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daily use of some mild laxative is essential to itous results and enjoyed perfect undisturbed ultimate success. — W. B. Cheadle, M. D., in rest. The same means were resorted to by my The Practitioner.

family and friends with similar gratifying re

sults." - Indian Medical Record. The white of an egg, with a little salt and six ounces of water, well beaten and shaken, is

Summer Specialties. a good mixture, which can take the place of infant food temporarily, but is an invaluable

Sedative Dust for Tender Feet.-Pharmamakeshift in severe intestinal catarrh, or a

ceutical Era gives this formula for a product permanent nutriment in the same when added

useful after excessive pedestrian exercise ; % to other food -A. Jacobi, M. D., in " The

ounce zinc oxide, 7 dram prepared chalk, 20 Intestinal Liseases of Infancy and Childhood."

minims oil of eucalyptus, to be dusted freely

over the feet, and into the heels and toes of the We have had excellent satisfaction in the


For Insect Bites employ a mixture of two treatment of children's diarrheas in general by use of the tollowing formula, modified accord

drams ammonia (specific gravity .880), six

drams alcohol, eię ht grains menthol; cr, it the ing to circumstances :

pain is severe, as from the stings of bees and B Sub.nitrate of bismuth......., drams iv

wasps, the painful spots may be painted with a Pulverized nutmegs,

solution consisting of twenty grains cocaine Prepared chalk, of each ........drams ij Sulpho-carbolate of zinc

hydrochloride, half ounce alcohol, three and

.grains xij Syrup of ginger..

.. ounces iij

a halt drams rose water, half dram glycerine. M. Use shake label. S.-One teaspoonful after To prevent the attacks of insects there will each passage.

be found useful this article: Spirits of camphor This makes a thick mixture, which is quite one ounce, oil of eucalyptus eighty minims, pleasant to take. If the syrup be not desired,

made up to ten ounces with soap liniment; or use tincture of ginger and mucilage of acacia

for more æsthetic tastes use tincture absinthium or water. The salicylate of bismuth is a good

two drams, cologne water thirteen drams, substitute for the sub-nitrate. - J. J. TAYLOR.

glycerine one dram.

For sunburn apply freely a solution containBoro-boric Acid. (Atterberg's Salt.)

ing one dram ammonium chloride, twelve DR. JAENICKE forms it by heating equal parts erine, three ounces al ohol, one ounce orange

grains cocaine hydrochloride, two drams glyc [by weighi?] of borax, boric acid and water to

flower water, made to six ounces with rose the boiling point. On cooling, crystalline water. masses separate. For use it should be dissolved in boiling water (which will dissolve seventy Temperature for the Baby's Bath. per cent. of the salt). Upon cooling most of

The temperature of the water used for wash. it remains dissolved. It is soluble in cold

ing an infant should be nearly that of the surwater to the extent of sixteen per cent. At the

face of the body-96° or 980 F., writes Mis. temperature of the body, thirty per cent. It is neutral in reaction and of equally antiseptic

William E. Gladstone, in the May Ladies'

Home Journal. As the child grows older, the value with boric acid.

heat of the water should be grelually lessened,

while the limbs should be allowed free exercise Oil of Cloves to Keep off Mosquitos. in a large tub. Some children do not bear MR. KASAYIAH, of Aurangobad, sends us the

cold water well; good sense, discrimination, following note :

and observation should be our guides in this "Lovers of Morpheus and others in want of as in all other matters. a few hours of that nature's sweet restorer balmy sleep' will be glad to learn that the use A WRITER in the M. B. Druggist tells us how of certain medicine has been found to effectu- laugh at the mosquito. He takes a piece of ally keep off mosquitoes. The idea was given camphor fully an inch square and half an inch me by a layman and I experimented with it the thick; this he lays on the bureau-always exsame night. I had hardly got into bed when posed—in daytime, and on or near the pillow I heard the musical notes of my friends the at night; has two windows and door of the mosquitoes buzzing around me. I quietly room wide open, no bars, and draft through. poured three to four drops of oil of cloves on

This is the only remedy he ever tried that af. my pillow which had the effect of instantane- forded thorough relief. ously dispersing the blood-thirsty gang who ceased their trouble for the night. I tried this

J. A. MUBNICH. M. D., of Jefferson, Wis., writes for several successive nights with equally felic- that he is reading the book for the third time.

