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A New Method of Dressing the Chest in Pneu- that the remorrhage in fibroids comes direct

monia, Pleurisy, Pleurodynia, Etc. from the tumır. That is a mistake. A fibroid William Hunt (Annals of Gynecology and

tumor of the uterus enlarges the blood vessels, Poediatry, 1891,) advises the following method

and in that way influences the hemorrhage. If to dress the chest in a case of pleurisy, pleuro.

a woman has a fibroid and a hemorrhage, you dynia, etc. :

can take it for an absolute certainty that she Do it on a large scale, in the same way that

has also fungoid growths of the uterus. So, we now dress abrasions, bruises, etc.

in the case of fibroids, where you have also a If there is to be any cupping or other pre

hemorrhage, if you can curette the uterus you liminary operation, have that attended to;

will invariably stop the hemorrhage. then all the ingredients wanting are pure col

These fibroids have a curious effect on the lodion and absorbent cotton, in smooth layers,

menopause. If a woman of forty-four cr five and a good broad brush like a mucilage brush.

years of age has a fibroid, it will not do to say, Apply a thin layer over the side affected,

wait for the menopause, for if it be a large from spinal column to sternum, and secure it

fibroid it prolongs menstruation to the age of with collodion smeared thoroughly over it.

fifty five or sixty. Furthermore, if the tumor Then go on with thick layers, securing them

be permitted to remain for that space of time, with collodion until a good padding is ob

it is very apt to break down and give rise to tained, paying particular attention to the

the development of a peculiar form of sepsis. · edges. In double cases you can act accord-

-Southern Medical Record. ingly. The advantages are : 1. The one dressing, if well applied, will

On Expelling Tape Worms. last throughout the case; thus

In the Polish Gazeta Lekarska, No. 17, 2. The fatigue and discomfort of frequent

1891, p. 327, Dr. Szczesny-Bronowski, of poulticing are avoided.

Tcherdyn, warmly recommends the following 3. The side, in single cases, is held as in a

mixture, which invariably proves efficacious

mix splint, while the free side does the breathing.

even in most obstinate cases where the usual A first-class non-conductor is covering the

overing the administration of ethereal extract of male chest. It is possible that the contracting col

fern, or pomegranate bark, or cousso flowers, lodion may have some influence in controlling has failed: the blood supply. 4. There is no particular interference, in

R. Extract filicis maris ætherei .... dram iij

Chloroformi,.... .....scruple ij one who has a good ear, with physical examina

Emulsionis olei ricini ... dram vito oz, iij tion. Maybe it would be a good thing it there

Syrupi menihæ................ouncej was; for having once made the diagnosis, what M. Sig.-Divide in equal portions and take both is the use of exhausting the patient every day with half hour intervals, early in the morning, on an by trying to find out whether one.eighth of an empty stomach. The mixture should be well cooled inch, more or less, is involved? The general down before using. symptoms will tell that. --- American Journal In the evening at bedtime, the patient's Med Sciences.

bowels should be thoroughly cleansed by means

of calomel (6 grains) or an enema. The tape. Pruritus of the Vulva.

worm (be it a tenia solium or a botherioceph. Tarnier (Revue International de bibl. Med.. alus latus) is expelled, head and all, within No. 2, 1891), uses the following:

four hours after the second dose of the mixture. B Corrosive sublimate......2.0 (grains xxx) The addition of chloroform to the latter is Alcohol. ....... 10.0 (fluid drams ij 4 )

important in two regards: on one side, the Rose water........40.0 (fluid ounces iss) drug narcotizes the parasite and thus promotes Distilled water... 450.0 (Auid ounces xiij)

the detachment of its head from the intestinal Sig.--Apply this lotion morning and evening.

wall; and, on the other hand, it prevents nauIt is of e-pecial service in pruritus vulvæ of

sea and vomiting which are so commonly inpregnant women. Its application may at first duced by the internal administration of the produce a sensation of burning, which will ne- male fern extract alone. necessitate the application of cold compresses. - Weekly Med. Review.

Have you seen the new book, "The Physician as a

Business Man; or How to Obtain the Best Financial Hemorrhage in Uterine Fibroid.

Results in the Practice of Medicine"! Dr. W. Gill Wylie, in a recent clinical lecture on fibroids of the uterus at the New York Do not fail to send your subscription for 1892. Polyclinic, spoke as follows: “Now, one word about fibroids. Some of you may think SEE order blank on sage xxiv.

