmetto in engorgement of the uterus and found it better than anything I ever used. Also in a case of long standing gonorrhea which gave permanent relief, Woodward, Ala.

W. C. Wood, M.D. The Best REMEDY FOR INTERNAL PILES :R Kennedy's pinus canadensis (dark) i dram

01. theobromæ.... M. Rub together, and make 20 suppositories by using a cold mould. Sig.-Insert suppository every night at bed hour.

ABORTED THE USUAL CORDEE.-One of our contribators lately told us of a case in which five grains of antikamnia, taken at bedtime, aborted the usual cordee. On a subsequent night, it returned slightly, but upur the patient's taking another five grain powder, 1 promptly left him.-Editor Medical and Surgical Journal, Aug., 1891.

As a baby powder and for chafing, Dr. Julius Fehr's, of Hoboken, N. J., is very fine.

To the W. D. ALLISON Co., Indianapolis, Ind. :regard the Operating Table you made for me as the most complete and convenient thing of the kind in existence, and have inspected and tried many Operat. ing Chairs and Tables on both sides of the Atlantic.DONALD MAC LEAN, M, D., Consulting Surg. Harper Hosp., Detroit, Mich.

Twenty years ago very little was known about the isolation of pepsin and the other animal ferments, or their action. To day, much is known, although much may remain to be discovered.

Óne fact stands out clearly, however—if the raw material for the preparation of these ferments is handled at the place of supply by skilled chemists, then pepsia, and other ferments of much greater strength are obtained, and all disagreeable taste and odor, arising from decomposition, are avoided. The great packing firm of Armour & Company, Chicago, were the first 10

STRICTURE OF THE Rectum. By Chas. B. Kelsey,

M. D., New York. 48 Pages, illustrated, bound in flexible boards.

FOR THE MOUNTAINS, AND BY THE SEASIDE.--A drowsy August afternoon, the light shimmering through the dense leaves of the broad spreading beech.trees; a figure lying upon the grass holding in his hand a Magazine--not too heavy-just heavy enough for easy hold. ing--the Cosmopolitan, for August; just the sort of reading matter for a midsummer afternoon--full of attractive illustrations; scenes and life in the far off Phillipine Islands, with an experience of an earthquake; photographs on the Atlantic Beach accompanying a charming sketch of Jersey's “Salt-Water Day," by Hamlin Garland; charming Spanish bits by the artist Chase; lovely vistas, and enticing groves, illustrating a Califor. nia Farm Village, in which Col, Fitzsimmons describes the growth and development of a model community of

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