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Cholera Infantum.

Salol in Children's Diarrheas. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:- In this disease EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :

The June and allied disorders it isn't only medicine that World is a good one, the article on page 220 the baby needs. Some poor babies are given unusually good. I used to feel like taking a enough medicine to float them, when the weak vacation during the hot months, but since I little stomach has more than it can manage in have depended almost entirely on salo!, bistrying to digest a little bit of fcod.

Physi- muth sub-nitrate and hot water by the bowels, cians are not compelled to give medicine every in the treatment of summer diarrheas (have time they see a case; why shouldn't we keep only had three or four cases of the true cholera our hands off as long as the case is getting infantum in the last fifteen years) I have not along fairly well? It is easier to give a been so anxious to get away. dose of medicine then to sit down and by I am favorably impressed with sulpho-carbolbareful questioning and examination find the ate of zinc, and have kept some on hand for cause, for the cause is what we must search the last few years with the intention of trying for in order to do justice to the little patient as it, should salol fail. well as ourselves. So, instead of checking I remember an old physician who lived in vomiting or purging by violent medication, Lockport, N. Y., when I was a small bɔy, who find out where the trouble is. Is the stomach treated bowel troubles very successfully by

Is the nourishment at all giving something to move the bowels, and suitable ? Are the surroundings at all what following it with a solution of chloride of they should be ?

sodium ; and another whose favorite prescripMy experience leac's me to believe that the tion was sult and vinegar, both excellent antiabove questions are more important than that septics. of medication.

Paris, Ill.

W. H. TEN BROECK, M. D. In the majority of cases this disease occurs in bottle-fed babies, or the question of what food Incidents in the Life of a Country Doctor, is best is early thrust upon us. Don't become

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD: -Having once so wrapped up in a preparation that you can

had occasion to prescribe santonine et hydrarg see nothir g good in any other. Be willing to

sub. chlor. for a colored child two years old, try anything for the good of the little sufferer.

I was not a little surprised on the following day I investigate by sight, smell, and taste the con

to find that the child had discharged an ordindition of the bottle. Don't rest satisfied with any statement made by nurse or brother. Some: lumbricoides) threaded in the eye so firmly as

ary shoe button with a large worm, (ascaris times you can obtan from and ther mother one

to render it impossible to withdraw the animal breast of milk a day which will go far towards

without breaking it in the middle. helping baby through a particularly bad spell. It isn't generally very difficult to convince the lady who informed me very modestly that she

A few years ago I was requested to visit a mother that baby needs frequent baths, plenty had suffered intensely for several days with of fresh air, little clothing, copious draughts what she supposed to be an hemorrboidal of water, etc., etc., but the poor mother is driven almost wild by interested neighbors,

tumor. She complained of a burning pain in

the anus, and stated that she had located the who pour torrents of advice upon her, and cite case after case to prove the contrary.

offending tumor, as she “could feel it very But for the good of the case our duty is to

plainly with her finger." An examination was battle all opposition, retain a hold on the case

proposed and made in the presence of the

lady's husband, who was no less surprised, and and insist on our ac vice beirg heeded. Please remembe“, give the baby a chance.

at the same time amused, than this writer to

discover comfortably attached to the margin J. H. FAGER, M. D.

of the anus a large sized tick. It was at once Cor. Broad and Ridge Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. removed with the dressing forceps and pre

sented to the astonished patient. Dr. C. M. FENN, ot San Diego, Cal., writes I was once called to go eight miles into the us that cholera infantum does not exist in his country to see a young man who had accidentlocality.

ally received from a fowling-piece in the hands

of a companion, a charge of bird shot, infictThe Medical Bulletin, Phila., says :—“Dr. Taylor ing an ugly, though not dangerous wound in has given the profession a book of great value. [The the external tissues of the right breast and Physician as a Business Man.) He shows how shoulder. After removing as many as possible much doctors neglect the business part of their work. of the shot, cleansing antiseptically, and dres It points out, in very many ways, how money can ing the wound, the patient was made comfortbe made and saved.” See order blank, page xx. able by a subcutaneous injection of half a

grain of morphia sulphas. Several companions The Hot Pack and Vesication over the Nerves had remained to keep watch with the sufferer

in Cholera Infantum. until surgical aid could be procured, and render

[DR. J. B. RAMSEY, of Louisiana, in a letter any other necessary assistance. It was very which reached us too late for the June number, apparent that the party had been indulging mentions, among others, the followirg useful freely in the extract of John Barleycorn, es- procedures: 7 pecially one young man who was in consequence One most essential and all important remedy very noisy and conspicuous. The hypodermic in all cases of this or any other congestion is syringe was an object of the greatest curiosity too o'ten omitted. and interest to all the company. One man in

