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have especial care taken, in cast- lie should find it necessary to quit New-York, that no damage be done to tlie said city by his troops, on their leaving it: The Congress having no doubt of being able to recover the same, though the enemy should, for a time, obtain possession of it.

Resolved, That three more battalions be ordered from Virginia, of which that commanded by colonel Stephen to be one, to reinforce the army at New-York:

That for the same purpose, two of the North-Carolina battalions be ordered to march, with all possible expedition, to New-York, under the command of brigadier-general Moore:

lhat it be recommended to the assemblies and conventions of the several states to the northward of Virginia, immediately to send all the aid in their power to the army at New-York:

That one of the continental battalions in Rhode-Island be ordered immediately to march, to reinforce the army at New-York:

That it be recommended to the assembly of Massachusetts-Bay, to send to Rhode-Island a battalion of their militia, to supply the place of the continental battalion ordered from thence.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

WEDNESDAY, September 4, 1776.

Resolved, That Mr. J. Mease be directed to pay the Virginia battalion, now on their march to New-York, one month's pay, and to supply them with such necessary clothing as they may stand in need of.

Resolved, That another brigadier-general be appointed in the continental army:

The ballots being taken, colonel Adam Stephen was unanimously elected.

Resolved, That the board of war be directed to cail in the several recruiting parties of the German battalion, and to have them formed and armed, with all possible expedition, and forwarded to New-York, taking measures, and giving proper directions to have the battalion recruited to the full complement, as soon as the same can conveniently be done.

Resolved, That the proposal made by general Howe, as delivered by general Sullivan, of exchanging general Sullivan for general Prescot, and lord Sterling for brigadier-general M'Donald, be complied with.

Mr. J. Mease having, in consequence of the resolution of the 30th August, made a report, that he cannot find there is any cloth in this city, fit for making tents, except a parcel of light sail-cloth, which is in the hands of the marine committee:

Resolved, That the marine committee be directed to deliver to Mr. J. Mease all the light sail-cloth in their possession: And that Mr. Mease be directed to have the same made into tents, as soon as possible, and forwarded to general Washington:

That the secret committee be directed to write to the continental agents in the eastern states, desiring them to purchase all the duck and other cloth fit for tents, which they can procure in their respective states, for the use of the continent.

Congress took into consideration the report of the board of war; and, after some time spent thereon,

Resolved, That the farther consideration thereof be postponed till to-morrow.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

THURSDAY, September 5, 1776.
A petition from John Shott was read, and referred to the board of war.
Vol.. I. 59

Two petitions from the owners of the privateers Lee and Putnam were read, and referred to the marine committee.

A memorial from Jeremiah Halsey was read, and referred to the board of war.

Resolved, That general Prescot and brigadier-general M'Donald, be sent by the board of war, under an escort, to general W asliington, to be exchanged for general Sullivan and lord Sterling.

Resolved, That the marine-committee be directed to deliver Mr. Hewes 400 three-pound shot, for the use of the continental troops in North-Carolina.

Two soldiers having escaped from Quebec, and applied to Congress for their

Resolved, That they be referred to the board of treasury.

A memorial from captain John Doyle was presented to Congress, and reaJ, setting forth, that in consequence of the resolution passed the 16th of July last, he has inlisted 80 men, whereof about 60 have passed muster, as appears by the roll produced, and that the other 20 are at Lancaster, and, therefore, praying that a commission may be granted to him, pursuant to the said resolution:

Resolved, That the prayer of the petition be granted; and that Samuel Brady be commissioned as first-lieutenant, and William M'Murray, second-lieutenant of the company commanded by capt. Doyle.

Congress resumed the consideration of the rej.ort of the board of war; Whereupon,

Resolved, That general Sullivan be requested to inform lord Howe, that this Congress, being the representatives of the free and independent states of America, cannot, with propriety, send any of its members to confer with his lordship in their private characters, but that, ever desirous of establishing peace on reasonable terms, they will send a committee of their body to know whether he has any authority to treat wish persons authorized by Congress for that purpose, in behalf of America, and what that authority is, and to hear such propositions as he shall think fit to make respecting the same:

That the president be desireil to write to general Wa*iington, and acquaint him that it is the opinion of Congress, no proposals for making peace between Great-Britain and the United States of America ought to be received or attended to, unless the same be made in writing, and addressed to the representatives of the said states in Congress, or persons authorized by them: and, if application be made to him by any of the commanders of the British forces on that subject, that he inform them that these United States,- who entered into the war only for the defence of their lives and liberties, will cheerfully agree to peace on reasonable terms, whenever such shall be proposed to them in manner aforesaid. ..

Resolved, That a copy of the first of the two foregoing resolutions be delivered to general Sullivan, and that he be directed to repair immediately to lord Howe.

Resolved, That to-morrow be assigned for electing the committee:

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o clock to-morrow.

FR7DAY, September 6, 1776.