Tapew rm.

SEDATIVES FOR BABIES. Give eight grains of s licylic acid every hour, DR. VAN GOIDSTNCVEN, of Atlanta, gives a until five or six doses have been taken, then formula with which he has had most gratifying give a good big dose of castor oil. This is said

results in restlessness, spasms, deliria, and in to be very effective.-Med. Bruf.

all cases requiring a sedative, anodyne; anti

spasmodic, or somnifacient : Flea Exterminator.

R. Camphor monobromat. 16 grains PLACE on the floors at night sheets of sticky Extract Hyoscyami, fluid...16 :o 30 drops Aly paper with a small piece of raw beef in the Syrup lactucarii...

.8 ounces centre of each yne.

M. Sig.–Teaspoonful every hour till relieved.


5 drams

Wine of opium

2 ounces

Dr. E. C. ANDERSON, Chattanooga, Tenn., writes : “I sincerely wish that Dr. Taylor's book, “The ACUTE GASTRO-INTESTINAL TROUBLES OF CHILPhysician as a Business Man,' had been written

DREN. fifteen years ago, as I am morailly sure tbat my bank account would now have been something larger than

(Sonrenberger.) it is.” See order blank, page :38.

Resorcin, medicinal ....1% 10 4 grains
Infusion of chamomile...... 2% ounces
Tincture of rhatany

. . 30 grains Formulas.

Syrup of bitter orange peel,
A teaspoonful every one or iwo hours.

-N. Y. Jedical Abstract.
EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD :-Inclosed find a

CHOLERA INFANTUM. recipe which I have used with success for thirty

(Critzman.) years : & Plumbi acetatis...

grain j

Salicylate of bismuth 13 to 15 grains Hydrargi chloridi mite. ...grains jiss

....1 to 5 gtt Pulv. Doveri....

grain v
Rum ....

.4 to 5 drams M. Fc, chart No, x,

Infusion of tea. :: One every half hcur until relieved. For a child

Syrup of raspberries ..

5 drams under two years old.

A teaspoonful every two hours. For intestinal

antisepsis use injections of warm water, wash out the JNO. W. SCHLOSSER, M D. stomach, and administer calomel in doses of 1.12 to 1.6 Harrisburg, Pa.

grain, one dose every two hours according to the age

of the child.-N. Y. Med. Abstract.

R. Tincture cannab's Ind....24 10 48 drops
Bismuth sub-nitrate.
.9 grains

Mucılage acacia, fluid. .472 drams
Spirit chloroform

to drops

1. For the gingivitis, rub the gums frequently Peppermint water, fluid. .7 drams

with the finger dipped in the following: M. Sig.--Sł ake well- teaspoonful (or more) before

Muriate of cocaine, .... ..3 gra in or after meals.

Bromide of potassium . 72 grains Large doses are best taken after meals. The

Glycerin, and distilled water, aa. 150 grs Duitur.

2. For the insomnia, give a tablespoonful

each hour of: INTESTINAL FLATUS.

Bromide of sodium, 3 to 5 grains R. Mist assolet.....

.. I dram
Syrup of orange flower

.122 ounces Sodii bro mid...

