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officers tor the said battalions of infaqtry; to raise, officer, and equip 3000 light-horse; three regiments of artillery, and a corps of engineers, and to establish their pay; to apply to any of the states for such aid of the militia as he shall judge necessary ; to form such magazines of provisions,and in such places, as he shall think proper; to displace and appoint all officers under the rank of brigadier-general, and to fill up all vacancies in every other department in the American army; to take, wherever he may be, whatever he may want for the use of the army, if the inhabitants will not sell it, allowing a reasonable price for the same; to arrest and confine persons who refuse to take the continental currency, or are otherwise disaffected to the American cause; and return to the states of which they are citizens, their names, and the nature of their offences, together with the witnesses to prove them:

That the foregoing powers be vested in gen. Washington, for and during the term of six months from the date hereof, unless sooner determined by Congress.

Resolved, That the council of safety of Pennsylvania be requested to take the most vigorous and speedy measures for punishing all such as refuse continental currency ; anil that the general be directed to give all necessary aid to the council of safety, for carrying their measures on this subject into effectual execution.

Mr. Hillegas having returned the names of persons by him employed to superintend the press, and to sign the bills of credit, they were agreed to; and are,

Superintendents of the press, Thomas Harrison, William Smithe, and John "Merryman, junior.

Signers of money, William Asquith.John Griffith, Hercules Courtney, John Cockey, James Kelso, Richard Cromell, James Colhourn, George Welsh, Theodore Barrel, Thomas Donnellan, John Boyd, Benjamin Levy, Samuel Hillegas, and William Govett.

Resolved, That 266.60 dollars be advanced to John Griffith, for the use of the sick soldiers in Baltimore; he to be accountable.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

SATURDAY, December 28, 1776.

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to prepare a circular letter to the several United States, explaining the reasons which induced Congress to enlarge the powers of general Washington, and requesting them to co-operate with him, and give him all the aid in their power:

The members chosen, Mr. R. II. Lee, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Adams.

Resolved, That the five millions of dollars, which by the resolution of the 2d of November last, the treasury-board were ordered to prepare and have ready for emission,be now emitted on the faith of the United States.

Resolved, That the council of safety of the state of Maryland, be, and they jire hereby, requested, to furnish Mr. John Griffith with fifty blankets for the use of the sick soldiers in Baltimore, who stand in immediate need thereof.

Resolved, That 400 dollars be advanced to colonel Carvill Hall, for the use of his battalion; he to be accountable.

The committee, to whom the report of the gentlemen who were directed to repair to Ticonderoga, and the papers therein mentioned, were referred, brought in a report, which was taken into consideration: Whereupon,

Resolved, That in the opinion of Congress, the northern army may be supplied more advantageously and conveniently, in the present mode of the commissary general's governing himself by such regulations as have been, and may be, from time to time, ordained by the generator commander in chief, than by contractors.:

That the commissary-general be directed, without fail, to supply the northern army, this winter, with vegetables twice in every week, or more freVol. I. 74

quently, if possible; and to take effectual measures that they be well supplied* with vinegar:

That two large floating batteries be built on Lake-Champlain, to cover tfae boom and the bridge; and that general Schuyler be desired to contract stfi builders for this purpose in New-York, or Massachusetts-Bay, or both, ml that general Schuvler provide the materials:

That the committee for supplying cannon be directed to procure ten brass sis inch howitzers, with shells, and a proper attniil, for the use of the northern army:

That a fort be constructed on Mount-Independence: that the navigation of the lake near that place be obstructed by cassoons, to be sunk in the water, at small distances from one another, and joined together by string-pieces, so as, at the same time, to serve for a bridge between the fortifications on the east and west side; that, to prevent the enemy from drawing their small-craft over land beyond Three-Mile Point into Lake-George, the passage of that lake be also obstructed, in like manner, by cassoons from island to island in the narrows, if practicable, or by floating batteries; that Fort Stanwix be strengthened, and other fortifications be made at proper places near the Mohawk river, and that general Schuyler, or the commanding officer of the northern arnij, execute these works this winter; and that the commanding officers of artillerr, chief engineer, quarter-master general, and commissary-general, provide and perforin whatever thing* in their respective departments are necessary, or may contribute to the accomplishment thereof:

That the general court, or council, of the state of Massachusetts-Bay, be requested to procure such a quantity of oakum, and any other articles, as general Schuyler, who is desired to write to them on the subject, shall require ; and to forward the same to such places as he shall direct:

That the board of war be empowered and directed to write to Philadelphia for accoutrements and necessaries to supply the six troops of light-horse ordered from Virginia.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow morning.

