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gerous dose of any remedy where it is an anti

Hydrorrhea Gravidarum. dote to the disease or poison, as whiskey or EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-Regarding the strychnine in spake bite.

case of hydrorrhea gravidarum, reported by These three cases are only typical of hundreds Medicus," in July WORLD, I will say that he that I have treated on the same line during the is undoubtedly right in his premises. January past thirty seven years, without a single fatality 12th, 1890, I was called to see a lady who, in the disease, so that I offer it as a specific from fright was taken with what appeared to treatment for erysipelas. The antiseptic prop- be labor pains, prematurely, being five and a erties of each drug are too well known to the

half months pregnant.

Menabranes had rup. profession for me to go into details, except tured, and a large amount of liquor amnii had ihat some French writer (I have forgotten the escaped. Pains were hard and regular. I gave name) claims a specific for alcohol as a de. hypodermic and put her on viburnum prunifo stroyer of the erysipelas bacillus. These are

lium, but expected that all treatment would be practical facts, which active practitioners want, useless, so far as stopping the labor. Rest in and not theories. I therefore offer them for

bed was enjoinec of course. To be brief, the what they are worth. P. H. THORNTON, M.D.

labor pains were checked, and, April 27th fol. Lakeport, Lake Co., Cal.

lowing I confined her. Result was a fine boy [The Doctor expresses a prejudice against liquor amnii was constant during the three and

weighing about nine pounds. The flow of the theories which is shared by so many that we wish to enter our protest against it. The gen

a half months following the threatened abor

tion, and the birth was a dry one. eral cry is "give us facts, not theories.” In our opinion, science would have made bul poor

This is the most peculiar case of its kind that

I have met with, or heard of among my acprogress without theories. The adage is a good quaintance. In all probability the case re one-"Think first, thez try." All, science

ferred to by "Medicus” will abort, as most of progresses mainly by formulating theories, test. ing them and retaining only those that are

such cases do, but I can cite an exception to

the rule. proven to be correct. Thus great laws are discovered. Thus correct lines of procedure are

North Troy, Vt. F. W. COMINGS, M, D. laid out. Occasionally an important principle is discovered by accident, but not often. They

Dropsy of Pregnancy. are generally discovered by men who think and EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-Dr: Shenwell's reason. Newton's discovery of the law of

case, page 253, reminds me of a case of dropsy gravitation and Columbus' discovery of Amer- in pregnancy. ica were the results of long continued theoriz December 27th, 1890, I was called to see ing on the part of those illustrious men. The Mrs. W., age 35, the mother of two children, facts upon which their theories were based had six months advanced in pregnancy. The whole existed ever since the dawn of the world. body was enormously distended by dropsical Millions of apples had fallen to the ground and effusion; abdomen filled tightly with water millions of people had seen the earth's circular The chest was so filled up that breathing was shadow upon the moon, all to no avail; it re- inpossible in the recumbent position; she mained for the theorists, Newton and Colum. could breathe in erect position only with bus, to demonstrate their significance. How' greatest difficulty. Th: heart's action was often do we hear the expression, “The theory very feeble; the patient was very anemic from was all right, but it would not work out in prac. loss of blood caused by bleeding hemorrhoids. tice." This is wrong. No theory is all right that I prescribed infusion of digitalis and strychis proven incorrect by subsequent experiment. nine to tone up the action of the heart and What we need to hasten the progress of all respiration. Also made saturated solution of science is investigators of good judgment and cream of tartar, giving directions to drink comprehensive information, whose theories, freely of it, and take a seidlitz powder every therefore, will be as nearly perfect as possfble three hours until the bowels moved freely. before being put to the test for correction and When I called the next day I found the pa amendment. Above all, the science of medi. tient worse. The husband was afraid to give cine needs such men-men who will come to enough seidlitz to get the desired free dis. the consideration of the grave questions of charge from the bowels. medical science free from the prejudices born I renewed my former instructions with posiof any dogma whatever. We sincerely hope tive directions to push the seidlitz puwders that neither Dr. Thornton nor the readers of until large quantities of water had been re. THE MEDICAL WORLD generally will affect to moved. By the next day she was greatly redespite the reforming influence of careful and lieved, free catharsis and diuresis having taken progressive theorizing.--ED.)