3 to 5 grairs

3. Make inunctions on the eczematous re: M. Sig.–For a child cne to four months old.Bartholow.

gion with an ointment of one part of oxide of zinc to three parts of abolene. Keep covered

with muslin..—N. Y. Med. Abstract. INFANI ILE DIARRHEA. Dr THOMAS claims excellent results from the

Tak Doctor's Weekly says :-“Should be read by following mixture in gastric or gastrointestinal

every physician who desires to realize a fair conidyspepsia, characterized by nausea, vumitirg, petenoy from the practice of bis profession. The flatulence and diarrhea, with non-slimy, fetid, author handles his subject well, and deals with facts yellowish or greenish stools:

and figures in a convincing and business-like mase

*The laborer is worthy of his hire,' and the B Lactic acid......

i dram

physician who loses sight of the fact that he should Simple syrup

receive fair compensation for his services, neglects a Water...

37 drams

duty he owes to himself and to others who may be M. Sig – One dram e ery quarter to halt hour af er dependent upon him." $1.00. See order meals.- Rev. Med de la Suisse Romande.

blank, page 239.


.5 drams

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.. ounces vj
Syr. rhei. arom

... ounces j
Tr.opii, camph
T. cardem. co

ounces ss M. One teaspoonful often to children under one or two years, afflicted with sour stomach attended with diarrhea, vomiting, etc.-Memphis Med. Monthly.

child of one year.

(Birtholow.) R Po:ass, brom...

....drams ij Syr. simp.

f ounces ss Aq. menthæ pip.

f ounces iss M. Sig.–Teaspoonful every hour or two.

(Goodhart and Starr.) R Acid. sulphuric. aromat ..

..m. xxiv Liq. Morphiæ sulphat.. ...f dramı Elix. curacoæ.....

.f ounces ij Aquæ...

.q. s. ad. f ounces iij M. Sig.–Teaspoonful every three hours for a child ne year old.

(Ringer.) ☆ Hydrarg cum cretæ.

grains i Sacch, lactis

grains x M. Et ft. chart. No. xii. Sig.– One powder every hour.

(Hare.) R Acid, sulph. aromat

gtt. xxiv Oil caryophylli

viij Tr. opii camph.

foram j Spt. chloroform.

.gtt. xlviij Syr. zingiberis, . . q. s. ad f ounces iij M. Sig.– Teaspoonful every two hours for a child of

Physicians as Business Men. In his address to the graduating class of the Toledo Medical College, March 15, 1892, Prof John North, A. MMM. D., Ph. G., F. S. S., (London), spoke as follows: “ Dr. J. J. Taylor of Philadelphia has recently written a book on · The Physician as a Business Man; or How to Obtain the Best Financial Results in the Practice of Medicine.' It will pay you many times its cost if you procure and read it.” The speaker then made select quotations from the book, adding his own comments. The book referred to is for sale at this office; price, $1.00.

ne year.


Salicylate of bismuth. I gm. (grains xv)
Sydenham's laudan um.... · 3 drops

20 drops
Infusion of tea..... 60 gm. (ounces ij)

20 gm. (drams jx) Mix. The dose is a teaspoonful every two hours in rfantile cholera.--National Druggist.

For Ourselves and Others.

The New SPELLINGS.-English spelling is the worst in the world, Millions of dollars are wasted each year in the writing and printing of useless letters. The education of our children is retarded and the progress of our people is hampered by our cumbrous, illogical, misleading orthografy. The scholarship of the world is almost a unit in demanding a change. "The American Philo logical Association has recommended the following RULES FOR NEW SPELLINGS for immediate use, and a resolution has been introduced in Congress directing the Public Printer to conform to them in all printing for the government.

1. Drop UE at the end of words like dialogue, catalogue, etc., where the preceding vowel is short. Thus spell demagog, epilog, synagog, etc.

2. Drop final e in such words as definite, infinite, favorire, etc., where the preceding vowel is short. Thus spell opposit, preterit, hypocrit, requisit, etc.

3. Drop final te in words like quartette, coquette, cigarette, e!c. Thus spell cigaret, roset, epaulet. vedet, gazet, etc,

4. Drop final me in words like programme. Thus spell oriflam, gram, etc.

5 Change PH to F in words like phantom, telegraph, phase, etc. Thus spell alsabet, paragraf, filosofy, fonetic, fotograf, etc.