Wrap the patient in blankets from heel to sisted on having a little dose shot into him

neck and apply dry heat under cover, not al. self” just to see how it would feel. His wish

lowing the slightest exposure of hand or any was complied with, and as he soon declared he

part, regardless of complaint, until reaction enjoyed the effect very much, the noisy young

takes place

Do not expose to air and rub. man insisted that he should have a like dose. This is worse than useless. Do not apply In my pocket case ) had a tube of apo morphia poultices—that horrible abomination tablets. The opportunity was too good to be

What next? How shall we save the little lost. The tablet was dis olved in a spoon as the others had been and injected into cuticle patient? No all important remedy, that espec

ially can do no harm, should be neglected. over the biceps extensor. In less than half an

Tap the nerves that pass down behind the hour the fun commenced. At first he was

ears with a blister, extending from the hair to unable to understand why he should be taken

the angle of the jaw. This will often relieve 50 suddenly ill, but in a few moments after he

bad bowels when medicine fails. In young was disgorged of his libations, he was too

children I often apply it ten or twelve minutes, sober to get any fun out of the fake. Of course

on first on one side and then the other, and the denouement was as much a mystery to the then on the inside of the thighs. If, after going medical man as to the bystanders.

around, it does not show the least sign of vesiThe Medical World is a very pleasant and cation, it is soon repeated. In this way it may profitable visitor to my cffice.

be safely applied over the stomach and bowels. 0. H. TATUM, M. D.

It is revulsion we want. In desperate cases I Berea, Ashley Co., Ark.

have gone over these parts and the ankles and

wrists, in rotation, endeavoring to avoid slipCongenital Malformation of Knee Joint. ping the skin by using mild grease, as lard,

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-On April 24'h, well laid on, and no rag bound on to rub off at I a. m , I was called to see Mrs. Anderson the skin, and no horrible poultice. Arison, and found her in the first stage of The application may be longer in older chil. labor. In about 5 hours she was safely de- dren but take it off by the clock and do not livered of a female child that would weigh wait to see the :kin become red. If it blisters about seven or eight pounds, and was well de- and becomes well it may be applied again if veloped, except the flexion of the knee was needed. forward instead of backward, and resembled The same treatment, from beginning to end, the elbow when Alexed. It lived about one or is far ahead of any other plan recommended two hours. I left before its death and did for yeilow fever, but this occurs so seldom that not see it any more. The mother says that we cannot prove it. The nature of this fever last October she fell and hurt herself. There and the effect of the treatment in similar fevers was nothing unusual in the labor.

leaves no doubt in my mind of its efficacy. A. S. WHITAKER, M. D. Biltmore, N. C.


EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-1 answer to EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-I wish to in'orm Dr. J. W. Swartz's article on nymphomania, in you that I like the idea of devoting a number The World for June, 1892, I would suggest: occasionally to a special subject. I would not First. That he examine carefully the vagina take the price of the paper for a whole year for and os uteri; the urethra and clitoris, and parthe June “Cholera Infantum " No. of The ticularly the labia. World if I could not get another one, for it In the tissue composing the prominence about will be worth dollars to me before the summer the labia is the analague of the corpora caverends. We look forward to the - Malarial nosa of the male. This is the erectile tissue number with pleasure.

and if irritated would produce the same effect J. J LIVINGSTON, M. D.

as priapism in the male. Freeman, Owen Co, Ind.

Should any abnormal condition be found, of

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but 25

course, it should be corrected as the first step patience, in reference to my own case, in treatment.

