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k'ork, and from thence conveyed to fort Montgomery; and that five tons be immediately sent from the city of Philadelphia:

That two companies of the marines lately raised, and now in Philadelphia, be also ordered to march immediately to fort Montgomery:

That application be made to the council of safety of the state of Pennsylvania, to order one-half of the artillery men, now in the service of their state, to proceed to fort Montgomery as soon as possible:

That Congress approve the measures adopted by the convention of NewYork, for the defence of the highlands, and will cheerfully defray all the necessary expenses that may accrue.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

TUESDAY, September 24, 1776.
A petition from Benjamin Marshall and brothers, and one from John Hazard,
•were read, and referred to the marine committee.
A petition from Charles Startin, was read:
Ordered, To lie on the table.

The board of war brought in a report, which was read:
Ordered, To lie on the table.

The committee, to whom was referred the petition of colonel Hazen, brought in a report, which was taken into consideration: Whereupon,

Resolved, That colonel Hazen and lieutenant-colonel Edward Antill be continued in their offices, in the army of the United States, and that they recruit their regiment to the number of a battalion on the continental establishment: That the settlement of colonel Hazen's accounts of monies advanced by him, for the service of the United States, in Canada, be referred to the commissioners appointed to audit accounts in the northern department;

That 1095 dollars be paid to colonel Hazen, in full satisfaction for his neat cattle, sheep, swine, poultry, hay and other articles, alleged to have been taken and used for the benefit of the continental army, near St. John's; which, sum, together with 533 dollars and Jd already received by him on that account, is the amount of the said articles, as estimated by commissioners appointed by general Wooster for that purpose, pursuant to an order of Congress:

That the damages done to the buildings, farms, &c. by our troops or those of the enemy, ought not to be paid, unless general provision be made for compensating all others, who, by means of the war, have, in like manner, been damnified; which may be a subject worthy to be considered, after the close of the war.

Resolved, That the committee be discharged from enquiring into what respects the conduct of general Arnold; the Congress having directed general Washington to cause an enquiry to be made into the conduct of the officers, who served in Canada.

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to devise ways and means for eft'ectually providing the northern army with provisions and medicines, and supplying their other necessary wants:

1 he members chosen, Mr. Rush, Mr. Hall, Mr. Chase, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Stockton.

Resolved, That the medical committee be directed to apply to the council of safety of Pennsylvania, for a quantity of medicines; to be repaid in kind or in cash, as they shall choose.

The board of war brought in a farther report:
Ordered, To lie on the table.

Congress resumed the consideration of the instructions to the commissioners, and the same being debated by paragraphs, and amended, were agreed to.

Ordered, That the committee of secret correspondence lay before Congress to-morrow morning, the intelligence they have lately received from abroad.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,
Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

WEDNESDAY, September 25, 1776.

Two letters from general Lee; one of the 24th of August to the president, the other of the 27th of the same month to the board of War, both dated i Savannah, being received, were read.

The committee of the treasury reported, that there is due, To John Hates, for 212 camp-kettles delivered to Gustavus Risberg, assist ant to the deputy quarter-master-general, 282 60-90 dollars.

To Melchinr Meng, for wagon-hire, carrying money to Albany, with expenses, going and returning, 117 7-90 dollars.

To Samuel Johnson, for 1047 meals supplied the militia on their march to New-Jersey, 104 63-90 dollars:

To John Kerlin, for entertaining militia on their march to New-Jersey, 5j 27-90 dollars:

To Messrs. St. Luke la Corn, major Campbell and captain Frazier, prisoners from Canada, for their allowance of two dollars a week each, and for their three servants at one dollar a week each, from the 8th of July to the 23d of September, 1776, inclusive, 11 weeks, 90 dollars.

To Peter Mather, for entertaining militia on their march to New-Jersey, 32 72-90 dollars.