Therapeutic Uses of the Sozoiodol Salts.

DR. GAUDIN (Wiener medizinische Wochen schrift, No. 26. 1891), has used sozoidol (4 per cent. sozoidol mercury), plaster in hard chancres, in impetigo, (daily inunctions with a to per cent. sozoidol.zinc salve), in gonorrhea (injections of a 10 per cent. sozoidol-zinc preparation), in chronic catarrh of the cervix uteri with erosions (applied on tampons ), in furunculous eruptions (a cotton dressing was strongly saturated with a 5 per cent. solution of sodium sozoiodolate), in erysipelas (sozoidol and zinc collodion), and in eczema (sozoidol and zinc salve). In all these affections he ob. tained excellent results, so that we are justified in regarding the sozoiodol salts as active antiseptics and odorless astringents, which unite at the same time the advantages of being odor. less, unirritating and uninjurious.- Cin. Lancet Clinic.

friends are skeptical on this subject, let them try the effect of mall doses of tartar emetic (grain I 100 to 1 50) in a case of acute bronchitis, with high fever, repeated every hall hour from twelve to twenty-four hours, and see the direct sedative effect it will have on the mucous membrane of the lungs and air passages, accompanied by lessening of frequency of pulse and diminution of temperature; or in case of acute dyspepsia usually denominated billious attacks with fever, try the effect of calomel grain 1.10, alternated with ipecac grain i 10 and bicarbonate of soda grain 12 to 18 every two hours, and see how a single grain each of calcmel and ipecac, with less than ten grains of soda bicarbonate, will reduce the temperature and produce even more copious discharges of bilious matter than we are in the habit of getting from large doses of calomel, or vegetable cathartics, and without any of the griping and uncomfortable symptoms usually accompanying the powerful doses; or, to illustrate further, try in the first case of hepatic colic, or severe pain you meet with, the almost magical effect you will get from morphine grain 1.20 to 1-40 combined with tartar emetio grain 1.50 to 1-100 and administered every five minutes. Hypodermics of morphine in much larger doses is scarcely more effective.Western Med. Reporter.

Spasm of the Glottis. Sır MORRELL MACKENZIE finds that by exciting a rival reflex, the laryngeal spasm is at once overcome. By exciting a paroxysm of sneezing, immediate relief is procured. This is best done by the inhalation of a pinch of snuff into the nares, or pepper may be used in the same way. It is sometimes possible to produce sneezing by tickling the nasal mucous membrane.-Med. & Surg. Rep.

Parturition After the Death of the Mother.

An extraordinary case of obstetrics is reported in Le Progres Medical lately. The patient was a Mrs. M. W twenty years of age, who was far advanced in pregnancy, and died suddenly at five o'clock in the evening. Owing to the lateness of the hour the husband delayed reporting the case until the next day. The official physician visited the house at two in the afternoon to view the body aud ordered the remains buried quickly on account of the hot weather prevailing at that time. Five hours later, at seven o'clock, the undertaker's assistants, while preparing the body, found the corpse of a child. The child was still born, and parturition had apparently occurred some twenty hours after the death of the mother. N. A. Pract.

(A similar case from Arkansas was reported some years ago in THE MEDICAL WORLD.]

Correct Living and Longevity. "What the remedy, if any, for this deadly work? I have no theory to advance, no practical solution to present. One thing I do know, that whatever elevates the race, purifies their morals-keeps them temperate in all things-will rapidly lessen their death rate ; for if any. thing is proven as clearly as the finest mathematical demonstration, it is the fact that whatever purifies, elevates and ennobles, conduces to the greatest longevity consistent with the environments.Dr. E. H. Schall, in Virginta med monthly.

By treating carious 100thache by means of a mixture of equal parts of crystallized carbolic acid and flexible collodion, carried 'to the bottom of the cavity, the pain is said to disappear instantaneously.-- Clinique.

The Good Effect of Small Doses. In an excellent paper on “ dose dispensing' by Dr. A. B. Somers (now of Omaha), he says: "As the years go by I have more and more reason to respect the effect of small doses of medicine oft repeated. If some of my older

A Suggestion for Hypodermic Purgation.