SUNDAY, December 29, 1776.

Resolved, That the committee appointed to consider the letter from general Schuyler, dated the 10th of December, be directed to send a suitable person or persons to Mr. Livingston, owner of the foundery in the state of New -York, and to governor Trumbull, under whose direction is the foundery at Salisbury; also to the council of the state of Massachusetts-Bay, to procure such cannor. and stores, as are required by the general in his said letter; they being immediately necessary for the northern department

Resolved, That to-morrow be assigned for appointing more general officers.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed.

Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

MONDAY, December SO, 1776.

A letter, of the 21st, from brigadier-general Lewis, was read; also two letters, of the 26th and 27th, from Mr. R. Morris.

The committee, appointed to consider the letters from general Schuyler, relating to the northern army, brought in a report; Whereupon,

Resolved, That gen. Schuyler, or the commanding officer of the northern army, be directed to cause an elaboratory to be erected at such place as he shall judge most convenient, to fix all the necessary ammunition for the ensuing campaign.

Resolved, That 15 companies, consisting of a captain or overseer, and 50 men each, be engaged, upon such terms as general SchuylcF shall think just and equitable, for the batteau service: and be occasionally employed on the high-ways and other quarter-master general's department; and that four companics of carpenters, to consist of au overseer and twenty-five men each, be engaged in like manner to attend the northern army.

For the better regulating wagons in the northern army,

Resolved, That two wagons be allowed to each company on a march, and one wagon to the colonel, one to the lieutenant-colonel and major, one to the staff of a regiment, and one for the particular use of the director of the hospital. Each wagon to be drawn by two horses, (except that for the colonel, which is to be allowed four horses,) and subject to sued orders, as shall, from time to time, be issued by the general or commanding officer.

Resolved, That if any commissioned or non-commissioned officer shall employ more carriages than are mentioned in the foregoing resolution, he shall not be allowed to make a public charge of it, but shall pay the customary price himself: and, on his refusal or neglect of so doing, he shall be subject to be fined by a court-martial in treble the sum; one-third part of such fine to be for the use of the owner of the wagon or other carriage so employed, and the other two-thirds to the pay-master for the public use; the part adjudged to the owner of the carriage shall be paid to him by any quarter-master on the certificate of the president of the court-martial, who shall transmit the whole fine to the pay-master, in order that the same may be deducted from the pay of the delinquent.

Congress being informed that some of the prisoners have broken out of gaol, and made their escape,

Resolved, That the committee of observation for Baltimore county be requested to direct immediate and strict search for the prisoners, who last night escaped from the gaol in Baltimore town; and to offer a reward for-the apprehending and securing the said prisoners; and that the said committee make enquiry into the conduct of the gaoler, or any other person suspected of permitting or assisting their escape; and that they take such measures as they shall think, proper to bring the offenders to punishment.

Resolved, That 200 dollars be paid into the hands of the committee appointed to consider the letter from gen. Schuyler of the 10th of December, for the payment of the expenses of some suitable person or persons to be sent by them to Mr. Livingston, gov. Trumbull, and the council of the state of Massachusetts-Bay, agreeable to a resolution passed yesterday; the said committee to be accountable.

The committee appointed to prepare a circular letter to the several states, reported a draught, which was read, amended, and agreed to:

Ordered, That copies be made, signed by the president, and transmitted to each of the United States.

