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and appearance, and complete and rapid restora

Treatment of Dysentery. tion to health ensues.

Drs. Lardier and Pernet (Semaine medicale But satisfactory as the method is, too much recommended the following treatment of dysen enthusiasm must not be displayed in vaunting

tery-one which they have employed with the the results in this class of cases, for as Flint

greatest success in the recent epidemic at Ram has pointed out, sporadic dysentery of moder. bervillers, Vosges. ate intensity has an intrinsic tendency to re- It is based on intestinal antisepsis, either by cover, is self-limiting, and ends spontaneously; means of salol or, better still, iodoform. The but judicious measures may relieve the dis- former is prescribed in the following formula : tressing symptoms and abridge the duration of

Salol ....grains xlv (3.0 grammes ] the disease. Injections do all this.

Tolu tincture, i drs. iiss (10.o grammes] One case of subacute amebic dysentery Quince syrup,..fldrs. vi ( 30.0 grammes] under treatment a few weeks last February Opium extract....grs. iss (0.1 gramme) showed that injections—as might be supposed

Mucilage acacia, ozs iv (150,0 grammes] -do not confer immunity against subsequent

Tablespoonful hourly. attacks. This patient had a return of all symp- favorable manner on the morbid process. How

This medication is reported to act in a very toms within a month after leaving hospital, apparently cured. In how far the treatmen:

ever the medicament which was found to has prevents complications and sequelæ can not be truly remarkable effects in dysentery is iode concluded from a limited number of cases,

form, in the daily dose of 30-40 centigramme although all the cases under my care have been [42–6 grains). The following formula peculiarly free from complications.

given : The experimental researches of Veronine

Iodoform. ...grains xv [1.0 gramme) show that rectal douches are of service as anti

Powdered opium, grains ix (0.6 gramme)

For 20 wafers-5 or 6 during th: day, at equal i phlogistics, sedatives, and excitants.

tervals. He finds that injections of cool or cold

These wafers soon produced marked reli: water produce an increase in tactile sensibility, in the authors' cases. muscular force, a lowering of body temperature

The incessant and extremely violent tene and lessening of arterial pressure, with a modi.

mal pains were calmed by boric acid enema fication of pulse tracing. This is experimental but the best means of combiting them w proof of the clinical observation of the systemic found to be the use of suppositories of the for as well as the local action of injections.- lowing co nposition : Maryland Med. Jour.

Cocaine hydrochlorate, grs. vi [0.4 grm'e]

Powdered opium...grs. ix (0.6 gramme] The Treatment of Dysentery.

Cocao butter ..., drams ii (8.0 grammes]

Divide into 4 suppositories, 1 morning and evening. At a meeting of the Medical Society of London, held October 19, 1891, Professor Baha

Under the influence of the cocaine, the grip durji, of Bombay, read a paper on the treat

ing disappeared as if by charm, the diarrhea ment of dysentery, which he said was not a

ceased, and the patients obtainec a refreshing contagious or infectious disea e, nor in any sleep of several hours' duratior. • sense specific. He claimed to have reduced

Beside the use of the medicaments mera the mortality to almost nothing. Instead of tioned, it is advised not to neglect washing endeavoring to keep up the strength of his pa

out the intestines several times daily with tients by meat juices and extracts, which he

some antiseptic fluid--such as a concer trate said acted only as irritants, he gave arrowroot

solution of boric acid, or a 1.5000 solution of milk. In the way of medication he gave bi;

corrosive sublimate.--Medical Age. muth, Dover's powder and soda, with the object of neutralizing the acidity of the blood, of

Acute and Chronic Dysentery. calming the abnormal action of the glands of

Dr. P. B. Green, of Wytheville, thinks that the large intestines, and of rendering the canal

for the most part dysentery should be treated sweet and free from decompositions. He

as a septic disease by antiseptics, such as iodo pointed out that the action of the ipecac and

form, salicylic acid, creasote, naphthalin, etc che alkali was to render the thick, sticky mu. Sodium salicylate was perhaps the one to be cous more liquid, and thus enable it to be got generally preferred. rid of.-Med. Press.