I have already given your readers something of Second. Put the patient on a diet abundant my experience up to Jan. 1891, I venture to in quantity but poor in quality, as regards its

obtrude still further though the subject may be fat forming and heat producing properties. hackneyed. In that article (Jan. 1891), 1 Fruits, turnips; etc., are examples.

brought saw palmetto into notice, as having Keep the bowels freely open with salts or helped me more than anything else I had ever senna.

tried, and felt very hopeful of its lasting effect, When the morbid desires are selt, have the and can now say; that its action on the gland patient bathe the genitalia with cold water and has been effective in preventing further eninject some cold water into the vagina ; also, largement but it failed to relieve, except tempaint the vagina and clitoris with a mild solu: porarily, i ritation of the neck of the bladder tion of cocaine.

and prostatic portion of the urethra ; so I had Keep the nervous system under complete to use the catheter occasionally. control by the use of camphor, bromide of Some four months ago my attention was potash and hyoscyamus: This is an important called to a new remedy called “sanmetto, part of the treatment, for it controls that diffi- composed of saw palmetto and santal. As cult portion of the case,-the thoughts,--and drowning man will "grasp at straws," so 1 should be pushed until it has the desired effect. grasped at a bottle of the remedy, and have

Of course, all available moral and social in. been using it for about three months, with great Auence should be used to divert the mind from relief, for I have no use for the catheter nov the one engrossing passion.

and the deposit of mucus, instead of being an The permanent cure will depend upon find inch o more thick in a quinine bottle of urine ing and removing the cause.

as formerly, is now nearly nil, and no pain of Braymer, Mo. J. G. DORSEY, M.D. irritation in urinating. I think the combina

tion of saw palmetto and santal is a happy idea Reply to "Enlarged Prostate a Myth.”

--the former acting on the gland and the latter

on the mucus membrane of the bladder and Editor MEDICAL WORLD:- I notice in the

urethra. April number, page 131, an article by J. C.

It may lose its effect, as other things have Campbell, M.D., speaking rather disparagingly but it commends itself to my judgment, of the attention given to the subject of enlarged covering the pathological conditions better prostate and exhorting physicians to pay more

than any other remedy I have tried. For the attention to "contractions and soreness of the benefit of those who have written me on the much attention given to that most distressing subject, I can say it is pleasant to take the doce

a teaspoonful about three times a day. and often fatal disease of the prostate gland

Lathrop, Cal.

H. KNAPP, M.D. and appendages; two fatal cases having come under my observation within a year, reminding me most forcibly of what may eventually be Apomorphine for Hysteria.--Obstetrical Custhe means of my “taking off.” It is true that,

toms Among the Pawnees. whereas I was once young, but now am old,” EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:- Have any of (nearly 80) yet never have I suffered my urethra

your numerous readers ever used apomorphine to be impaired by the means he would have us hydrochlorate in the treatment of hysteria? believe. I am convinced that this affliction, I have used it on several occasions, and find diseased prostate, is much more prevalent than it to give the greatest satisfaction. It is espeche would intimate, if I may judge from the ially indicated in the maniacal, paroxysmal inquiries from physicians that my article on the attacks, when the patient refuses to recognize subject (Jan. 1891) called forth, no less than any one, and persists in having rigors, opistho fifteen having written of their own cases. If tonos, &c. It seems to give the patient "somethe people throughout the country are afflicted thing to think about," and at the same time, in the same proportion, there must be a great acting through the sympathetic system, relaxes many suffering with it.

the apparently convulsed and rigid muscles. The urethral contractions and soreness" he I have seen it act splendidly where bromides, advises us to examine, are very simple ailments chloroform, valerian, asafetida, &c., have and easily treated compared with a real en- failed, and I advise the readers of The WORLD larged prostate, a fact that I think he would

to give it a trial. duly appreciate if he happened to be a subject One of the recent cases in which I have used of that "enlarged prostate rit,he speaks of. it was a woman about 45 years of age, who had

Now, Mr. Editor, it may appear egotistic in a history of having had several attacks similar me to further encroach on your space or to the one in which I was called to see her:

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When first seen she was perfectly rigid, one arm

Puerperal Eclampsia. pronated the other supinated, hands tightly

EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-In The MEDclosed, one thumb in the palm of the hand

ICAL WORLD for December, 1891, page 460, I under the fingers, and the other over the

detailed a case of this disease and its terminafingers. The lower extremities were arranged

tion. In THE MEDICAL WORLD for February, in a similarly irregular manner; pupils normal 1892, page 59, Dr. Alford reviews my treatand responding to light, teeth firmly set.