To Samuel Pews, for supplying the militia with 269 meals of victuals, en their march to New-Jersey, 26 81-90 dollars:

To Francis Lee, for the hire of a stage-coach, agreeable to a certificate of Richard Peters, esq. to convey general Prescotand general M'Donald, with their guard, 26 60-90 dollars.

To Jacob Henkles, for suppling troops with provisions, on their inarch to New-Jersey, 215 52-90 dollars:

To Robert Tolbert, 18 18-90 dollars and to Joseph M'Kellup, 45 18-90 dollars, for entertaining troops on their march to New-Jersey, both sunis amounting to 63 36-90 dollars, to be paid to the said Joseph M'Kellup:

To colonel Allen M'Donald of Kingsborough, and his son Alexander M' Donald, for their allowance of two dollars a week for 21 weeks, and For their servants' allowance, 21 weeks, at one dollar a week, settled to the 17th of September, 105 dollars:

To John Pluckrose,/or going express from Congress to Charleston, SouthCarolina, 132 dollars:

To the steward of the Pennsylvania hospital, for boarding William Whiting, a wounded soldier, 4 weeks', by order ol Congress, 5 30-90 dollars:

To Jacob Peterman, to be paid to John Ebert, tor 83 meals of victuals supplied the troops of the flying-camp, on their march to New-Jersey, 8 22-90 dollars:

To Gunning Bedford, esq. for his pay and rations, from the 17th of June to the 17th of September, 1776, being 3 months, 152 64-90 dollars. Ordered, That the said accounts be paid.

The said committee farther reported, that they have considered the petition of captain James Ross to Congress, and are of opinion, that he should be credited with the following sums charged to his account; he not having received the accounts in time, to make the stoppages, viz*

For Sundry articles supplied by Mr. Slough, amounting to 486 65-90 dollars: For drums, & Simons & flenry, 17 24-90 dollars: For cash to a wagoner, by committee of Lancaster county, 66 60-90 dollars: For part of an account of expenses of his company, on their march to Cambridge, 17 78-90 dollars: The whole amounting to 588 47-90tbs dollars:

Ordered, That the said sum be passed to his credit.

Resolved, That an order for 40 dollars be drawn on the treasurer in favor •f Mons. P. Govert, as captain-lieutenant of artillery; the same being two months' pay advanced, for which he is to be accountable.

A letter from general Washington, enclosing one from brigadier-general Green, and a return of the army, was read.

Resolved, That the captains, or commanding officers of the companies of the militia of Pennsylvania, make up the pay-rolls of such companies as have been regularly discharged from the camp, in New-Jersey, from the time of their being last paid, with the addition of a day to each man, for every twenty miles between the camp and his respective place of abode; for which an allowance of one penny per mile is to be made, without rations or subsistence. The sums due on the said rolls to be attested by the oaths or affirmations of the respective captains or commanding officers, and certified by one of their field-officers. And the pay-master in Philadelphia is hereby directed to discharge the said rolls, on certificates being produced from the commissary of stores at the fiyingcanifK and in this city, of the re-delivery of such of the public stores as have been received by the companies aforesaid, or the regiments to which they respectively belong, or upon deducting the amount thereof from the pay of those •who have not returned them:

That the captains or commanding officers of such of the said militia, as are Dot yet returned from the camp, be directed, when discharged, to procure from the commanding officer of the camp, certificates of the sums due in their respective rolls; and in every other respect, the said captains or commanding officers, and the pay-masters aforesaid, are to observe the rules prescribed in the foregoing resolve for payment of the said militia.

Resolved, That three gentlemen be appointed to audit and settle the accounts of the Pennsylvania militia:

The ballots being taken, the following gentlemen were chosen, viz. Mr. P. Chevalier,Mr. J. Wilcox and Mr. James Mease.