Substitute e for the difthongs # and e when they have the sound of that letter. Thus spell eolian, esthetic, diarrhea, subpena, esofagus, atheneum, etc.

Those further interested, send with stamp, to Sy Ref. Rooms, 24 Clinton Place, N. Y., for literature.

COLIC. For children whose digestion is greatly imaired, and subject to colic with a tendency to acrease in severity, the following will be found aluable: B Chloroformi.....

.8 minims Syrup Rhei.

......1 ounce M. Sig. Ten to fifteen drops up to one-half drachm I a little water.


For valuable samples and instructive literature in the treatment of cholera infantum and other diseases, by the convenient tablet triturates, address, mentioning this journal, John Wyeth & Bro., Phila., Pa.

WYETH's Beef Juice is highly recommended in cholera infantum.

We introduce to you this month a new advertiser with us, but an established and well-known firm in supplying the physicians' most urgent needs. We call your attention to the absolutely perfect pepsin preparations of Fairchild Brothers & Foster, 82 and 84 Fulton street, New York. In their adv. this month, opposite the table of contents, they present their Peptogenic Milk Powder, which will be of great service to the prac. titioner in treating infants with disordered digestive powers and those that must be artificially fed.

DOSIMETRIC REMEDIES FOR CHOLERA INFANTOM.In the advertisement of the Philadelphia Dosimetric Co., 2009 Arch street, Philadelphia, Pa., you will see the following list of granules, which are successfully used for the treatment of this disease: arsenite of copper, sulpho-carbolate of zinc, lactic acid, phosphoric acid, sulphide of calcium, brucine, arsenia:e of strychnine, atropine, hyoscyamine, codeine, morphine, See their adv. and commence using the granules.

HAVE you yet made use of the Londonderry Lithia Spring Water

HAYDEN' Viburnum Compound is a standard remedy in diseases of women.

See the especially favorable advertisements of E, O. Thompson, clothier, 1338 Chestnut St., Phila.

For cut rates in surgical instruments, address I. Phillips, 14 Marietta St., Atlanta, Ga.

At this season of the year you want to commence using Febriline, the tasteless quinine, made by the Paris Medicine Co., 212 N. Main St., St. Louis, Mo.

Chas, MARCHAND's Peroxide of Hydrogen makes all surgical diseases more easy to cure.

WHERE pork is packed there pepsin can be made pure and cheap. Write for samples to Armour & Co., Chicago.

If you are carrying your own medicine of course you want one of Willis H. Davis' fine cases. Address Keokuk, Iowa.

SO MANY persons complain of nervous exhaustion in the hot weather. They should take Horsford's Acid Phosphate in their drink and with their meals.

In cases of cholera infantum make free use of Nes. tle's food.

WHEN Parke, Davis & Co., Detroit, enter any field they do so to improve and elevate it. Send for a sample of their ideal aseptic pepsin.

HYDROLEINE may be used to great advantage in many cases of impaired nutrition from summer complaint.

For electric batteries or uterine gupporters, address The McIntosh Battery & Optical Co., 141-143 Wabash Ave., Chicago.

KNEW His BUSINESS.-Mr. Laman—“Why do you always question patients so closely about what they eat ?' Does the information you get help you to diag. nose their cases?" Dr. Émde-Oh, no! But by doing so I am enabled to guess what their station of

life is, and how much fees I can probably get out of them.'

IN connection with the successful treatment of chol. era intantum, the statement of Messrs. Thomas Leem. ing & Co., New York, is certainly a very straightforward one. Making no claim themselves for the value of Nestle's Milk Food as a diet in this connection, they refer to the leading authorities of the medical world and rest their case with them. It would be difficult to find a more convincing argument than the extract from Ziemssen's Encyclopedia, in which Prof. Wm. O. Leube speaks as follows: "In the treatment of cholera infan. tum, when the mother's milk is insufficient, Nestle's Milk Food is alone to be recommended."