ment and, as the Doctor, has appealed to Chloroform was given, and spasm of muscles

Cæsar" in his citation of authority, I desire relaxed; when she came from under the to go with him to the highest and most recent influence of the chloroform she would converse

authorities obtainable. The doctor says that for a few minutes, and then willfully and my treatment “is so at variance with modern deliberately assume another spasm, acting upon

teachings." He also eliminates all causes of suggestions that had been made during the

this condition as irrational except "apopletic,” previous seizure, and put the arm or leg in the "epileptic” and “hysterical," and then tells position spoken of by myself and assistant. I

us how to relieve all of these conditions. Prof. allowed her to indulge in several of these

Reichart, (University of Pa.) in a recent re* spells" by way of amusement, and then gave

view of this subject, (Nov. 14, 1891) presents her a hypodermic injection of one eighth grain

in a clear and concise manner the views of of muriate of apomorphine.

eminent clinicians as to the cause of puerperal In about three minutes she began to show

eclampsia. We find that they do not agree as signs of uneasiness and soon called for a bowl to its cause, but, since 1842, when Lever disto vomit into. The vomiting demanded her

covered that in the great majority of cases of whole attention for about five minutes, and

eclampsia albumen is present in the urine, and when she was through with it she concluded

since that time the condition of the kidneys to have no more “spells.”

has been considered one of the most important I had a similar case a few nights ago, only

factors in its etiology. We also have the theory in this case the patient, a young girl about 18,

of Dr. Blanc, of Lyons, of a specific bacillus was maniacal, tearing the hed-clothes and pre

that he has isolated from the urine of patients tending to be under the delusion that she was

having eclampsia. The pure culture of his pursued by some one, begging her lover (who bacillus, injected into pregnant rabbits was fol. was present) to rescue her. She would not

lowed by eclampsia, dyspnea and death. Dr. answer when spoken to or give any sign that

Galabin rejects this theory and prefers to beshe heard what was said to her, and in the in

lieve in the uremic origin of the eclampsia. terval of the paroxysms, which lasted about Leydon considers the kidney lesion associated twenty minutes, she seemed in a comatose con.

with puerperal eclampsia as a special form of dition. Chloroform, and cold water dashed nephritis due to the prolonged arterial anemia, in the face, with other remedies, had no effect,

the primary causes of which he thinks is the but a hypodermic injection of one-eighth grain

altered intra-abdominal pressure. Stumpf of apomorphine hydrochlorate brought her to

thinks that a toxic nitrogenous product, probher senses in about four minutes, greatly to the

ably acetone, is developed in the blood and relief of the relatives, who thought she was

this, in its elimination gives rise to nephritis.

Dr. Braxton Hicks advances the view that the going to go crazy or die. While writing, I will state a novel procedure

convulsions themselves cause the albuminuria. for the delivery of retained placenta as

Santos attributes it to the straina nd irritation practiced among the Pawnee Indians, among

of the uterine nerves during the enlargement whom I have had some experience.

of the uterus. Winckel conjectures the existAfter the cord is tied and the child removed

ance of several poisons. Paget considers the by the midwife, a stone, weighing from fifteen

fits reflex. The Traube. Rosenstein view is that to thirty pounds, is fastened to the end of the

the convulsions depend on cerebral anemia, cord, and the woman walks up and down the

due to edema of the brain, which is caused by lodge dragging the stone after her, until the

the hypertrophied heart of pregnancy pumping placenta is pulled away; they then walk to the

watery blood under high pressure. Dr. Auvard, river and wash themselves, after which they lie

of Paris, who has made a special study of down and rest; and strange to say, after this

eclampsia, claims that it is produced by a mode of treatment there is very rarely any bad

poisoned condition of the blood due to dimin result. Another peculiar feature among them

ished elimination. Strumpell, in his text book is that they usually isolate themselves from the

of medicine (1889), says that eclampsia gravtribe while menstruating, a separate lodge or

idarum is to be regarded as entirely analogous tepee being set aside for that purpose.