place. This treatment was pushed steadily for

more than a week, with the addition of an iron and was all the afternoon on the river; that tonic. During this time gallons of water were about 7 p. m. she had eaten a lot of radishes passed by the bowels, and the kidneys acted and onions. On my arrival I found Mrs. K. freely. All the time she steadily gained making a terrible outcry, straining, vomiting, strength.

and complaining of pain in the epigastric and She must have taken altogether as many as abdominal regions. She wished me to relieve fifty seidlitz powders. There was no albumen her as soon as possible and wanted to know in the urine. After the larger part of the what was the matter with her. I thought just effusion had been removed the free catharsis then that it would have been better for the pawas discontinued. Improvement under tonic tient's speedy relief had I brought along with steadily pro:ressed uutil she was apparently at me the bottles of laudanum, ginger, and chlora normal condition, with the exception of the anodyne, etc. However, in the meantime I anemia.

gave her a hypodermic injection of a quarter February 4th she was prematurely delivered. grain of morphine sulph, and went to my office Brook v:lle, Kan. W E. FOWLER, M, D.

for 1 he above named bottles, and expected to

find the patient better on returning, but I did EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-I have been a not. Then I began giving tinc. ginger and frequent contributor to THE MEDICAL WORLD. laudanum every fifteen minutes, the patient My article in Jan. World on the case of home being still no better. Then another hypodertreatment of the Keely cure for morphine has mic injection, but no better; chl=r-anodyne, been widely copied and I have received at least no better; ginger and laudanum again, and a dozen of the leading jouri als containing the even then Mrs. K. was not relieved in the least article in full or with extracts therefrom. of the enteralgia and gastralgia, which was

The cholera infantum number was a jewel, supposed to have arisen from the radishes and worth at least ten times the yearly priceof the onions, although neither of the vegetables journal.

made their appearance when emesis would take I come now, not with a contribution, but for place. Mrs. K. was also now complaining of information and advice.

pain in the back of the neck, all down the My wife is a sufferer from what I diagnose spine, with tenderness on pressure, a tightness as gastric neuralgia. The pains are in different round the chest, very painful left ovary, a great locations, principally over the cardiac orifice pain in the region of the left kidney (from of the stomach. Sharp cutting pains through congestion of the pampiniform plexus). The the chest laterally at a level with the stomach. treatment was now directed to more central Sometimes on both sides sometimes only on 'he parts; the radish and onion story must only left. She has been so troubled after the birth have been gotten up to mislead. A few baths, of both her children, the last one six months chloral, antipyrine, mustard plasters to the old. I sent her to California, when the spine and orary, and anodyne lotions comyoungest was two months old and she came pleted the cure. “How long have you been back after a four weeks visit apparently cured, ma ried, Mrs. K. ?" “ Four months !!!" but it has, ducing the past six weeks, returned “ What medicine have you been taking ?" and more severely than formerly. She now Oil of cottop seed in large doses," answered complains of a very sharp cutting pain coming Mrs. K., very confidentially. on two or three hours after eating, over the

ONTARIO. cardiac orifice of stomach. She sometimes vomits, which always gives relief, no blood EDITOR Medical WORLD:--Will the follow. ever vomited, however.

ing accident case interest the readers of your Have tried all the usual and many of the journal: unused remedies, but without avail.

Mr. O., aged fifty-eight, full 200 weight, in Will some good brother of The World give good health, thrown from carriage, eve of June me advice on this case, which is so intimately 30, receiving wound in head, near middle interesting to me?

line of parietal with temporal bone, which W. M. JOHNSTON, M.D. bled freely. Slight bruises about body. No Williams, Arizona.

internal injury observed, peither fracture nor

indenture of skull, but symptoms of fracture "Wrong Diagnosis."

at ba-e, as shown by bleeding a: ear (same EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-On the night of side as injury). This oozing continued about July 1st, 1892, I was requested to come quickly thirty-six hours. Sensitive to pain when and see Mrs. K. On the way her husband in. wound was dressed, but continued aberration formed me that his wife had not been well for or mild delirium, without indicatlons of parasome days, and with no appetite ; that during lysis or coma. Applicatio i of ice to head the whole of July ist, she had felt splendidly, i'om the first as the circulation indicated;

morphia to quiet delirium. Patient took milk,

Tyrotoxicon or Lactotoxine. chiefly, as food, and with relish, even asking EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:~I was called July for his allowance, and assisting himself from 8, 9. 10, 11 and 12, 1892, to see one or more his bed to stool.

