The Hahnemannian Monthly, Volume 2

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LaBarre Printing Company, 1867

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Page 399 - For the structure that we raise, Time is with materials filled ; Our to-days and yesterdays Are the blocks with which we build.
Page 201 - ... constitutional disturbance being excited by the absorption of the putrid mass. Dr. West remarks: "There is nothing that places the danger in so strong a light as the fact that, out of twenty cases of removal of fibrous polypi by ligature, recorded by a most strenuous defender of that operation, Dr. R. Lee, nine, or almost half, had a fatal result — a mortality more than double that of the operation of lithotomy, as high as that which occurs in placenta praevia, and higher than the mortality...
Page 127 - Occasional severe paroxysms of spasmodic cough, ejecting viscid mucus from the bronchial tubes, which at times comes flying forcibly out of the mouth, more during the afternoon ; caused by a tickling in the larynx.
Page 470 - Homoeopathists, and when they describe a cure we can repeat it, as they and we operate with the same tools. In one word, we would do well to go forward uninterruptedly in the beaten path. Then our enemies will not be able to reproach us with having nothing fixed — no normal standard.
Page 561 - After considerable discussion, the motiom •was carried. Dr. Swazey offered the following resolution, which was adopted : — RESOLVED, That the names of our deceased members be arranged by themselves in the published Proceedings, with the date of their decease affixed. Dr. Swazey also offered the following, as an amendment to the Constitution, which was laid on the table, to be acted on at the next meeting ;— RESOLVED, That the third article be amended by inserting the words "male or female
Page 129 - Midnight, while in bed, vibrating palpitation of the heart, lasting but a few minutes, after which, while lying on the right side, a sensation as if the lower lobe of the left lung was settling down, or being collapsed — relieved by changing position.
Page 94 - Company shall be made, and after providing for all outstanding liabilities, 20 per cent, of the surplus or net profits of the preceding year shall be set aside for the stockholders, but to be held by the Company as a permanent guarantee fund, subject to the...
Page 291 - These by-laws may be altered or amended at any regular meeting, by a vote of a majority of the members present.
Page 42 - While lying on the right side, the heart is both heard and felt to pulsate from the chest up to the neck. Midnight, while in bed, vibrating palpitation of the...
Page 556 - ... at the next meeting of the Institute. The report of the bureau was accepted, and referred to the Committee on Publication. On motion of Dr. Gregg, the thanks of the Institute were presented to the members of the bureau for their laborious efforts and carefully prepared reports. Dr. B. Fincke presented a detailed proving of Lachesis, made with the one hundred thousandth potency.

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