The committee appointed to devise way and means for providing clothing and other necessaries, for the army, brought in their report, which was takr ;n into consideration; Whereupon,

Resolved, That it be recommended to the general assemblies and con' 9en. tions of the United States, to forward to head-quarters, the clothing, bla nkets and necessaries, which they may have provided in consequence of the resolution of Congress of the 19th of June last, drawing on the president for the cos{ and conveyance thereof; in which it is hoped the utmost diligence an- J expedition will be used, that those who expose themselves to danger in defr ending and protecting their fellow-citizens, may suffer as little as possible fxom iQClement seasons:

That a committee of Congress, consisting of one delegate fro-jj eacn g^e be appointed, with authority to employ proper persons to pur chase in their respective states, a sufficient number of blankets and woollen^ fit f,)r soldiers' clothes, and that they take the most effectual and speedy methods for fjettina such woollens made up, and distributed among the regular continental army in such proportion as will best promote the public service :. And that they also purchase all other necessary clothing for the soldiers, :<n sucn proportion as they judge, upon the best information, will be wanted; and that the said committee be authorized to draw on the president of Congress, for the sums necessary to execute this business; they to be accountaMe for the amount of their draughts and disbursements:

That Mr. J. Mease be directed immediately to xend to general Gates all the

white shirts, shoes and stockings, he nowhaa in his possession, and which are

unappropriated, for the use of the northern army; and that he use the utmost

diligence in buying, collecting and getting made, immediately, as many more

Vol. I. .63 of those articles as possible, making weeklj reports to Congress of what he obtains: »

That general Schuyler or the commanding officer at Albany, be desired t» employ proper persons, immediately, to make up into soldier's clothes, the woollens mentioned in general Schuyler's letter of the 29th of August last, and transmit the same, without delay, to the general commanding the northern army, for the use of such of the troops in that array, as have inlisted for three years, or will inlist during the war.

Resolved, That the commissaries and quarter-master general, and deputy

3uarter-masters general and their assistants, in the several departments, be irected to apply to Mr. Mease for such articles of clothing, camp-equipage, and other utensils, which they may want to purchase in the state of Pennsylvania for the use of the army.

Congress then proceeded to the appointment of the committee, when the following gentlemen were chosen, viz..

Mr. Bartlett, Mr. Paine, Mr. Ellery, Mr. Williams, Mr. Fiord, Mr.Stockton, Mr. Ross, Mr. M'Kean, Mr. Paca, Mr. Wythe, Mr. Hewei, Mr. Middleton, and Mr. Hall.

Resolved, That lieutenant Boger and lieutenant Ball be released from prison, on signing the like parole, as the other officers, prisoners at York-To*D. in Pennsylvania.

Resolved, That the committee to whom was entrusted the care of publisJiinj the journals of this house, be empowered to collect from the several printers, such parts of the said journals as they have printed, and lodge them with B»bert Aitken, for sale; the several printers to be paid out of the sales, in suck manner as the committee shall find just and equitable; and that the said committee make a publication of the journals as far as printed, as soon as possible.

The committee appointed to devise ways and means for providing the northern army with provisions, medicines and other necessaries, brought in a report, which was taken into consideration; Whereupon,

Resolved, That a committee be immediately sent to Ticonderoga; that thev .give orders that a number of sheep, and a quantity of Indian meal, rice, and oatmeal, and molasses, be immediately sent to Lake George and Ticonderoga; tha* they endeavor to contract for the provisions for the northern army, by lie ration, the particulars of which to be valued, and any part not supplied, to be paid £r>r in money by the contractor; and that such contract be made, as farts may he, agreeable to the mode recommended by general Schuyler in his letter to Congress of the 25th of August: that the committee consult with the commanding officer in the northern department, and such other of the general oScers as may be thought proper, on the best mode to re-inlist the army there.ano to provide barracks and clothing for the troops, and especially that they engage the goods mentioned by general Schuyler, and apply such of them as B»j * necessary for the northern army: .

That the committee be empowered to make regulations for the hospitals"1 the northern department, and to remove or suspend any person employed therein, and to employ such as they may think necessary ana proper; ami tliatttie/ report to Congress the state and condition of the army, and any further regulations which they may think necessary, for the better "government and 9tipplv' ing the said army:

That the committee consist of two, and that to-morrow be assigned for dec ing the said committee.