Treatment by rectal injections and antisep

tics had invariably proved successful in adults, The North Carolina Medical Journal says of " The

and in most cases in children except infants. Physician as a Business Man:"_"Excellent advice, which, if followed, would help to make the doctor a

He preferred warm solutions of mercuric bi careful business man.” Price $1. See order blank, chloride (from 1 to 10,000 to 1 to 3.000) every page xxii:

six to twelve hours. Listerine, salol, fluid ex

..ounces ss

tact of hydrastis, and the salicylates were other Within a week the painfulness disappeared, pod antiseptics.

and only one more hemorrhage appeared. The Dr. Bedford Brown, of Alexandria, suggests stools, which had been very painful and of he following: Begin treatment with calomel hourly occurrence; were reduced to six or eight

a cathartic, and follow this by a cleansing per diem; they were soft, but not thin, and ose of Epsom salts. Then begin with anti- nearly free from epithelial debris. In ten or ptic injections-about two drams of carbolic twelve days all traces of rectal ulceration had tid to two or more pints of water. By the disappeared. Then only one grain was given vouth, give a tablespoonful every three hours per diem, and morphine in the evening. In a

short time he was on the road to recovery.Aromatic sulphuric acid ....drams ij

Cincinnati Lancet-Clinic.
Sulphate of magnesium...
Deodorized tincture of opium.. ..drams ij
Syrup of orange-peel

ounce j

The Treatment of Dysentery. Peppermint water

ounces iij

At a meeting of the Medical Society of Water...

..ounces ij

London, held October 19, 1891, Professor Occasionally full doses of Epsom salts were

Bahadurji, of Bombay, read a paper on the ten needed to relieve congestions, correct

treatment of dysentery, which he said was not cretions, etc. In severer cases, use more de

a contagious or infectious disease nor in any ded antiseptics, such as napthalin, salol, and

sense specific. He claimed to have reduced tenacetin, five grains of each every three

the mortality to almost nothing. Instead of yurs, and irrigate the bowels twice daily with

endeavoring to keep up the strength of his eolin. If adynamia occurred, marked by patients by meat juices and extracts, which he tensely fetid discharges of blood mixed with said acted only as irritants, he gave arrow-root ucous, pus, sloughs, etc, use injections of an

milk. In the way of medication he gave bisince or two of hydrogen peroxide in a pint of muth, Dover's powder and soda, with the obiter. In malignant hemorrhagic forms, give ject of neutralizing the acidity of the blood, df an ounce of turpentine in a pint of emul.

of calming the abnormal action of the glands on, and repeat the following every two or

of the large intestines, and of rendering the ree hours :

canal sweet and free from decomposition. He B Opium.

.grains ss

pointed out that the action of the ipecac and Tannin.

..grains ii

the alkali was to render the thick sticky mucus Strychnine sulphate.. grain 1.05 Iodoform

.grain )

more liquid, and thus enable it to be got rid Creasote.

...gut. j of.-Med. Press. In chronic dysentery, the septic fecal matter, Plea for the More General Use of Alkaloids. constantly passing over the raw or wounded

The advantages I claim for alkaloids over rfaces, kept up the septic condition. Tepid- galenical medications, are : ater irrigations, followed by half-gallon in. First, and most important, a greater unictions twice a day of solutions of hydrogen formity and reliability of preparations. eroxide, creolin, or ichthyol, would do good. Second, increased accuracy of doses.

was best to administer these irrigations Third, the avoidance of incompatibility in irough a soft rubber tube, about fifteen inches prescriptions. ng, passed well up into the colon.--Med. Fourth, a more distinct and limited effect nd Surg. Reporter.

of medicines; for in giving alkaloids we get

only the action of the one agent, and not the Aristol in Chronic Dysentery.

effect of from one to a half dozen other ingreDr. RANDALL (Medical Neuigkeiten, No. 17, dients, as with Galenical preparations. 892) has treated three cases of chronic dysen- Fifth, a greatly improved method is the adTy with aristol with excellent results. The ministration of remedies to the patient. Drops lost serious case was that of a sixty-year-old and spoonfuls are the usual measures for ordidan, who had for six months suffered from nary preparations : drops vary in number from hronic diarrhea, and for the last six weeks had 44 to 250 to the fluid drachm, and the size of leen obliged to keep his bed. The localiza- the spoons vary more than 100 per cent., to ion of the pains pointed to the lower portion say nothing of the deficient filling and overy the transverse colon being involved in the flowing of spoons and the spilling of medicines ilcerating process. A suppository of two and in administration. half grains of aristol and one-third of a grain Sixth, a more concise method of treatment of morphine was ordered, to be inserted three of disease. The prescriber must have a clear imes a day. Two days later the stools became idea of what he wishes to accomplish. The less fetid, more consistent, and free from blood. action of each alkaloid is definite, and the indications are plain. "Shotgun” prescriptions our personal expenses but our State, county with alkaloids, are out of the question. The and municipal taxe: would be materially “hit or miss" plan, in which the right thing lessened, the prosperity of our people would is usuallly missed and the wrong thing hit, be something wonderful when compared with will not do.