individuals in five different families, who were Third morning after injury, free evacuation sick from eating poisonous cheese. The sympof lower bowel ; little improvement in mind; toms were those of irritant poison-excessive moments of seeming consciousness ; :leep better vomiting, purging, dizziness and great pros after first night ; dicrotic pulse at this time, tration; pulse very feeble, temperature normal which gradually improved under digatalis. or slightly sub-normal; face somewhat cyan.

Fifth evening: Temperature (taken when osed; also great faintness and heat in stomach patient had risen) 102°; pulse 120; reduced (as patients described). again by free application of ice. No further

There was no fatal case, but in case of one movement of bowels

. Cathartic given and girl twelve years of age, and one man thirtyrepeated, together with injections.

eight, with heart trouble, the prognosis was Sixth day: First symptoms of intestinal ob

very grave. Several others suffered from nausea struction ; bowel very much distended; tym- and weakness, but did not vomit nor take to panitic; normal temperature ; ice removed and their bed. hot applications to the bowel, with massage of Treatment-Powdered opium and calomel turpentine and lard ; injections repeated; use (small doses once an hour) dry on the tongue of avena sativa as sedative, and brandy as stim- till vomiting ceased; brandy as needed, hypoulant.

dermic injection of morphine and atropine if From this time on symptoms grew more pain and cramps are excessive. I should say grave; strength steadily failing ; circulation

wait on the vomiting ; do not check it too and respiration impeded by great pressing up of soon, nor too late. the diaphragm; mind wandering; cold per

Lincoln, Me.

C. FULLER, M, D. spiration, and clammy skin.

Injections ; flushing whole of lower bowel ; use of coal oil brought away some thin dis

Death from Drinking Gasoline. charges. The eanula inserted into ascending EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:- Having just and transverse colon, did not alleviate symp

witnessed a death from the accidental drinking toms; neither application of battery.

of gasoline, I desire to ask you to answer Such, at end of eighth day; patient's through the columns of your valuable paper if breathing labored; mind not centered, and poisoning from this cause is frequent; and also getting less sleep. Surgical operation at the your many readers to report any cases that may time contemplated, but given up, as symptoms have come under their observation with the grew worse.

symptom produced. Midday of ninth : Collapse threatened, re.

On July 5th I was hastily summoned to see viving again after some giving way of bowels;

a child, 26 months of age, who had drank some slight thin evacuation.

gasoline (quantity unknown). At noon the It was thought a change had come, and for mother cleaned a dress with it, left the cup the best ; but hiccough and vomiting (not standing, and went to the city, being away all stercoracious) became frequent; a relapse into the afternoon. About 10 o'clock p. m., just a state of exhaustion and total aberration; as the family was retiring, the child discovered gradually sinking and dying morning of tenth the cup and took, perhaps, not more than one day after accident. Bowels moved somewhat

or two swallows from it, and immediately freely the last hour. Heart beat and pulse dropped over in a spasm. The distance being wave lost some moments before death. No only iwo blocks from my office, I arrived on post-mortem.

the scene in fifteen minutes after the fatal Question of importance is—was the compli- accident. cation of bowel trouble from direct injury;

I found the little fellow in the arms of his and would any surgical interference have pre- great grand-mother, who informed me that he vailed ?

had just passed away. (DRS. C. W. GILBERT,

Respiration was entirely suspended, but I at In attendance T. Z. ORFUTT,

once began artificial respiration, and soon the and BENJ SHIPLEY.

child made an inspiratory effort ; being enGranite, Md.

couraged by this I continued it, changing about with an assistant, and, by the aid of a

hot bath and rubbing with alcohol, in about The Toledo Medical and Surgical Reporter says :“ The Doctor, in 'The Physician as a Business Man,'

ten minutes succeeded in reestablishing fair not only points out evils, but also suggests reme

respiration. dies." Price $1. See order blank, page xxii.