It appearing to Congress that it will be extremely difficult, if not impracticable, to supply the army of the United States with bacon, salted beef, pork, soap, tallow and candles, unless the exportation thereof be prohibited; therefore,

Resolved, That none of the said articles, except such as may be necessary for the crew of any ship or vessel, be exported from any of these United States after the 5th day of January next, until the first day of November next, or until Congress shall take further order therein. And it is earnestly recommended to the executive powers of the several United States, to see that this resolution be strictly complied with.

Resolved, That the board of war be empowered to agree with, and employ, as an assistant-clerk, Mr. Nourse, late general Lee's secretary.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

TUESDAY, December 31, 1776. A letter, of the 27th, from general Washington, and one, of the 28th, from the committee of Congress, at Philadelphia, with sundry papers enclosed, were read.

Resolved, That Doctor Mackenzie be, and he is hereby authorized, to ptrchase such medicines as are immediately wanted for the sick soldiers belong to the army of the United States, now in Baltimore, and return an accwit thereof to Confess.

Resolved, That general Smallwooii be directed to exert his utmost endavours, and give the necessary orders and instructions to expedite the raisin the levies in the state of Maryland j and that it be earnestly recommended a the legislature aTid council of safety, the several committees of obserntioo, the civil, military and militia officers of said state, and every friend of liberty, and the United States, to give general Small wood every assistance in their power.

Resolved, That 300 dollars be advanced to lieut-col. Antil, of col. Hazcn's battalion, for the use of the said battalion ; and that the same be charged to the account of col. Hazen, who is to be accountable.

Resolved, That th*e requisition of general Schuyler for a supply of 60 torn of cannon-powder, and 34 tons of musket-powder, for the use of thenortberi army, he referred to general Washington; and that he be directed to furni>t that army with such quantities of that article as can be spared.

Resolved, That the board of war be directed to inform general AVaslini^M of the quantities of gun-powder, belonging to the Congress on hand Hi i" different parts of America, as far as may have come to their knowledge.

A memorial from lieutenant-colonel Autil was presented to Congress u» rend:

Ordered, That it be referred to the board of war.

A letter from William Kennon, of North-Carolina, to general Lee, was read

Ordered, That it be referred to a committee of three:

The members chosen, Mr. Hooper, Mr. Heyward, and Mr. Harrison.

Resolved, That any restrictions heretofore imposed upon the export*"*11." Ktaves and other lumber, except to Great-Britain, Ireland, and the Brtttrt Islands, or any place under the dominion of Great-Britain, cease.

Resolved, That a letter be written to gen. Washington, desiring him to *j der the clothier-general, to send agents into each state, to buy up linens in other clothing proper for the soldiery; and that he give similar orders to quarter-master general to pursue the same mode for procuring a suBM'J' quantity oftent-cloth; and that they be severally directed to apply to the»» to afford all necessary assistance therein. And whereas great expert M heretofore arisen from public agents trading against each other, the K'ne"JJ desired to caution the clothier-general and quarter-master general, thatu* agents aforesaid, fall not into the above mistake in time to come.

A memorial from John Matthewson, and others, was read ; also a letter Mr. Hughes:

Ordered, That they be referred to the marine committee. . . y

An appeal being lodged against the judgment of the court of admiral It the state of Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations, on the lib*'> Hopkins vs. Richard Derby: jt.

Ordered, That it be received, that it may be prosecuted before the co tee on appeals.

The several matters to this day referred being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.



Absence, delegates to obtain leave of, 177, 415.

Accomac and Northampton counties, in Virginia,
to be defended, 196, 197, 230„

Accounts, orders for payment, to be signed by
the President of Congress, 145, (S« Claims.)

Acts of the British parliament, restraining com-
merce, 99, 311.