our present condition, and the phrase "Life, If I have settled beyond a doubt that alka. liberty and the pursuit of happiness' would loics are superior in action to the Galenical have its first and last terms wonderfully empreparations, then I pass to the

phasized. Seventh, and last advantage I claim for them

There is no reason to fear that we should —this is a pleasant form for administration.- suffer for want of doctors, even if we were V, H. Hulen in Daniel's Texas Med. Jour.

to ask every one of those now practicing to change his employment to the prevention of

sickness. The Economy of Having a Health Officer.

If more were needed I think ther

would be forthcoming ; but suppose every one The State Board of Health has the names

of the 1,261 local boards of health in this and addre;ses of over 3 500 physicians in State should constantly employ one physician Michigan. I think it safe to estim ite that the

as a health officer, there would still remain average annual income of these doctors is at

2,240 doctor; to attend to the sickness which least $1,000 oo each; and, if so, the people of the other third failed to prevent; and the this State pay $3 500,000 a year to those whom 1,261 physicians who would then be conthey employ to frescribe for the sick. If in stantly employed as health officers of local respect to sickness we admit that an "ounce of boards of health would cost for permanent prevention is worth a pound of cure," one- salaries only a small part of the $3,500,000, sixteenth of $3 500,000 ($218,750) judiciously which is now estimated to be paid to physi expended in the prevention of sickne:s would cians be worth as much to the people as the whole The main reason why we need an active sum spent for the cure of sickness; or if the

health officer, who understands his business

, whole 3,500 doctors were employed and the

in every city, village, and township, is that whole $3,500,000 expended in the prevention

the people do not now seem to know the pre of sickness, the benefit to the people would be ventable nature of the diseases which kili sixteen times as great as now and would have a them. In many places they stand by like money value of $56 000,000. And yet not all

dumb animals and suffer their children to die the sickness is preventable. The debt of na:

of diph heria and other communicable dis ture must be paid at last. When science has

eases, and never lift a finger to try to prevent failed to prevent sickness the skillful physician the spread of these diseases. This apaths can often aid in nature's efforts to recover

and ignorant disregard for human life is na strength, and whei death is certain he can confined to the rural districts, but is seen in often make easier the last days of suffering. some cities.-H. B. Baker, Secretary Board But can any rational person suppose for an of Health, Michigan. instant that if one sixteenth of the 3,500 physicians now employed in prescribing for the cure

Why Physicians Should Dispense Their Own of diseases were constantly employed and paid

Medicines. for their services and their success in searching out and applying all possible knowledge for

The Texas Health Journal thus vigorously the prevention of sickness and deaths, it would

discusses this subject, taking the homeopathic require all the remaining 3,282 physicians to

practitioner as an illustration : prescribe for the sickness which would not “ The homeopathist's success, financially and thus be prevented ? Can any one suppose otherwise, if there be any otherwise,' may be that many of the present heavy burdens of the tersely couched in these words : “ All remedies people would not be removed?

furnished.' In our endeavor to ascertain why Omitting mention of the most importart our most intellectual and wealthy citizens direct benefits of the prevention of sickness, frequently employ the vendors of moonshine, and no ing only the indirect benefits not so instead of a physician, we went direct to their frequently dwelt upon, let us think of the vast patrons and asked them this pointed question sums of money now paid to maintain poor. Why do you employ a homeopathist ?' The houses, hospitals insane asylums, asylums for answers of the hundreds whom we asked the the deaf, duinb, and blind, jails, and even question, were substantially the same, vir: prisons; much of this expense would then be • They furnish their own medicine.' A banker entirely unnecessary; and many of the causes answered fully by giving his reasons for ceasing for demands now made for private charity to employ a physician and taking up a homeo, would not exist; thus, as I believe, not only pathist. He said: My child is sick, I send