At a meeting ot the Louisville Medical Society, one of the members, Mr. Flexner, called attention to a comparatively new drug, the eseredine, from the laboratory of Bæhringer in Germany. It appears that so far its use has been restricted t) animals on whom it acts, subcutaneously, as a purgative. Should this action be reproduced in the human subject,

we shall probably find a valuable addition to that cotton-seed oil is as efficient as olive oil our Pharmacopeia. The principle of active and that moderate doses (a dessert-spoonful purgation in any stage of peritonitis as an every three or four hours) are as promptly and effect:sal means of draining the peritoneum is completely efficient as the usual heroic doses. now very generally recognized. There are The probability is advanced that any bland O'ten difficulties, however, in the way of ad- oil would do as well. The most of the cases ministering croton oil or other powerful cath- showed relief immediately; others in time artics by the mouth, especially where vomiting ranging up to twenty-four hours. is already a pronounced symptom. As another speaker pointed out at the same meeting it is

Iodoform in Diphtheria. very desirable that we should have something Dr. PULAWSKI (Gazzette degli Ospitali, No. as a purgative to act in a manner correspond

44, 1891) has used iodoform in the treatment ing with a pomorphia as an emetic. Certainly

of diphtheria, with success. He applies it a drug that would act rapidly in the manner locally by a piece of cotton or an insufflator, indicated, without undue depression of the emploving the powder of iodoform alone or nervous system would be invaluable in many mixed with magnesia. Three applications a conditions of the abdomen and pelvic organs. day, at least, should be made. The results. The suggestion is of very great interest and of even in grave cases, were splendid. All the possible future value, and surgeons who make

patients recovered, while the writer noticed the abdomen the field of their operations may no symptoms of poisoning by iodoform.-find it worthy of careful attention. The mas- Pritchard, Cin. Lancet Clinic. tering of all bodily functions, physiological and anatomical, by the local selective action

Sodium Bisulphite in Tonsillitis and Coryza. of remedies is probably only a matter of time.

Excellent results are reported from the use -Aleil. Press Med. and Surg Reporter.

of sodium bisulphite in aborting tonsillitis and To Improve the Local Action of Tincture of coryza. Tablespoonful doses of a saturated Iodine.

solution may be given every hour or two for

twenty-four hours, or even longer if necessary. TINCTURE OF IObine mixed with glycerine,

The disease is usually controlled in twentyis claimed by Dr. Hammond to prove more

four hours under this trea ment.--Notes on effective as a local application than the plain

New Remedies. tincture. This is due to the retardation of the dissipation of the iodine or, more likely, to the

Removal of Mother-Marks. skin remaining soft and hence in a better con

The Allgemeine, Medicinal Central Zeitung dition for absorbing the drug.-Lancet Clinic.

gives the following as very efficacious: Mix Medicinal Qualities of Nutmegs.

one part of tartrate of antimony with four parts

of emplastrum saponatum and work into a The Medical Bulletin says: “The medicinal

paste Apply the mixture over the mark to be qualities of nutmegs are worthy of considerable

removed to the depth of one line (one-twelfth attention on account of their value in the treat

inch), and cover with a strip of gummed paper ment of diarrhea, many cases quickly yielding

or court plaster. On the fourth or fifth day to the administration of 12 dram in milk. In

suppuration sets in, and in a few days later somnia may be effectually relieved by them

scarcely a sign of the mark can be seen. when opium fails and chloral is not advisable.

Amer. Med. Jour. It is also a sedative in delirium tremens, and can be given with safety and marked benefit.

Classification of Poisols. An excellent ointment for itching and irritable

D. A. Ruiz Erdozain proposes a classificahemorrhoids is composed of 2 drams of

tion of poisons from a medico-legal standpowdered nutmegs, i dram of tannic acid, and

point, as follows: i ounce of lard.”-National Druggist.

I. Those that produce lesions (a) in the di.

gestive tube, ---acids, alkalies; (b) in its adConfirmation of Sweet Oil for Gall-Stone

nexa,--phosphorus, arsenic; (c) in the heart, Colic.

--metals; (d) in the brain,--alcohol, ether, In the Lancet Clinic, Drs. T. J. Mays and chloroform, opium, belladonna, nicotine; (e) H. C. Bloom, of Philadelphia, give a collec- in the lungs,--hæmatics; (f) in the spinal tive report of fifty eight cases from physicians marrow, strychnine; (8) in the other organs. in different parts of the United States, con- II. Those that produce no lesions. -- Revista firming the value of sweet oil in the treatment med. de Mexico.- The Satellite. of patients troubled with gall-stones.