Resolved, That general Sullivan be requested to deliver to lord Howe tne copy of the. resolution given to him. , ,

Resolved, That the committee, " to be sent to know whether lord Howe n any authority to treat with persons authorized by Congress for that purpose.^ behalf of America, and what that authority is, and to hear such proposition8 he shall think fit to make respecting the same," consist of three: yr

Congress then proceeded to the election; and, the ballots being taken, • Franklin, Mr. J. Adams, andMr. Rutledge, were elected.

A letter of the 4th, from general Washington, with sundry papers enclosed;

One of the 29th August, from general Schuyler;

Four of the 18th, 20th, 26th, and 27th, of the same month, from gen. Gates, ■with a return of the army at Ticonderoga, and other papers;

One of the 4th, from brigadier-general Mercer ; and

One of the 26th, from colonel Maxwell, enclosing a memorial from Jacobus Wyncoop, were read.

Resolved, That the memorial from Jacobus Wyncoop be referred to the marine committee, and that the other letters and papers be referred to the board of war.

Resolved, That an order for 2794 15-90 dollars be drawn on the treasurer, in favor of George Morgan, esq. agent for Indian affairs, in the middle depart'ment; he to be accountable:

That Mr. Morgan be supplied with a copy of the resolutions of Congress, relative to Indian affairs, in the middle department, and a copy of the treaty held with the Indians at the German-Flats:

Resolved, That the secret committee be directed to deliver to capt. Sheerer 6 lb. of powder, and 24 lb. of lead, for the use of two companies of riflemen, to prove their rifles.

A memorial from George Nicholson, with an account, was read, and referred to the board of treasury.

A letter from captain William Jenkins was read, praying for leave, on account of his family affairs, to resign his commission:

Resolved, That leave be granted.

The board of war brought in a report, which wras taken into consideration; "Whereupon,

Resolved, That John Paul Shott, who is well recommended as an experienced officer, be appointed a captain in the continental army, with directions to raise a company as soon as possible; but, as he may be usefully employed immediately, that he be.forthwith sent to general Washington at New-York, and that a month's pay be advanced to him.

. Resolved, That the farther consideration of the report be referred till tomorrow.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Ailjourned to ten o'clock to-morrow.

SATURDAY, September 7, 1776.

A letter of the 16th of August, from the Indian commissioners at Pittsburg, enclosing a memorial from Alexander Ross, was read, and referred to the committee on Indian affairs:

Also, a letter of the 6th, from R. Dallam was read: Whereupon,

Resolved, That an order for 1173 30-90 dollars, be drawn on the treasurer, in favor of colonel Charles Read, and charged to the account of Richard Dallam, deputy pay-master general, it being in full of a draught in his favor of the 6th instant, by the said R. Dallam:

That 200,000 dollars be sent to R. Dallam, deputy pay-master general, for the use of the flying-camp and militia; he to be accountable.

A letter of the 5th, from Charles Preston, major of the 26th regiment, a prisoner, was read, and referred to the board of war.

A letter and memorial of the 29th of August, from William Wild, was read, and referred to the convention of Pennsylvania.

The state of Virginia having, on the 23d of July last, appointed William Brady, captain; William Pile, first lieutenant; and Christopher Brady, second-lieutenant, in the battalion to be commanded by colonel Hugh Stevenson, and Amos Thompson to be chaplain to the said battalion:

Resolved, That commissions be granted to them accordingly.

Congress proceeded to the election of an adjutant for the brulw to be raised in Westmoreland county; and, the ballots being takes,

Michael Hoofnagel was elected.

A petition from Charles Roberts, master of the schooner Thistle, ve sented to Congress, and read.

Resolved, That Mr. Bartlett, Mr. Stockton, Mr. Stone, Mr. F.L. Mr. Penn, and Mr. Walton, be appointed members of the conunir*t * cause of the miscarriages in Canada, in the room of those who are awe

Resolved, That two members be added to the committee appoint" 24th of Julj last, to consider the proposal made bj the president« ■ Carolina, respecting general Lee, in the room of those who are ab§«*

The members chosen, Mr. R. H. Lee, and Mr. Walton.

Resolved, That an order for 1600 dollars be drawn on the treasartr: • of David S. Franks; for which he is to account on the settlement ofbbt-r

The state of Rhode-Island having recommended sundry gentlemes if ■ officers of the two battalions raised in that state. Congress proceed election: when William Richmond and Christopher Lippit weretiV' lonels; Caleb Gardner and Adam Comstock, lieutenant-colonels: BeJ Tallman and James Tew, majors.

Resolved, That the battalion commanded by colonel Lippit be ttir New-Yorkj unless that commanded by colonel Richmond has already =;

Resolved, That Mr. J. Mease be directed to deliver to the dek?.Maryland, three pieces of coarse cloths, for the use of the Marrkixi^ the said delegates to be accountable.

Resolved, That Mr. Risberg, assistant to colonel Biddle, be directed T<

Iiroper measures for providing the sick soldiers in Philadelphia, witb i» odgings and attendance.

A letter from brigadier-general M'Donald to the board of war, was Whereupon,

Resolved, That he be allowed four days to prepare for his journey:

That a copy of that part of his letter, respecting his treatment it V? Carolina, be sent to the convention of that state.