I then administered warm water and mild

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emetics, under the influence of which a con- Blaud's, and so highly lauded by Niemeyer, siderable quantity of blood and mucus was particularly efficacious:ejected from the lungs and stomach. A few & Pulv, ferri sulph.... minutes later, in the act of vomiting, he ex

Potassii carbonat. pura..aa...ounces ss pired, notwithstanding that artificial respira

Tragacantha......9. B..... tion was still kept up. The time that elapsed

Ft. pil. No. xcvi.

Sig.--One to three or four pills three times daily. from the swallowing of the lethal dose to death was about forty minutes. No post mortem was

Physician” should continue the use of his had.

iodide of potassium internally in his case of Will some one who has given this subject

indolent ulcer and as a local dressing. Wash attention answer the following:

the parts thoroughly with a 1 to 500 bichloride What is the probable effect of gasoline on

solution, and apply either in the form of a the mucous membrane of the stomach ; and

dusting powder or a 50 per cent. ointment, what would be its effect on the lungs ?

Europhen. I would prefer the dry powder.

Herpes progenitalis is very liable to frequent Would the standing of gasoline in an open relapses, and as it may arise from various vessel for a period of eight or nine hours, as in causes the only rational manner to proceed in this case, increase its lethal qualities?

trying to prevent its recurrence is to isolate As gasoline is now found in almost every the cause and treat accordingly, whether it be household during the summer months, and from an abnormally long prepuce, gastric or having myself never heard of a death' from intestinal disturbances, too frequent coitus, drinking it, I have thus fully reported this etc., etc. case, hoping that it may call out a full report

CHAS. L. KERR, M. D. on the subject.

Falls City, Neb.
Rosedale, Kansas.

Statement in Regard to the Texas Law Cor

rected. To Prepare Surgical Sponges.-Spasm of Cre

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-In your last master Muscle.-For Chlorosis-Indolent issue it is stated by a correspondent that the Syphilitic Ulcer.-Genital Herpes.

law of Texas requires an examination, and that

diplomas “ do not count." Dr. Kennedy, a EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-" Reader" will

resident of Texas, and a friend of mine, wrote find the following plan the best for the prepara- to the County Attorney of Dallas County, to tion of sponges. Beat them free from calcar

know if the last legislature had changed the eous particles, and then immerse them for

law from what it was last year. I enclose the fifteen minutes in dilute muriatic acid, to dis

reply of the Attorney, which, for the benefit solve out any remnant of lime which may

of the misinformed and misinformer, I would remain. This solution also bleaches them

suggest that you publish. Information as to beautifully. Wash them in cold water, then

the laws governing the practice of medicine in thoroughly knead with green soap and hot

the States should be satisfactorily vouched for water for five minutes; rinse again in cold

before being published. water, then immerse in a five per cent. solu

W. C. UPHAM, M. D. tion of carbolic acid, in which they should remain until required for use. This process

Washington, D. C. gives a fine, soft sponge, beautifully bleached [The following is the Attorney's letter reand thoroughly aseptic.

ferred to.-ED.] I would infer from Dr. B. E. Witte's descrip- C. T. KENNEDY, M. D.-Dear Sir: Yours tion of his case that he has a case of painful of the 4th inst. at hand. Will say in reply spasmodic contraction of the cremaster muscle, that under the law no examination will be pure and simple, which is probably due to required of you. The law requires that your prostatic irritation, as this is the most common diploma shall be recorded with the County cause of this condition. Cure of this prostatic Clerk of the county where you practice. irritation will relieve the condition. This

Yours Respectfully, condition is also brought about by nephritic

D. A. WILLIAMS, County Attorney, colic, neuralgia of the testicle and sometimes

per Fouraker. urethral irritation. If all medicinal measures fail to give relief, I would advise excision of

DR. W. N. SHERMAN, of Merced, Cal., writes muscle as recommended by the late Valentine

us that they do not have cholera infantum in Mott for obstinate spasm of this muscle. his part of California, even in bottle fed babies,

To Dr. S. C. Cook, I would say that in he having had but one case of the disease in chlorosis I have found ihe follɔwing formula of three years.

