Cyclopedia of Engineering: A General Reference Work on Steam Boilers, Pumps, Engines, and Turbines, Gas and Oil Engines, Automobiles, Marine and Locomotive Work Heating and Ventilating, Compressed Air, Refrigeration, Dynamos, Motors, Electric Wiring, Electric Lighting, Elevators, Etc, Volume 4

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Louis Derr
American school of correspondence, 1909 - Electrical engineering

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Page 375 - REVIEW QUESTIONS. PRACTICAL TEST QUESTIONS. In the foregoing sections of this Cyclopedia numerous illustrative examples are worked out in detail in order to show the application of the various methods and principles. Accompanying these are examples for practice which will aid the reader in fixing the principles in mind. In the following pages are given a large number of test questions and problems which afford a valuable means of testing the reader's knowledge of the subjects treated.
Page 143 - Flags of the proper color must be used by day, and lamps of the proper color by night, or whenever from fog or other cause the day signals cannot be clearly seen.
Page 144 - An explosive cap or torpedo placed on the top of the rail is a signal to be used in addition to the regular signals. The explosion of one torpedo is a signal to stop immediately ; the explosion of two torpedoes is a signal to reduce speed immediately, and look out for danger signal.
Page 161 - ... and he must remain there until recalled by the whistle of his engine ; but if a passenger train is due within ten minutes he must remain until it arrives. When he comes in he will remove the torpedo nearest the train, but the two torpedoes must be left on the rail as a caution signal to any following train.
Page 131 - V and v d = diameter of cylinder in inches L = length of stroke in inches p, = mean effective pressure in pounds per square inch D = diameter of driver in inches. R...
Page 212 - ... pop" action, insuring its seating firmly. It is sensitive in operation and responds to slight differences of pressure. The names of the parts are 2, Body; 3, Cap Nut; 4, Valve; 5, Valve Stem; 6, Adjusting Spring; 7, Adjusting Nut.
Page 162 - Conductors and enginemen will be held equally responsible for the violation of any rules governing the safety of their trains, and they must take every precaution for the protection of their trains, even if not provided for by the rules.
Page 70 - Assuming 180 pounds pressure to have been accepted as standard and assuming the maintenance to be of the highest order, it will be found good practice to utilize any allowable increase in weight by providing a larger boiler rather than by providing a stronger boiler to permit higher pressures.
Page 4 - ROBERT H. THURSTON, CE, Ph. B., AM, LL. D. Director of Sibley College. Cornell University. Author of "Manual of the Steam Engine.
Page 136 - ... in either, have them attended to without delay. The longer repairs are put off, the more aggravated will the trouble become, and the higher will be the cost of repairs, not taking into consideration the danger of something serious occurring during a run, as a result of neglecting timely repairs. 2. The injector lifts the water, but refuses to force it into the boiler, or forces it partly into the boiler and partly through the overflow. This may be caused by insufficient water supply as a result...

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