Resolved, That a copy of the resolutions passed by Congress on thew^ brought by general Sullivan, and the names of the committee appwB' sent to general Washington.

The committee of treasury reported, that there is due,

To Richard Welsh, for his services as clerk, for delivering stores** visions in Canada, certified by Henry Menson, in which service heeSp! 24th of April, and was discharged the 7th of June, 1776, at 50-^" dollar per day, 25 dollars:

To Casper Carver, for the hire of a team from York-town, in Pen*?1" to Williamsburg, in Virginia, 16 days, at 4 dollars a day, 64 dollar *'■' ferriages, 6 6-90 dollars, and for the hire of another team from Yecf* with captain Grier's company, 14 days, at 4 dollars a day, and for ^ 3 54-90 dollars; the whole being 129 60-90 dollars:

To John Sparhawk, for two maps, a court-calendar, &c. for the *a*'' as per R. Peters's certificate, 10 60-90 dollars:

To John Bates, for 200 camp-kettles, delivered toC. Biddle, deputy S* ter-master general, the 2d instant, 266 60-90 dollars:

To the following persons, for which a warrant is to be drawn in f'* Mons. Rouvillc, for the sum of 788 10-90 dollars, the amount ofhb*1' counts, viz.

1. To hostages sent by general Schuyler to Reading, in PennsvlvMA0*' ly; Allan M'Donald, sen. Allan M'Donald, jun. Alexander M'DoMld."** M'Donald, and Archibald M'Donald, their allowance from the 4th of ]•"' the 3d of September, both days inclusive, is IS weeks, at 3. dollars*'

ce, 130 dollars, and for Angus M'Donald and George M'Donald, two 13 weeks each, at one dollar a week, 26 dollars; of which they have from the committee of Reading, 27 3-90 dollars; the balance is J dollars:

lieutenant Simon Evans, a prisoner sent from Canada to Reading, for from Montreal to Albany, 12 dollars; and allowance from the 10th ary, to the 23d of August", inclusive, is 28 weeks, at 2 dollars a week, •s; the whole 68 dollars; of which he received from the committee of "or 13 weeks' allowance, 26 dollars; leaves a balance due to lieutenant if 42 dollars:

captain Anstruther, of the 26th regiment, for his allowance from the November, to the 23d of August, both days inclusive, is 40 weeks, at i a week, 80 dollars: Marcus Lucullus Royal, master of the Gaspee, taken the 19th of er, in the river St. Lawrence, for his allowance to the 22d of August, eks and 4-7ths, at 2 dollars a week, 79 dollars and 13-90ths; of which ■ceived from the committee of Esopus, 44 dollars; the balance due to 5 dollars and 13-90ths.

> the Canadian prisoners at Bristol, viz. Mons. St. Ours Hcrvicux, ont, de Chambault and la Marque, from the 3d of November, the time re taken, to the 30th of August, inclusive, 44 weeks each, at 2 dollars, lars:

> George M'Kenzie, mate of the sloop Hunter, taken the 4th of Noto the 25th of August, inclusive, is 42 weeks, at 2 dollars, 84 dollars;

h he has received at Albany, 12 dollars; the balance is 72 dollars: le following persons, 564 dollars and 85-90ths, namely, to Adam Drinkor his team from Philadelphia to Fredericksburg, in Virginia, 29 days, liars, and ferriage 7dollars, is 123 dollars; to Martin Hausman, Bereppelar and Nathaniel Hoop, who went on the same journey with their each 123 dollars, is 369 dollars; and, to Matthias Koop, for the hire of ;on from Philadelphia to Bergen Point, with powder, 9 days, at 4 dollars, 'riage, 2 dollars and 35-90ths, is 38 dollars and 35-90ths; and to Anlead, for the hire of his wagon from Philadelphia to New-York, with nes, 8 days, at 4 dollars a day, and ferriage, 2 dollars and 50-90ths, is lavs and 50-90ths, and that the same ought to be paid to Robert Erwin, -master general: foseph Hewes, esq. for cash advanced to the guard going with five wa

> North-Carolina, with wagon-hire, and casks for powder, 140 dollars !-90ths:

John Dennis, for escorting powder from Egg-harbor to Philadelphia, by of the secret committee, 35 dollars and 23-90ths.

col. Jonas Claphain, for 53 rifle-guns bought of him for the use of col. ison's rifle-battalion, in Virginia, 896 dollars and 52-90ths; which sum e charged to the said battalion: kred, That the above accounts be paid.

igress resumed the consideration of the report of the board of war; eupon,

olved, That all letters to and from the board of war and ordnance, or cretary of the same, be free of all expense in the post-office of the United i.

j board having reported, that they have considered the petition of JereHalsev, and perused his written evidence, are of opinion, that the said y ought to receive the arrears of his pay, and that the resolution of Conof the 9th of January last, be repealed: as it appears, the said Halasdischarged from the service, upon a regular certificate from the surgeon, i commanding officer at St. John's, ou account of sickness, on the 13th

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