24 00

Medical Advice in the Market.

on which to advance. Send a bill as follows: EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-In July number,

Owen Goodmother, Dr. S. N. Smith, replying to Dr. Kilpatrick,

To I. R. Wakeup, M. D., Dr. makes some pertinent remarks on our “ Stock

To consultation on case of Sarah Jane having in Trade," meaning our medical knowledge.

taken cold, &c., $10. I see no other way than for the medical pro. If not, Why not? The people should learn fession, in this matter to move right up in

soon that medical practice is business also. line with the legal profession.

The reason a

In rendering accounts, physic ans might physician's advice is not as readily and as

learn from a Toledo mechanic. richly paid for as that of the lawyer is because,

A manufacturing firm of that city were ope through the commercial vigor of lawyers and day nonplussed by the sudden cessation of the business laxity of physicians, the public motion in their engine. It had come to a have imbibed the notion that law is business,

dead stand. A mechacic was immediately and that medicine is an incarnate beneficence sent for, who, after three hours trial, failed to with prodigious bowels (of compassion) and

start it. As the operators were all idle in with no stomach to speak of, always bestowing consequence, another machinist, the maker of mater ial good, itself the while subsisting mainly

the engine, was hastily summoned. With three on south wind. I said ours must move up

smart raps of a mallet at a certain point, he abreast of the sister profession. A move, how.

instantly recalled the sinewy giant to life, and ever, is not sufficient. It will require at least

all went on as before. In due time, this adept a seven days' march to bring us in line.

in mechanics and common sense forwarded to An actual incident in point.—John Moore,

the house a bill with his services thus specificsitting in the reading room of hotel, revising á ally defined : lease he has just made for a tenant. At the To mechanical adjustment of engine, $ 1.00 moment, passing out, is Lawyer H. When To use of my expert knowledge which opposite Moore, the latter hands the paper to alone made success possible, H., saying, “How is that for a lease ?" H. takes the document, scans it for perhaps one


$25.00 minute, and replies, “All right, Moore; as

Respect for your valuable space constrains good as though I had done it myself," and me to close. I shall never attempt to practice passes on. At the expiration of about ten save under the stimulo-tonic influence of The days, H.s' office boy calls on Moore with this MEDICAL WORLD. It is the best medical paper little bill :

I ever saw. John Moore,

J. A. MOWRIS, M. D. To H. & H., Attorneys. Dr. Lafeyette, N. Y. To consultation concerning lease, $10. Moore, being too prudent to hesitate, boy

Slow Fever. retires with a sawbuck."

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:--In THE MEDICAL Now, Doctor (any one of ten thousand) con- WORLD of July, page 258, I think Dr. Green's trast this service and its returns with yours, idea about "slow fever," is as nearly correct when on that drizzly evening last winter, as as that of any who have given an account of it. you were still three miles from your cozy I have just had a typical case. home, expectant family and warm supper, your M. P., age 12, white, anemic character, progress was arrested by a shout from Mrs. family history good. On May 25th, my first Goodmother, "Doctor! now don't get out, visit, I found he had been complaining for a but I have been wanting to see you so bad week or so, and in hed three days.

No symp about Sarah Jane, who took cold when she

tom except abnormal temperature and a slight hadent oughter." Making no reference to the headache. He had been given fifteen grains of balance of fifteen dollars long overdue for your quinine daily, which only caused much services in the fever case, for full twenty nervousness. I gave him a cathartic, comminutes she held you in the storm, plying you posed of aloin, jalap, podophyllin, hye sciawith questions, and drawing out your "stock mus, nux vomica, and capsicum, and a granule in trade," promised to bring the patient to of pilocarpine every 15 minutes, with one of your office on the following morning for treat- aconitine every two hours. 26th. Bowels ment, which she never did, dismissed you moved well, but no perspiration or abatement without thanks, and went directly to the of fever. I then gave various febrile mixtures corner grocery, and paid two dollars cash for

for several days. No change. Then I gave four Alcock plasters and one bottle Ayer's chlorate of potash and carbolic acid. It causer Cherry “ Pictorial,” all for Sarah Jane.

so much nausea that it was discontinued, and Now, here, Doctor, you have a good case I gave a few powders of calomel, acetanilid,

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