"You can't bear children,” said Mrs, Adams, disdainfully. "Perhaps if you could you would like them better," continued the old lady wiping her spectacles.

Try antikamina for high fever, neuralgia and the pain of rheumatism.

ANTILUPIA is an excellent antipyretic and antispas. modic.

For elegant pepsine preparations address the New York and Chicago Chemical Co., New York.

The enterprising firm of A. A, Marks, 701 Broadway, New York, is making use of the new metal aluminius for artificial limbs.

For premature old age try Sanmetto, made by the O. D. Chemical Co., New York, N. Y.

The Hoff's Malt Extract, imported by Tarrant & Co., New York, is genuine.

MULFURD's Uterine Tonic Tablets are a fine exam. ple of legitimate manufacturing pharmacy. Address the H. K. Mulford Company, Philadelphia.

The hollow suppositories made by Hall & Ruckel, 218 Greenwich street, New York, can be filled quickly with any suitable medication. Samples sent free.

SAMPLES of uterine wafers sent upon application to Micajah & Co., Warren, Pa.

The petroselium ointment made by Fred. W. Stew. art, Oswego, N. Y., is a capital remedy in affections of the rectum.

We have used aristol with satisfaction as a substitute for iodoform.

Now, when the world is in terested in cures for the morphine habit, it is well to try Keith's Conc. Tinct, Avena Sativa.

The Febricide Pills of the Health Restorative Co., 90 South 5th Ave., New York, are excellent in malarial


SPECIFY Battle's Papine when you desire the painrelieving effects of opium without its deleterious effects.

BOVININE is an ideal concentrated food in cholera infantum.

For fine trusses, abdominal supporters, &c , address the Hasting Truss Co., 224 South Ninth St., Philadel. phia, Pa.

FULLY Equipped.--"As a doctor, do you keep a waiting room ?”

"Yes; in fact, I have two--one in which my patients wait for me, and the other in which I wait for my patients."

"UNCLE JOHN," said ltttle Emily, do you know that a baby that was fed on elephant's milk gained twenty

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pounds in a week?” “Nonsense!" exclaimed Uncle John;'' and then asked, “whose baby was it?" "It was the elephant's baby," replied little Emily.

APIOLINE is the new specific for amenorrhea. Sample can be obtained from E. Fougera & Co., New York.

For the treatment of inflammation of the urethra, either acute or chronic, the soluble bougies made by Charles L. Mitchell, M. D., 1016 Cherry St, Philadel. phia, are very valuable.

LISTERINE has many imitators but no equals.

FreLigh's Tablets are e.pecially fine for the treatment of chronic cough.

When writing to advertisers please state how you appreciate THE MEDICAL WORLD.

For troubles of indigestion try Inglivin, made by Wm. R. Warner & Co., 1228 Market St., Philadelphia, Pa.

For elegant and effective pills of a great variety of formulas, address the Upjohn Pill & Granule Co., Kalamazoo, Mich.

For the “Ladies' Perfect” Syringe send to the Aloe and Penfold Co., Omaha, Neb.

The Philadelphia Dosimetric Co , 2009 Arch Street, Phila., desire us to announce that many physicians responded to their offer of a pocket case as a prize offered in their adv. in the April WORLD, for the most usesul and practical list of granules to carry in such a case. From the papers sent, the judges agreed upon three that were so nearly perfect that a di tinction couli not easily be made between them, and recommended that the prize be presented to each one of them, which will be done.' The names of the authors are Dr. R. L. Hardwick, Clay, Ky.; Dr. Julius Wes. telowski, Jewel City, Kan., and 'Dr. P. E. Lemieux, Etchemin, Quebec. Can.

Three other papers were thought to be worthy of special honorable mention, being but slightly below he grade of those first mentioned, owing as was hought, to accidental oversight of the authors. The authors of these are Dr. D. S. Ellis, Suffolk, Va., Dr. P. H. Thornton, Lakeport, Cal., and Dr. M. F. Dumas, Bald Knob, Ark.