Adams Samuel,) delegates from Massachusetts,

John, J


William, surgeon, his resignation ac-
cepted, 382.
Address to the king of Great-Britain, 16, 38, 39,
45, 104, 105, 106.
to the people of Great-Britain, 19, 23,
26 to 31, 100, 106 to 111.
to the inhabitants of the colonies, 19,23,
26, 31 to 38.
to the inhabitants of Quebec, 38, 39,
40 to 45.
from the parishof St. John's, in Georgia,
to the inhabitantsof Canada, 74,75, 76.
to the assemblv of Jamaica, 122, 123.
to the people o*f Ireland, 125 to 129.
to captain White-Eyes, an Indian chief,
to the Onondago, and other tribes of
Indians, 369, 481,572, 573.
Adjournments of Congress from Friday till Mon-
day, 382.
Adjatant-gcneral, appointed, 365.
Adjutant-sot' regiments, their pay and rank, 481.
Admiralty courts established, 183, 184.
Advice boats, 461.

Agents in England, letters from Congress to, 39,

40, 112.
their circular letter, 55.
for prizes, appointed, 324, 386.
for Indian affairs, 311.
Agriculture, arts, he. to be promoted, 293, 294.
Aids-de-camp, their pay and rank, 87, 227, 328

Aitkin Robert, to print journalsof Congress, 500
Alarm posts to convey intelligence, 150.
Alexander Robert, a delegate from Man-land,
n 212,415.

Allegiance to the British crown dissolved, 392.
Allen Ethan, cruelly treated by the enemy, 196.
to be exchanged, 420.
William, lieutenant-colonel,226.
resigns, 422.
Allison rev. Mr. to preach on the general fast,


appointed chaplain to Congress,


Alsop John, a delegate from New-York, 9, 50.

Alston William, lieutenant-colonel, 336.

America, stale of, considered, 71, 72, 73,77, 78,

79, 82,83.

American army, appointment of a general and

commander in chief of the, 83.

rank and pav of other officers of

the, 84, 123. 129, 130.
to be furnished with camp-equi-
page, fcc. 87, 145, 175, 212,
221, 251, 398, 409,460, 498.
voi. I. 73

American army, rules and regulations for the,
83, 90 to 98, 374, 435, 441,
448, 481, 482 to 493.
increased, 123, 151, 153, 165,
203, 217, 213, 225, 230, 233,
242, 250, 298, 345, 346, 363,
386, 389, 390, 399, 419, 430,
465, 468, 476.
cause, proceedings relative to persons
disaffected to the, 219, 224,
225, 227, 254. 285.
colonies declared free and indepen-
dent states, 368, 369, 391,
392 to 396.
Anderson Ephraim, appointed adjutant, 185.
Andrew Doria, brig, officers, Sic.of, to be paid,

Ann, communication to be opened between

Skcnesborough and fort, 232.
Anstruther Mr. the case of his diamond ring, 446.

captain, his petition rejeeted,528.
Antil Edward, lieutenant-colonel, 244.

money advanced to, 246, 569,
576, 538.
continued in service, 495.
Mrs. permitted to go to New-York, 526.
Appeal in the case of schr. Thistle, and cargo,
433, 440, 454, 470, 499,
brigantine Elizabeth, 471,
602,507, 515,516, 517.
ship Charming Peggy, 521.
sloop Betsey, 541, 554.
Lev in Jones, vs. sloop Vul-
can, 562.
Escck Hopkins, vs. Rich-
ard Derby, 588.
Appointments to places of profit, how determined,

Appraisers of clothing, to be appointed, 519, 520.
Apprentices, not to be in listed without consent.

&c. 219, 251,252.
Apsden Matthias, permitted to export produce,

Arms, to be removed from Ticondcroga, 71,72.
measures for a supply of, 74, 118.
manufacture of, recommended, 164.
purchased and repaired by Rhode-Island,

not a continental charge, 197.
furnished the troops ordered to Northamp-
ton, 198. r
taken from tories, i how disposed of,
from the enemy, J 254, 358
sent to Virginia, 319.
to be imported, 363,530.
and other public property, to be returned,

lost, or taken by the enemy, no allowance
to be made for. 517.
Armstrong John, brigadier general, 277.

ordered to South-Carolina,277.
permitted to return to Phila-
delphia, 474.
Arnold col. Benedict, his letter from Crown-
Point, 77.
promoted, 233

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