for a homeopathist, he comes, gives my child two or three days, when the head of the bone 2 dose of medicine, soon after his arrival, was examined, no deposit could be seen, and leaves his pills, sugar or oherwise, I care not the cartilage appeared to have been restored to of what they are composed and my child re- its normal state. covers. I used to employ a regular physician Dr. Sander, among his other valued con. but quit him for this reason: He would come tributions to the medical profession, has fur. to my house, examine my sick child, write out nished a lithia potash water (Garrod Spa three or four prescriptions, not a word of which water). I could understand and leave without giving Its composition is very simple and the promy child any medicine whatever to relieve it duct has the great advantage of being pleasant of its suffering. I would then go to a drug of taste and very effective. store, where I would have to wait my turn, to It contains in 16 oz of carbonated water : get the dude behind the counter to translate

Lithium bi-carbonate

.14 grains the quail tracks into sense, or nonsense,

I know
Magnesium bi-carbonate

16 not which, and prepare me a box of pills, a few

Potassiu u bi-carbonate...

Sodium chloride powders and a bottle of some kind of stuff. I would then rush off home with a sense of dis- and is put up in pint bottles, one of which is comfort, for fear the druggist might have made considered to be a daily dose. The increase some mistake; and, after I had run myself or decrease of this dose must be left to the down, I would reach home only to find that the discretion of the practitioner. A prominent two hours which had elapsed after the depart. physician in the interior of the State took one ure of the physician and before I could get the bottle every other day for tweive months, and first dose of medicine to my child, had worked has informed us of the total extinction of his a material change in the symptoms of the little malady.— The Med. Mirror, one. This would cause me to hesitate as to whether I should yet administer the medicine Lactic Acid in Vaginal Pathological or not. This dilemma frequently happened ;

Secretions. and, on one such occasion I sent for a homeo

Dr. Williams read a paper before the Baltipathist; he came, gave my child medicine and

more Gyn, and Obst. Society, on “ Deoderit recovered. Since then I have continued to

lein's Work on Vaginal Secretions," published employ a homeopathist. When my child re

in the Maryland Med. Journal. The followcovers I have but one bill to pay, that of the physician; when I employed a regular physi- ing practical fact was given:

"In the light of these observations, the excian the druggist bill was usually about half as

amination of the vaginal secretion is made a much as that of the physician. So you see I save time, save worry, save money, and the part of the routine practice at the lying in hos.

pitals at Leipzig, before the students are allowed result is the same. This is why I employ a

to examine the cases. If the secretions be someopathist; furnish your own medicines

normal, they are allowed to examine them; young man; it will pay you regardless of the

but not if they be pathological. chool to which you belong.'

In the cases in which the secretion was pathThat is the way very many shrewd business nen look at homeopathy. Such men, though wlogical, he sought by various means to bring ntellectual gentlemen, know absolutely noth

it once more to the normal consistency dur

ing the pregnancy; and, of all the means ng about the relative value or differences of the respective so-called schools of medicine;' one per cent solution of lactic acid gave the

which he employed, found that injections of neither do they care.”

most satisfactory results.

For it apparently

offered an unfavorable medium for the growth Alkalies in Uric Acid Diathesis.

of the pathogenic organisms, and at the same One of the most remarkable properties of

time produced the most favorable conditions ithia is its power of imparting solubility to for the growth of the vaginal bacilli, which in iric acid, the urate of lithia being the most turn made the vaginal secretion unfit for the oluble of the known urates.

growth of most organisms. In numerous cases, To show the power which carbonate of

under its use, he saw the other organisms give ithia possesses in rendering urate of soda sol- place to the normal bacilli, and the pathologiible, I made the following experiment: A

cal to the normal secretion." netacarpal bone was selected, having the halangeal extremity completely infiltrated Dr. G. H. ATTWOOD, of North Woodbury, Conn.,

writes as follows in regard to special numbers : vith gouty deposit; this was placed in a small

Such numbers are cream of the cream, and just quantity of cold water, and a few grains of

what country physicians imperatively need and should arbonate of lithia added; in the course of appreciate.'