The especial lessons of the investigation are SEE order blank on page xxiv.

the kidney disease is due to the hepatic. The Ariginal Communications.

only case now occurring to me is when cancer

attacks the liver primarily, and the kidney port articles on the treatment of diseases and experience with new remedies are solicited from the profession for

secondarily. this department; also difficult cases for diagnosis and In Dr. Cochran's case (page 468) the pus weatment.

may have been in the frontal sinus, or some roles accepted must be contributed to this journal only. other part of the nasal tract. There are

The editors are not responsible for views expressed by contributors,

scarcely enough data given to show whether by must be received on or before the twelfin of the month

this was so, or where the pus collection was Tor publication in the next month. Unus d Manuscript located; and trephining could not be percannot be returned.

formed without previously locating the abscess. Curtainly is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he I wish to call attention to the insufficiency of

must say all he has to say in the fewest pcele words, or Me reader is sure to skip them, and in the pluinest possible words. or his reader will certaini isunderstand them. Generally, aiso, a doronright fact

meaningless word. A woman may be notoriously

jy be told in a plain way; and we want downright facts at present more than hysterical, but that does not preclude her havexything else.--RUSKIN.

ing any disease of any sort. I cannot count

the number of consultations to which I have READ. REFLECT. COMPARE. RECORD.

been called, in which we have discovered

plenty of reason for the symptoms. One case Notes and Comments.

of uncontrollable “hysteria” recovered her EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:- In spite of the self-control promptly when I evacuated a pelvic arguments advanced by Dr. Cook (page 444), abscess for her. Another hysteric girl, who it is pretty certain that the Kansas fever is glared at me from under her bed (hysterotyphoid. In mild cases of typhoid we often mania), returned to her senses next day, when have little or no diarrhea, especially if the her intestines had been unloaded of a fecal diet has been well arranged, and no intestinal collection of several weeks standing. Another, irritants employed. The same may be said of sadder still, quietly remarked to me: "Doctor, tympanites and other abdominal symptoms; don't pester me with valerian, but persuade while typhoid often subsides during the third my husband to let me alone for a little while." week. The eruption is sometimes absent, often Is insomnia a disease? No; only a sympso scanty that an inspection of the entire sur tom, and not even a symptom demanding face of the body is necessary to detect it; an treatment. It is a danger signal, an indication inspection not made once in 1000 cases. It is for the physiologist rather than the therapeutist. not easy for even a practised diagnostician to I am unable to give an opinion as to ihe rela

determine that the spleen is not enlarged; tive merits of the new hypnotics, because I . coma and extreme prostration are only present never have any use for them. My hypodermic in bad cases; while as light cases generally re- pellets of morphine I have not seen for months. cover, it is impossible to say in what condition Even in delirium tremens, what hypnotic can Peyer's glands may have been; though the compare with capsicum and coca? presence of blood in the stools is a fair indica- For enuresis (page 468) try salol, gr. v, at tion of ulceration. But the time has come bedtime. when such discussions should cease, since the Nothing can be done in the way of removmeans for settling the question are accessible. ing the fuid of a hydrocele, except by the A search for the typhoid bacillus with the trocar. For injection after removal, most microscope, and the application of Ehrlich's surgeons employ tincture of iodine. Levis test to the urine, are within the reach of any advised carbolic acid. physician; and our Kansas brethren ought to For corns, the best remedy is the salicylic avail themselves of these, and decide this in- acid and cannabis plaster. teresting question.

For N. H.'s psoriasis (page 468) I would Dr. Cushman (page 468) asks rather a diffi- use an ointment of chrysophanic acid, resorcin, cult question.-" Have you ever known a aristol or oil of cade, or all in succession; diseased liver to produce a diseased condition applying lanoline with oil of roses to the skin of the kidneys ?" Amyloid disease, syphilis, after the disease has disappeared. tuberculosis or cancer, may affect both organs; Well, our old friend La Grippe has reone not necessarily caused by the other. If appeared in a new guise. It struck my province the outflow of bile be stopped, and reabsorp. (beginning with myself) the latter part of tion occur, with jaundire, the bile is discharged November. Until to-day (December 15) it by the kidneys, and this may cause irritatioù has been exclusively among the better classes of these organs Alcohol causes hepatic cir- of my patients; my first case among the handrhosis, and desquamative nephritis later ; but workers occurring to-day. There has been there is no special reason for believing that little tendency to pneumonia, but head ache,