As these papers embody interesting and valuable nformation they have been sought for by medical Ediors, and will be published in various medical journals. It is surprising how the treatment by granules is preading

FOR CURE OF INSOMNIA.--Repeat twelves the fol. owing: Like the passionate palm that breathes all the odors

To the soul of the night; Like a river that runs and trets on its turbulent way

To the quiet deep; Like the swallow, weary of cold, that southward gleams

To her land of delight, So the heart overfull of its sorrow flows over in dreams

Of compassionate sleep.

RUTH JOHNSTON, in March Lippincott's. Wg notice that the advertisements of McArthur's Compound Syrup of the Hypophosphites are so highly ppreciated as correct scientific matter that one firm, espairing of producing anything equal to them, has .id aside all sense of commercial'honor and comrenced stealing them outright to use as circulars to the rofession in regard to their goods.

W. D. ALLISON & Co., Indianapolis, Ind::- As far as we can judge from practical work, your Table leaves nothing to be desired. We like it immensely. Wm. J. MORTON, J. D., Prof. Elec. Thera., Post-Grad. School and Hosp., New York City.

When writing to advertisers please state how you appreciate THE MEDICAL WORLD.

BROWNSVILLE, Md., April 12, 1892.-Dr. W. C. Abbott, Chicago, Ill., Dear Doctor;-Enclosed please find order for Granules, I would say in this connection that I now have been practicng Dosimetry for two years--have used the various granules made at home and abroad, and find yours the very best, "Chantaud's" not excepted. Keep them to their present standard, and if once used others will never be substituted. J. T. Yourtee, M. D.

ANTIPYRINE, the leading tebrisuge, laroline, the base for ointments and saccharine, the most condensed sweetener known, are all imported by Schulze. Berge, Koechl & Movius, New York.

FAREOL' is now a leading aspirant for the honors among the apyretics. Address the Walker Phai macal Co., St. Louis, Mo.

We desire to call the attention of our readers to the new advertisement of Reed & Carnrick on page xxvii.

This firm have spared neither labor or expense to perfect their Infant Foods in keeping qualities by ster. ilization and by placing them in hermetically sealed containers. They claim that Lacto-Preparata, an allMilk Food, for young insants, and Carnrick's Food, composed of half Lacio-Preparata aud half dextrinized wheat, for use after six monihs of age, have now practically reached perfection in keeping qualities, and that they are the only Infant Focds in the market that will alone thoroughly nourish a child during the nursing period. Their Lacto-Preparata almost perfectly resem bles human milk in character, composition and taste.

LUMBAGO --A valuable internal remedy:
# Extract cimicisugæ fuid........ I ounce
Celerina (Rio)......

- 7 ounces
M. Sig.-- Teaspoonful every four hc urs.

Have used Peacock's Bromides in my practice for some time, and I would not like to be without it, in fact I do not know of anything that would take its place in nervous conditions. J. T. Kilburn, Trufant, Mich.

Until recenily it was considered an impossibility to preserve milk or cream in its absolute purity for an indefinite length of time by simple sterilization, but 10. day we find Highland Evaporated Cream, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, on the tables of the cultured, who appreciate its many advantages over all other forms of milk,

The Topsy of an "Uncle Tom's Cabin” troupe died recently and bequeathed her body to the doctors. Au. topsy!

BUXOm Widow (at evening party)—Do you understand the language of flowers, Dr. Crusty ?

Dr. Crusty (an old bachelor.)--No, ma'am.

Buxom Widow-You don't know if yellow means jealousy?

Dr. Crusty--No, ma'am. Yellow means biliousness.

MAN, born of woman is of a few days and no teeth. And indeed it would be money in his pocket sometimes if he had less of either. As for his days, he wasteth one-ihird of them; and as for his teeth, he has convul. sions when he cuts them, and as the last one comes

of day

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