Treatment of Dysentery.

parent, impenetrable, which would hermetiDr. Lardier and Pernet (Semaine medicale) cally seal the wound from external septic inrecommended the following treatment of dysen

vas on. tery-one which they have employed with the " After closure of the incision, the skin, the greatest success in the recent epidemic at Ram. line of the wound, and the sutures are dried, bervillers, Vosges.

and two layers of sterilized gauze or cheeseIt is based on intestinal antisepsis, either by cloth, large enough to project five to ten centimeans of a salol or, better still, iodoform. The metres (two to four inches) beyond the incision former is prescribed in the following formula :

on all sides, laid on the skin. This is saturated Salol ..

...grains xlv

with the following adhesive mixture, which is (3.0 grammes] evenly distributed over the whole surface: Tolu tincture...

..fl. drams jiss

B Squibb's Ether, (or washed ether), and (10 o grammes ] Quince syrup ..f. drams vi

alcohol, absolute, equal parts;

Bichloride of mercury, (Merck's Recryst) [ 30.0 grammes]

enough to make the solution, 1.16000; Opium extract ...grains iss

(Anthony's)snowy cotton, enough to make [0.1 gramme)

a syrupy consistence, added in small Mucilage acacia... ....ounces iv

pieces, stirring. (150.0 grammes ] Tal lespoonful hourly.

As soon as this is poured over the wound This medication is reported to act in a very evaporation begins to take place at once, and favorable manner on the morbid process.

the celluloidin hardens, gumming the gauze However, the medicament which was found to fast to the skin. To avoid delay in waiting for have truly remarkable effects in dysentery is this to grow quite hard, and to prevent adhesion iodoform, in the daily dose of 30-40 centi- to the cotton applied above it, the whole surgrammes (472-6 grains]. The following for face is freely dusted over with a finely powder. mula is given :

ed mixture of iodoform and boric acid : Iodoform

..grain xv

“& Pulveris iodoformi,4 grammes or i dramm; [1.0 gramme]

Acidi borici, 28 grammes, or 7 drammes. Powdered opium...... ..grains ix

M.-Exactissime. Sig.–Dust freely on [0.6 gramme]

wound. For 20 wafers--5 or 6 during the day, at equal in. tervals,

"This powder is of itself an invaluable proThese wafers soon produced marked relief separating the labia and throwing it into the

tective. I use it constanly in obstetric cases, in the authors' cases. The incessant and extremely violent tenes

vagina, where it acts as a guard to the vaginal mal pains were calmed by boric acid enemas;

outlet against septic invasion from without

" The wound thus sealed with celluloidin but the best means of combatting them was found to be the use of suppositories of the ful.

gauze may be left untouched for a week or more lowing composition :

when the dressing should be softened with

water, or more rapidly with ether, the gauze Cocaine hydrochlorate ..grains vi

ifted off, and the stitches taken out." Broad

[0.4 gramme) Powdered opium

...grains ix yn Med. Jour.

(0.6 gramme] Cacao butter .drams ii

The Inclined Plane. [8.0 grammes]

The benefit of the inclined plane, with the Divide into four suppositories, one morning and

feet much higher than the head, is strongly evening. Under the influence of the cocaine, the

urged by Dr. Emmet in the N. Y. griping disappeared as if by charm, the diar

Gyn. and Obstet.

He declares that in his judgement there is rhea ceased, and the patients obtained a re

scarcely a condition of disease of the female freshing sleep of several hours duration. Besides the use of the medicaments men.

pelvis which is not benefited to some extent by tioned, it is advised not to neglect washing foot of the bed elevated from twelve to eight

maintaining a recumbent position, with the out the intestines several times daily with some

een inches." The lesser elevation is of little antiseptic fluid—such as a concentrated solu

value. By this method he has cured several tion of boric acid, or a 1.500 solution of corrosive sublimate.-The Medical Age.

cases of tubal lesion and he has observed prompt relief in allaying the constant irritation

of the bladder associated with local peritonitis An Ideal Dressing for Abdominal Wounds.

about the retro-sacral ligaments. Kelly (Am. Jour. of Obstet., Dec. 1891). He believes this method combined with the An ideal dressing should be a paste, which rest cure of Weir Mitchell, will accomplish would harden quickly—thin, flexible, trans- excellent results in functional disturbance of

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