[ocr errors][merged small]

bone ache, sore throat, bronchitis, with deep cough and scanty sputa, a full, soft, compressible pulse, and moderate fever. The pulse yields at once to small doses of cardiac depressants, and reacts quickly and too strongly to stimulation. Quinine has proved valuable to a degree that has surprised me, in view of its small value two years ago. Sudden onsets have been the rule. One gentleman was talking with a friend, when he suddenly became speechless. When I saw him a few hours later, the pharyngeal mucosa looked as if it had been reduced to pulp by some powerful corrosive. Local stimulation was employed, and sloughing did not ensue. It was three days before the man could speak, or swallow without difficulty. During the last few days intestinal troubles have become manifest. While there has been some debility present in those suffering with other affections, as well as those down with influenza, this has not been very marked. This is only my individual experience. The reports of the Health Office show that the mortality in Philadelphia has increased in one week from 410 to 508, and that pneumonia caused 79 deaths last week. Thus far I can only say : Beware of over dosing and of cardiac depressants; give quinine freely; watch the pulse carefully; do not over-do the feeding ; besparing of stimulants; drop the "antis” for the present, and use liniments for the cough. Dr. John J. Taylor speaks so highly of ammonia that I shall give it more frequently. Profuse and exhausting, but salutary, sweating followed the use of small doses of Dover's, and, for some unknown reason, the febricide pills. Finally, I cannot recollect a time when the good influence of a cheery face and a hearty, sympathetic voice appeared to do so much good.

William F. WAUGH, M. D. 1725 Arch St., Phila.

An Anomalous Fever.

(Continued from December.) Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Referring the readers to December WORLD for a typical case, I will refer here to a few of the many varia. tions. A certain percentage of cases run the entire course without any other marked symp. toms of disease than a fever. They eat well, sleep well, and do not complain of anything but weakness. Another class of cases have a persistent diarrhea from first to last. Others are constipated throughout. In some the diarrhea begins after the fever has left.

The alvine discharges in some cases are thini and watery ; in others they consist of mucus and blood. Sometimes there is tenderness in the region of the ileo.cecal valve, sometimes not. The onset of the disease is sometimes abrupt, but generally slow. I have seen cases begin as an intermittent and repeat the chill and fever as many as four times in successive days, presenting all the symptoms of an ordin. ary ague, and have given quinine, but the fever continued. The duration is as uncertain as the mode of beginning. Some cases run seven, some fourteen, some twenty-one days, and perhaps longer, but I think there is usually some complication in cases lasting more than twenty. one days. Relapse is not uncommon and usually lasts as long and presents the same symptoms as the first attack. I saw one patient relapse the second time, and with the same course of fever each time. I believe cases that are reported to last six weeks or longer are simply relapses. Typhoid fever has been known to behave in like manner.

The termination is usually by lysis, but not always. I have seen an intermittent follow as well as precede the continued fever. In fact the disease at times presents such a variety of symptoms and conditions as to almost lose its identity. For a time, after my introduction to the malady, I was by no means certain whether I had to deal with one or several diseases.

Etiology.--" Be me sowl,” exclaimed Mrs, Finnegan, “iverything is blamed on the poor Oirsh now a-days. Wud yez belave it, Pat? They do be sayin that an Oirishman gave the people of the sout the yaller sever; a felly by the name of Mike Roby."

I have not seen Mike Roby (microbe) these parts but he is likely here.

Age.--It does not often attack either the old

Quadrupulets. EDITOR MEDICAL WORLD:-On the night of November 11th, I was called to visit Mrs. Ed. gar George, living three miles south west of this place, in her fifth confinement. On arriving, at about 9.30, I was informed by Dr. O. C. Irvin, of El Paso, Texas, who was visiting the family, and who is a brother-in-law of Mrs. George, that the labor was over and that FOUR LIVING GIRL BABIES were born, remarking also that he didn't think he let any get away. For a time we had business giving attention to the mother and four little strangers. They were all perfectly well-formed, though small, not averaging over three pound each. One of them, however, only lived about five hours. The remaining three and mother at pres

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