Congress took into consideration the report of the board of war: Whereupon

Resolved, That Mr. J. Mease be directed to purchase as-many tents, camp kettles, canteens, and other camp furniture, and as much clothing a* J"'c', possibly procure, for the use of the army under the command of general »•* ington:

That captain James Ross be appointed major in colonel Hand's regiment, and that the other vacancies in that battalion be filled up as recommended by the colonel, in manner following, viz.

John Halliday to be captain, in the room of James Ross, promoted:

William Wilson to be first-lieutenant, John Dougherty to be second lieutenant, and Benjamin Lyon to be third lieutenant; John Dick to be second lieutenant, in the room of Jacob Zanch, resigned; and Robert Cunningham to be third lieutenant, vice John Dick:

That the vacancies in colonel Ward's regiment of the Massachusetts-Bay be filled up in the manner recommended by the colonel, viz.

Captain James Meilen, to be major; commission to be dated from the time of doing du

ty, viz.



August 15,1776
Ephraim Burr, April 1, do.
Kben. Cleveland, July 12, do.
NahumWard, Sept. 11, do.
Baxter Howe, July 12, do.
Samuel Shelden, Sept. 11, do.

2d lieuts. Jon. Champeney, July 12, 1776,

Samuel Clofflin, Sept. 11, do.

Ensigns, Jonas Snow, July 20, do.

Caleb Noble, July 20, do.

Joseph Freeland, Sept. 11, do.

Chaplain, Eben. Cleveland, Jan. 1, do.

Surgeon, Elihu Wright, Aug. 12, do.

Do. mate, Israel Whiting, July 1, do.

That Leonard Gansevoort, jun. be appointed pay-master to col. Van Schaick's regiment:

That Richard Varick, late captain in colonel M'Dougal's regiment, which office he resigned, secretary to the honorable major-general Schuyler, be appointed deputy muster-master general to the northern army : and

That major Henry Brockholst Livingston, aid-de-camp"to general Schuyler, be provided for by Congress in a station equal to his merit, when a proper vacancy happens, he being recommended by the general as a very deservingofficer:

That the part of general Schuyler's letter, referred to the board of war, which relates to Indian affairs, be referred to the committee for Indian affairs:

That the commissary-general be directed to procure such quantities of salt,. and to buy,cure, and lay up, in proper places, such quantities of provisions as he shall judge necessary for the next campaign:

That the commissary general's letter relative to his having drawn an order on Mr. president Hancock, in favor of colonel Lowry, for 60,000 dollars, be referred to the treasury board:

That Monsieur Devourouy's petition be referred to the marine committee:

That the letters from his excellency governor Livingston, of New-Jersey, respecting the payment of the militia, be referred to the treasury board:

That so much of general Arnold's letter to general Schuyler, as relates to clothing, be referred to the committee for providing clothing for the army.

The committee appointed to settle the rank of the captains and subalterns in the German battalion, reported the same as follows, which was agreed to:

Captains, Daniel Burkhart, Philip Graybill, George Hubley, Henry Fister, Jacob Bonner, George Kaports, Benjamin Weiser, William Keyser, and David Woelpper.

First-lieutenants, Frederick Rolwagen, John Lora, Peter Boyer, Charles Bulsel, William Rice, Jacob Kotz, Jacob Bower, Samuel Gerock, and Bernard Hubley.

Second-lieutenants, George Hawbacker, Christian Meyers, John Landenberger, Michael Bayer, George Schaeffer, Adam Smith, Frederick Yeiser, William Rittcr, and Philip Schrawder.

Ensigns, John Weidman, Martin Shugart, Christian Helm, Jacob Crummet, Jacob Cramer, Paul Christman, Christopher Godfrey Swartz, and John Landenberger.

The committee appointed to hear and determine on the appeal against the sentence of condemnation passed upon the schooner Thistle,having reversed the decree,

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