to uremia, and that death ensues in about one

third of the cases. Evidently a “combination Sparrows Point, Md. J. S. WOODWARD, M.D. of morphia and veratrum aided by chloroform"

does not relieve all cases in Germany, and congestive head and the veins standing out Strum pell, not having eliminated from his mind

upon the neck and face. He also places two the uremia idea, has not yet taken the “great drops of croton oil upon the tongue and u:es st:ide in the directio. of sensible therapeutics." chloroform, relegating morphine and veratrum We only trust that when he does the same won

to secondary places, using chloral and bromide derful results will follow as those obtained

of sodium for rectum. when aided by the glorious climate of California on the one hand and the great Jipan cur

To terminate the labor rapidly, ten cases of

Cæsarian section are reported recently in Eurent in the Pacific Ocean on the other. In regard to the treatment, Dr. Auvard, of sulphate of quinine will introduce a valuable

In regard to the treatment, Dr. Auvard, of rope. I hope that Dr. Scarff's advocacy of Puris, says “The therapusis of eclampsia conprises the three-fold indication, to favor elim

addition to the therapeutics of this condition. ination by means of purgatives, diuretics and

Given in large doses it is a valuable stimulant diaphoretics, and the three fold indication of to uterine contractions, and if it antidotes the sedative by means of anesthetics, venesection?) poisonous condition of the blood may prove a and emptying the uterus." (One of the high. . tion as a "panacea,” neither do I believe vera

two-edged sword. I do not advocate venesecest authorities in France). Strumpell says chloroform is preferable to narcotics internally liberal minded physician will use any and all

trum a specific for puerperal eclampsia. Every and in the plethoric, venesection, adding this

methods—will sometimes has a striking and instant effect as has lately been confirmed by various cb erv- “Take the good wherever found ors.” (One of the highest authorities in On heathen or on christian ground." Europe). His Editor, Prof. F. C. Shattuck, of Harvard Medical School, speaks highly of

I have no desire to occupy too much space the use of pilocarpine in uremic convulsions.

with this matter, but only wish to show that Dr. Samuel Wilks Veturein, physician at Guy's my treatment is not "at variance with modern hospital, in a recent Lancet says:

teaching," and trust that every reader will give “A young woman was brought into the hos- this matter his best thought and that, by a pital in a dying state, gasping for breath, and thorough investigation valuable lives will be livid; there was a mitral bruit, engorgement of saved. I close "with malice towards none," the lung with hemoptysis, albuminous scanty especially Dr. Alford. urine, and dropsy. We bled her from the arm

H. E. W. BARNES, M. D. and the effect was immediate, the breathing Macksburgh, Iowa. became tranquil, lividity passed from the face,

We admire the dignified and brotherly and improvement continued from that time. spirit in which this discussion is being carried In cases of uremic convulsions the effects of

on, as well as the thorough research evinced bleeding are very striking; the right heart is

by the writers. It is a most interesting and relieved, and poisoned blood is removed from important subject and one which has lately re

We trust that the fixed in my memory, is that of a dressmaker, two investigators (we do not regard them as who, I believe, is still alive. I was asked a

disputants) will finally come to adopt very few years ago to see this patient, who had been

much the same views on the subject, based upon in convulsions all night. I found a middle

a clear understanding of the cause and pathaged woman in constant convulsive movements, ology of the condition.—ED.] froth issuing from her mouth, quite comatose, and almost pulseless. The whole body was

The Brooklyn Med. Jour. states the following truths: livid and the extremities cold. The doctor said

“How many there are who, after a long life and a she was dying, and allowed me therefore to

busy practice, die without having made any adequate bleed her. I took away a small wash hand

The experience of the basin of blood, and while yet powing, the liv- provision for their families. idity passed off, the convulsions ceased, the officers of the N. Y. Physicians' Mutual Aid Associabody gradually became warmer. Her life was

tion is that the money which is paid by them to the as clearly saved by the bleeding as if I had widows of physicians often tides them over a period dragged her drowning out of the water, and of embarrassment, due to the neglect of improvidest this is more than I can say of drugs.” With husbands, and is in some case all that is of value in this, are other instances of the same tenor. the estate. We commend to every brother practi. (A high authority in England).

tioner this book of Dr. Taylor's. No better infestIn Harris' Therapeutics (1890), page 531, ment can be made than in the purchase of 'The he says to eliminate the poisons from the blood Physician as a Business Man."" as quickly as possible and that this is met by Price $1. Address 'this office. See order blank, venesection in the ordinary case with full pulse,

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